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Offshore Sailing and Cruising with Paul Trammell

Interviews with offshore sailors and those in the industry sharing exciting stories and useful information so we can better enjoy and better prepare for our own adventures.


Rob Hamill, The Cruising Kiwis
Rob and his family, aka The Cruising Kiwis, bought their 43ft catamaran, Javelot, with minimal sailing experience to retrace the tragic sailing trip of Rob's eldest brother, Kerry, who was captured and executed by the Kmer Rouge in Cambodia in 1978. When we spoke, they were in the Maldives, having just visited Thailand, and making progress on their circumnavigation. We talk about catamaran sailing, Cambodia, Angkor Wat, cruising SE Asia, their route across the Indian Ocean, lightning strikes, home schooling / no schooling, shallow-water blackouts, freediving safety, sharks, favorite things from each conutry visited, the importance of overcoming fear, and more. show notes are at
71:50 4/15/24
John Ensley, Cruise-N-Learn Sailing International
John spends his summers sailing in Puget Sound, and the winters in La Paz, Mexico. He is the owner, founder, and sailing director of Cruise-n-Learn Sailing International. We talk about learning to sail, La Paz, Mexico, live-aboard sail training, asymmetrical spinnakers, reefing, anchors, electronics, Starlink, heaters, the school-boat fleet in La Paz, catamarans, safety protocols, PFD's, jacklines, tethers, harnesses, falling off the boat while at anchor, favorite places, the Pacific Northwest, bucket-list destinations, the art of sail trim, and more. Shoe notes are at
49:06 4/8/24
Brian Dale, Cruising as a Nomadic Musician
Brian is a solo sailor on a Hughes 38, currently in Georgetown, The Bahamas. He supports his cruising by playing the guitar and singing, sometimes putting on dinghy concerts from his boat in the anchorage.  We talk about anchoring and the new mooring balls in Georgetown, sailing from Lake Huron to The Bahamas, sailing with a tiny fuel tank, losing a dinghy, the Dominican Republic, his boat, reefing, autopilots, Cape Horn windvane, spinnakers, anchors, sailing on and off anchor, dinghy concerts, bucket-list destinations, Costa Rica, learning to sail, the love of sailing, solo passages, sleeping on a boat, dragging anchor, lithium batteries, solar panels, Starlink, and more!  
102:06 3/25/24
Expeditions to Antarctica, Michael Brooks
Michael Brooks of Expedition Sailing has been taking clients on skiing and climbing expeditions from South America to Antarctica. We talk about sailing to Antarctica, picking the right weather window, steel boats, their maintenance, pros and cons; Michael's dream boat, running expeditions in Antarctica, Antarctica politics, anchoring/mooring in Antarctica, Ice and icebergs, dressing for the cold, features that make a boat comfortable in high latitudes, wildlife in Antarctica, a survival situation at sea, using a windvane autopilot and an electronic autopilot to steer when running downwind in storm conditions, heaving-to, overwintering in the Arctic, polar bears, and more!
63:55 3/18/24
Four Years and 35 Countries with Helen Shrewsbury
Helen recently completed a four-year journey from the UK to New Zealand and visited 35 countries along the way. We talk about her boat, the journey, some of her favorite countries, The Gambia, sailing under the bridge on The Gambia River with only inches to spare, hippos, the people and culture, anchoring, her electrical and solar systems, and much more. Find the show notes and photos here
68:56 3/11/24
Tapio Lehtinen, from the Last Stop of the Ocean Globe Race
Tapio Lehtinen was in the port of Punta del Este, Uruguay, during the last stop of the Ocean Globe Race, a re-creation of the Whitbread Round the World Race, when we spoke. He was sailing on Galiana With Secure, a 1970 S&S 55 yawl with a young crew of Finnish sailors. We talk about the boat, sailing from the last stop in New Zeland to Uruguay, going around Cape Horn, birds of the Southern Ocean, other wildlife, safety, a typical day for Tapio during the race, the crew, comparing Galiana to modern boats, and much more.  Find the podcast show notes at
59:33 3/4/24
Ronnie Simpson, Dismasting in the Global Solo Challenge
Ronnie Simpson was racing solo around the world in an Open 50 when he dismasted soon after rounding Cape Horn, and with a storm approaching with forecasted 70-knot wind and 30' seas. We discuss the events leading up to the dismasting, making the decision to call for rescue, as well as the race, details about sailing a thirty-year-old open 50 in an around-the-world race, Cape Horn, sleeping, the beauty of sailing in the Southern Ocean, fears, emotions, and Ronnie's future plans of a Vendee Globe campaign.
105:49 2/26/24
Panama to Mexico with Brendan and Chanell Moore
Brendan and Chanell recently sailed their Bruce Roberts 36 from Bocas del Toro, Panama, to Isla Mujeres, Mexico, in late December, saw some dificult weather and had to adapt their plans. We also talk about the passage, the boat they bought in Florida, a 1985 Noresman 447 designed by Robert Perry, Panama, Tobobe, the Ngobe Indians, Starlink, pirates, foul weather, trouble with the windvane, superstitions, customs, Mexico, the ICW, creature comforts, 
81:18 2/19/24
Understanding Boat Statistics, Panama Update 2/2024
In this episode, I talk about the Global Solo Challenge and the boats in the race, focusing on sailboat data and how that affects a sailboat's performance. I also talk about what I've been up to, components on my boat that I like or dislike, angry local surfers, theft in Panama, seasickness, my electrical system upgrade to a lithium battery, and more.
42:41 2/12/24
Extended Cruising with Children, Suzanne Heywood, Author of Wavewalker
When Suzanne was 7 years old, she set sail from Plymouth, England, on the schooner Wavewalker with her parents and brother. Their trip, which was recreating Captain Cook's third voyage around the world, was supposed to last for three years but ended up taking a decade. Along the way they were shipwrecked in the Indian Ocean and, as she grew older, Suzanne had to fight to gain an education and return home. Her international bestselling book 'Wavewalker' tells the story of that voyage.  We talk all about not only the journey, but also the book, and most importantly, issues a family should consider before planning an exrtended voyage with children.
49:00 2/5/24
Cruising a Trailerable Trimaran with Tom and Kelsey Bohanon
Tom and Kelsey live in Colorado and cruise and race in a 28' Corsair trimaran. I met the in the Ragged Islands, The Bahamas. They also raced the trimaran in the Race to Alaska. We talk about The Bahamas, Greenland, Nova Scotia, Newfoundland, foul-weather gear, spearfishing, sharks, the Race to Alaska, human propulsion systems, restoring an aluminum boat, cruising in British Columbia and the Sea of Cortez, and more!
69:26 1/29/24
Webb Chiles, Going Beyond the Limits of Human Experience
Webb Chiles is a solo sailor and author. He has circumnavigated six times, was the first American to sail solo around Cape Horn during which he broke Chichester's record, nearly circumnavigated in an open boat - an 18' Drascombe Lugger, and most recently circumnavigated on a Moore 24. His mission in life has been, as he says, "to go beyond the limits of human experience and sends back reports." He is the author of "Storm Passage," "Open Boat Across the Pacific," "The Ocean Waits," "A Single Wave," "The Fifth Circle," "Shadows," as well as many articles and poems. We talk about his sailing adventures and phiosophies, and discuss passages I highlighted in his book "Storm Passage," which I read (for the second time) before the interview. Webb is truly a legend among sailors, as well as a fascinating character and a great speaker.
72:57 1/22/24
Schooner Sailing with Seth Bird
Seth Bird sails a steel schooner and has worked on commercial vessels for over 20 years, ranging from the USCG and NOAA to oil field support vessels and tall ships. We talk about tall ships, marlinspike seamanship, lessons we can learn from commercial shipping, communications, talking to commercial ships on the VHF radio, AIS, steel boats, sailing a schooner, sailing without winches, raising the anchor without a windlass, anchors and anchoring, sailing with kids, and more!
79:55 1/15/24
Unfinished Business with Guy deBoer
Guy deBoer, who crashed on a reef in the 2022 GGR, is planning on sailing around the world in the spirit of the 2022 Golden Globe Race, but on his own, and in 2024. We talk about lessons learned from the 2022 race, repairing his boat, how he has it set up, reefing, downwind sail trim and sailplans, tiller vs wheel, windvanes, and lots more.
60:34 1/8/24
Tapio Lehtinen in the Ocean Globe Race
I spoke with Tapio during his stopover in Auckland, NZ, during the Ocean Globe Race. We talk about the race, his boat (a Swam 55 yawl), sails,  the sinking of Asteria in the 2022 GGR, being rescued by Kirsten, Galiana's crew, crossing the equator, looking forward to Cape Horn, the decreasing wildlife in the oceans, and more.
50:23 1/1/24
Aluminum High-Latitude Boats with Jelle Engel of KM Yachtbuilders
Jelle Engel works for KM Yachtbuilders in sustainability development and sales and is a  design manager. He supported the team to develop the Bestevaer 36 and 42, working closely with Dykstra Naval Architects. We talk abvout sailing to Greenland and Iceland, weather forecasting, ice, lifting keels, freezing into the ice, ballast in lifting-keel boats, aluminum boat advantages and disadvantages, owning and maintaining an aluminum boat, features of high-latitude boats, protecting rudders from ice, icebergs, polar bears, sailing in uninhabited places, and much more!
72:11 12/25/23
Sailing in the Pacific Northwest with Tim Whelan
Tim Whelan sails a Cape George 38 out of Seattle. We talk about sailing in the Pacific Northwest, sailing solo, sleeping while solo, sailing full-keel boats, backing up in marinas, building a wooden dinghy, autopilots, reefing, eliminating friction in raising the main, anchoring, books, Hydrovanes, preventers, circumnavigating Vancouver Island, dealing with fear, destinations, wildlife, and more!
101:25 12/18/23
Erick and Jenny VanMalssen in the South Pacific
Erick and Jenny recently sailed from Panama to the South Pacific. We talk about preparing for the Pacific crossings, their Hydrovane, their Tides Marine sailtrack, new sails, Panama, spearfishing, their Downeast 38, Panama to the Galapagos, boobies (and other birds), The Galapagos, sea lions, Galapagos to Fatu Hiva, rough seas, fishing, dealing with fear and anxiety, safety, watch schedules, tethers and jacklines, rules, clearing in in the Marquesas, anchoring, floating the chain, diving, sharks, surfing, power, water, Starlink, and more!
101:54 12/11/23
Guy Waites, GGR 2022
Guy Waites sailed around the world in the 2022 Golden Globe Race. He had to stop in Cape Town to scrape barnacles, then had to stop at Hobart after losing his liferaft in a knockdown, but he persevered and completed the solo circumnavigation. We talk about preparing for the race, gooseneck barnacles, full-keel boats vs modern designs, his boat - a Tradewind 35, sails, downwind sailplans, 2-line reefing, safety, being knocked down, keeping a clear head in storm conditions, rounding Cape Horn, enjoying solitude, mental challenges, towing warps, albatross, future sailing plans, sailing a class 40, and more!
68:01 12/4/23
Jeremy Bagshaw, GGR 2022
Jeremy Bagshaw was one of the few finishers of the 2022 Golden Globe Race, taking second in the Chichester class, sailing around the world via the great capes, stopping only once in Hobart to deal with a barnacle infestation, and spending 277 days at sea. We talk about the race, why we love full-keel boats, perseverance, solitude, safety, foul-weather gear, reefing, downwind sail configurations, his Windpilot, dual mainsheets, bottompaint (coppercoat), communications, books, southern right whale dolphins, using math to control emotions, beautiful moments, difficulties, and much more!
58:05 11/27/23
My Opinions on Offshore Sailboats and Sailing Goals
In this episode, I talk about setting sailing goals, selecting the right kind of boat, my opinions regarding features of a good offshore sailboat, my boat, how I reef, what I love about sailing, and where I've been in the last four years.
76:55 11/20/23
Captain Ky the Sea Glass Guy
I met Kyle at Escudo de Veraguas, an island about 20nm east of Bocas del Toro, Panama. We talk about the island, sailing in the Caribbean, dinghies, learning to sail, his Ta Yang 50 Flying Dutchman, buying the boat, mishaps and chaos, being struck by lightning, losing the propshaft and almost sinking, tacking upwind to Aruba, water in the foam core, near-death experiences, books, teak decks, and much more! The interview continues with us talking about his sea glass business on my other podcast "Dream Chasers and Eccentrics."
57:49 11/13/23
Josh Axler GGR 2026
Josh Axler will be sailing in the 2026 Golden Globe Race. We talk about racing boats both fast and slow, carbon fiber vs fiberglass and steel in boat construction, racing a Gunboat, why he wants to do the Golden Globe Race, books, managing Elliot Smith's 2022 GGR campaign, the NOR, solitude, selecting his boat for the race - an Endurance 35, sailing a ketch, getting the boat ready for the race, setting the boat up for singlehanding, long passages, instant coffee, writing, a favorite sailing memory, a scary sailing memory, sailing alone in fog, and much more!
77:31 11/6/23
The Mini Transat with PGN Ocean Racing
  Peter Gibbons-Neff is currently racing in the Mini Transat. We talk about the Canary Islands, Starlink, sailing a Mini, sleep, AIS, camaraderie with other racers, buying the boat, silimarities and differences to cruising, hand steering and autopilot, power generation, the value of an MP3 player, swimming, risk management, wildlife, orcas, casualties, fixing things, difficult moments, favorite moments, US Patriot Sailing, future cruising and racing, dragging anchor in Panama, cruising the Caribbean in a mini, and much more!
77:39 10/30/23
Embracing Fear as if it were Joy with The Dangerz
Bryan and Jen are chasing their dreams in the South Pacific on their Catana Bali 4.0. We talk about French Polynesia, their catamaran, catamarans vs monohulls, teaching themselves to sail, escaping the drudgery of society, an unforcasted cyclonic even, repairing two saildrive shafts while at a remote atoll, maintaining optimism in trying times, floating the anchor in an atoll, other anchoring issues, happiness, fear, freedom, making decisions as a couple, favorite places, and much more!
79:13 10/23/23
Ronnie Simpson, Pre Global Solo Challenge
Ronnie is preparing for the start of the Global Solo Challenge, and will be sailing around the world in his Open 50 "Shipyard Brewing." We talk about crossing the Atlantic, Nova Scotia, going up the mast, sailing his open 50 on different points of sail, killer whales, rigging, bottom paint, the Global Solo Challenge, communications, foul-weather gear, heavy weather, future plans, his new girlfriend, and much more!
75:45 10/16/23
Circumnavigating with Daniel Alfredsson
Daniel took off from Norway to circumnavigate without any experience and made it happen. He has since signed up for the 2026 Golden Globe Race and bought an OE 32. We talk about his circumnavigation, the Caribbean, spearfishing in the San Blas islands, the South Pacific, Micronesia, the Philipines, Borneo, radar, Madagascar, rounding the Cape of Good Hope, anchors, the Golden Globe Race, books, Hydrovanes, downwind sailing, heavy weather, safety, reefing, and much more.
90:19 10/9/23
Chasing the Dream with Olivia Owens Wyatt
Olivia fell in love with sailing, learned fast, and took off, sailing solo on her Panda 34, and is currently in the South Pacific. We talk about getting started, courses, books, learning to sail, her first storm, dealing with fear, spirituality, her boat, removing the leaking teak deck, bedding compounds, the GGR, losing the engine, hydrovanes, writing, meeting people, solo sailing, self-reliance, safety, lines and reefing, making deals with God, and much more!
79:16 10/1/23
Tales from the Marina, Merrill Charette
Merrill lives on his Tashiba 36 in a Marina in Boston and runs the business Shipshape, which connects marine contractors and boat owners. We talk about the pros and cons of living in a marina, marina pirates, dating while living in a marina, drunks falling off docks, dinghies, through-hiking the Appalachian Trail, making 1000 origami cranes, shopping for a boat, Shipshape, sailing destinations in New England and Boston, Nova Scotia, Panama, hunting for lost planes in The Bahamas, treasure hunting, writing, running over a red nun buoy in a catamaran, and more!
127:22 9/25/23
The Adventures of Olivier Hendrix
Olivier Hendrix is a long-time offshore sailor and the develper of iNav4U. We talk about sailing in the Mediterranean and Patagonia, storm training in the North Sea in the Winter, going overboard while tethered to the mast, staying warm in the North Sea, iNav4U, and much more.
71:35 9/18/23

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