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Grow, Thrive, Inspire Podcast is full of value on all things Real Estate at the Lake of the Ozarks. Listeners will get a look into the Culture of our company, RE/MAX Lake of the Ozarks through fun and interesting conversations with our broker/owners, agents, and staff on how they succeed in the real estate business. Monthly community spotlights give insight into our growing lake community. Listen each week for ways you can grow, thrive, and inspire in your personal life and professional life.


Ep. 10 - Bring on the Fair with Ryan Shoffner and KC Cloke
Welcome to the season finale of the Grow Thrive Inspire Podcast! We're excited to have KC Cloke, the Director of the Camdenton Chamber of Commerce, and Ryan Shoffner, from the Jason Whittle All Pro Team, as our guests for this episode. They'll be discussing their new 501C3 organization's mission to strengthen the county's roots by growing our agriculture community opportunities and expanding our county fairs here in Camdenton, Missouri. KC and Ryan will be sharing their insights on the importance of supporting local farmers and how their organization is making a positive impact in the community. They'll also talk about the challenges they faced in setting up the organization and how they overcame them to achieve their goals. Join us as we wrap up the season with an inspiring conversation on how we can all contribute to supporting our local agriculture community and promoting sustainable farming practices. #GrowThriveInspirePodcast #CamdentonChamberOfCommerce #JasonWhittleAllProTeam #LocalFarms #SustainableFarming #CountyFairs #501C3 #SeasonFinale.
30:13 5/3/23
Episode 9 - How's The Market At LOZ
Welcome to Episode 9 of our podcast! Today we're excited to welcome Jeff Krantz and Jason Whittle, Broker/Owners of RE/MAX Lake of the Ozarks. In this episode, Jeff and Jason provide us with valuable insights into the real estate market conditions of Lake of the Ozarks. As experts in their field, they discuss how the market has been affected by recent events and trends and what buyers and sellers can expect in the near future. If you're interested in real estate or are looking to buy or sell a property in the Lake of the Ozarks area, you won't want to miss this episode! Don't forget to leave us a review on your favorite podcast platform and share this episode with your friends and family. #REMAXLakeoftheOzarks #RealEstateMarket #LakeoftheOzarks #Podcast
33:58 4/26/23
Ep. 8 - From 1932 to 2023, 1932 Reserve and Lofts
Welcome to Episode 8 of the Grow Thrive Inspire Podcast! Today, we are thrilled to feature one of the hottest spots at Lake of the Ozarks - the 1932 Reserve Restaurant. This iconic eatery has it all - rich history, a mouth-watering menu, and even options to stay on-site! To give us an insider's look into what makes 1932 Reserve so special, we have the pleasure of speaking with Mr. Scott Romano and Mr. Mark Spears, the creative minds behind this extraordinary dining experience. Joining us as well is Natalie Whittle, a representative from both the Reserve and RE/MAX Lake of the Ozarks. Get ready to learn about the inspiration behind 1932 Reserve, their culinary philosophy, and how they seamlessly blend classic elegance with contemporary cuisine. Don't miss out on this exciting episode! Tune in now to hear all about 1932 Reserve on the Grow Thrive Inspire Podcast. #GrowThriveInspire #1932ReserveRestaurant #PodcastEpisode #LakeoftheOzarks #LuxuryDining #LakeView #ContemporaryCuisine #ClassicElegance #ExclusiveInterview #TuneInTomorrow
48:28 4/19/23
Ep 7 - Boating Season is HERE with Kelly's Port
In this episode, we sit down with Kyle Kelly, a true local of Osage Beach MO and a key member of the Kelly's Port Marina team. We dive into what makes Kelly's Port Marina the Best at the Lake in all categories for years in a row. From Kyle's upbringing in the area to his role in the business, we get an inside look at what sets this marina apart from the rest. With a focus on service, Kelly's Port Marina is known as the “Chick Fil A” of the boating business. Kyle shares how the team strives to make every customer experience exceptional, from sales to service and everything in between. If you're a boater or just looking to learn more about the best of the best in the boating industry, this episode is for you. Join us as we explore Kelly's Port Marina with Kyle Kelly. Don't forget to like, share, and subscribe to our channel for more great content! #KellysPortMarina #OsageBeachMO #BestAtTheLake #BoatingBusiness #Service #remaxlakeoftheozarks #grow #thrive #inspire #GTIPodcast
34:16 4/12/23
Ep. 6 - Keeping Things Positive with Bobbi Howe
Episode 6 of the Grow Thrive Inspire Podcast is out now, and we're excited to feature Bobbi Howe, the COO of RE/MAX Regional Services. In this episode, Bobbi shares her journey to success, which includes personal experiences that have led her to become a motivational speaker and leader in her field. Bobbi is also passionate about mental health, and she shares how she has worked to prioritize her own mental well-being throughout her career. Additionally, Bobbi shares her love of running 5Ks and how it has helped her stay focused and driven in both her personal and professional life. We're thrilled to have Bobbi as a guest on the show, and we hope you'll tune in to hear her story and insights. Don't forget to subscribe to the Grow Thrive Inspire Podcast on your favorite platform to stay up to date on all of our latest episodes! #podcast #mentalhealth #leadership #success #motivation #running #REMAX #COO #personaldevelopment #professionalgrowth    
41:01 4/5/23
Ep. 5 - Revitalizing Lake Ozark with Mayor, Dennis Newberry
In this episode of the Grow Thrive Inspire podcast, we are joined by Mayor Dennis Newberry, a long-time developer and local of Lake Ozark. Mayor Newberry has an extensive history in the area, having opened several businesses on the Bagnell Dam Strip, and is the owner of Ozark Realty. He is also a husband and father to two beautiful young ladies. Mayor Newberry and his wife, Tanya, have been long-time developers around the Bagnell Dam Strip and formed the Bagnell Dam Association to revitalize the strip. Join us as we learn about his experiences and insights as a successful real estate developer, businessman, and public servant. #GrowThriveInspire #LakeOzark #RealEstate #BusinessSuccess #BagnellDamStrip #OzarkRealty #PublicService #LocalBusiness #SuccessStories  
29:55 3/29/23
Episode 4 - Get Your Bikes Ready with Magic Dragon Trails
In Season 6, Episode 4 of the Growth, Thrive, Inspire podcast, Stacy Pyrtle and Amy Hernandez from Magic Dragon Trails discuss their efforts to bring biking and hiking trails to the Lake of the Ozarks area. They explain how Magic Dragon Trails is not only creating new recreational opportunities but also serving as an economic driver for the Lake of the Ozarks. Help Magic Dragon Trails turn their Dreams to Reality with Multi-use trail systems that have proven over and over to draw tourism and serve as boom to local economies. Lake of the Ozarks is perfectly suited for a family-friendly, multi-use trail system that will draw locals and out-of-towners year round! You can learn more about Magic Dragon Trails on Facebook @magicdragontrails or This episode is sponsored by Michael Lasson & Michelle Lasson, First State Bank Mortgage, Equal Housing Lender, at You can listen to the podcast on Key Radio 89.3 FM, YouTube, Spotify, Facebook, and Apple Podcasts, or the website
33:31 3/22/23
Season 6, Episode 3 - Mixing and Morphing Marketing with Mix N Morph Media
Season 6, Episode 3 of the Grow Thrive Inspire podcast features Jeff Krantz taking on the hosting role with Mix N Morph Media featuring Kaylen Banks, the new managing owner of Mix N Morph Media, a marketing and media agency that offers unique services such as printed and digital media, SWAG, and social media marketing. Mix N Morph Media is a new business that aims to revolutionize marketing by Mixing and Morphing the traditional methods so many are used to. Some reasons you want to consider a marketing company would be to reach a wider audience and attract new customers. Build brand awareness and loyalty. Increase sales and revenue. Stay competitive in the market. Establish credibility and trust with your customers. Gather valuable insights about your audience and market. Create a strong reputation for your business. Maintain customer relationships and encourage repeat business. Launch new products or services successfully. Differentiate your business from competitors. We love what Kaylen says about the three things that all marketing efforts need to have - 1) Lead Conversion, 2) Lead Nurture, and 3) Lead Generation. Posting is NOT marketing! You can connect with Mix N Morph Media on Facebook, TikTok, Instagram, and their website The episode is sponsored by Michael Lasson and Michelle Lasson of Your Lake Loan. Listeners can tune in on Key Radio 89.3 FM, YouTube, Spotify, Facebook, TikTok, Apple Podcasts, or to hear the conversation. #MixNMorphMedia #MarketingRevolution #SWAG #SocialMediaManagement #Photography #Videography
31:53 3/15/23
S6. Ep. 2 - Ain't Clownin with RE/MAX Lake of the Ozarks Charitable Foundation
Welcome to Ep.2 of Season 6 with the Grow Thrive Inspire Podcast! On this episode, we have Ron Dodge from Ron Dodge Real Estate Group and Jacob Krantz from Krantz and Associates. Ron and Jacob discuss the amazing work of the RE/MAX Lake of the Ozarks Charitable Foundation. This organization has given back over $550,000 to local charities and communities throughout the Ozarks! The two also discuss the upcoming clown golf tournament that will benefit the Dream Factory on April 29, 2023. There is SO MUCH at this event and what better way to give back than to help kids and their families have their dreams come true in a time of need!  Thank you to Lake Lenders Michael Lasson and Michelle Lasson with First State Bank Mortgage, for sponsoring this podcast. If you are looking for a great loan option, visit their website Don't forget to like and follow us on Key Radio 89.3 FM, YouTube, Spotify, Facebook, TikTok, Apple Podcasts, or our website Thank you for joining us!
22:37 3/8/23
Season 6 Ep. 1 - Waking Up The Area with Baristago Coffee Co
Welcome to the Grow Thrive Inspire Podcast, Season 6 Episode 1. In this episode, we are delighted to introduce Baristago Coffee Co., a brand-new coffee shop in Osage Beach, down KK at Lake of the Ozarks. The passionate owner, Ashley Hayes, opened Baristago with the intention of providing the surrounding community with a high-quality coffee experience, all while bringing locals together and promoting local! The shop offers a wide selection of coffees and specialty drinks, from espresso and cappuccino to iced lattes and cold brews. The beans are locally roasted, ensuring that each cup of coffee is as fresh and flavorful as possible. Baristago also offers delicious pastries and other treats, and meals to accompany your coffee. Ashley, and her team are committed to providing an outstanding customer experience. We spoke with some of the regulars and found that they enjoy the cozy atmosphere and the friendly staff, who always make them feel like family. In this episode, we get to know Ashley and find out what inspired her to open Baristago. We also discuss the importance of supporting local businesses and learn some tips for creating an exceptional customer experience. We hope you enjoy this episode of Grow Thrive Inspire. Thank you for listening and don't forget to support Baristago Coffee Co.! Connect with Ashley on Facebook at @baristagocoffeeco!
23:35 3/1/23
S5 Ep.10 Conversations in Conflict with Diedra Barber Broker/DOD
Our guest this week is Diedre Barber.  She’s a Broker and Director of Development for John and Emily Askin with RE/MAX Preferred and RE/MAX at Home in Oklahoma. Technology in our faced-paced world can be helpful, but don’t lose the conversation with your clients!  Have the Conversation. Establish expectations, and find out their strengths and weakness. One of my favorite parts is when Diedre shares what should be behind your ‘SOLD in one Day’, social media posts!  This is such valuable information.  We think you will love this episode as a great reminder in the process of communication with your clients.  Thank you, Diedre for coming on the show and sharing your knowledge and experience. You can Connect with Diedre here: FB @diedrebarberrealtor
35:57 9/7/22
S5 Ep 9 Living In Luxury with Tom Tezak
ALOHA to our guest today, Mr. Tom Tezak with Lifestyle Maui Team and Selling the Dream Podcast/Vlog. Tom has over 30 years in the business and is growing his team and showcasing the luxury side of real estate in Maui! Tom and his team specialize in south Maui real estate of luxury homes and condos and knows all the ins and outs of being a luxury specialist! One of our very favorite things about Tom is his ability to sell the lifestyle and showcase his community through video and content in all the BEST ways! Listen today to Tom to learn more about the luxury side of real estate, Maui and Hawaii, podcasting, content suggestions, tips and tricks, and much much more! Thank you so much Tom for being on our show! We are huge fans of all you do and wish you the absolute best! You can connect with Tom and his team here: FB: @ tomtezak        @HawaiiLifeWaileaMaui YouTube: Website: Instagram: LinkedIn:
20:23 9/1/22
S5 Ep. 8 Lending with Flat Branch Home Loans
Our guest today is Brandi Martin with Flat Branch Home Loans.  Brandi has over 26 years in the business and is growing her team and serving her community in an awesome way. Do you have questions about Interest Rates?  Inflation?  Are we in a Recession?  Kaylen and Brandi sit down and discuss all of the answers to these questions.  My favorite part of their conversation was to hear what Brandi’s goals are as a loan banker, as well as how she gives back to our local community with The Giving Branch organization.    Brandi’s priority is to cater to her client's needs and to serve them to achieve their dreams of owning a home. We are so excited about what you and your amazing team are doing here at Lake of the Ozarks.  Thanks for coming to the show to share your knowledge! You can connect with Brandi and her team here: FB:      Brandi Martin Flat Branch Home Loans             @thegivingbranch Instagram:     Flat Branch Home Loans TikTok:           Flat Branch Home Loans Call:    573-693-0061            816-809-2270 Email:
17:09 8/24/22
S5 Ep 7 The Shootout with Leah Martin
The Lake of the Ozarks Shootout is the largest unsanctioned Boating Event in the world! Director Leah Martin sits down with Kaylen and talks about all things Shootout! This being her first year as Director, Leah is thriving.  The early events this summer were a success, and the Shootout week is sure to be excellent! With over 6,000 volunteer hours, the Shootout is powered by Volunteers who serve to benefit their not-for-profit organization in the tri-county area.  The Shootout event generates a massive amount of support for our community to help those who need it most.  The sport of Power Boating draws a crowd like no other. Lake of the Ozarks Shootout is receiving national and international attention from other race organizations who want to model their event after the Shootout.  I love what Leah shares at the end about what inspired her.  Leah, you inspired us with your episode and excellent work this year for the Lake of the Ozarks Shootout! Leah Martin - Director, Lake of the Ozarks Shootout. www.lakeoftheozarksshootout . com FB @lakeoftheozarksshootout
23:22 8/17/22
S5. Ep 6 Developing the Lake with O'Sullivan Bruce Group and Sean O'Sullivan
Nicol O’Sullivan and Jessica Bruce are BACK on the podcast and they brought Sean O’Sullivan with O’Sullivan Developments. Check out what they have to say about the current situation of new development at Lake of the Ozarks. I love all of the inside information they give to our listeners. Jessica and Nicol and the entire O’Sullivan Bruce Group work closely with local developers to give you the best experience in buying a new home. Sean O’Sullivan is an experienced and excellent developer and I love what he shares about his industry and has specific knowledge about getting things done at the lake! One of my favorite developments of his is Shooter’s Paradise, At the 21. Contact O’Sullivan Bruce Group for information or call O’Sullivan Developments. Thanks for being on the show guys and sharing what you know! You can check out O’Sullivan Developments at: Or CALL: 816-985-4040 You can connect with Nicol O’Sullivan and Jessica Bruce here: FB O'Sullivan Bruce Group IG osullivanbrucegroup #podcast #PodcastLife #development #developmentatthelake #loz #ozarks #remaxlakeoftheozarks #lakeoftheozarks #realestate #OBG #osullivanbrucegroup #spotify #applepodcasts #liveatthelake
28:25 8/10/22
S5 Ep. 5 How Beliefs Determine Your Path with Lake-Kays
It is a personal pleasure to know both of these women. They are a perfect example of what it looks like to build on each other’s strengths to be team leaders who inspire! Tammy is a 3rd generation Lake of the Ozarks local, has 4 children and has been a top-producing agent for 18 years with RE/MAX. She loves to mentor agents and has the skill and knowledge and experience to do so with excellence. Keri has been in real estate for 5 years, has 2 children, and is achieving her dream of being a team leader early in her career. Keri has the confidence to not only know what to do but does it with excellence. One of her key beliefs is, ‘The only limits you have are the limits you believe.’ This is evident in her success. Tammy says, ‘Necessity is the mother of invention’, and ‘Luck favors the prepared.’ Don’t miss hearing Tammy explain where these sayings come from and gain the knowledge to improve your business. From the beginning, Tammy and Keri are establishing a culture in their office based on trust and positive energy. I cannot wait to see what Lake Keys Team does in the future with these women leading. I love the part where Tammy explains she is a student of her circumstances. Wow, she knows how to negotiate the deal, and educates her clients through the process. We can all learn from her problem-solving skills for keeping the real estate deal together. Tammy and Keri share the best advice at the end on how to take control of your beliefs and take action to achieve your goals. This episode is FULL of inspiration and knowledge, we hope you listen and enjoy! You can connect with Tammy and Keri here: www. FB @LakeKeys IG @Lakekeys
39:26 8/3/22
Ep. 4 Growing Your Business with John & Emily Askin
John and Emily Askin are Broker/Owners of RE/MAX At Home and RE/MAX Preferred in Oklahoma. They are the ideal example of Grow, Thrive, Inspire and we are honored they took the time to be on our show!  Their office has the highest volume in sales for RE/MAX offices in the state of Oklahoma.  They both lead with excellence and have put in place an excellent support team who does their job very well.  I love how John shared that they looked at franchise models and chose RE/MAX for the best tools and systems to establish their real estate brokerage.   John and Emily both explain that they are always learning and always growing and they have created a culture of this in their office, which in our opinion, has allowed their agents to Thrive!   In their discussion with Kaylen, John and Emily give great advice to business owners who wish for their offices to succeed to their highest potential.  We hope you enjoy their conversation and take away ALL of the valuable information they share to help you grow as an individual and business owner.  You can connect with John and Emily here:       FB: @johnaskin IG: @johnaskinokc
45:27 7/27/22
Ep. 3 Keeping the Lake Safe with the Water Safety Council
Muskie in the Lake of the Ozarks? 180,000 boats on any given weekend?  Learn these interesting facts and so much more in this episode! Kaylen has an information-packed interview with local Doug Beck on water safety at Lake of the Ozarks.   Doug shares valuable things to know for ALL boaters and anyone who wants to enjoy the lake this summer. Did you know that driving an airplane and a car are both more simple than driving a boat?  Doug is also a member of the Captain’s Association.  With over 90 members, you can find out all about it at their website,   The Captains Association also awards two scholarships each year to aspiring students.  The LCTC (Lake Career and Technical Center) offers the Bob Morgan Scholarship which is awarded every to students going into the Marine industry.  Steve Sutton Scholarship awards two $1,500 to support students wanting to acquire their captain’s license.  What an amazing way to pour into our next generation and our lake community.  Did you know everyone born after 1984 is required to have a boaters license to operate watercraft on the lake, AND it gives you a discount on your insurance to get the National Safe Boating Council certificate!  Lake of the Ozarks Water Safety Council hosts several programs each year for the safety of its residents and visitors.  In May of 2022 Alex Otte, National President of MADD spoke at the Water Safety Seminar at Margaritaville.  See her story below. Another program the Water Safety Council sponsors are the Life Jacket Loaner Station. Located at Haha Tonka, Public Beach 1, and Public Beach 2 are life jackets to use or keep while you swim or boat or fish at Lake of the Ozarks. Check out their website:   573-346-2227 FB: LOZ Water Safety Council
34:05 7/20/22
S5 Ep.2 - What’s Up With Real Estate with Nick Bailey President and CEO of RE/MAX LLC
We cannot contain our excitement. Our guest this week is the real Nick Bailey, president and CEO of RE/MAX.   Kaylen gives a dynamic, professional, and exciting interview with one of the VERY best in the industry. This episode is packed with the most valuable information for YOU as a real estate agent.  Find out what Nick means when he says the following: ‘People buy houses every year’.,and  ‘Don’t rent your business, own it!’.  He also answers the popular question, ‘Do we have an inventory problem?’ One of my favorite parts of this episode is when Nick reminds us that, our goal as a real estate agent is not to worry about fluctuations such as market conditions, interest rates, etc.  Our goal is to understand them to help a buyer or seller navigate them.  CRM…. CRM… CRM…. I also love when Nick and Kaylen discuss how we can deal with all of the noise around us such as the tech industry, market changes, and interest rates.  Nick says, ‘Stop worrying about your data and worry about your database’.  Nick, Yes! You are thriving in your goal serving RE/MAX and it’s people, and you have inspired us all! Thank you! for coming on the show.
29:33 7/13/22
S5 Ep 1 - Getting Stuff Done with Lake Space Co-Working Lounge
Wow!  Our guest this week really made this new season launch a HUGE success! Can you believe it is Season 5?!? Mike Cisar and Chelsey Cisar are both a powerhouse couple when it comes to this new space in Camdenton! Lake Space Co-Working Lounge!    These two give a fresh look and great insight into a business here at the Lake of the Ozarks! Since COVID there is such a demand for co-working spaces and Mike and Chelsey really went all out with Lake Space! We LOVED Mike’s interview! With such passion and perspective, it was such an honor to be a part of their ribbon cutting and their business as a whole! I don’t know about you, but I want to go work there for a day! Listen to Mike now and watch the video to get a look at Lake Space and all that it brings to the table for those who need an amazing work environment! You can connect with Mike Cisar at, 573-525-9456, or fb @mylakespace.
23:20 7/6/22
Ep. 10 Conquering Your Impostor Syndrome
Attention ALL real estate agents!  We all have an imposter that threatens to deceive us, discourage us, and drag us down from reaching our full potential. Our guests this week are Kelsey Fairchild and Blair Ziegler, standout real estate agents from the O’Sullivan Bruce Group at RE/MAX Lake of the Ozarks. Definition of Impostor Syndrome: noun. the persistent INABILITY to believe that one’s success is deserved or has been legitimately achieved as a result of one’s own efforts or skills.  Kaylen has an honest, and motivating conversation with Kelsey and Blair on self-respect, and how to be confident and competent in their professional and personal lives. Blair and Kelsey are part of a Real Estate team that had over 84 million in sales in 2021.  They have valuable information to share on achieving your dreams in real estate. They give practical examples and first-hand knowledge on what it takes to succeed in this industry.  I love when Kelsey reminds us 9 out of 10 times the build-up of the situation is worse than just doing it.  Kelsey mentioned Mel Robbin's book, The 5 Second Rule, you can find it here, .  Both women were dynamic guests, we hope you love this episode as much as we did!  You can connect with Blair and Kelsey via their socials: @kelseyfairchild @blairziegler @lakeozarkrealestate @osullivanbrucegroup
26:59 3/16/22
Ep. 9 Capturing the Lake with LOZ Video
Did you know there’s a full-service video company here in Osage Beach that can help you with all of your video needs?  Kaylen sits down with videographer Kayle Ragar with LOZ Video to discuss all things video production.  They share some great information from editing, using a drone, to what equipment to consider.  LOZ video offers many services such as headshots, 3D photos,  Virtual tours with matter port, and drone footage.  Check it out, and give Kayle a call to produce your next video!    You can connect with Kayle at fb @lozvideollc 417-848-5967
18:27 3/9/22
Ep. 8 Why We Should Take Action
This week on the podcast we have two of the VERY best Real Estate Agents at the Lake of the Ozarks.  Tammy Rosenthal is Team Leader of Fran Campbell Team, of RE/MAX Lake of the Ozarks, and Amber Elliot is a team member of the Fran Campbell Team and one of the company's top producers.  Both of these women are adorned with several awards and continue to be better and more productive each year.  They are true professionals.  In this episode, we get to take a look inside their brilliant minds as they discuss with Kaylen practical ways to take action in the real estate industry.  Members of the Fran Campbell Team WANT to see each other succeed.  We heard how different strengths within the team challenge everyone to be better! They are friends, they are colleagues, and they are family. One of my take-aways from their conversation is that ‘Actions create habits, that lead to success.’  and ‘Systems allow you to achieve your goals. Tammy and Amber share valuable information to help you succeed in your real estate business!   The advice they each give at the end is SO valuable, do not miss it!  You can connect with Tammy Rosenthal here: 573-746-0547 You can connect with Amber Elliot here: 573-230-9357 Thank you for listening!!  @growthriveinspirepodcast FB: @growthriveinspirepodcast
28:22 3/4/22
Ep. 7 Protecting Your Dreams with American Family Insurance
Local American Family Agent, Christy Fera is our guest on the show today! With over 15 years of experience at the Lake of the Ozarks and with offices in Camdenton and Lebanon, Christy, and Kaylen dive deep into all that American Family has to offer! You may agree that insurance is not the most exciting thing to talk about, but this conversation is full of great information! Christy shares why she loves American Family and provides great value to the area and market! You don’t want to miss this episode as Christy shares some cool technology and services that can help consumers with insurance needs! Thank you, Christy Fera from American Family Insurance, for sitting down with Kaylen and sharing some great information to help those with questions about insurance coverage and also giving advice for real estate agents when helping their clients navigate some of the unknown in the world of insurance! You can get in touch with Christy and her team at  or Walk in anytime to their office in Camdenton next to RJ’s Family Restaurant!
31:17 2/23/22
Ep. 6 Haters Gonna Hate - Let Them
Stop what you're doin’, cause I’m about to ruin, the image and style that you’re used to!  We have two very successful real estate agents on this episode who give a fresh take on resisting negative people who want to keep you down.  Kaylen is with her friends Bruce Phillips who is a primary agent at RE/MAX Lake of the Ozarks, and Maclean Kelly, a former primary agent who is now a team member with Team Jane Kelly.  One of my favorite sections is when Bruce and Maclean discuss WHY you need a realtor and the great value in choosing the best realtor for your real estate transaction.  They also share some GREAT tips on how to handle certain people in your circles that you have to deal with on a regular basis. Bruce is a long-time local and I love what he shares about how the Lake of the Ozarks has changed over the years.  I also love how Maclean shares his excitement about the future of our lake area.  Thank you both for being on the podcast and being examples of what it looks like to THRIVE in the Real Estate Industry! You can connect with Maclean:    fb: @macleankelly 573-210-8478 You can connect with Bruce: 573-434-6285
25:40 2/16/22
Ep 5 More than Printing with Lake Printing
Kaylen sits down with Randy Wilson and talks about the past, present, and future of Lake Printing here at Lake of the Ozarks! Randy’s passion for his industry began with a love of fulfilling the needs of others on all service areas! In today’s digital age, Randy has not only perfected Lake Printings business but keeps looking at multiple options to service all printing needs, including mail and apparel or custom designs. One of my favorite parts of this episode is hearing how Randy got started in his career at Lake Printing! Lake Printing offers much more than basic printing needs.  They go above and beyond to promote their clients and the growth of their business. You can find out more at
25:16 2/9/22
Ep. 4 Surrounding Yourself with Like-Minded People with Kayla C and Megan K
This is an awesome episode!  Kaylen sits down with Kayla Conoyer and Megan King, two young professionals on the Krantz and Associates Team with RE/MAX Lake of the Ozarks.  Does it really matter who you surround yourself with?  Kaylen, Kayla, and Megan have a great discussion on positivity and culture in the workplace. My favorite part is how Kayla and Megan describe the culture in their office. Don’t miss some of the things they mention about the environment of their real estate team that we could all strive for.  They give some perfect examples of what it looks like to surround yourself with positivity.  These women give some great insight on how to deal with differences in the workplace. Listen to the end when they give some great tips on dealing with difficult situations or people in any profession and what they do to stay positive and motivated when things get tough. You can connect with Megan: FB @MeganKing 660-734-1103 You can connect with Kayla: FB @kaylaconoyer RE/MAX Lake of the Ozarks 314-856-3483
32:41 2/2/22
Ep. 3 Tourism and Community with the CVB
Heather Brown is the Executive Director of Lake of the Ozarks Convention and Visitors Bureau. She and Kaylen discuss the benefits of being a member, as well as all the organization brings to our lake area.  Did you know our convention and visitors bureau is a members-based organization? When you become a member your business website receives a lot of visibility on which has around 1,000,000 visitors annually.  The CVB also partners with Tri-County Lodging for maximum exposure and promotion of our lake area. Check out the visit widget to plan your next visit! This is an amazing tool, you can check it out here: The CVB also publishes The Restaurant Guide and The Visitors Guide. If you want to know what’s going on at the Lake on any given day check out, they have the most extensive event calendar at the lake! Find it here: One of my favorite parts of this episode is when Heather explains why Lake of the Ozarks can be one of the safest and most wonderful places to visit.  Also, it’s so exciting what she has to say at the end about the future of our lake area.  Heather, thank you for coming on the show, you were a dynamic guest! You can connect with Heather and Lake of the Ozarks CVB on Instagram:  @funlakemo FB: @Lake Of the Ozarks Convention & Visitor Bureau Visitor website:
43:40 1/26/22
Ep. 2 The Power of Goal Setting with Kory Franks and Ryan Becherer
Wow!  Our guests this week are an awesome follow-up to last week's episode. Ryan Becherer and Kory Franks are both high-producing, superstar real estate agents on The Jason Whittle All-Pro Team at RE/MAX Lake of the Ozarks.  These two give a fresh look and great insight on setting goals, as well as specific action steps and how to have accountability.  It’s worth the listen! Does it really matter if you write your goals down? or have a vision board? How does friendly competition and camaraderie play into motivation for reaching goals? Kaylen, Ryan and Kory give great answers to these questions.  It’s obvious these guys have done some goal setting and achieving. I love the advice they give at the end. I think this can apply to ALL of us. You can connect with Kory Franks at, 573-298-1605 fb @koryfranks . You can connect with Ryan Becherer at, or 618-304-7818.
23:52 1/19/22
Ep. 1 Start with a Win with Adam Contos
It's a new year at RE/MAX Lake of the Ozarks and a new season for Grow, Thrive, Inspire Podcast.  We are so excited to share this first episode of season 4!  Kaylen Banks and Jeff Krantz have an upbeat and informative conversation with our guest Adam Cantos.  Adam was a previous deputy sheriff, SWAT team leader, and police officer, and served in the U.S. Military.  He now serves as CEO of real estate giant RE/MAX Holdings and Motto Mortgage. Author of his new book, Start with a Win, Tools and Lessons to Create Personal and Business Success, Adam brings wisdom and insight for being a leader in any profession. One of the many valuable discussions in this episode is when Adam, Jeff, and Kaylen break down the difference between Curiosity and Judgement and how this can make a difference in our personal and professional life.  Adam references Dale Carnegie’s How to Win Friends and Appreciate People, and reminds us how small acts of kindness can go a long way.  He says, “Share some love.  It costs you nothing, and you never run out of it.” In the business of real estate, things can sometimes be overwhelming and stressful.  Tune in to find out what Adam shares about Colonel John Boyd’s OODA Loop.  This is a great tool to have in our toolbox. A highlight is when Kaylen references Chapter 3 of Adam’s book.  He explains who or what ‘the Beast’ is he refers to and tells us how we can have a party with it! Adam and Jeff give some key points at the end of the episode on how we can reset for 2022 and think positive!  Thank you Adam for coming on the show, for sharing your knowledge and insight that can help us all “Start with a Win!”  Connect with Adam Cantos: Connect with Jeff Krantz: Ig: @krantzandassociates fb: @krantzandassociatesRE/MAXlakeoftheozarks
32:34 1/12/22