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The Creative Pulse is a podcast about people and their creative passions. On each episode host Angela de Burger connects with people who are fired up about expressing themselves by imagining, experimenting and creating. You’ll hear from inspiring creators who’ll give you lots of ideas about how you can explore your creativity too.


Ep 77: Phillip Bailey - Hand-Drawn Map Maker
Phillip Bailey takes map-making to a new level. He creates hand-drawn works of art that incorporate traditional elements as well as unexpected, unusual designs.He’s had a passion for both geography and art throughout his life, so making hand-drawn maps is a perfect fit for him. Every piece he makes is created by hand with no tracing or computer-generated imaging involved.He even creates personalized, custom maps that reflect the geography and experiences that are meaningful to the person who places the order. In some cases, he even creates “merged maps” that combine two or more countries, states, provinces or cities.On this episode, host Angela de Burger chats with Phillip about how he uses storytelling and personalization to create unique maps, his approach when beginning a new project, his summer theme of “collaborative creations”, and whether collaborating boosts his own creativity.Say hi to Phillip:  Website  Instagram  Facebook----Creative Pulse Podcast socials:  Instagram:  creativepulsepodcast  Twitter  @CreativePulseTWMusic credit:
47:22 09/21/2022
Ep 76: Emily Puente - Stop Motion Animation
Emily Puente is a total pro at so many things - and stop motion animation is one of the latest ways she’s sharing her creativity with the world. This form of visual storytelling is an incredible way to create a scene and bring viewers on a ride, all through a series of very small movements.Her company, Huddl Studio, specializes in short-form content for social media and creative content for websites. Her work is showcased through social media posts that instantly grab your attention! She definitely knows how to create visuals that are both compelling and memorable.In addition to this stop motion animation specialty, she and her creative collaborator, who happens to be her husband, have also established two other successful businesses over the years: Emily and Steven Photography, specializing in weddings and portraits, and Huddl Booth, providing mobile photo booths for events.On this episode, host Angela de Burger chats with Emily about how she discovered stop motion animation and why she loves it, her ability to creatively pivot when needed, the role storytelling plays in her work, and the creative process she’s developed over time.Say hi to Emily:  Instagram   Website ----Creative Pulse Podcast socials:  Instagram:  creativepulsepodcast  Twitter  @CreativePulseTWMusic credit:
41:33 09/07/2022
Ep 75: Lauren Schipper - Custom Dice Maker
Lauren Schipper knows all about the kinds of unique sets of dice that can help you conjure up some extra magic during games with your friends. She recently made a big career jump into making custom dice full-time through her own company - Busy Wizard Dice - so she knows what she’s talking about.“Dice handmade with love” - that’s what she says you can expect from her. She specializes in creating full 7-piece RPG sets (that stands for “role playing games”). She works closely with clients to learn about what will make their custom set as special as it can be for them. She even collaborates with other artisans who make miniature items that she can incorporate into the dice as unique inclusions.On this episode, host Angela de Burger chats with Lauren about how she got into making custom dice, what it’s been like to transition her side gig into a full-time business, how she works with clients to ensure she knows exactly what they’re looking for, and the fun of working with fellow creative artists on specialized elements.Say hi to Lauren:  Instagram   TikTok   Twitter   Website ----Creative Pulse Podcast socials:  Instagram:  creativepulsepodcast  Twitter  @CreativePulseTWMusic credit:
41:42 08/24/2022
Ep 74: Laura Downing - Handmade Ceramics
Laura Downing handmakes ceramics and each piece is unique as a result. Taking clay as a raw material, then using her hands and a wheel to get the design exactly right, she creates all kinds of things - everything from mugs, to ornaments, to items that support other artists, like watercolour paint palettes! One of the final steps of her process is to fire those items in a kiln, which heats the pieces to incredibly high temperatures - 600 to 1000 degrees Celsius (or for those who use Fahrenheit - that’s 1100 to 1800 degrees)! Talk about high stakes - thank goodness she really knows what she’s doing.Laura also uses her talents to raise money for social causes that are important to her. Creating a couple of special series, she sold sets and donated a portion of the proceeds to charities and non-profits.On this episode, host Angela de Burger chats with Laura about why she was drawn to creating one-of-a-kind, handmade ceramics, how she approaches a new design concept, the differences she’s found between selling her pieces online and in person, and why she spends time making pieces that support social causes she cares about.Say hi to Laura:  Instagram   Website People who inspire Laura:  Jessica Joslin (@jessjos)----Creative Pulse Podcast socials:  Instagram:  creativepulsepodcast  Twitter  @CreativePulseTWMusic credit:
35:28 08/10/2022
Ep 73: Allie Goodbun - Dancer at Le Moulin Rouge
Allie Goodbun has worked hard for years to be able to do the thing that makes her happiest - dancing - as her job. She’s a really motivated, and a really motivating, creative talent who is chasing her dreams and making the most of where they take her.She began dancing at the age of five and since then has performed in tons of shows, studied in New York in sessions led by Radio City Rockettes, starred on a dance-focused TV show called “The Next Step”, launched her own online fitness business, and most recently, joined the cast as a dancer at Le Moulin Rouge cabaret in Paris.On this episode, host Angela de Burger chats with Allie about how she expresses herself through movement, whether her own creative energy is fuelled by collaborations, why it was rewarding to create a welcoming online community during the pandemic, and what it’s like to be a professional dancer at the legendary Moulin Rouge cabaret.Say hi to Allie:  Instagram ----Creative Pulse Podcast socials:  Instagram:  creativepulsepodcast  Twitter  @CreativePulseTWMusic credit:
41:06 07/27/2022
Ep 72: Gabe Wasylko - Capturing Cleveland
For Gabe Wasylko, the long days of the pandemic became a source of inspiration. He wanted to find a way to add some bright moments so he challenged himself to take a photo every single day and share it through his social media accounts.That “one photo a day” idea really took hold and now his series, “Capturing Cleveland” is an incredible showcase of the diversity of landscapes and beauty found in his city. He says he loves the time spent, often all on his own in the early hours of the morning, behind the lens of his camera. This project even led him to host a charity event, where his photographs became a way for people to support causes that play important roles in the community.He was thrilled to recently be recognized as one of Cleveland’s best photographers.On this episode, host Angela de Burger chats with Gabe about the challenge of a daily creative practice, his process for capturing spectacular images, what motivated him to use his talents to support charities in his community, and the power of community.Say hi to Gabe:  Website   Twitter   Instagram   Facebook  TikTok ----Creative Pulse Podcast socials:  Instagram:  creativepulsepodcast  Twitter  @CreativePulseTWMusic credit:
40:34 07/13/2022
Ep 71: Jim Bachor - Pothole Mosaics
Jim Bachor says that “using the same materials, tools and methods of the archaic craftsmen, I create mosaics that speak of modern things in an ancient voice.”A student and enthusiast of history, artmaking, and storytelling that will endure for the ages, he creates works of art that speak about unusual things, through culturally relevant themes and concepts. In addition to participating in traditional art shows and designing commissions, he also installs his mosaics as unexpected pieces of public art. He searches out potholes (!) in city streets and they become homes for his mosaic artworks, sharing stories in places where everyone can see them.His work has been recognized with multiple awards, from organizations such as the Society of American Mosaic Artists and the University & College Designers Association. He also presented a TEDx Talk entitled, “Immortality is a Team Effort.”Timeout Chicago included his pieces in a list of the city's greatest public art, and the New York Post called him the "Pothole Picasso”.On this episode, host Angela de Burger chats with Jim about how artists who lived thousands of years ago inspire him today, why the concept of immortality is such a driving force in his work, how he started creating pothole mosaics and his approach when creating a new design concept, and his latest series called “Master Pieces”.Say hi to Jim:  Website  Instagram  TEDx Talk----Creative Pulse Podcast socials:  Instagram:  creativepulsepodcast  Twitter  @CreativePulseTWMusic credit:
48:04 06/29/2022
Share your thoughts and ideas! Listener survey
Hello friends! This week it’s all me, your host Angela de Burger, saying HI and THANK YOU for tuning in to the episodes, hearing from all of the amazingly creative people who join me on the podcast.I created this podcast to shine a light on people and their creative passions. I’m 70 episodes into this creative passion of mine - the podcast - and as I plan for the future, I’d love to hear from you! So today I have a request: I’ve created a short survey that will only take 2 or 3 minutes of your time, so I can hear more about what you like, what you want more of, who you want to hear from, all of that good stuff! Share your thoughts with me - start the survey!I can’t wait to hear from you!And I can’t wait to continue bringing you conversations with some of the most passionate and creative people I’ve ever come across.----Creative Pulse Podcast socials:  Instagram:  creativepulsepodcast  Twitter  @CreativePulseTWMusic credit:
02:55 06/08/2022
Ep 70: Dingding Hu - Food Illustrator and Aspiring Comedian
Dingding Hu is an illustrator who specializes in food illustration. She creates whimsical, colourful designs and says she’s in the mood of food and on a quest for joy! She develops commercial art projects for brands to enhance their unique voices and makes editorial illustrations to brighten up reading experiences for publications. Dingding has her own online shop too, called Hu is Hungry, where she offers food-inspired merch. Since she’s always exploring new ways to share her creativity, she recently started performing stand-up comedy, and is launching a podcast.She’s worked on projects for Google, the MIT Media Lab, and DOT NYC. Her work has also appeared in the New York Times, HuffPost, and TED. She is the recipient of a silver medal for Digital Media at the Comics and Cartoon Art Show, presented by the Society of Illustrators.On this episode, host Angela de Burger chats with Dingding about why she was drawn to food illustration, her creative process when beginning a new project, whether her design style has evolved over time, and how stand up comedy is stretching her creativity in new ways.Say hi to Dingding:  Website  Instagram  Newsletter----Creative Pulse Podcast socials:  Instagram:  creativepulsepodcast  Twitter  @CreativePulseTWMusic credit:
35:01 05/25/2022
Ep 69: Siew Heng Boon - 3D Jelly Artist
Siew Heng Boon is a Jelly Artist who crafts 3D jelly cakes and she’s the founder of Jelly Alchemy. She uses seaweed jelly in many different colours to create intricate designs, working with a variety of tools to inject coloured jelly into a clear jelly mold. Siew builds complex images in layers, creating them from an upside-down perspective and then flipping them over when complete and ready to serve.She creates floral designs as well as almost any animal you can think of - fish, a panda, a peacock, a bunny, and many types of birds, to name only a few. Siew’s stunning, unique work is handcrafted, edible and as equally delicious as it is beautiful.People have been so intrigued with her work over the years that they asked her to teach them how to do it too. She generously shares her knowledge and techniques with students all over the world through her Jelly Alchemy online classes, as well as in person in Sydney, Australia (where she’s based) at the Australian Patisserie Academy.On this episode, host Angela de Burger chats with Siew about discovering jelly art and her talent for it, how she approaches a new design concept, how long it takes to make such intricate, multi-layered 3D images, and whether teaching people these techniques fuels her creativity in new ways.Say hi to Siew:  Website  Instagram  Facebook  YouTube----Creative Pulse Podcast socials:  Instagram:  creativepulsepodcast  Twitter  @CreativePulseTWMusic credit:
32:06 05/11/2022
Ep 68: Shazlin Rahman - Line Art Artist
Shazlin Rahman’s beloved grandmother was a strong presence in her life and the artwork she creates is inspired by that strong, resilient woman and her batik sarongs. She says she uses her art to engage audiences in conversations about the resilience of women of colour.Shazlin not only shares images of her finished work, but also time-lapse videos that allow us to see how the end result came to be. She’s developed a creative process over many years that allows her to use all of her skills and talents to craft the stories she wants to share.On this episode, host Angela de Burger chats with Shazlin about what inspires her to tell stories through her artwork, from where she draws inspiration, how she combines free form and defined shapes within her artwork and the importance of keeping your mind open to what may be possible when you’re getting creative.Say hi to Shazlin:  Website  Instagram----Creative Pulse Podcast socials:  Instagram:  creativepulsepodcast  Twitter  @CreativePulseTWMusic credit:
42:21 04/27/2022
Ep 67: Molly Wilkinson - French Pastry, Baking School Founder, Cookbook Author
Molly Wilkinson grew up in Dallas, Texas but followed her lifelong passion for baking to Paris, then to other cities in France, and now finds herself in Versailles - yes, the same one you’ve heard of with the incredible Château de Versailles just down the street from where she now lives!After studying to become a French pastry chef, at Le Cordon Bleu no less, she is perfecting her craft and sharing her source of joy with the world! She’s had a very busy few years - offering in-person classes where she breaks down classic French pastry recipes and makes them easy and accessible, establishing an online pastry school, and becoming a published author of a cookbook titled French Pastry Made Simple, perfect for bakers of all levels.Thanks to her infectious enthusiasm, smile, and in-depth knowledge of everything she teaches, it’s like she’s right there in the kitchen with you, every step of the way. She takes pride in the method she’s created to make French pastry easy by breaking down recipes and showing lots of tips and tricks to help any baker achieve extraordinary results.On this episode, host Angela de Burger chats with Molly about how her love of baking came to be, why she’s in love with French pastries in particular, whether teaching people to bake fires up her own creativity, and the creative collaboration that resulted in her incredible cookbook.Say hi to Molly:  Website  Instagram  TikTok  Facebook----Creative Pulse Podcast socials:  Instagram:  creativepulsepodcast  Twitter  @CreativePulseTWMusic credit:
40:03 04/13/2022
Ep 66: Anna Chojnicka - Banana Bruiser
Anna Chojnicka uses a very typical, everyday item as her canvas - a banana! By pressing and poking into a banana’s peel in a series of carefully placed movements, she strategically bruises the skin of the banana, ultimately creating the most incredible edible artworks.It’s hard to believe how detailed and intricate Anna’s designs are, considering she doesn’t use ink or paint or anything like that. All of the magic comes from the way she manually bruises the banana peel, combined with precise timing to achieve the look she’s going for.And after all of that work, there’s a time limit on how long her artworks will be in their peak condition. After that brief window of time, the images live on only in photos.Since Anna began, by chance, she’s created over 700 bruised banana artworks, taught workshops worldwide so other people can try their hand at it, and raised funds for causes she cares about.On this episode, host Angela de Burger chats with Anna about how she created this unique art form, what exactly she does to make such vivid designs on banana peels, how this daily creative practice fuels her imagination, and why she’s drawn to making art that creates community and supports causes she cares about.Say hi to Anna:  Website  Instagram  Twitter----Creative Pulse Podcast socials:  Instagram:  creativepulsepodcast  Twitter  @CreativePulseTWMusic credit:
39:49 03/30/2022
Ep 65: Siobhan Westrop - Poet
Siobhan Westrop is a poet who knows how to carefully craft entire story arcs using just the right words.She lives, writes and explores in the Canadian Rocky mountains. Her work has been published in the Tiny Seed Literary Journal and Cerasus Magazine. And she just published a poetry chapbook, titled “Naturally.”For this special chapbook of her poetry, she collaborated with Canadian landscape painter Joanne MacLennan - whose name may sound familiar because she is incredibly talented too and was a guest on episode 35 of the podcast.On this episode, host Angela de Burger chats with Siobhan about why she’s so enamoured with poetry, how she approaches writing a new piece, why she felt strongly about pairing each poem in her book with an original painting, and what that collaborative experience was like for her. Say hi to Siobhan:  Instagram----Creative Pulse Podcast socials:  Instagram:  creativepulsepodcast  Twitter  @CreativePulseTWMusic credit:
40:17 03/16/2022
Ep 64: Lauren Fitzmaurice - Calligrapher
Lauren Fitzmaurice has tried lots of different creative pursuits but then she started experimenting with calligraphy. It captured her imagination, was a great match for her skill set, and she’s never looked back! This method of creatively expressing herself came at a time when she needed that kind of outlet, helping her navigate some difficult moments in life. With big life worries on her mind, taking the time to slow down and practice mindfulness through this creative practice was just what she needed. Since discovering this passion for calligraphy, she’s taught the art to hundreds of people. And recently, her first book was published! It’s titled “Hand Lettering for Self-Care: Calligraphy Projects to Inspire Creativity, Practice Mindfulness, and Promote Self-Love” and it helps people find ways to cut down on stress, make time for themselves, and learn a new skill. On this episode, host Angela de Burger chats with Lauren about what drew her to experimenting with calligraphy and hand lettering, how it played a role in her self-care, why she participated in a 50 day calligraphy challenge, and what inspired her to write a book.Say hi to Lauren:  Website   Instagram  Facebook---Creative Pulse Podcast socials:  Instagram:  creativepulsepodcast  Twitter  @CreativePulseTWMusic credit: 
41:18 03/02/2022
Ep 63: Marian Gehman - Ventriloquist
Marian Gehman not only puts on a show but also creates the characters she’s portraying, detailing everything - right down to tone of voice, facial gestures and personalities. She’s a ventriloquist so she does all of it without even moving her lips when her puppet speaks!Her characters find their way into this world through her creativity and imagination. And she ensures they are entertaining as well! That only happens with a lot of skill and even more practice.She develops and performs shows that delight. Although the pandemic really caused a disruption in how she connects with her audiences, she figured that out too by thinking about her art in new ways.On this episode, host Angela de Burger chats with Marian about how she got involved in this form of creative expression, how she brings a new character to life, why audiences connect so strongly with her characters, and how she got creative in order to perform shows in new ways over the past two years.Say hi to Marian:  Website   Instagram  YouTube  Facebook----Creative Pulse Podcast socials:  Instagram:  creativepulsepodcast  Twitter  @CreativePulseTWMusic credit:
41:20 02/16/2022
Taking a big leap and podcast updates
Hello again! After a crazy couple of months, taking a big leap to embark upon a new life adventure, I’m so happy to be back and bringing you fascinating conversations about the creative passions of intriguing people around the world. In this episode, I’m sharing what I’ve been up to over the past couple of months (hint: an international move is a big undertaking!). And I also have an update about the podcast’s release schedule for new episodes.Reflecting back on wise words shared by some of my guests really helped keep me pumped up, thinking positively and creatively in recent weeks. I share all of these gems in this episode and a big THANK YOU goes out to these insightful and creative guests who joined me on previous episodes, sharing their inspiring ideas:Dave Gee, Doodle Artist (episode 51)Anna Chan, Sand and Seashell Artist (episode 47)James Miles, Revolutionary Arts Educator (episode 14)Hope Heffner-Solimeo, Art Therapist and Abstract Artist (episode 22)Natasha Smart, Wet Felting Textile Artist (episode 26)Isabelle Hoops, Hula Hoop Artist (episode 33)Next week I have a conversation with a fascinating guest to share with you so that will kick things off in an awesome way. Be sure to join me for all of the upcoming episodes when I’ll talk to more people about their creative passions! ----Creative Pulse Podcast socials:  Instagram:  creativepulsepodcast  Twitter  @CreativePulseTWMusic credit:
06:42 02/09/2022
End of year thanks and (short) winter break
Hi, it’s your host Angela de Burger here! As we near the end of the year, I can’t help but look back and be thankful for all of the guests who have taken time to join me, sharing their stories about creativity. On the 62 episodes of the podcast I’ve shared so far, I’ve had the pleasure of welcoming 63 guests from all over the world.  It’s been so amazing to see thousands of people downloading the episodes - a huge thank you goes out to all of you. Knowing that you’re located in 727 cities in 64 different countries, on every single continent, blows my mind.The awesome thing is that there are so many more amazingly creative people out there and I can’t wait to share their stories with you!That’s what you can look forward to soon, after a short winter break. I’ll be back with new episodes before you know it, in the early part of the new year.With 62 conversations in this series so far, this is a perfect time to catch up on any episodes you may have missed.The inspiration for this podcast came to me because I loved the idea of connecting with people from all over the world, from all kinds of different creative disciplines, to hear their takes on creativity. Their fresh ideas provide inspiration for everyone, no matter your choice of creative expression!----Creative Pulse Podcast socials:  Instagram:  creativepulsepodcast  Twitter  @CreativePulseTWMusic credit:
08:39 12/01/2021
Ep 62: Mark Langan - Corrugated Cardboard Artist
When Mark Langan looks at cardboard boxes, he sees art supplies. Through his eyes and in his skilled hands, they are raw materials that he uses to bring an artistic vision to life. With his unusual choice of this eco-friendly medium, he’s made a name for himself as an artist. His intricate, detailed, stop-you-in-your-tracks creations are one of a kind!His works range from pop culture, to brand logos, to recreations of famous paintings, to original conceptual designs. There’s no limit to his imagination. On this episode, host Angela de Burger chats with Mark about how he discovered the magic of this material, his creative process when developing a new design, how he’s incorporated colour into his work, and the sustainability aspects of his chosen creative medium.Say hi to Mark:  Website  Twitter  YouTube----Creative Pulse Podcast socials:  Instagram:  creativepulsepodcast  Twitter  @CreativePulseTWMusic credit:
37:58 11/24/2021
Ep 61: Kelly Hardy - Gingerbread Football Stadium Builder
A few years ago, Kelly Hardy decided to make a gingerbread house for the holidays. It didn’t turn out quite the way she wanted so the next year she tried again, but with a twist.Being a Canadian Football League (CFL) fan, she decided to make a replica of a CFL stadium. She began with the home of the Saskatchewan Roughriders, Mosaic Stadium. It was a hit! She carried on and has made eight of the nine CFL stadiums over the years. The details she includes and her ability to capture the fun little elements that make each stadium unique is remarkable.On this episode, host Angela de Burger chats with Kelly about how she came up with the idea to tackle such unique gingerbread structures, her process for developing a design, tips and tricks she’s learned about working with food as a creative medium, and the role creative problem solving plays in her approach. See more from Kelly:  Pinterest board  News article----Creative Pulse Podcast socials:  Instagram:  creativepulsepodcast  Twitter  @CreativePulseTWMusic credit:
38:06 11/17/2021
Ep 60: Tim Klein - Puzzle Mashup and Montage Artist
Tim Klein is not only a fan of puzzles, he gets really creative with them! He fires up his imagination to stretch the boundaries of typical puzzle play and uses them to create mashup-style, one-of-a-kind works of montage art.  Imagine having two puzzle boxes side by side, one with an image of a horse and the other with an image of a train. Tim looks at those two images and imagines how he might be able to combine them to create something new. Making an eye-catching combo image that makes sense all on its own, in an alternative, or alt-design kind of way - that takes creativity!He’s one of only a few people in the world who have pursued this art form to the extent he has and he shares details about his ability to look at the world with such an eye for the unusual. On this episode, host Angela de Burger chats with Tim about how he discovered a passion for creating puzzle montages, his creative process when starting a new piece, methods of developing a design concept, and whether he aims to tell a story or simply surprise a viewer’s eyes with his works of art. Say hi to Tim:  Website  FacebookPeople who inspire Tim:Mel Andringa (puzzle montage), Gerry Uelsmann (photo montage), Lucas Samaras (mixed media artist).----Creative Pulse Podcast socials:  Instagram:  creativepulsepodcast  Twitter  @CreativePulseTWMusic credit:
48:10 11/10/2021
Ep 59: Jane Labowitch - Professional Etch A Sketch Artist
Jane Labowitch started playing with an Etch A Sketch when she was only four years old. She’s been able to combine a talent for drawing with the very precise movements needed to make the toy do what she wants it to do. She’s known as Princess Etch, is a professional Etch A Sketch artist, and has been recognized by Ripley’s Believe it or Not for her incredible creations.When you consider an Etch A Sketch requires everything to be drawn via one continuous line, you can imagine how much creativity it requires to develop the complex, detailed scenes she loves to design!There are several sizes of Etch A Sketch these days, so her canvas (so to speak) ranges from using the classic size which is about 9 inches by 9 inches, all the way to mini ones that measure only about 1 inch by 2 inches. And if you remember playing with this toy, you’ll recall that the images you make aren’t permanent; with a quick shake you’re back to having a blank screen.On this episode, host Angela de Burger chats with Jane about creating such a unique career for herself, her creative process when starting a new piece, the prep she needs to do before drawing the first line, the creative challenge she faces when doing real-time live drawings for an audience, and what it was like to be featured by Ripley’s Believe it or Not for her unusual talent. Say hi to Jane:  Website  Instagram  TikTok  Facebook  TwitterPeople who inspire Jane:Christoph Brown @amazingetchman, Samantha Watt @samantha_sketch, Sam Cox aka Mr. Doodle, Keith Haring, Vincent van Gogh, M.C. Escher----Creative Pulse Podcast socials:  Instagram:  creativepulsepodcast  Twitter  @CreativePulseTWMusic credit:
47:39 11/03/2021
Ep 58: Lottie Hazell - Board Game Designer
Lottie Hazell is the co-founder and lead designer at Birdwood Games, a board game publishing company she founded with her husband, Jack. Her first game, Dog Park, launched on Kickstarter recently to resounding success! In its 16 day campaign, the funding goal was reached 23 times over! It’s no wonder - Dog Park is a beautiful, card-driven game about walking dogs and features unique watercolour illustrations that, in the Collectors edition, features every dog recognized by the UK Kennel Club, all 221 of them! That includes one that looks just like her own cute dog, a springer spaniel named Rupert.Lottie is also the co-host of the podcast, Board Games with My Wife, which was selected as one of Apple Podcast's 'Cosy at Home' picks earlier this year.On this episode, host Angela de Burger chats with Lottie about what led her to design a board game and establish a board game publishing company, how she approached developing her game’s design concept, what it’s been like working with fellow creatives to bring the game to life, and the importance of the community she’s developed over time. Say hi to Lottie:  Instagram  TwitterBirdwood Games:  Website  Instagram  Facebook  Twitter  Podcast  Designer Diaries----Creative Pulse Podcast socials:  Instagram:  creativepulsepodcast  Twitter  @CreativePulseTWMusic credit:
36:29 10/27/2021
Ep 57: Andrea Blackman - Wildlife Sketch and Watercolour Artist
Through her artwork, Andrea Blackman shares special animals that are native to her area in Australia. She brings out the cute, playful, and even mischievous nature of wildlife such as magpies, kookaburras, and sugar gliders. She’s even been known to welcome adorable red pandas to her artistic world as well!In an effort to reignite her creative passion, she embarked on a “Sketch a Day” challenge earlier this year. Considering all she has accomplished since then - taking part in an art market and having the first art gallery showing of her work - she has lots to share about her experiences.On this episode, host Angela de Burger chats with Andrea about how she reignited her creative practice, her process for developing a new design concept, her experience participating in an art market and connecting with people about her work, as well as the inspiration she drew from being featured in her first art gallery show. Say hi to Andrea:  InstagramPeople who inspire Andrea:- Michael Zavros - Hinstow- Dean Rankine----Creative Pulse Podcast socials:  Instagram:  creativepulsepodcast  Twitter  @CreativePulseTWMusic credit:
49:24 10/20/2021
Ep 56: John Goudie - Creative Arts Producer
John Goudie is a talented, energetic, community-focused entrepreneur. He is a creative arts producer, a photographer, videographer, painter, and a DIY-er. That’s come in handy after his family’s recent move, 5,000 kilometres across Canada, en route to establishing their longstanding vision of creating a retreat centre.The creative arts-based business he runs with his wife, Wendy (last week’s guest!), is made up of several divisions including the Sparkle Dance Academy and Get Bent Yoga.Building community has always been a central part of his personal and professional mission. He’s done this in lots of ways throughout his life, and it always makes a difference. Their business has even been recognized with a Community Support award from the Penticton Business Excellence Awards! On this episode, host Angela de Burger chats with John about using his creative talents to capture moments that inspire and create connections between people, his approach to storytelling through his work, developing concepts for artistic projects, why community impact is so important to him, and whether his creative energy is amped up when working with his wife/business partner. Say hi to John:  Facebook  WebsitePeople and things that inspire John:- Christine Marshall (wildlife artist), Maud Lewis, Vincent van Gogh- “Celebrate What's Right with the World!”, Dewitt Jones- “Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain”, Betty Edwards----Creative Pulse Podcast socials:  Instagram:  creativepulsepodcast  Twitter  @CreativePulseTWMusic credit:
51:36 10/13/2021
Ep 55: Wendy Goudie - Creative Movement Expert
Wendy Goudie is an energetic, passionate, determined and talented entrepreneur. She’s a creative movement expert - expressing herself through many different forms of dance as well as yoga, regularly teaching and delivering presentations on both topics. The creative arts-based business she runs with her husband John (next week’s guest!) is made up of several divisions including the Sparkle Dance Academy and Get Bent Yoga, and she is a founder of the Get Bent Active Arts Society - a nonprofit that promotes youth leadership, collaboration and performing arts education.  She has been recognized with an Arts Educator Award from the Penticton Arts Council, as well as a Community Support award from the Penticton Business Excellence Awards.Never one to shy away from an adventure, she (along with her family) recently completed a cross-country move of over 5,000 kilometres, a first step towards their longstanding vision of establishing a retreat centre.On this episode, host Angela de Burger chats with Wendy about how she’s channeled her talents into different forms of creative movement, what sparks her process when beginning a new project, the magic of intergenerational relationships, and whether her creative energy is amped up when working with her husband/business partner. Say hi to Wendy:  Website  Facebook  YouTubePeople who inspire Wendy:Red Hot Chili Peppers, Roger Federer, Freddie Mercury, Andy Kaufman----Creative Pulse Podcast socials:  Instagram:  creativepulsepodcast  Twitter  @CreativePulseTWMusic credit:
63:33 10/06/2021
Ep 54: Justin Bateman - Pebble Picassos Land Art
Justin Bateman has made all kinds of different artworks over the years - sculpture, drawing, painting, and most recently, land art that’s made of pebbles. You may have seen photos of his spectacular version of the Mona Lisa - his version is called Stona Lisa - or one of his other incredible creations. Last year, just prior to the pandemic beginning, he went to Thailand to pass the impending lockdown there. Time has passed, it’s 18 months later, and he’s still finding inspiration in Chiang Mai. During this time he’s found new ways to express his creativity by making versions of famous paintings as well as original portraits using only pebbles and natural materials that he finds outdoors.He not only creates his own artwork, but he’s also shared his creative passion as a Fine Arts professor at the University of Portsmouth and teacher of Art and Design at Fareham College in the UK. On this episode, host Angela de Burger chats with Justin about his motivation to create, what drew him to making impermanent land art, the importance of getting into a creative flow, whether he tries to convey specific messages with his artwork, and if he feels an extra connection to his works due to the personal, hands-on way they’re made. Say hi to Justin:  Instagram  Facebook  Twitter  WebsitePeople who inspire Justin:René Magritte, Alberto Giacometti, Philip Guston, Robert Smithson, Andy Goldsworthy----Creative Pulse Podcast socials:  Instagram:  creativepulsepodcast  Twitter  @CreativePulseTWMusic credit:
53:59 09/29/2021
Ep 53: Shawn McCann - Chalk and Mural Artist
Shawn McCann brings the most incredible images to life using chalk on streets and sidewalks in communities around the world! Over the years, he’s been involved in many kinds of artmaking including making 2D and 3D chalk street paintings, murals, fine art, designs for children’s books, installation art, temporary and permanent art, and commercial illustration.Shawn is the co-founder of Chalkfest at Arbor Lakes, and has also founded 6 additional street art festivals in the United States. His work has won numerous awards and is held in private and public collections.On this episode, host Angela de Burger chats with Shawn about what excites him about creating street art with chalk, how he approaches a new design concept, the way he is able to envision and then design optical illusions, what’s special about creating images that are here today and gone tomorrow, and what inspired him to organize street art festivals close to home. Say hi to Shawn:  Website  Instagram  TikTokPeople who inspire Shawn:Leon Keer, Ahmad Raza----Creative Pulse Podcast socials:  Instagram:  creativepulsepodcast  Twitter  @CreativePulseTWMusic credit:
41:10 09/22/2021
Ep 52: Alexis Airington - Cookie Artist
Alexis Airington uses her creative talents to take amazing-smelling supplies and turn them into incredibly-decorated treats. She creates edible works of cookie art thanks to her imagination and incredible skill.Through her Improv Cookie Company, she makes people smile every single day. Who can resist a delicious cookie that’s decorated with a favourite cartoon character, a TV or movie theme, or a sparkly design that celebrates a special moment in life?She uses different colours of icing in a way that brings to mind a painter’s process - carefully selecting pigments and using them to make her designs come to life right before your eyes.On this episode, host Angela de Burger chats with Alexis about how she used her skills as an improv actor to jump into the world of cookie art, her ability to see things as they could be and not just as they are, how she developed her signature style, and the way her creativity shows up in different situations.Say hi to Alexis:  Instagram  Facebook----Creative Pulse Podcast socials:  Instagram:  creativepulsepodcast  Twitter  @CreativePulseTWMusic credit:
44:30 09/15/2021
Ep 51: Dave Gee - Doodle Artist
Dave Gee has an instantly-recognizable drawing style that he’s made his own through lots of practice. He’s a doodle artist, creating his trademark maps that combine his unique doodle style with cartoonish illustrations. He creates maps of cities that are unlike any you may have seen before. To give you an idea, they’re often wall-sized, and much more fun than a typical map! Dave is based in Manchester, UK, and has traveled across Europe, as well as to Hong Kong and the USA to create large scale wall murals.He’s also the co-founder of OverDrawn - Interactive Art Events, bringing creative arts events to community locations. On this episode, host Angela de Burger chats with Dave about developing his signature style, his creative approach when starting a new design on a massive white wall, what it’s like seeing his work on products such as Lancashire Tea and rum bottle labels from the Salford Rum Company, and why he's inspired to bring people together through community-based arts events.Say hi to Dave:  Website  Instagram  Facebook  TwitterPeople who inspire Dave:Keith Haring----Creative Pulse Podcast socials:  Instagram:  creativepulsepodcast  Twitter  @CreativePulseTWMusic credit:
41:33 09/08/2021