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The Fearless Submissive

A weekly BDSM podcast. Listen to julie_R as she talks about serving without fear and her life as a 24/7 slave.


TFS- Episode 74
Why dominants don't chase you!!   Sorry for my horrible voice, I have a cold.  
20:48 01/20/2017
TFS- Episode 73
Answering a listeners question about being clingy and needy.  
17:26 06/07/2016
TFS- Episode 72
Are you a "save me" submissive?  
33:36 05/29/2016
TFS- Episode 71
What are we communicating when we are not talking??   (and a little bit on how I talk politics with Sir Redemption)
24:32 05/10/2016
TFs- Episode 70
Featuring Dawn from The Erotic Awakening Podcast gives her thoughts on what it means to be a Fearless Submissive. Catch Dan and Dawn on the Erotic Awakening Podcast!!  
19:34 03/05/2016
TFS- Episode 69
Knowing your anger.  What makes you angry and how do you handle it?  (AKA when Julie got really angry but didn't completely lose her shit.)  Sorry about the loud background, I must have been driving next to a big truck!!!   
60:07 02/16/2016
TFS- Episode 68
julieR's thoughts on balancing your life and self care.
32:54 01/30/2016
TFS- Episode 67
                      Musings from the Los Angeles GrUE V.   Photo taken at the Pancake Breakfast.  
29:21 01/12/2016
TFS- Episode 66
Priorities.  Realizing that I was so busy taking of care of things that I stopped making time for Him.    
37:54 12/29/2015
TFS- Episode 65
How to deal when you don't like your Dominant's other partner.  
55:08 12/21/2015
TFS- Episode 64
Welcoming back Star to the show to talk about her upcoming Submissive Bootcamp as well as her upcoming podcast DarkStar Kink!!! Submissive Bootcamp, Class 1 Dark Star Kink Podcast
60:15 12/21/2015
TFS- Episode 63
julie_R talks about adapting to the changes in her life.    
29:58 12/07/2015
TFS- Episode 62
                      julie and Star talking about your limits and your Dominants limits.  Also, what is a no-limit slave?      
75:50 09/21/2015
TFS- Episode 61
                      Sitting down to talk to Starkraving.  The long path to slavehood. House Ravynblood  
67:45 08/22/2015
TFS-Episode 60
                      JulieR talks about role play.  Her Daddy/little girl play with Sir Redemption and how that has grown over the years.  Ways to introduce role play into your relationship and things to watch out for.  
46:31 06/23/2015
TFS-Episode 59
What happens when things stop being kinky?  
32:00 06/16/2015
TFS- Episode 58
Just catching up.
29:46 05/13/2015
TFS- Episode 57
                      Random and fun!! Sir Redemption and I just celebrated our 4 year anniversary.  This show hits topics like M/s and BDSM, porn, new relationship energy, loopholes, intent and whether or not Sir Redemption is an "angry guy."  
76:24 04/03/2015
TFS- Episode 56
                      Serviceslut joins me to talk about negotiations.   This podcast contains portions of the book SM 101 from Jay Wiseman.  Published by Greenery Press. Copyright 1998.
65:56 03/18/2015
TFS- Episode 55, part 2
                      Part 2 of Episode 55, Consentual nonconsent, power exchange and obedience
58:44 02/22/2015
TFS- Episode 55
                      julie_R, SirRedemption and serviceslut talk about consentual nonconsent, power exchange and obedience. This is the first part 1 of 2 part episode.
52:04 02/22/2015
TFS- Episode 54
                      This week I talk to Graydancer- kink performer, educator, writer and "rope guy extraordinaire" as well as the facilitator for the GrUE which can be found just about anywhere these days. I talk to Graydancer this week about something a little unexpected- long distance relationships!!   Graydancer Ropecast Love.Life.Practice  
56:51 01/24/2015
TFS-Episode 53
                      This week the show was hijacked by Service Slut.  She decided to interview julie_R this week and ask her questions about relationships, 2015 and the Los Angeles GrUE.  
48:46 01/11/2015
TFS- Ep 52
A last minute episode since my other recorders got jacked up!!!  GrUE, Holidays and Needs and Wants for the New Year!     Los Angeles GrUE coming up January 16-18. Orchid and Serpent Saint Leather Toys Violet Wand Store    
30:23 12/22/2014
TFS- Episode 51
                      S-types like to complain, but what happens when we bad mouth our Dominant?  What message are we putting out there?  
35:31 11/25/2014
TFS- Episode 50
                      Lee Harrington joins me for my 50th episode!!  We talk about submission, safewords, and the things we carry with us through our journey.   Check out the Passion and Soul Podcast Lee Harrington's Website Check out more awesome shows on the Erotic Awakenings Podcast Network.  
66:02 11/07/2014
TFS- Episode 49
                    Brats and Manipulation. SirRedemption and SarahMary join julie_R for a talk about bratting and manipulation.  What is bratting good for?  When has it gone too far?    
63:20 10/25/2014
TFS- Episode 48
                       All about sex toys!!! This week I talk to Dangerous Lilly, sex toy expert!!  This is a great episode about vibes, dildos and the materials that are safe for your body.  Check out the links for the companies and items we talk about. Lilly's Website SheVibe Tantus Jopen Lelo Smart Wand We-Vibe Tango    
66:26 10/10/2014
TFS- Episode 47
Unplanned drivetime post about affirmations.  Why I think it's important to be able to find love and confidence from yourself!!  Be sure to check out the new IOS App.  Android app is forthcoming.      
42:19 10/09/2014
TFS- Episode 46
Catching up with Sparkle.  She and julie_R talk about our online persona, talking to Dominants and why is it that when our Dominant isn't looking we are tempted to run amuck??  Also, how many dicks is too many?    
54:47 09/27/2014