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The podcast for all things Ukrainian, discussing Ukraine’s history, culture and traditions as well as what’s happening in the diaspora. Hosted by Andrei and co-hosts: Brianna, Justin, Nathan and Olexa.


Episode 81 - A Ukrainian Success Story: Interview with Andriy Boychuk
This week we are joined by Andriy Boychuk, founder of Flowium. We discuss about his transition from life in Ukraine to life in the US as a young adult and his career as an entrepreneur. 
37:11 10/26/23
Episode 80 - History of Dnipro
In this week's episode, we explore the historical importance of the Dnipro River that divides Ukraine down the middle and how it has been used in the current Russo-Ukraine War to create a humanitarian crisis.
34:04 9/4/23
Episode 79 - Ukrainian Calendar Reform
In recent months, both the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church and Orthodox Church of Ukraine have announced that they are changing their liturgical calendars. This week we explore the reasoning for this as well as why a different church calendar existed in Ukraine. 
25:53 6/29/23
Episode 78 - Global Opinion of Ukraine
As the war stretches past the one year mark and Ukraine prepares for its upcoming spring counteroffensive, we look back at how global public opinion has changed towards Ukraine in the last year.
34:35 6/4/23
Episode 77 - 2023 Eurovision Song Contest
This week, Europe and lovers of music will focus on the city of Liverpool where the 2023 Eurovision Song Contest will take place. A joint venture between Ukraine and the UK, the contest will showcase the continents love of music and solidarity as both Russia and Belarus continue to be banned for their invasion of Ukraine.
12:52 5/8/23
Episode 76 - An overview of Ukraine's progress
After a hiatus from recording, we are back. In this week's episode we explore the impact of the diaspora on the war, summarise the events so far, and discuss the implication of Russia's mobilisation.
30:39 9/27/22
Episode 75 - Zelenskyy, from Comedian to Hero
This week we explore the unique rise of Volodymyr Zelenskyy, the current wartime President of Ukraine.
37:10 4/27/22
Episode 74 - Russian War Crimes
As Russia's invasion of Ukraine continues, we investigate how Russia is committing various war crimes in Ukraine.
18:02 4/2/22
Episode 73 - The unthinkable has happened
As Ukrainians around the world reel in shock from the unprovoked Russian invasion of Ukraine, we take some time to collect our thoughts and cover some of the unique stories from Ukraine and from the diaspora around the world.
26:07 3/15/22
Episode 72 - Ukraine at the Winter Olympics
Olympic fever has hit the world again, with the commencement of the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympic games in which Ukraine will be sending a team to compete. This week we spotlight some of the team, the events and some of the political tension that looms in the background.
14:00 2/5/22
Episode 71 - What You Don't Know About the Black Sea
The centuries old waters of the Black Sea hold many secrets and mysteries, many of which have been lost to time; this week we take a look at 6 interesting facts about the Black Sea that you may not have heard before.
20:31 1/29/22
Episode 70 - #StandWithUkraine
This week we are joined by Stefan Romaniw OAM, Vice-President of the Ukrainian World Congress to discuss the deteriorating situation on the Ukrainian border and what each of as Diaspora Ukrainians can do to support Ukraine. #StandWithUkraine #StopPutinNOW#SayYEStoUkraine
43:08 1/21/22
Episode 69 - Welcome to 2022
This week we discuss the best Christmas tree in Ukraine and how it compares to other famous international Christmas trees. We also discuss the recent protests in Kazakhstan and it's global implications
20:22 1/12/22
Episode 68 - Belarusian Border Crisis
This week we discuss the current state of diplomatic relations between Belarus and Ukraine. We explore how tensions between the two neighbour nations place them against each other while both being geographically sandwiched between Russia and the EU.
16:33 12/10/21
Episode 67 - Eurovision, the next generation
In 2003 the success of the Eurovision song contest lead to the creation of Junior Eurovision; a contest for children aged 9 -14. With Ukraine recently announcing Olena Ysenko as the countries 2021 participant, we take a look at her prospects for this year, as well as a look back at the Junior Eurovison contest over the years. 
12:46 11/30/21
Episode 66 - The end of an era at the Kyiv Post
This week we discuss the controversial firing of the editorial staff of the Kyiv Post newspaper. Join us as we explore what this means for the Ukrainian diaspora around the world and the future of independent journalism/English language news services in Ukraine.
22:34 11/20/21
Episode 65 - The Pandora Papers
President Zelenskyy has been named alongside 37 other Ukrainians in the recent 'Pandora Papers' leak, which has highlighted individuals with significant offshore holdings of wealth. This week we explore the extent of Ukrainian involvement in the uncovered activities and the impact this scandal will have on his presidency.
30:07 10/25/21
Episode 64 - Chersonese & the theft of Crimean culture
A recent UN report on the occupation of Crimea has revealed the extent to which Russia has appropriated, stolen, and damaged various Ukrainian and Crimean cultural sites. This week we discuss these atrocities at the historic site of Chersonese and the extent of the damage that various Russian organisations have caused.
27:49 10/14/21
Episode 63 - The Real Stories of Wartime Ukraine (Part 2)
The intricacies of the Ukrainian struggles during WWII can be a deep and expansive topic, however author Chrystyna Lucyk-Berger has compiled her 15 years of research into two immersive fictional retellings. This week we continue our conversation with Chrystyna about her works, her process and the real life stories behind her new releases. 
22:59 10/6/21
Episode 62 - The Real Stories of Wartime Ukraine (Part 1)
The intricacies of the Ukrainian struggles during WWII can be a deep and expansive topic, however author Chrystyna Lucyk-Berger has compiled her 15 years of research into two immersive fictional retellings. This week, in Part One of a two part series, we speak with Chrysyna about her works, her process and the real life stories behind her new releases. 
23:48 9/28/21
Episode 61 - Ukraine's UN Peacekeeping Abroad
International cooperation forms one essential part of Ukrainian sovereignty and security; and the country's commitment to UN peacekeeping operations has helped to develop such essential international ties. This week, we explore Ukraine's historical and current role as a member of the United Nations and their contributions to global peacekeeping.
28:50 9/22/21
Episode 60 - Ukrainians in South America
To continue our exploration of Ukrainian communities around the world, this week we look towards South America and the history of Ukrainian settlement in Venezuela, Uruguay, Paraguay, Chile, Brazil & Argentina.
30:31 9/16/21
Episode 59 - Ukrainian music & the Golden Penguin
This week we interview Pani Alla Sirenko, a renowned Ukrainian composer and founder of the Ukrainian Cultural Association in the United Kingdom . We take the opportunity to discuss her career & accomplishments along with her current & future plans. During the interview we feature several excerpts of her work, in the following order: Golden Penguin Opera, Pantheon, Ave Maria & Ukrainian Fantasy.
32:48 9/9/21
Episode 58 - Ukraine in Antarctica
Since 1996, Ukraine has been in command of the Vernadsky Research Base; a home away from home for those Ukrainian's who have worked there as part of the countries State Targeted Scientific and Technical Program for Antarctic Research for 2011-2023. In this week episode we explore the history of this base and the current contribution that Ukraine is making to scientific research in Antarctica.
34:17 9/1/21
Episode 57 - 30 Years of Independence or Longer?
Whilst some of the world may speak of Ukraine as a young country, the struggle for Ukrainian independence has been a long and complicated journey for hundreds of years. This week we explore the history of Ukrainian statehood and discuss the idea of recognising two days of Ukrainian independence.  
20:55 8/25/21
Episode 56 - 30 Facts for 30 Years
As we begin our celebrations for Ukraine's 30th anniversary of Independence, join us this week for 30 fascinating facts about Ukraine, .From Kyvian Rus to modern day Ukraine, we have got you covered.
15:35 8/18/21
Episode 55 - Belarusian Reach In Kyiv
After an Olympics roundup, this week we discuss the ever developing story of Vitaly Shishov, a Belarusian activist who was found hanged in a Kyiv park and the suspicious circumstances surrounding the apparent suicide. His death adds to a series of events in connection with the growing dictatorial tendencies of Belarussian president Lukashenko.   
28:12 8/11/21
Episode 54 - Olympics Update
With the Tokyo 2020 Olympics now in full swing,  this week's episode will look at Team Ukraine's successes thus far, which athletes to look out for this week and discuss some controversies affecting Ukraine during the Opening Ceremony.  (Medal Tally update as at 1 August 2021)
18:22 8/3/21
Episode 53 - Orange Revolution
As Ukraine celebrates 30 years of independence, we look back at the orange revolution, the first pivotal turning point of Ukraine's democratic journey in the 21 century.  
27:30 7/28/21
Episode 52 - The Olympics & Ukraine
With the Olympics fast approaching, this week we deep dive into Ukraine's history at the Olympic Games, discuss Lviv's bids for the Winter Olympics and detail which sports to watch to support Ukrainian athletes at Tokyo 2020.
31:28 7/20/21