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The Recovery Hour

Recovery is not sobriety. Listen to Motivational Speaker & Coach, Lori Windfeldt, as she sprinkles humor into raw, candid and personal conversations, while bringing out the absolute best in her guests as they explore their vulnerable side and talk all things recovery. Together we can end the stigma and shame typically tied to recovery, mental illness and the disease of addiction. We are proof that recovery does happen!


IMPERFECTLY PERFECT: The Man Behind The Global Mental Health Awareness Initiative 68:57 05/31/2021
(un)Happy Mother's Day || Interview With Kelly Fitzgerald Junco, Author of the Adventures of a Sober Senorita, She Recovers Coach and This Naked Mind Marketing Gugu 61:34 05/08/2021
THE WOMAN BEHIND THE NAME || An Interview With Beauty, Health and Wellness Entrepreneur, A One and Done Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Daughter of the Legendary Vidal Sassoon and Sober Sister: MS. 79:20 04/16/2021
INTIMACY IN RECOVERY || Interview with Sexual Health Educator Cindi Roberts and Mindfulness Practitioner Rebekah Rose Wall 34:35 04/09/2021
WHAT THE HECK IS CLUBHOUSE and why you should join! 25:06 03/27/2021
From Doughp to Hope: This Sober Entrepreneur Found Success by Ditching the Bottle and Picking Up the Spoon|| An Interview with Doughp founder Kelsey Moreira 47:41 03/08/2021
I Never Found A Woman Who Drinks Like Me | An Interview With Mischelle Moyer 55:06 03/05/2021
When Suicide Is The Only Answer || A Gripping Interview with Sarah Gray Perez 39:20 02/25/2021
When The High Way Calls || An Interview with Nashville Recording Artist Shantell Ogden, A Country Music Rarity. She Sings Songs to Recover By, not to drink to. 38:33 02/11/2021
STROKE OF SOBRIETY || Interview with Kidney Cancer, Stoke Survivor and Best Selling Author: Danielle Gregorich 37:29 01/28/2021
NEW YEAR, NEW METHOD. Interview with Spiritual Psychologist, Best Selling Author and Holistic Coach and Trainer, Beverly Sartain 40:36 01/14/2021
NEW YEAR, NEW MONEY || Interview with Money Coach Linda Parmar 36:22 01/03/2021
NEW YEAR, SAME ME. Setting Intentions for 2021 and Selecting Your Word of The Year for 2021 43:42 01/01/2021
Madison Windfeldt: Our Future 11:57 12/25/2020
Exclusive Interview with The Whole Squad || The Sober Mom Squad 60:31 12/25/2020
Lori Reviews All Things Survival and Recovery Guides for The Holiday Season 52:02 12/18/2020
Holiday Season In Recovery || A Candid Convo With Dara Meyer 55:47 12/12/2020
What Goes Up, Must Come Down || An Interview With Roy Tuscany, Founder & CEO High Fives Foundation 56:45 11/18/2020
Witchy Woman || An Interview with an Out of The Broom Closet Witch: Vasalisa Wall 46:35 10/31/2020
Breast Cancer Awareness Month - Don't Tell Me To Fight Like A Girl || An Interview With Metastatic Cancer Survivor Jen Pokorski 88:48 10/31/2020
Breast Cancer Awareness Month – We Do Recover || An Interview with Jeannine Canino Bieda, Her Cancer Forever Shit Show 62:44 10/29/2020
CANDID CONVO: The Guy At The Gas Station || Is His Recovery My Responsibility? 08:38 10/28/2020
I Just Flipped the Switch! When The Interviewer Becomes The Interviewee || Omar Pinto, Recovery & Life Coach, Motivational Speaker & Host of The SHAIR Podcast 67:48 10/22/2020
Friendship In Recovery | An Interview with Clare & Kathy: A Lifetime of Friendship and Facing Recovery Together 69:13 10/07/2020
Rehab Reunion || An Interview with Kandace, Nikki & Jill, Lori's Roommates From Inpatient Treatment 68:41 09/30/2020
A Journey Worth Taking: Recovery. Is Alcohol Getting In The Way of Living Your Best Life? 13:41 09/22/2020
Oh Canada, Part Deux! Former Fitness Competitor, Police Officer and Binge Eater Shares Her Story of Life In the "Plump" Lane | An Interview With Christine Dobrocky 38:21 09/16/2020
Oh Canada! Former Fitness Competitor, Police Officer and Binge Eater Shares Her Story of Life In the "Plump" Lane | An Interview With Christine Dobrocky 34:22 09/10/2020
The Recovery Hour **bloopers** Amy Dresner, My Fair Junkie 01:10 08/25/2020