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Dr. Mark Sawusch - Malibu, California
Dr. Mark Sawusch was a successful and well respected ophthalmologist working in Malibu, California. Despite his thriving practice and impressive investments he dealt with horrible mental health issues. Those issues made him a prime target for con artists  Anthony David Flores, a.k.a. “Anton David,” and Anna Rene Moore. These sorry excuses for humans didn't just steal millions of dollars from Dr. Sawusch, but they watched him die over a 2 day psychotic break and did absolutely nothing... other than steal even more money from him. There is a spacial place in hell for those that take advantage of the ill and vulnerable. 
32:18 7/21/23
Baby Javon Thompson - Baltimore, Maryland
No one in their right mind would ever withhold food and water from a baby for not saying "Amen." Unfortunately Ria Ramkissoon was desperate and fell prey to cult leader Queen Antoinette of '1 Mind Ministries.' Ria's religious beliefs were twisted to have her convinced that her beautiful 16-month old Javon Thompson would be resurrected through prayer and dance after having been starved to death. Ria was not in her right mind, but does this excuse her behaviour?
20:30 7/14/23
Jung Yoo-jung - Busan, South Korea
Jung Yoo-jung is a true crime enthusiast who decided that her life was so horrible that it would just be better if she simply took over the life of someone else. She did her research, found the right victim, and tried to do just that. She pretended to be a school girl to get access to a tutor who she then brutally killed, dismembered, and intended to body swap with. It sounds like the plot of a true crime show, but it's just the irrational actions of a very sick and disturbed individual.
17:05 7/7/23
Lisa Hazard - New Bedford, Massachusetts
Everyone has their own demons, but choosing to try and conquer them is what makes a person  truly strong. Lisa Hazard chose to fight her demons not just for herself but for her 8 year old son. Unfortunately, Lisa never arrived to get the much needed help she was hoping to get. Her disappearance reached a fever pitch when the father of her son, George Scott III cowardly took his life and that of their son. His craven actions left both families with so many questions.
09:05 6/2/23
Eric Richins - Kamas, Utah
If at first you don't succeed, try, try again. This was Kori Richins' attitude when it came to murdering her husbands Eric Richins. And all because she wanted to get access to more of his money, because half a million in credit card debt and a multi-million dollar home was just not enough for her. 
14:53 5/19/23
The Oliver 3 - Atlanta, Texas
Shommaonique Oliver-Wickerson got the call every parent fears, her babies were missing.  Eight-year-old A’Miyah Hughes Oliver, 9-year-old Zi’Ariel Robinson-Oliver, and 5-year-old Te’Mari Robinson-Oliver were being babysat by their cousin Paris Propps while their mother  worked. Authorities first told Shommaonique that her daughter had drowned, only to be told 9 months later that her babies had actually been assaulted, mutilated and murdered. 
18:32 4/28/23
Episode Collab | Dr. Hawley Harvey Crippen - London, England
Betrayal, murder and the high seas... This is a special collab episode with Rich from Shipwrecks and Sea Dogs about the historic murder of Corienne “Cora” Turner aka  Bell Elmore.
24:12 4/21/23
Karen Stitt - Sunnyvale, California
When you are 15 there is nothing like your first summer love. Karen Stitt was enjoying a magical night with her boyfriend that ended in the worst way possible. For almost 40 years her case went unsolved, but thanks to technology advances in genetic genealogy the monster that cut her life short, Gary Gene Ramirez was finally caught. There is no expiration day on justice.
12:30 4/14/23
Sarah "The Black Widow" Hartsfield - Chambers County, Texas
Serial-wife, Sarah Hartsfield, was in-between husbands three and four when she shot her then fiancé David Bragg's to death in their home in May 2018- the shooting was rule self-defense and Sarah was free to continue living her best life. And, that's just what she did, marrying two more times, until tragedy struck again in January 2023, when another one of Sarah's lovers, her husband Joseph Hartsfield, died suddenly under suspicious circumstances. This time around, there were immediate suspicions and the evidence in Joseph's death pointed to Sarah which led to her being indited on a murder charge, and sparked another look into the 2018 death of her fiancé David. Is Sarah a black widow or can these two deaths be explained? A few of her ex-husbands have come forward and many others that know Sarah and let's just say they all have their thoughts. Do you know Sarah Hartsfield? If so, detectives want to talk to YOU! Call or email them at: 409-267-2500 ccso@chamberstx.govJoseph Hartsfield's Obituary (can you guess who wrote it??)
28:31 4/7/23
Angela Craig - Aurora, Colorado
"Till death do us part." James Toliver Craig twisted those vows to fit his needs, just like everything else he did in his life. Unfortunately for his doting wife and mother of six, Angela Craig, those wedding vows led to her end in the most prolonged excruciating way possible.
56:33 3/31/23
The Headlines!
Reyna’s got some recent headlines for you on today's episode!Today Reyna covers the case of missing mother of eight, Heather Kelly; a family in Kansas who lived with their deceased father Mike Carroll in their home for six years; the grim discovering of over 150 remains found in a storage unit in Hayward CA; Jennifer Maedge who sadly realizes she has been living under the same roof as her “missing” husband Richard for months; a Texas woman who has been held captive for over four years escapes her capture; and groom, Joe Melgoza, who was tragically and senselessly murdered in San Bernardino on his wedding day.
14:53 3/24/23
Interview with True Crime Author David Dominé - Old Louisville, Kentucky
Reyna and Those Murder Girls Podcast producer Jewels host author David Dominé on the show today to promote his book "A Dark Room In Glitter Ball City" the story of the James Carroll murder, in a prerecorded interview that you Do! Not! Want! To! MISS!!!!!!!!!
34:02 3/17/23
Samiah Downing - Adelanto, California
All creatures have a biological innate instinct to protect their young. You know that there is something fundamentally wrong with someone that doesn't do so.Samiah Downing was a beautiful, kind, loving, sweet 4 year old girl that any parent would be lucky to have as their baby. Unfortunately, she wasn't as lucky when it came to her sack of shit callous father Ronald Greer, and his sadistic girlfriend Bianca Stanch.Listener Note: This episode contains graphic descriptions of child abuse. Listener discretion is advised.Samiah Downing Memorial Facebook Page
27:02 3/10/23
Abby Choi - Hong Kong, China
Abby Choi was a bright star whose light was brutally extinguished. The socialite was savagely murdered and then prepared (YES, prepared Hannibal Lecter style) by her ex-husband Alex Kwong and his family. This massacre was all due to a property dispute. 
16:31 3/3/23
The Headlines!
We've got some recent headlines for you on today's episode! Check out our Linktree for links to all the cases Reyna covers in todays episode
14:48 2/24/23
Dexter Stefonek - Bad Route Rest Area, Montana
Dexter Stefonek was brutally murdered on the morning of November 19, 1985 at a rest area in Montana, a senseless crime that still remains unsolved.  
10:17 2/17/23
Matthew Slocum - New York, New York
The plan is to have a kid, raise them to do well in life, and eventually (maybe) have a family of their own. But sometimes that plan fails and that kid turns out to be garbage. Matthew Slocum brutally massacred his mother, stepfather, and brother all because he didn't want to take care of his own child and girlfriend. 
18:57 2/10/23
Shawnlee Perry - Earth, Texas
Monsters hide in plain sight and are everywhere, including in idyllic small towns. Shawnlee Perry, a beautiful, sweet, darling 5-year old who lived in one of those idyllic places, unfortunately faced off with one of those monsters known as Eddie Rowton. 
08:06 2/3/23
Michael Darnell Bell, Jr. - Los Angeles, California
They say that parents have an innate connection with their children where they just know when there is something wrong.  This was a devastating truth for the mother of Michael Darnell Bell, Jr. when he suddenly disappeared under suspicious circumstances. This is his story.Book: Vanished Without A Trace The Michael Bell, Jr. Case
32:46 1/27/23
"Sophia" - Dadeville, Alabama
12-year-old "Sophia" is found drunk on the side of the road. She is bruised, battered, and disoriented. The monster responsible was her mother's boyfriend, Jose Paulino Pascual-Reyes. Unfortunately, she is the "lucky" one.
09:37 1/20/23
Cody Haynes - Kittitas, Washington
After serving a four-hour punishment at the kitchen table, Cody was sent to his room at midnight. His sisters listened on helplessly as Cody was savagely beaten by his dad and his live-in girlfriend. Since that night the couple alleged that Cody ran away.  Too many coincidences beg to differ. If you have any information on the disappearance of Cody Haynes please call Kittitas Police Department at (509) 968-0222, Kitcom at (509) 925-8534, or the anonymous tipline at (530) 378-4491, tips can be reported to:, although if you want to remain anonymous please use the tipline. 5,000 REWARD by the City Of Kittitastruthandjusticeforcody@gmail.comWebsite- http://www.justiceforcodyhaynes.comFacebook- 6163NCMEC- 996768 Case # SO 04 09140
27:13 1/13/23
Juliana Redding - Santa Monica, California
21-year-old Juliana Redding is a sweet girl who was swept off her feet by a millionaire doctor while she was waitressing. It sounds like a meet-cute in most romantic movies, but this relationship took a wrong turn when Dr. Munir Uwaydah's love turned into an obsession.
27:56 1/6/23
The Kologi Family Massacre - Long Branch, New Jersey
A sixteen year old is arrested for the shocking deaths of multiple family members inside their family home minutes before they were to ring in the new year. 
09:19 12/30/22
"The Man Who Killed Halloween" - Deer Park, Texas
Ronald O'Bryan committed the ultimate Halloween no-no in 1974- poisoning his own son with tainted Halloween candy. His crime not only made headlines around the world but history as Ronald was the first person put to death by lethal injection in the state of Texas in March 1984. 
28:33 10/31/22
Goldie Robinson - Daytona Beach, Florida
The search for a 78 year old great-grandmother deepens when authorities find themselves investigating not only her disappearance but the discovery of another missing person, as well… 
24:04 5/27/22
Anatoly Moskvin .aka. The Russian Grave Robber - Russia
The arrest of Anatoly Moskvin for the desecration of graves in 2011 would lead to more crimes than anyone could have ever imagined. What was found inside the home he shared with his parents is something out of a horror movie. 
20:02 5/13/22
Michaela "Mickey" Shunick - Lafayette Parish, Louisiana
The search for 22 years old Michaela "Mickey" Shunick took investigators in multiple directions over the course of her disappearance in 2012. Michaela’s strength and perseverance would ultimately lead to the arrest of her killer. Michaela “Mickey” Shunick Official Facebook Page: Website: - A site founded by the Mickey Shunick Campaignwww.ramissingpeople.orgRAMissingPeople Official Instagram@RAMissingpeopleWays YOU can support the show! Want to make a one-time donation? You can do that on #PayPal using the email address Become a #Patreon! With five levels to choose from, you can support Those Murder Girls Podcast with a monthly donation that will go towards production and keeping #ads out  of our episodes.  And, any #donation over $3 will get you a shoutout on the show! Sign up now at
19:27 5/6/22
Jasmine Lovett & Aliyah Sanderson - Calgary, Alberta, Canada
A young single mother and her 22 month old daughter go missing April 2019 after they move into the home of a man in Calgary, Alberta, Canada just months after meeting him. Sadly,  she couldn’t have met this man at a more vulnerable time in her life as things would turn deadly shortly after they moved in. 
22:00 4/30/22
Patricia 'Patsy' Skiple // The Happy Face Killer - Gilroy, California
The fourth victim of the infamous Happy Face Killer (Keith Hunter Jesperson) has been identified after nearly 30 years. Dumped along Highway 152 near Dinosaur Point in Gilroy, California, Patricia 'Patsy' Skiple was referred to only as 'Blue Pacheco' because of the clothing and location she was found in by the Santa Clara County Sheriffs department. The department never forgot her story or the will to give Blue Pacheco her identity back. Thanks to a team of dedicated professionals, now she does. 
35:37 4/22/22
Elnaz Hajtamiri - Ontario//Greater Toronto Area, Canada
Elnaz Hajtamiri, an Iranian-born woman, has been missing for over three months, baffling authorities, family and friends. Violently taken from the home of family she had been staying with while they looked on helplessly. Elnaz has not been seen since January 12, 2022. #bringelnazhome #saveelnazWays YOU can support the show!Want to make a one-time donation? You can do that on #PayPal using the email address murdergirls@thosemurdergirlspodcast.comBecome a #Patreon! With five levels to choose from, you can support Those Murder Girls Podcast with a monthly donation that will go towards production and keeping #ads out  of our episodes.  And, any #donation over $3 will get you a shoutout on the show! Sign up now at 
20:40 4/17/22

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