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Hundreds of Ways is a podcast celebrating entrepreneurship. Each week, our hosts James and Eliot sit down with individuals who have found their ideal path in life, so they can show you exactly how they found their way. We'll be chatting with real entrepreneurs doing everything from art to personal training, from animation to writing. You'll hear stories from freelancers, startup founders, and small business owners, as well as people who work with and have advice for aspiring, budding, and existing entrepreneurs. Join our mailing list at


How to Raise $500K on Kickstarter and Build The World's Greatest Outdoor Chair w/ Steven Wilcox, Founder & CEO at PARKIT 60:54 11/06/2020
How to Build a Brand That Reflects Who You Are w/ Anna Bogdanova, Founder & CEO @ Shiba500 39:37 10/16/2020
How to Work a 9-5 While Traveling Full-Time w/ Drew Sing, Technical Growth Marketer and Author of "Work From Abroad" 42:48 10/02/2020
How to Get Discomfortable With Shame w/ A.J. Bond, Writer & Shame Breakthrusiast 51:59 09/18/2020
How to Be 10x in The Talent Economy w/ Rishon Blumberg, Talent Agent and Author 49:46 09/14/2020
How to Stay Healthy and Focused on Your Goals w/ Dr. Anthony Balduzzi, Founder of The Fit Father Project 54:58 09/04/2020
How to Grow Your Influence by "Thinking in Public" w/ Tom Critchlow, Independent Strategy Consultant 41:05 08/28/2020
How to Network Your Way Out of Corporate America w/ Julia Xu, Independent Startup Business Consultant 58:07 08/21/2020
How to Stay Focused in a Year of Crisis w/ CJ Johnson, Digital Marketing Consultant and Influencer 49:03 08/14/2020
How to Find a Way Forward When Trapped by Success w/ Tim Chow, Videographer & Photographer 55:30 08/07/2020
How to Land a Gig with LEGO by Sharing Your Work Online w/ Justin Poore, Freelance Animator and Travelogger 45:12 07/31/2020
How to Make Your Home Abroad w/ Lauren Simonis, Entrepreneurship Coach & Yoga Teacher 40:03 07/24/2020
How Entrepreneurship and Travel Keep You Curious w/ Eliot Raymond, Creative Director & Digital Strategist 43:30 07/17/2020
How to Write Code from the Beaches of Spain w/ James Knight, Expat Entrepreneur & Product Consultant 49:45 07/10/2020
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