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The Business Behind Your Business

Conversations to help your business grow and thrive. It's like having your own board of expert advisors in your pocket. Join your host Paul Sweeney and our team of expert advisors as we take a deep dive into the problems (and solutions) faced by business owners. In our 15 to 20 minute podcasts, we’ll discuss information and advice from qualified, experienced professionals to help you create a great business. Running a business is hard. And no matter how experienced you are in your business you’ll run into unexpected issues. Whatever is happening to your business now, it has likely happened to plenty of business owners before. The Business Behind Your Business will be bringing the team of expert advisors to you, sharing their experience, tips and case studies to help you run a great business. Hear from expert advisors including Business Accountants, Business Advisors, Lawyers, Insurance Brokers, Finance Brokers, Information Technology (IT), Sales, Marketing, Human Resources, Financial Advisors, Business Restructuring, Business Turnaround, Systems Design and Implementation, and Strategic Planning.


Turning Your Passion into a Business 51:10 05/17/2022
Before You Start Your Business 13:56 05/11/2022
Should I Start a Business? 08:03 04/27/2022
Law @ Work 34:19 04/19/2022
Practical Ways Employers Can Look After Their Employees' Wellbeing 29:08 04/12/2022
Black Dog Institute - Creating a Mentally Healthier World 29:27 04/05/2022
You Really Do Have Time to Work on Your Business 12:17 03/29/2022
Why You Need to Know How to Increase Revenue to Be More Profitable 20:02 03/09/2022
How Do You Determine Your Business Strategy? 13:10 02/22/2022
How to Fund Your Research and Development Project 39:16 02/15/2022
Why Business Owners Need to Use Superannuation to Plan for Retirement 27:00 02/08/2022
Meet Airwallex - Australia's Fastest Growing Fintech Unicorn 34:37 02/01/2022
10 More Ideas to Kick-Start Your Business in 2022 48:57 01/25/2022
10 Actions to Kick-Start Your Business in 2022 39:30 01/18/2022
Managing Change in Your Business 31:18 12/20/2021
Document Your Policies and Systems So Your Business Can Grow 29:49 12/14/2021
Using Technology to Make Your Business More Profitable 23:50 11/24/2021
How the Economic Environment Will Affect Your Business 31:46 11/16/2021
Director Identification Numbers 17:08 11/09/2021
Skills You Need for the Future of Work 36:38 11/02/2021
The Great Resignation Race 31:45 10/26/2021
What Does the Future of Work Look Like? 35:58 10/19/2021
How to Respond to Customer Hostility 29:52 10/12/2021
Back to Business - Avoiding Deja Vu 17:27 10/05/2021
Small Business Dads - Daniel Munday 30:38 09/28/2021
How Much Cash Does Your Business Need? 20:26 09/21/2021
How Do You Succeed in Small Business? 21:30 09/07/2021
How Do You Manage Talent When Everyone is Working Remotely? 40:29 09/01/2021
3 Essential Tools Every Business Needs 29:59 08/25/2021
Paul Murray - Account Kit: From Minimum Viable Product to an Established Business 30:47 08/17/2021