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Welcome to IN THE HOUSE, hosted by real estate experts, top producers, entrepreneurs, and public speakers Jenny Wun and Toni Sing. Tune in weekly for a mix of real estate business tips, actionable business building strategies, and aspirational stories from the industry's most influential leaders to maximize your professional and personal growth. Our fireside chats breaking down challenging real estate deals to overcoming real-life barriers will provide a roadmap to help build your real estate empire. Follow Jenny and Toni on Instagram @INTHEHOUSEPODCAST for sparks of inspiration. Subscribe and share this show with someone who needs to hear it. We're on a mission to share our greatest passion and purpose in life - and you can help us make this possible.


102. Chaufa Nguyen - Mastering the Closer Mindset
Passionate about helping entrepreneurs set the right sales mindset, Chaufa Nguyen shares her signature methodology to becoming a master closer to getting dream clients to sign on with ease. By understanding the psychology behind selling, you can throw out the mundane scripts and templates.After years of working with real estate agents, Chaufa has found commonalities among those who are struggling to make consistent sales. Her work includes helping you reframe sales calls while cultivating the best energy and confidence, leading the conversation through influence rather than convincing, and dealing with sales objections. Her tough love approach gets you to work on your authority, relatability, social proof, and specificity throughout your interactions with clients. With her support and coaching, you can work smarter and more effectively to close more deals.Website:
51:49 09/28/2022
101. Carleigh Hofman - Advisory For The Most Prestigious Properties & Discerning Clients
Joining the elite circle of real estate advisors with the Engel & Volkers Whistler office, Carleigh Hofman has been a top producer year after year since getting her licence in 2016. Her ever-evolving knowledge of the real estate market paralleled with the time she takes to fully understand every client's wishes has afforded her the right to more business and referrals. "Every agent is capable of bringing the same thing to the table. We all have access to the same tools, the same resources, the same marketing platforms. We can go in and pitch the video and the photos...those are automatic for me. Everyone has a story and it's captivating the story to be able to sell it properly." She continues, "Dig in deep with them as to what part of the home do they love the most, what is it that they cherish the most, and why is it valued the way they feel it is."Carleigh shares how she organically reached over 11k followers, how she built her reputation and loyalty in the Squamish and Whistler community, and how she sets herself apart amongst the competition. Website: Instagram:
42:59 09/21/2022
100. Celebrating Our 100th Episode! The 3 Success Traits To Becoming A 6 & 7-Figure Agent
After recording 100 episodes on this podcast, Jenny and Toni discover 3 success traits they both have in common. They believe these traits have led them to becoming a consistent 7-figure agent in this business. While there is no magic wand you can wave to become a successor overnight, you really don't know what works and what doesn't until you put your to-dos into practice. Success is hard work, perseverance, learning, studying, and learning to do. Doing the work is the only way to learn; so stop being a perfectionist or second guessing your abilities. Secondly, they hold responsibility for every result regardless if it's a win, if mistakes happen along the way, or if it's a downward market. They are not waiting for a breakthrough; rather Toni and Jenny energetically hold responsibility, step up, and take action. Finally, they show up consistently with high integrity as market leaders. Their level of commitment to delivering quality work and with intention is consistent throughout their brands. So incorporate the Triple Rs in your life! Repetition x Refinement = Revenue and you'll change your life and your client's life one at a time! "To know what you know and what you do not know, that is true knowledge" - Confucius
26:19 09/14/2022
99. Navi Guraya Consulting - Creating The Ultimate Purchaser & Homeowner Experience
With 15 years in the real estate service industry, Navi Guraya of Navi Guraya Consulting, brings an intense focus on setting a high standard of professionalism, establishing accountability, and resolving issues in a timely manner.  Navi is the glue that ties the sales, marketing, and customer service department together including consulting for credible residential developers such as Beedie Living, Marcon Homes, and Cressey Development.  As an elite sales operations consultant, her skillset is to provide high level, high touch support by using her system and process expertise to create outstanding purchaser and homeowner experience.  "What they (customers) want is to be heard, have value in what they are saying, and a solution that is fair," says Navi.    Navi's latest partnership is in a software called Juniper.  After years of feedback relating to customer service, there's no better product in the market that will establish brand loyalty as this software.  To replace mass emailing, Juniper is a customer support portal that allows developers and property managers to effectively communicate with homebuyers starting from the time they firm up their purchase to post-completion.  Managing and protecting developer's real estate transactions is Navi's mission.  And for the developer, this allows their business to scale sustainably, increase revenue, and grow their team with confidence.     LinkedIn:
51:47 09/07/2022
98. Top 4 Ways to Create Urgency: Getting Buyers Off the Fence And Into A Home
Let's start with the fundamentals of urgency.  Take a buyer's current dissatisfaction, then add a future promise; when this exceeds the total cost of staying in that dissatisfaction plus the fears that come along with it, then you know your mission is to improve your client's life.  In this episode, we debunk frequently asked questions and move from 'what' to 'why' discovery questions.     Avoid the product-focused questions as they don't reveal your buyer's true pain points.  We walk you through the relationship, motivation, dissatisfaction  and future promise discovery categories; this insane curiosity allows the buyer to focus on improving their future.  Tune in now to make the greatest impact in your buyer's life!
23:31 08/31/2022
97. Ace Project Marketing Group - Specializing In Developer Services In The Okanagan and Beyond
Since 2020, ACE Project Marketing Group has been steadily building a reputation for success in urban and recreational real estate markets across British Columbia. With $700M of real estate under contract, ACE Project Marketing just opened their head office in B.C.'s fastest growing city, Kelowna. Chad MacTavish, Managing Partner, Business Development and Megan Michaluk, Director of Business Development join us this week to share what skills you need to possess to work as a new home sales consultant in project sales, all the important tasks you must focus on in a slower presale market, how to cultivate a culture when your sales teams are spread across the province, and how developer clients are managing through the shortage of labour and supply chain. Want to work in project sales with a global reach or have any clients looking for recreational property?   Check out @aceprojectmarketing to get the latest scoop. Website: Instagram:
50:16 08/24/2022
96. Justin & Jessica Ball - Succession Planning to Retirement or Grow Your Business
Top Real Estate Producers, Justin and Jessica Ball, are authors of Succession Planning For Real Estate Agents: Monetizing Your Business In Retirement. A book that offers a framework for those agents who are close to retiring and want to keep their sales volume while helping another agent, the successor, grow their business. Justin and Jessica are going across the US to speak at conferences, helping real estate agents plan for the future. Whether you're a seasoned veteran or an ambitious agent, this book will strategically prepare you for the next stage in your career. In this episode, you will learn the different types of succession plans and referral-fee structures, how to co-market and co-brand, and best practices in the continuity of servicing your database. Start planning your retirement today all while receiving income for the years ahead and helping a successor grow their business. Justin and Jessica share with us how their own succession planning with three retirees played out. Head to their website to read a chapter of their book, get a copy of digital assets you need to consider, and download a worksheet to see how Succession Planning can increase your income. Their book can be found on Amazon in Ebook, print, and audio format.
57:41 08/17/2022
95. Door Knocking - Toni’s Bullet-Proof Strategy To Generating Leads
Here’s the moment of truth. Door knocking works. It’s a tough task and it requires persistence and the right strategy. If it were easy, everyone would do it. Toni Sing walks us through from planning and timing to preparing marketing pieces and dress code before hitting the streets. A few simple tips for this successful real estate lead generation strategy includes doing your research on the neighbourhood such as knowing the school districts, amenities, and safety ratings. Plant some seeds for future prospecting and provide valuable information about the history of home values and how the assessments have fluctuated with the market. And finally give them an opportunity to choose their neighbours by extending an invitation to your open house. Ask for permission to make conversation and keep it short and positive. Toni shares how door knocking on 250 doors led her to two deals in her first month in the business. Ready, set, go!
37:30 08/10/2022
94. We're Hiring - Careers in Real Estate Marketing
Founded on customer experience and fostering a supportive and collaborative environment, Jenny's West One Real Estate Team at Oakwyn Realty Northwest and Toni's Real Estate Team at Bel-Air Realty are looking for motivated professionals that have strong marketing and sales initiatives to support a high energy environment. If you are a person who enjoys working on a team, possess strong prioritization and organizational skills with an action-oriented attitude, apply now! Jenny and her team are looking for a social media coordinator with a clear passion for real estate and the ability to support innovative marketing plans for a multitude of projects and client portfolios. Toni and her team wants to onboard an experienced marketing manager. This person has a strong background in designing creative marketing strategies that will drive sales and meet client goals. We know experience comes in many forms and we are committed to building a diverse, inclusive and authentic workplace. So if you’re excited about what you heard in this episode, but your past experience doesn’t align perfectly with every qualification, we encourage you to apply anyways. You may be just the right candidate for this or other roles.
39:07 07/27/2022
93. Darci LaRocque - The Organizational Ninja for Real Estate Systems
Darci LaRocque is the owner, founder and creator of Agent Tech Mastery - an online training and coaching program specialized for Real Estate Agents. Whether you're a seasoned realtor or a newbie - this specialized coaching program is for anyone looking to create new systems of organization in order to save time & money and increase repeat and referral business. Darci takes her clients through a methodical process that eliminates daily repetitive tasks and maximizes efficiency. In this episode you will learn how Darci helps her clients streamline email, calendars, cloud storage, CRM, forwarding, drip campaigns and automate if and when necessary. If you're looking to increase your client care and your net profits - this is a must listen.   Website: Instagram:    
63:08 07/20/2022
92. Jess Lenouvel - Becoming The 7-Figure Real Estate Agent With Less Hustle
Jess Lenouvel is back on our show - this time with her new book and to talk about the seven pillars that will earn you millions of dollars a year. More Money Less Hustle: Becoming The 7-Figure Real Estate Agent shares her proprietary methodology to help real estate professionals leverage online marketing, systemize and scale their business. Forget the 5 AM Club and say goodbye to grind culture, we uncover Jess' immutable strategies and principles rooted in a proven and necessary system to provide long-term profitability in a real business. "It is really important you are able to generate business without having to take up 3/4 of your day or even 1/2 your day - lead generating or creating connections....we're creating that top of mind awareness with incredibly relevant messages and creating relationships or connections at a scale," says Jess. Tune in to learn how to build the perfect ROI framework and integrate the 7 pillars into your business that will not only transform your business - they'll transform your life.
60:40 07/06/2022
91. Shifting Markets: How to Remain Productive and Profitable
Are you a new agent? How does one stay profitable and productive in a shifting market? We are located in Vancouver, Canada - with global macro economic changes, rising costs of living, inflation, and multiple interest rate hikes our market has changed from a sellers market to a more balanced one. When the real estate market landscape shifts it's important to focus on positive outcomes and be vigilant for new opportunities. There is no reason to be afraid of a changing market - Productive agents succeed in any market. In this episode we share our top tips for new licensees and seasoned realtors on how to capitalize on a changing market and remain profitable. 1.Talk to more people - start with your COI, past clients & referrals. 2.Lead Generation and meeting new clients to increase your production. 3.Networking and having fun. 4.Relationship building and streamlined processes with existing clients. 5.Upgrade Everything - Systems. 6.Utilizing Online Platforms. 7.Managing costs. No matter what year of your real estate career you are in - there are actionable items you can do today to increase your profitability and maximize your business.
32:45 06/29/2022
90. Ben D'Ovidio - The Face of Real Estate
The Face of Real Estate - Ben D'Ovidio of the Ben D'Ovidio Group - shares his secrets to success. In this candid interview Ben takes us on his journey of what it took to make it to the Top 1% of all Greater Vancouver realtors. He shares his top tips for new realtors getting into the business and also about a time on his journey when he was about to give up in real estate all together. In the end, perseverance was the key to success. Ben explains how his personal struggle with OCD turned into a super power that differentiates him from his competition. This superpower has also allowed him to add structure, consistency and organization to his growing real estate business. Ben is focusing on his personal life and building his real estate team so that he can succeed in both realms - of life and work.   Website: Instagram:
50:55 06/22/2022
89. In The House Podcast Turns 2 Years Old: Q&A
You asked. We answered. To commemorate our 2 year anniversary of In The House Podcast we asked our listeners to submit their most burning questions for us! Some of these questions are: What are our spirit animals? What Controversial topics would we want to discuss and don't? What are the personality styles and differences of our hosts? Who are our dream guests to interview and why? What is the top 1 thing we wish we implemented early on in business? It's been an amazing 2 years with you and we look forward to the many years to come! Thanks for your questions and for getting to know us along the way. Salud to all of you!
26:44 06/15/2022
88. Marlyna Los - A Residential & Workspace Feng Shui Master
Feng shui strategies go beyond just moving space, adding the right colours, and direction. Integrating the five natural elements of metal, water, fire, wood, and earth​, feng shui examines the correlation between our lives and the universe. Marlyna Los approaches each client with a unique and customized feng shui analysis by assessing the architectural contributions, magnetic forces, and astronomy thus giving practical advice and solutions to strengthen energy flow. Marlyna Los is a feng shui master, consultant, coach, educator and author of 'Feng Shui: Do You See What I See?'. The purpose of feng shui is to present you with choices so that you can consciously choose and create environments that support and nourish your life, and introduce you to a state of harmony, happiness, good health and prosperity. In this episode, we talk about Marlyna's studies over the years to broaden her philosophy, her approach to profiling and analysis so you can consciously make choices to create real positive change, and her advanced mastery programs to apply feng shui to your personal and professional life. "Life is easier when you are in the flow", says Los.   Website: Instagram:  
47:37 06/08/2022
87. Cam Walker - Founder of REACH - A Simplified CRM for Real Estate Agents
Battling with a messy spreadsheet of lead contacts or a CRM that offers buttons and tools you don't know how to use? A customer relationship management (CRM) system can be your best friend and a business-changing tool, if you know how to use it.  REACH for Agents is a simplified CRM that allows you to cultivate relationships in a healthy pipeline ultimately saving you time and brain power.  The key features: contacts vs lead database, call list functionality for quick follow ups, and automated task and workflow prompts.  This simplified CRM allows you to grow your business and convert like a machine.  One of the most affordable platforms available in the market, REACH is a low investment cost of $30 CAD per month and can be integrated with your Google Calendar, Google Contacts, and Mailchimp.   Cam Walker is more than just the average real estate agent.  A serial entrepreneur tapping into the Christmas light installation business to wrapping luxury vehicles, Cam founded REACH for Agents.  With more than a decade of real estate experience, he is a top producer with the Real Estate Board of Greater Vancouver and lives in North Vancouver.   Website: Instagram:
52:24 06/01/2022
86. Gina Bourne - Secrets To Building Your Real Estate Brand and Team
How do you stand out from the crowd of thousands of real estate agents? For your real estate business to thrive, you need a powerful personal brand. You may be a good negotiator, you may be more tech savvy, but Gina Bourne has a steady stream of clients because of her ability to empathize and connect with her community to add value to their experience. Founder and CEO of The Bourne Group, Gina specializes in building a memorable brand by promoting and campaigning the local businesses in the Fraser Valley. "Share part of yourself that illustrates the person you are and the agent you are", Bourne advises. In this episode, you will learn how Gina built her team of talented women, how to craft your personal brand whilst attracting social media followers and new customers, and the secrets to providing quality social media content to elevate your credibility. Going beyond the visuals and with over 15,000 followers on IG, this inspiring episode offers invaluable insights on how to thrive in your real estate career.   Website: Instagram:
48:04 05/25/2022
85. Zaheed Valli-Hasham - Using P.O.W.E.R. To Get Mortgages Approved Within 24 Hours
Top mortgage Broker, Zaheed Valli-Hasham of City Wide Mortgage Services shares his keys to success in building his mortgage business and scaling his team. Zaheed's acronym P.O.W.E.R: Professional, Organized, Work Ethic, Efficient, and the 3 R's: Responsive, Reliable and Relational allows his team to focus on their core values; thus, serving their clients to the best of their ability. Zaheed's team focuses on work ethic, stream-lined systems, excellent customer service and building relationships with their mortgage clients; it is no surprise that Zaheed has over 450 five star reviews from loyal clientele. Quick wit and efficient business systems allow this broker to effectively meet the time demands of mortgage pre-approvals effectively setting clients up for success.   Website: Instagram:
63:37 05/18/2022
84. Dinnell Real Estate Group + Team Kleiner - Building a Successful Real Estate Team With Your Spouse
In today's fast paced real estate industry even the most high producing realtors face constant challenges balancing and prioritizing sales production, family time, and me-time. So, how does one function in a top producing team when their real estate team consists of their life partner as well?! Angela and Chris (Dinnell Real Estate Group) and Mary and Konstantin (Team Kleiner) are powerful husband & wife real estate teams capitalizing on each other's strengths. A consistent theme for both these highly productive teams is creating clear boundaries for clients, work flows and family time. With families of 4 kids (Dinnell Real Estate Group) and 5 kids (Team Kleiner) both teams explain how their families work together to reach their mutual goals and reap the rewards. At the root of their successes are effective communication, strong core values, involvement in community and creative processes on digital media to align with their ideal client bases. These teams perfectly illustrate that there is no one way to create a highly effective team - both in life and in business.     Website: Instagram:   Website: Instagram:
56:02 05/11/2022
83. Andrea Foxman - Staging Your Property Listing To Sell Faster and For More Money
Celebrating 15 years of making properties more beautiful and more marketable, Andrea Foxman is the owner of Vancouver’s leading staging company, Home Ingredients. Working with real estate professionals, homeowners, developers, and film companies, Home Ingredients maintains over millions of dollars of inventory with 15,000 square feet of warehouse space supplying furniture, art, rugs, lighting, and accessories to bring a space to life. With 18 employees to date, Andrea invites us in the life of a home stager from how she started in the business, how to calculate job estimates, and how she stays ahead of the competition. Originally in the film industry and with the passion for home décor and design, Andrea offers her top tips to homeowners and real estate professionals on what they need to do to inspire an emotional connection. With the real estate market turning soft compared to the last few years, tune in to learn how Home Ingredients’ veteran team transforms properties into works of art with their curated collection of inventories that consistently help properties sell faster and for more money. Check out the Home Ingredients website:
43:50 05/04/2022
82. David Asselin - Building a Canada-wide Home Inspection Business
Inspect Canada is quickly changing the name of the game in the home inspection industry through their Educational focus and solution-oriented approach. The company offers peace of mind to clients with their "If we miss it, we fix it" motto. Owner and visionary, David Asselin, sits with us and explains his passion for building his team and expanding across Canada. As strong advocates for pre-home inspections to avoid post sale pitfalls - Inspect Canada identifies home deficiencies and takes the process one step further by identifying: how to fix them, how much it can cost to fix them, and, who can fix them. By successfully connecting their clients to the correct tradespeople and professionals, they are able to offer additional value and customer service to their clientele. Inspect Canada is further innovating the industry through educational videos, online programs, tips, tricks and tools through their website and social media accounts. Inspect Canada provides further security to their clients by way of their "Buy Back Guarantee" - Guaranteeing they will buy the home back at the full price paid if the Buyer is not happy with the purchase - good for 90 days. With value offerings like this it's no surprise that Inspect Canada is quickly becoming National.
58:49 04/27/2022
81. Lily Nguyen - Consciousness Coach: Creating The Life Of Your Dreams
Conscious Creation Coach - Lily Nguyen on creating and manifesting your dream life. How often have we heard the phrase: "Live life on your own terms"? But, what does this phrase actually mean and how many of us are truly embodying life on our own terms? Lily Nguyen is the host of "Soul Seekers" Podcast - inspiring you to make decisions to step into your destiny. She is a consciousness creation coach who inspires her diverse array of clients to live your dreams by actively participating and aligning with what reality you truly desire. In this episode Lily shares some tips and tricks to raise your vibration and begin manifesting what you want to see in your life, your business, and your future.   Website: Instagram:
45:03 04/13/2022
80. Jake Fry - Building Sustainable, Small Housing & Laneway Homes One Community At A Time
Small Homes Evangelist, Jake Fry, is the Founder and CEO of Smallworks Studio and Laneway Housing. Building over 300 laneway homes since 2005, Jake and his team strives to contribute to a 'laneway culture' by helping customers get the most out of their space 'within the lane'. From conceptual to completion, each unique lane home speaks sustainability, innovation, and design solutions ultimately creating pride in homeownership and a strong community to include everyone. Over the years, Jake has been advocating to create affordable options for those who aspire to attain detached single-family homeownership. In 2012, he co-founded a non-profit society, Small Housing BC, where small housing is defined as 'just enough space to live'; offering real-world solutions to housing affordability while maximizing land use and environmental responsibility. This episode will have you considering adding a laneway home. We learn more about how Smallworks guides their client's every step of the way in the consultation and construction process, learn how much it costs to build a laneway home, benefits, feasibility, local barriers, and neighbourhoods who have accelerated infill and adopted small homes into their official community planning.     Website: Instagram:
62:19 04/06/2022
79. Our Unpopular Opinions That Will Actually Help Improve Your Real Estate Business
Presenting their unpopular opinions, Toni and Jenny talk candidly as they investigate and make recommendations on how our real estate associations and regulatory bodies who govern our industry can do better. How do we be the best of the best in our industry when the techs and tools provided are complex and inefficient and the supplementary administrative documents are extraneous. They call it supervising and discipline while benefiting the public; we call it auditing and reporting the consumer’s behaviour on real estate purchase and sale practice using real estate agents as the vehicle. Let’s improve the efficiency of our business and we have some solutions for you in this episode on how we can level up to benefit both the public and the real estate professional.
31:44 03/30/2022
78. Dave Zirnhelt - Online Matchmaking Using
We are all aware home buyers and sellers are searching online to find service providers, products, and reputable businesses.  Clients are 7x more likely to trust recommendations from peers, families, and friends than traditional advertising.  Recommendations on where to find these opinions have expanded over the years including the service provider's own website, other third party real estate centric websites, and google. is one very effective strategy that is simple, easy, and cost effective.  This website allows for authentic reviews from clients. The purpose of is to increase transparency by connecting Buyers and Sellers with great quality real estate agents and its also a fantastic platform for reputable realtors to access their ideal clientele - A match made in heaven.   Website: Instagram:
48:54 03/23/2022
77. Tami Pardee - #1 Sales Team in Los Angeles & Closing $1B in Real Estate Deals
As the Owner and Founder of Pardee Properties, Tami Pardee has outperformed the traditional model of managing a real estate brokerage and is 100% committed to making the best real estate company in the nation.  By building specialized departments to support her top producing team, an agent at Pardee Properties makes an average income of $350k a year. Now located in three cities with up to 50 work family members, Tami is recognized for being #56 largest woman-owned business in Los Angeles by the Los Angeles Business Journal.  Dominating the real estate industry, it is no wonder her team is ranked #1 Sales Team in Los Angeles, #2 team in California, and #6 team in the United States.   She remains steadfast in her approach with problem solving, team building, and navigating through life with personal challenges.  Discover all the details in this episode on how to sustain a successful business from learning how to structure a team, growing your referral base to more than 50%, and building a healthy company culture that is loving and supportive all whilst raising two girls and twin boys.  Donating over $1.5M to school and local charities, Tami also founded Life Change Warriors, a program committed to helping participants change their life through self-discovery, thoughtful planning, and active support for homeless pregnant women and unprivileged youth. Oh, and did we mention her 2022 goal is to close over $1B in real estate deals?!   Website: Instagram:
44:37 03/16/2022
76. Sarah Tarling - Building & Growing Community at the Ronald McDonald House
Ronald McDonald House BC & Yukon provides accommodation for families, so they can be close to their seriously ill children undergoing treatment. The House is a place of comfort, healing, and a home away from home for kids and families from all across British Columbia and the Yukon. Sarah Tarling is the Director of Development, Corporate Partnerships & Sponsorship at The Ronald McDonald House and joins us on this episode to tell us how she got into this role and her passion for helping children and families in our community. She also discusses the launch of a new real estate specific donation program - Realty With Heart. A program that is designed to raise funds for the Ronald McDonald House. Every donation helps give sick kids and their families staying at the house. As a Realtor, you can learn how to make a lasting impression with your clients by making a contribution in their name. Learn how to get involved yourself and how to choose the correct charitable organization when you are looking to give back.     Website: Instagram:
33:05 03/09/2022
75. The 5 Non-Negotiables to Setting Up Your Dream Team
One of the most prized milestones in a real estate career is establishing a lucrative real estate team structure and growing your team. When you start in real estate you create a plan with set goals. This real estate plan creates checkpoints that help keep your business on track and measure your success. You have made it to a point in your business that you need the support of other individuals in order to continue your trajectory. Toni and Jenny discuss the list of non-negotiables you should have when creating your dream team. Energy, Mindset, Culture, Values, and Alignment. These are vital to have in order to add them as part of your organization. Learn how to unleash the potential of your team and establish the right cultural conditions through thoughtful rituals and agreements. How you build your team, and in what order you add employees, can determine your business’ success. There are our 5 must-haves to bring on additional agents to your team.
25:23 03/02/2022
74. Tina Mak - 30 Years Top Producer & Real Estate Radio Host on AM1320 CHMB
Top producer, Tina Mak of Macdonald Realty, joins us this week to talk about how she has earned her client's loyalty for the past three decades. Servicing a wide range of clientele, she believes the ultimate ingredient to a long lasting career is her motto, "People before Profits". With her outgoing, optimistic, and love for life personality, Tina interviews the elite and gets interviewed by real estate leaders across Canada, US, China, as well as around the world. For the past 15 years, she has hosted her own weekly radio real estate show targeting the Chinese community on AM1320 CHMB covering topics on cultural diversity, national and international real estate, and the overall economic landscape. In this episode, you will learn: - How her business philosophy has put her in the Top 5% in the Vancouver real estate industry over the past 30 year - What it takes to build a community as the Founding President of AREAA Vancouver - What it means to the real estate industry as we manage one of the biggest challenges - bridging the cultural gap - How to manage client's expectations when information is misconstrued by the media - The top 3 spots to invest in for real estate - How to run a business all by referral   Website: Facebook:
46:01 02/16/2022
73. Allison Andrew-Harris - How To Run A Family-Owned Furniture Business That's Built To Last
Allison Andrew-Harris is the co-owner and Director of Designer + Trade of CF Interiors. In this episode while she talks about entrepreneurship and managing the family's furniture business. It wasn't a straight line to success; it took hard work, a great deal of passion, and a collected wealth of knowledge through generations. Follow along as we listen to Allison's story when she first started working in the furniture store in Vancouver when she was a teenager and now rebranded, CF Interiors, has 3 locations in Western Canada. The start of 2020 forced CF Interiors to listen to their designers, bring in new products, and introduce a Designer + Trade program where they offer exclusive discounts and personalized services with dedicated account managers for each interior designer. CF Interiors take the grunt work out of the logistical nightmares and they handle all the shipping, warehousing, claims, and consolidation of delivery items to service both the homeowner and designer. In this episode, you will learn: - How to play to your strengths in a family business - How to rebrand and evolve to stay competitive in the furniture industry - How to structure lifelong partnerships with vendors and interior designers to advocate for your business - What you need to know when opening a furniture business - Top 3 furniture and design must-haves in every home Website: Instagram:
48:08 02/09/2022