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From the folks who brought you the Islamic History Podcast, comes a podcast about the Prophet of Islam. In this podcast, we discuss the life of Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him. We will also cover his family, friends, victories and defeats. This may be the most comprehensive podcast about the life of the Last Messenger of God.


1 - Arabia Before Islam
These first few episodes come from a Seerah (life of Prophet Muhammad) class and podcast I ran a few years ago. In this episode, we'll introduce the topic and discuss the condition of Arabia before Islam.
57:26 03/19/2020
2 - Early Life And Lineage
In today’s class we’re going to discuss the following topics: Arab society before Islam Islam compared to other faiths The early life and lineage of Prophet Muhammad And finally, my method of teaching the Seerah of the Messenger of Allah, Peace be upon him.
72:33 03/19/2020
3 - As A Teenager And Young Man
In today’s class, we’re going to discuss the following topics: Prophet Muhammad as a teenager and young man. The history of the Black Stone. The Prophet’s marriage to Khadijah. The Prophet’s love for Khadijah. The story of Zaid Ibn Harithah and Ali Ibn Talib.
59:32 03/19/2020
4 - His Daughters And His Mission
In today’s class, we’re going to discuss the following topics: The biographies of the Prophet’s daughters including: Zaynab Ruqayyah Um Kulthum And Fatimah We will also discuss: The differences between Sunnis and Shias. The beginning of Revelation The miraculous nature of the Quran Khadijah’s loyalty. And the beginning of the mission of Islam.
56:07 03/22/2020
5 - The First Three Years Of Revelation
In today’s class we’re going to discuss the following topics: The commandment from Allah (SWT) to His Messenger (pbuh) to begin spreading the message. The biographies of the ten companions promised paradise The conversion of Umar Ibn Al-Khattab The difference between Mecca and Medina surahs The first three years of revelation The difference between Shariah and Fiqh.
62:23 03/23/2020
6 - The Persecution Begins
In today’s class we’re going to discuss the following topics: The prophet makes the call to all the Quraish Debates and discussions between the Pagans and the Prophet The Quran becomes more assertive and the Quraish push back Responding to so-called contradictions in the Quran Reasons the Quraish resisted the message of Islam The Quraish begin to persecute the weaker Muslims
70:47 03/24/2020
7 - The Persecution Of Bilal And Ammar
In this lesson we'll discuss the following: The Quraish try to bribe the Prophet The persecution of Bilal ibn Rabah The persecution of Ammar ibn Yasar and his family The first migration to Abyssinia The revelation of Surah Al-Kahf The Mongols conquest of the Muslim lands The revelation of Surah An-Najm The so-called Satanic Verses and Salman Rushdie
71:57 03/25/2020
8 - The Conversion Of Umar
In this class we'll discuss the following: The life of Jafar ibn Abi Talib The persecution of Muslims in Mecca The Quraish campaign of mockery against Prophet Muhammad Darul Arqam, the first house of Islamic learning Conversion of Umar ibn al-Khattab Benefit of good Muslim leaders Quraish boycott of the Muslims
62:39 03/26/2020
9 - Abu Talib And Khadijah
In today’s class, we’re going to discuss the following topics: The Sacred Months The death of Abu Talib and Khadijah The Prophet’s marriage to Saudah The Pagans become bolder and intensify their persecution The Prophet begins to look outside of Mecca to relocate The Prophet goes to Taif The revelation of Surah Al-Jinn
64:07 03/27/2020
10 - Al Isra Wal Mi'raj
In this class we'll discuss the following: The conversion of Abu Dharr Al-Ghifari The first delegation from Yathrib The message begins to spread in Yathrib The Night Journey and Ascension Link to hadith about Al-Isra wal-Miraj The 5 daily prayers are established The lessons of The night journey and ascension
55:29 03/28/2020
11 - His Marriage To Aishah
In today’s class, we’re going to discuss the following topics: The Prophet's marriage to Aishah The 12th year of the Message The 2nd group from Yathrib come to Mecca for Hajj The first pledge of Al-Aqabah The Prophet sends Musab Ibn Umair to Yathrib to teach the people about Islam. Islam begins to spread in Yathrib. The features and benefits of Yathrib.
60:15 03/29/2020
12 - The Hijrah
In today’s class, we’re going to discuss the following topics: The Prophet and his companions prepare for the Hijrah. The story of Shuaib Al-Rumi. The Quraish attempts to stop the migration. The migration of Prophet Muhammad and Abu Bakr. The Prophet's intelligence network and espionage activities.
63:25 03/30/2020
13 - The Muhajir And The Ansar
In this class we'll cover the following topics: The establishment of Medina Building the first Masjid The Muhajir meet the Ansar
55:09 03/31/2020
14 - Muslims, Hypocrites, And Jews
In this episode we'll discuss the following: The politics of Medina The Aws and Khazraj tribes of Medina Dealing with the hypocrites The Jewish tribes of Medina
56:18 04/01/2020
15 - Badr Part 1
Discussing the events that led to the Battle of Badr.
34:36 04/02/2020
16 - Badr Part 2
The Battle of Badr
39:40 04/03/2020
17 - Badr Part 3
In this episode we will discuss the following topics: The aftermath of Badr The reaction in Mecca The captives of Badr The Expedition against Banu Qaynuqah Other minor events of the second year of the Hijrah
45:19 04/04/2020
18 - Uhud Part 1
The assassination of two enemies of Islam The Prophet's marriage to Hafsah bint Umar ibn al-Khattab The buildup to the Battle of Uhud
39:36 04/05/2020
19 - Uhud Part 2
The Battle of Uhud The death of Hamza ibn Abdul Muttalib
40:40 04/06/2020
20 - Uhud Part 3
A brief review of some interesting events from the Battle of Uhud.
25:08 04/07/2020
21 - Ambush
A few events from the fourth year of the Hijrah. The Prophet sends six companions to teach a pagan tribe about Islam but they are betrayed. In retaliation, the Prophet sent an assassin to Mecca.
39:00 04/08/2020
22 - Banu Nadir
More events from the fourth year of the Hijrah. Once again, the Prophet sends a group of companions to teach a pagan tribe about Islam. And once again, he's betrayed. This leads to a confrontation between the Prophet and the Jewish tribe of Banu Nadir.
28:44 04/09/2020
23 - Two Marriages
A look at some of the final events of the 4th year of the Hijrah including: The Prophet's marriage to Zaynab bint Kuzaymah The Prophet's marriage to Umm Salamah Two minor expeditions
21:23 04/10/2020
24 - The Trench Part 1
It's now the fifth year of the Hijrah. This will be a turning point for the Muslims in Medina. The Prophet's marriage to Zaynab bint Jahsh The political dealings behind the Battle of the Trench A little background on the companion, Salman al-Farisi
28:26 04/11/2020
25 - The Trench Part 2
The Prophet (pbuh) and his companions continue their preparations for the approaching allied armies. Here's what we'll cover in this episode: The details about the digging of the trench Some miracles that occurred while digging the trench The Prophet learns of Banu Quraidah's betrayal.
32:15 04/12/2020
26 - The Trench Part 3
The Battle of the Trench is underway and Medina is put to siege.  In this episode, we'll the following: How the Muslims survived this difficult time Some of the heroic feats during the battle How Prophet Muhammad (with Allah's help) broke the alliance and the siege
31:32 04/13/2020
27 - The Trench Part 4
The Battle of the Trench is over but the fighting is not done. In this episode, the Prophet must now deal with Banu Quraydah who betrayed the Muslims at their of need. This episode covers: The siege of Banu Quraydah The judgement of Banu Quraydah The harsh punishment of Banu Quraydah
38:22 04/14/2020
28 - Two Minor Expeditions
We begin the sixth year of the Hijrah and discuss two minor expeditions. The Expedition of Banu Lihyan The Expedition of Dhu Qurad
21:08 04/15/2020
29 - The Treaty Of Hudaybiyyah
The Treaty of Hudaybiyyah The Prophet decides to make Umrah (the minor pilgrimage) The Quraish block his access to Mecca The Quraish and the Prophet negotiate a peace treaty
48:00 04/16/2020
30 - Emissaries
The Treaty of Hudaybiyyah has brought peace between the Muslims and the Quraish. Now the Prophet has the opportunity to spread Islam using peaceful means. He begins by sending emissaries to the regional powers of the area.
37:18 04/17/2020