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Breathin' Air: Everyday Action, Extraordinary Mindset

Real. Raw. Authentic. This podcast was created with the idea to 'Breathe Air' into your life and help unlock your full potential mentally, physically and spiritually. With guests ranging from health experts, entrepreneurs, professional athletes, artists and people from different walks of life. Breathin' Air will motivate, excite, entertain and push you to becoming the person you were meant to be. Welcome to the journey!


#112 Striving To Reach Our Natural Greatness with CEO of STRONG Coffee Company ~ Adam Von Rothfelder
Founder & CEO of STRONG Coffee Company, movement & fitness specialist, former professional MMA fighter & Versace model & actor. Adam Von Rothfelder is a movement guru and a self-proclaimed ‘motivational mind bomb’. His passion for movement started at a young age with gymnastics and martial arts. As he grew up, like many of us, Adam dreamed of being a professional athlete. In 2008 he fought his first pro MMA fight. Although his career in fighting was short-lived, what Adam learned getting there left a major impression and set the course for an incredible life in fitness.Adam believes that as a former professional fighter he truly understands what it is like to fight for what you want; he wants to motivate you and he is willing to fight for it. In 2010, Adam opened his first unconventional training facility in Milwaukee, WI in hopes to help the city in which he was born and raised obtain their fitness goals. The mission is still on and his vision has only gotten bigger. Adam most recently was seeing starring on NBC’s “Strong”, Modeling for Versace alongside Gigi Hadid and working as a movement advisor to Legendary Laird Hamilton and Gabrielle Reece for XPT. Adam wants to motivate the world to move together and “it starts with you”. (via
82:36 09/28/2022
#111 Filtering: The Way to Extract Strength from the Struggle ~ Joel Green
Joel Green is CEO of Pro Level Training, the National Director of Nike Sports Camps, a former professional basketball player, and a renowned motivational speaker. After retiring from his career in professional basketball, Joel Green founded Pro Level Training (PLT), which has become a 7-figure company. In addition to running PLT, Green is also the National Director for Nike Sports Camps as well as an accomplished speaker. He was honored to speak to thousands and deliver his own TED Talk.A thought leader in the motivational category, Joel Green has a B.A. in Psychology from Rider University, which has helped to fuel his ambition to inspire others. He has developed a reputation for personal excellence and motivational talks that contribute tangible advice for attaining desired goals. Many of the messages he has delivered on are conveyed in his first book, Filtering: The Way to Extract Strength from the Struggle, released this month. In addition, Green is a professional sports and fitness model and actor, and he has been featured in commercials, ads and on television. Most recently he was the face of Cheez-It crackers Celebrity Crunch Classic campaign, in which he was solely featured on millions of snack boxes.
56:26 09/21/2022
#110 Mastering Your Mind to Grow Your Business ~ CEO Amanda Holmes
Amanda Holmes is the CEO of Chet Holmes International (CHI) which has worked with over 250,000 businesses worldwide. At age 24, she inherited her father’s multi-million-dollar enterprise, which specializes in helping companies double their sales. Amanda has merged her father’s proven process with her own forward-thinking ideas to connect the old-school sales process with hybrid online and offline instant gratification short attention span we see of consumers today. Her success has made it clear that she was born to lead. In the first two years of taking helm of the company, Amanda increased leads by 1176%, and doubled coaching clients two years in a row. Since then, Amanda has continued to scale the company making an impact worldwide with continued double-digit growth. Based on Chet Holmes’ New York Times Best Seller The Ultimate Sales Machine, which was voted in the top 10 most recommended sales books of all time, Amanda’s mission is to teach the last and most important lesson that her father never got to reveal to radically change the lives of those passionate about success and sales.@ultimatesalesmachine
58:39 09/14/2022
#109 Holistic Health, The Future of Medicine & Building Sustainable Business ~ Fred L. Shinn
Clinician, serial entrepreneur & mentor to many Fred L. Shinn, MS, PT joins the show.  Fred Shinn is a seasoned leader with unique business acumen in the health & wellness space.  In addition to possessing a Master's Degree in Athletic Training from Ohio University, Fred Shinn is a Physical Therapy graduate from the University of Indianapolis. With nearly 4 decades of local, national & international experience in Orthopedics & Sports Medicine, Fred's clinical interests include manual therapy, Pilates, ortho-biologics & regenerative medicine.  His approach is an integrated one blending ageless holistic truths with the biologic & technology advancements of today.  An entertaining and gifted lecturer, he has written three complete continuing education programs and has presented CME programs coast-to-coast on topics related to shoulder dysfunction, care of the lumbar spine, hip & SIJ along with a revealing Pilates training manual for therapists.Having built a robust chain of Physical Therapy and Sports Rehab clinics, uniquely operating with full service, 24-hour fitness centers, day spa and Pilates studios, he transitioned his business to ATI Physical Therapy in 2014 via a private equity roll-up.  These facilities offered a strong manual therapy influence operating under the influence of inflammation theory in order to address orthopedic and neurologic rehab in light of the emerging epidemic of metabolic syndrome and auto-immune disease .  The focus of Fred’s professional interests includes: leadership, clinical operations, team building and clinical education, all the while providing insight and guidance in entrepreneurship & business development.via:
51:53 09/07/2022
#108 Savage September
Join the BA Family this Savage September to overcome your fears, crush your specific goals and build community with like minded people. 
10:39 09/01/2022
#107 A Navy Seals Guide to an Unbeatable Mind ~ Mark Divine
Most people think mental toughness when they imagine a Navy SEAL.  What they don’t expect is the thoughtful, yoga-innovating, joking and laughing, professor of leadership named Mark Divine.At twenty-six he graduated as Honor Man (#1-ranked trainee) of SEAL BUD/S class number 170. Mark served for nine years total on active duty and eleven as a Reserve SEAL, retiring as Commander in 2011.  His leadership of teams was so effective the government tasked him with creating a nationwide mentoring program for SEAL trainees.  Not only did it increase the quality of SEAL candidates, it reduced BUD/S attrition rate up to five percent.Mark hosts his own podcast "The Mark Divine Show" where he's interviewed the likes of Tim Grover and James Clear. He also has authored several books including his newest release coming soon "Staring Down The Wolf:  7 Leadership Commitments That Forge Elite Teams."via:
70:24 08/10/2022
#106 The Health Detective: Uncovering the Truth About Modern Health ~ Susan Birch
Susan has been passionate about health for more than 40 years. “If we expect our bodies to last a lifetime, they deserve to be treated well. But first, we need to know what treating them well really means." She began studying exercise and nutrition science in 1986, and soon realized she’d found her passion. As she improved her own eating and exercise habits, her mental health improved and her weight stabilized. She also had a lot more energy. Susan has a family history of type two diabetes, heart disease and the genes for Alzheimer’s Disease, and loved learning how to use nutrition, exercise and lifestyle to mitigate these and other disease risks. She began sharing this knowledge and her clients nicknamed her the Health Detective, because she focuses on finding the root cause of her clients’ health problems and working out solutions.
64:29 08/04/2022
#105 No Plan B: Human Optimization ~ Mason Bendigo
Mason guests on author, scientist and biohacker Jean Fallacara's "No Plan B" podcast. 
58:55 07/20/2022
#104 LTM ~ The Power of "What If"
In this weeks solo episode Mason goes into the power of "what if" and how you can use it in your daily life as fuel to create your own reality. 
10:43 07/13/2022
#103 Breaking Records & Helping Others ~ Mike Aidala
Mike Aidala is a leading Performance Coach who has been mentioned in: Men’s Health, GQ, Men’s Journal, HuffPost, Muscle & Fitness, Gear Patrol, Well+Good, AskMen and more. He is one of the top coaches in America and has been coaching and guiding others for over 15 years.Mike's programs are for men who want to establish an enhanced, more familiar relationship with their mental, emotional and physical health. He works with men on a 1:1 basis using a range of modalities to create, personalized programs that build confidence, self esteem and lead to a healthy fulfilled life.@mike.aidala
58:09 06/29/2022
#102 Upgrade Your Brain, Health & Mindset ~ Kayla Barnes
"Kayla Barnes is an entrepreneur and certified brain health coach with a mission to help her clients and community achieve optimal health through science-backed and proven approaches. Barnes has been named one of the top longevity leaders globally and has been featured in Forbes, Thrive Global, Byrdie, BeWell, Biohackers Magazine + more. Barnes studied nutrition and has trained under the renowned brain doctor, Dr. Daniel Amen."via: www.kaylabarnes.comInstagram: @kaylabarnes
57:47 06/22/2022
#101 The 5Ls: Hacking the Code of a Balanced Life ~ Mike Mannix & Sal LaGreca
The 5Ls is a science supported program that gives individuals the tools to navigate through difficult or challenging times in their life to achieve true work-life balance.None of them can stand alone and knowing where you are lacking and where you need to focus to create a true work-life balance is the essence of the 5Ls.The 5Ls is the brainchild of Sal LaGreca. After being admitted to the partnership at KPMG, he attended a Harvard Executive Leadership Conclave with some of the top global business leaders focusing on the key components for success in business. This experience ignited the thought process for Sal that would lead him to the creation of the 5Ls.It has recently gained recognition as the result of a meeting between Sal and Mike Mannix, also a global executive and well-known leadership expert at New York University (NYU). Once Mike heard the 5Ls concept, based on his experience in leadership training, he knew immediately the impact it could make on people’s
65:05 06/15/2022
#100 Rewire Your Brain ~ Bob Doyle
"Bob Doyle is best known for his contribution to the film and book “The Secret”, as a law of attraction expert and coach.He has been teaching these principles through programs, live events, podcasts, livestreams, coaching, writing, and even virtual reality, since 1998. He is driven by his passion for creative self-expression and his work is heavily focused on helping people decide who they want to be and how they want to express themselves. Recently, Bob’s attention has shifted from the metaphysical aspects of the Law of Attraction or “reality creation” process, to a more grounded and biological look at what controls our experiences… our brain. Bob believes that an understanding of how our brain is processing our experience of reality, empowers even Law of Attraction skeptics to see results with creating their lives by design instead of by default."
35:20 06/08/2022
#099 GOATA: Human Freedom Through Movement ~ Coach Bam
Coach Bam walks us through what Goata is, how it can help our longevity and quality of life & his incredible journey that brought him to where he is now. This conversation was a breath of fresh air.Youtube: GoataBamInstagram: @goatabam
51:35 05/25/2022
#098 EMF's: The Harm They're Causing & How to Protect Yourself ~ Justin Frandson
Mason and Justin discuss the harm that EMF's are causing and what you can do to protect yourself.For over 23 years Justin has run one of the most unique, sports performance programs. His impressive results, gets clients stronger, longer and out of a pain state faster than ever through, ATHLETICISM Neuro Stacking. He approaches performance at the deepest level, through the nerves. His stretching therapy is highly sought after and is known to have one of the only ‘ambidexterity’ programs in the country. Justin is also known for his concussion protocol that has yielded tremendous results. He has an impressive clientele list consisting of athletes from the PGA, NFL, MLB, NBA, NHL, AVP, WSL and was featured in the Documentary Movie 'Vitality' @justinfrandson
56:16 05/18/2022
#097 LTM: Don't Be Inspired
In the most recent Letters To Me episode Mason discusses the how to use inspiration as a catalyst for action and how to get the life you know you deserve. Let us know what you thought about the episode on Instagram @breathinairpodcast
07:44 05/11/2022
#096 Behind The Bachelor ~ Clayton Echard
Clayton is the most recent Bachelor, an advocate for mens mental health and a NASM CPT. Today we deep dive into the beginning of Claytons journey on the show, the emotions that he went through, the lessons he learned & what the next chapter of life looks like. "Approaching every day as an opportunity to be a better version of yesterday's self." ~ @claytonechard 
71:23 04/20/2022
#095 LTM: The Power of Creative Constructs
In this week on the "Letter's to Me" series Mason dives into the power of creative constructs and how they can guide you to reaching your end goal. 
10:21 04/14/2022
#094 Modern Mastery ~ Dan Koe
"The modern world wants you sick, weak, and broke. I want you free, fulfilled, and well-paid by becoming a creator and pursuing the only thing worth pursuing, personal development in all areas." Be on the lookout for Dan's upcoming book "The Art of Focus"
60:18 03/30/2022
#093 Become a Provocateur ~ Keith Yackey
Keith Yackey is a serial entrepreneur, real estate investor, founder and CEO of married game. He has been asked to speak on the biggest stages with the biggest names, ranging from Pitbull, Tony Robbins and his own personal friends Gary Vee, Russell Brunson and Lewis Howes. After making his fortune in the real estate business and helping others do the same he has shifted his focus. Keith now helps hundreds of men win back their wife's attraction so she will want to initiate sex again. Instagram: 
60:12 03/23/2022
#092 Prison Of Your Own ~ Sean Crane
Sean went from serving 7 years in prison for a crime he didn't commit to changing the lives and minds of others. He is a life coach, tedx speaker, best selling author of "Prison of Your Own" and speaker. @sean_michael_crane 
54:10 03/02/2022
#091 Everything You Need Is Within ~ Gigi Robinson
Digital artist, health & wellness advocate, current M.S. Candidate, and graduate of the University of Southern California with a Bachelors in Fine Arts, Design, and Photography. Gigi has built a strong influence across social media platforms through creative creation. She has dealt with chronic illness in her own life and looks to bring light to her story and others. Find her 
69:21 02/23/2022
#090 The Cyborg: Becoming Superhuman ~ Jean Fallacara
CEO, serial entrepreneur, scientist, author, athlete & public speaker Jean Fallacara. Mason and Jean discuss how to train your mind and body for optimal success in all areas of life to truly become superhuman. The first step to taking control of your biology is here. Instagram:@cyborggainz @biohackers_magazine
78:30 02/16/2022
#089 Diving Into The Abyss: Pursuing Your Passion ~ LogFitz
From dropping out of college to co-founding "Body Optic" as a health and performance guru Logan Pfizenmayer is just getting started. The young entrepreneur and trail blazer walks us through his ups and downs and the mindset that brought him to where he is now. Twitter: @logfitz6Instagram: 
74:37 02/09/2022
#088 Chemical Free Body ~ Tim James
Founder of Chemical Free Body and host of "Health Hero" Tim James.
56:22 02/04/2022
#087 Be Uncommon: Re-establishing Identity After Sports & In Life ~ Kaleb Fossum
Host of "The Uncommons," ex D1 athlete and man on a mission to help others re-establish their identity after sports. 
55:18 01/27/2022
#086 Creators Are Brands ~ Tom Boyd
Host of "Creators Are Brands," full time content creator and guru Tom Boyd AKA Tommy Tickets. From his grass roots start in the music industry to helping the world spread their truth and brands through content creation. Tune in for all the juice on how to build your brand and media presence. Instagram: @bonusfootage TikTok: @bonusfootage Twitter: 
70:54 01/19/2022
#085 The Based Lifestyle: Zaid K. Dahhaj
Host of the "2am Podcast", mens lifestyle coach, soccer player & extremely based human Zaid K. Dahhaj graces the show. 
40:59 01/12/2022
#84 LTM: The Path of Most Resistance
Leveling up in life brings more challenges and obstacles to overcome. Embrace the hardship because you know what's waiting for you on the other side. 
07:52 01/05/2022
#083 Velocity Mindset ~ Ron Karr
As a child who overcame the daunting challenge of a speech impediment, Ron has made it his life’s mission to empower employees, executives and entrepreneurs all over the world and transform their lives by removing life limiting belief systems.Ron Karr's methodology, the Velocity Mindset®, provides sales teams with modern approaches on how to capitalize on more opportunities and walk away with more deals in less time.For 36+ years, Ron Karr has excelled at sales and leadership positions, for which he is recognized as the leading "Sales Success Expert" and has appeared as a guest on national TV including FOX , Bloomberg, C-Suite Newtork and others. He is an in-Demand Global Keynote Speaker, and Highly Acclaimed Author of Lead, Sell, or Get Out of the Way.Prepare to be inspired and reshape your mindset with velocity.
53:55 12/29/2021