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Natural Health with CNM

This is a natural health podcast where you can educate yourself on natural approaches to health. We share inspiring health transformation stories and interview leading experts in Nutrition, Herbal Medicine, Homeopathy, Chinese Medicine, Health Coaching and Natural Cooking. Hosted by Naturopath and Herbalist, Michelle Sanchez, you’ll gain an insight into the world of natural therapies and discover ways to address common health conditions. If you want to learn how to improve your health and find out how natural therapists deal with ailments such as eczema and IBS, this is the podcast for you.


Understanding Lyme Disease with Rebecca Ellison 45:38 06/22/2022
Exercise for Stress Management with Gideon Remfry 60:42 05/11/2022
How to Manage Endometriosis with Leah Hechtman 57:26 03/30/2022
How to Strengthen Your Immune System with Bobby Qureshi 57:16 02/16/2022
Brain Inflammation & Inflammaging with Meleni Aldridge 80:15 01/12/2022
Prevention & Recovery from Long Covid with Dr Sarah Myhill 65:11 11/10/2021
How to Recover from Burnout with Dr Joyce Reed 74:35 09/29/2021
Understanding Thyroid Disease & How to Keep Your Thyroid Healthy with Meleni Aldridge 64:26 08/18/2021
How to Change Careers & Become a Health Coach with Victoria Mudie 46:27 07/07/2021
How to Transform Your Health and Prevent Disease with Robert Verkerk 72:20 05/26/2021
Cooking with Whole Foods & How to Start a Food Business with Adria Wu 58:21 04/14/2021
How to Improve Fertility with Anna Sangster 67:44 03/03/2021
Fats that Heal, Fats that Kill with Udo Erasmus 57:39 01/13/2021
The Health Risks of Statins with Justin Smith 49:21 12/09/2020
Understanding Perimenopause with Lorna Driver-Davies 63:49 12/02/2020
The Toxin Solution with Dr Joseph Pizzorno 40:46 11/25/2020
How to Ferment Foods with Rachel de Thample 60:57 11/18/2020
How to Deal with Cravings & Blood Sugar Balance with Mays Al-Ali 49:03 11/11/2020
The Dangers of Fragrances & Perfumes with Johann Kellerer 50:15 11/04/2020
Exercise Myths and How to Exercise Properly with Keris Marsden 68:05 10/28/2020
Healthy Weight Loss with Rick Hay 46:58 10/21/2020
Going Vegan and the Truth About Dairy with Juliet Gellatley 55:17 10/14/2020
How to Relieve Stress & Anxiety Naturally with Alex Fraysse 47:09 10/07/2020
Childhood Eczema - Advice from Eczema Expert Rebecca Bonneteau 49:17 09/30/2020
How Health Coaching Can Transform Your Life with Linda Vezzoli 40:18 09/23/2020
First Aid Homeopathy with Jodi Cahill 31:25 09/16/2020
Skin Health & Acne with Gemma Hurditch 43:43 09/09/2020
How to Manage PMS Naturally with Melissa Cahill 41:40 09/02/2020
Madeleine Shaw on Motherhood, Nutrition & Getting Your Glow Back 40:51 08/26/2020
Natural Solutions for Back Pain with Bobby Qureshi 39:02 08/19/2020