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Pushing The Edge with Greg Curran

Are you passionate about making a difference in teaching? Join me (Greg Curran) as I chat to educators and community leaders who are challenging systemic inequity and bigotry, along with privilege and silence. Not content with traditional approaches to diversity and inclusion they're re-making their environments, supporting and uplifting the voices and worlds of those students and communities who've been sidelined for far too long. Find Show Notes and Resources at:


'I Do, We Do, You Do' in Maths with Margarita Breed - PTE056 46:55 11/20/2021
Explaining our Thinking in Maths with Margarita Breed - PTE055 63:22 10/26/2021
Why's The Maths Teacher Here for Social Studies with Jenna Laib - PTE054 66:54 11/07/2020
Building Cultures of Thinking in the Maths Classroom with Margarita Breed - PTE053 70:40 10/02/2020
Looking at the World in Mathematical Ways with Marian Dingle - PTE052 54:52 09/12/2020
Liberating Literature in Our Classrooms and Libraries with Julia Torres - PTE051 67:47 08/29/2020
Optimism, Hope and a Place to Belong with Rodney Croome - PTE050 43:41 10/02/2018
Liberation and Resistance in Schools with Benjamin Doxtdator - PTE049 52:29 09/18/2018
Challenging Stereotypes about Race, Religion, & Suburbs with Amra Pajalic - PTE048 43:32 09/04/2018
Navigating White Spaces with Sherri Spelic - PTE047 28:12 08/21/2018
Rainbow Kids, Activism and LGBTIQ families with Felicity Marlowe - PTE046 55:03 08/07/2018
Uplifting the Voices and Languages of Latinx Students with Victor Martinez - PTE045 49:12 07/24/2018
Being Color Brave not Color Blind with Rosa Perez Isiah - PTE044 30:27 07/10/2018
Trans Children Do Know Who They Are with Jo Hirst - PTE043 53:13 06/26/2018
Complicating Diversity and Inclusion with Maha Bali - PTE042 39:42 06/12/2018
Whose History Are We Telling with Eric Fieldman - PTE041 50:06 05/29/2018
Nothing's Neutral, Everything's Political with Phiona Lloyd-Henry - PTE040 41:38 05/15/2018
Courageous Conversations About Race with Val Brown - PTE 039 54:51 05/01/2018
Having a voice and a sense of belonging in a soccer club with Ramon Spaaij - PTE038 48:31 06/06/2017
Tackling homophobia and transphobia in football with Angie Greene - PTE037 30:58 05/23/2017
Changing the Culture in Sports Clubs with Ryan Storr - PTE036 29:11 05/09/2017
Supporting Culturally Diverse Youth through Football with Sue McGill - PTE035 33:57 04/25/2017
Making Sport Accessible for People with Disabilities with Sam De Leve - PTE034 52:29 04/11/2017
Teaching Physical Education in a More Inclusive Way with Loretta Konjarski and Grant O Sullivan - PTE033 33:49 03/28/2017
Making Sport Safe, Comfortable and Inclusive for LGBTI people with James Lolicato - PTE032 36:22 03/14/2017
Making Football More Welcoming with The Outer Sanctum - PTE031 51:22 02/28/2017
Making Sport More Welcoming for Migrants with Michelle Hage - PTE030 36:36 02/14/2017
Creating Safe Schools with Roz Ward - PTE029 39:20 04/11/2016
Facing Our Fears about the Other with Justin Schleider - PTE028 38:23 03/14/2016
Being an Ally for Social Justice - PTE027 22:58 02/29/2016