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Corey Ryan Forrester is a comedian you might know from the WellRed Podcast, his Butter Cream Dream videos or even Comedy Central. Join him and his co-host every week as he takes you down a rabbit hole of comedy/variety, with monologues, social commentary, bits, music and more! Go to for bonus shows, ad free shows, and tons of free extras!


Falcon and Winter Soldier, Corey and Matt try to convert you, and more. 56:56 05/04/2021
Potential verdicts in Chauvin trial, Corey explains the story of Job, Maxine Waters, Ticker and more. 52:37 04/20/2021
Punishing Georgia, Republican round up, and Corey tries to get cancelled. 59:52 04/13/2021
Corey's Qanon theories, philosophical questions, and how to be funny. It's free for all Friday! 61:51 04/09/2021
Breaking down Gaetz controversy, MTG crossfire, Georgia elections, and much more! 50:12 04/06/2021
Floyd trial defense attorney, why new voting laws will backfire on the racists, and of course superheroes. 67:58 03/30/2021
Georgia's new voting suppression, gun control, and other light topics. 56:13 03/26/2021
Corey is tired, Matt has Covid: aka best episode ever! 64:45 03/23/2021
"had a bad day", great first seasons, the future of the MCU and much more. 57:10 03/19/2021
When stuff started hitting for us, the return of the monologue, and the debut of Little Richard Petty. 61:03 03/16/2021
Drugs, Dealing with Depression, and more fun stuff on this free for all Friday!! 65:53 03/12/2021
Supersized, ad free episode with (usually) exclusive to patreon bonus!! 101:57 03/09/2021
Free for all Friday !!! 55:36 03/05/2021
CPAC reaction and the great Tombstone debate. Corey flips out and rants forever!! 88:36 03/02/2021
MTG, Trump in 24?, and the best guy movies of all time. 52:33 02/26/2021
Corey's been off the grid, and guesses the news! So much more on this supersized episode. 89:06 02/23/2021
So long Rush, Mitch vs. Lindsey?, and Corey's new social media strategy! 51:41 02/19/2021
Impeachment reaction, the worst person in the world, and the return of bread or wine 76:21 02/17/2021
Free for all Friday!! Everything and anything! 59:10 02/12/2021
Through the Screen Door! Corey's statement on his political future. More on Greene, Impeachment predictions, and actors who are defined. 70:53 02/09/2021
All Things Majorie Taylor Green, Conspiracy theories, and THE OFFICE conspiracy theories and more!! 62:45 02/05/2021
No Matt, but we’ve got The Liberal Redneck, Trae Crowder as the best guest host ever!! 61:59 02/02/2021
SURPRISE! Our first sunday drop. Recorded today. Reaction to coneys latest video.. PLUS pathways to suvess in your passion. 59:11 01/31/2021
Its a Free For All Politics Friday Corey talks about evangelicals, 1 position voters, the impeachment, terrible people, and much more! 60:21 01/29/2021
SUPERSIZED TTSD - A fake AND REAL Matt medical update, Post surgery. A special politics free TTSD! Will it hit? Will people listen? 45:46 01/26/2021
TTSD - Free for all Friday!! 37:44 01/22/2021
TTSD! D.C warzone, Trumps popularity, Best superhero movie sweet 16, and the return of THIS WEEK IN SOUTHERN HISTORY! 71:20 01/19/2021
Corey's Complete 2020 Year In review Monologue! Let's laugh at it. (special saturday bonus drop) 55:08 01/16/2021
Were "R" congress people in on the capital riot? Is there Unity without Accountability? How great is Cobra Kai? Free for all Friday!! 61:43 01/15/2021