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Everyone loves a great story, to be inspired, and to be given the tools and knowledge they need to succeed. Welcome to the Remarkable People Podcast! (RPP) Listen now to the remarkable and inspiring true life stories of people like you and me who not only faced extraordinary challenges and difficult life circumstances, but how they overcame them and achieved greatness. In each episode our guests not only freely share what they were able to accomplish, but how they achieved real results in the practical steps they used for victory, so we can too. Personal Development, Self Help, Health and Wellness, Edutainment... whatever you want to call it, this podcast is for you to enjoy and grow with in a community atmosphere. Like our slogan says, don't just LISTEN to the podcast, but DO what you learn, REPEAT those positive actions everyday, so you can enjoy a Remarkable LIFE- in this world, and eternity to come! Also, please note that RPP episodes are evergreen. So enjoying listening to them in whatever order you'd like. Pick a topic, guest, or title that interests you, press play, and apply these powerful truths to your life each day. That's it. Let's listen to your first episode now!💪Ascending Together, David Pasqualone


Dustin Riechmann | The Journey from Poverty, to Engineering, to Entrepreneurship, to Purpose 106:06 08/09/2022
Victoria Volk | Dealing with Loss, Abandonment, Sexual Molestation, the Grief Recovery Method, & 7 Weeks to Healing 76:38 08/04/2022
Celebrating Episode 100! Intern Casey Interviews David about the Podcast, His Story, & Life Lessons We Can all Grow From 62:17 07/28/2022
Missi Bantner | Performing for Approval, Eating Disorders, & Healing Your Relationships with Food & Fitness 97:21 07/22/2022
Josh Kramer | Ending Excessive Rumination and Worry, Slowing Our Minds, & Becoming Whole 46:02 07/18/2022
Donna Tashjian | Forgiveness, Turning Our Baggage into Luggage, & Creating the Life of Our Dreams 58:24 07/11/2022
Sean Sullivan | Autism, Severe Boarding School Abuse, Torture, Rape, & the Great Kayak Escape 56:19 07/08/2022
Charles J. Read | Peace Amid Conflict, Losing Loved Ones, & How to Use Adversity to Your Advantage | S5 E95 75:23 07/01/2022
Prithvi Madhukar | Learning to be Confident, Eliminating Anxiety and Depression, & Making a Career of Your Passion 86:59 06/27/2022
LaQuita Monley | Teenage Pregnancy, Making Tough Decisions, & Finding Our Identity | S5 E93 158:30 06/22/2022
Phil Cohen | Losing Your Only Child, Overcoming the Grief, & Becoming the Buffalo | S5 E92 73:39 06/01/2022
Darcy Luoma | Dealing with Chaos, Managing Relationships in Crisis, & Becoming Thoughtfully Fit | E91 121:50 05/25/2022
Roxanne Chaput | Daddy Issues, Abuse, & the 4 Near Death Experiences that Lead to Healing | S5 E90 63:28 05/20/2022
Charlene Norman | Facing Adversity, Rising Up, & the 6 Steps to Getting What You Want Out of Life | E89 101:53 05/17/2022
Sharon Grossman | Taking Risks, Embracing Uncertainty, & Avoiding Burnout through Work Life Balance | E88 123:39 05/13/2022
Colleen and Lauren Murphy | Processing Ambiguous Grief, Guilt, & Anger After a Catastrophic Brain Injury | E87 56:49 05/11/2022
David Brent Dowlen | Running from God, Hitting Rock Bottom, & Answering the Call to Experience Healing 124:48 04/27/2022
Adriana Gavazzoni | From ADHD to Law Degree, Professorship, & Published Novelist | S4 E85 66:08 04/19/2022
Dr. Fred Moss | Listening Authentically to Bring Joy, Communication, & Healing to the World 85:32 04/13/2022
David Edwards | Changing Our Views on Debt, Our Career, & Becoming the Captain of Our Own Lives | E83 121:21 04/06/2022
Kimberly Anne Bell | Accepting the Past, Embracing the Reality, & Fighting for Our Futures 146:25 03/30/2022
Dr Rick Chromey | Healing Relationships, Breaking Cycles, & Being Real | Episode 81 84:07 03/23/2022
Lisa D. Foster | Believing in Yourself, Bag Lady Storytelling, & Changing Expectations to Change the World 120:41 02/23/2022
Tricia Roos | Dealing with Pain, Living Out Your Faith, & the Power of Visualization in Your Life 75:24 02/08/2022
Becca Ribbing | Finding Clarity, Your Strengths, & Life Path versus Your Life Purpose | Episode 78 61:34 01/25/2022
David Richman | Processing the Emotional Side of Trauma, Avoiding the SAD Wagon, & Forming Meaningful Relationships | S4 E77 88:16 01/11/2022
Tom Bowman | Wanderlust, Sustainable Living, & Why He Believes in Climate Change 132:52 01/04/2022
Svetlana Newsome | Surviving Sudden Loss, Experiencing Abundant Miracles, & Living in the Light Freedom 98:00 12/22/2021
Victoria Wieck | Steadfast Persistence, Generous Success, Million Dollar Hobbies, & the Importance of Real Authenticity to Realize Your Dreams | E74 99:06 12/14/2021
Peter George | Overcoming Self-doubt, Limiting Factors, & Learning to Speak Confidently 67:16 11/30/2021