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Ride along with John CustomCarNerd Meyer and Jason OldeCarrGuy Carr for all the info you NEVER wanted to know about cars and why they should be out on the road and NOT in your garage! Are you ready to Get Out N Drive? Sit in on these bench racing sessions as the guys talk with everyone you NEED to know from the automotive industry and hobby. If it has wheels, they'll talk about it! Hot Rods, Custom Cars, Muscle Car and Racing are all on the table. When the mic is off, visit for even more car talk on the Get Out N Drive Podcast blog, YouTube Channel and social media pages. Grab some cool merch and sign up for National Get Out N Drive Day.


Flat Rate Repair Time: Good Or Bad?? - A Get Out N Drive Detour Episode 23:35 05/21/2022
Michelle Lackey Maynor AKA Lady Track Boss: Driven To Alaska Raceway Park #TeamMRP 52:51 05/15/2022
What Drives YOUth?? Interview Series - Jake Wilson: Driven To Antique Automobiles 49:31 04/23/2022
Share The Road With Bicyclists?? - A Get Out N Drive Detour Episode 13:16 04/23/2022
AJ Ware - Driven To Petty GMS Motorsports 54:34 04/17/2022
Collision Repair Education Foundation, Brandon Eckenrode - Driven To Fuel The Future Of The Collision Industry 35:09 04/07/2022
Driven To Bring Cars To The Movies - Norman Altizer, Picture Car Coordinator 46:37 04/03/2022
Driven To Fill An Empty Seat - Jason Olde Carr Guy Carr - NEW Co-Host Announcent 19:44 03/14/2022
Driven To 2022 - 2021 Year End Wrap Up As We Cruise Into 2022 48:34 01/02/2022
What Drives YOUth? Interview Series: Olivia and Genna Gentry - Driven To Win The Great Race 2021 In A 1932 Ford 30:56 10/03/2021
Driven To Be The Ultimate Hot Wheels Collector With Bruce Pascal 47:17 09/12/2021
Driven To Drift - Matt Haugen Of Haugen Racing 50:32 09/11/2021
Driven To Diesel Motorsports With Ron Knoch 39:55 09/04/2021
Driven To Support Women In The Motorsports and Automotive Industry With Jeanette DesJardins Founder Of Car Chix 45:26 08/22/2021
Driven To Go Faster With Finnegan With Mike Finnegan; Professional Adventure Haver Part 2 36:52 08/01/2021
Driven To Go Faster With Finnegan With Mike Finnegan; Professional Adventure Haver Part 1 38:52 08/01/2021
Driven To More Horsepower: Peter West With Pacific F2000 Racing Series 37:33 07/25/2021
Driven To Restoration. Preservation. Mentorship - RPM Foundation With Nick Ellis 66:05 07/18/2021
Driven To American Muscle, American Trucks and Extreme Terrain With Justin Dugan Of Turn5, Inc. 46:19 07/14/2021
Driven To The Automotive History Preservation Society with Bob Gerometta 64:38 06/22/2021
Driven To Brakes Without Limits - with Tim King of Baer Brakes 38:13 06/21/2021
Driven To Perfection...The Great Race...It's About Time! With Jeff Stumb 54:09 06/05/2021
Driven To Fun With My Classic Car...Accidently With Dennis Gage 56:30 05/30/2021
Driven To Get Out N Ride With Type Jordan 48:13 05/23/2021
Driven To Promote Nostalgia Drag Racing with Big Al Liebmann 59:47 05/09/2021
Driven To Promote The ECTA Arkansas Mile With Steve and C.J. Strupp - Part 2 51:11 05/02/2021
Driven To Promote The ECTA Arkansas Mile With Steve and C.J. Strupp - Part 1 57:44 04/25/2021
Driven To Preserve Oldsmobile History - Jerry Wilson, Oldsmobile Historian 67:53 04/18/2021
Driven To A T: Mr. Model T Builds The Perfect Gow Job 76:43 04/04/2021
Driven To Road Trip For ALS Awareness - The Sweet Patina's ALS Road Trip Challenge 56:54 03/21/2021