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The Balance and Mindset of a Busy Season with Josh Raley of Whitetail Partners
On this episode of the SG+T podcast, Rick is joined by Josh Raley of Whitetail Partners and the Sportsmen's Empire Podcast network. Josh is a jack of all trades when it comes to the whitetail world and brings a wealth of knowledge to the table. As a Wildlife Habitat Consultant for Whitetail Partners, Josh understands what deer like and why they do what they do. Through his work with Sportsmen's Empire, he hosts multiple podcasts including the How to Hunt Deer, Wisconsin Sportsman and The Southern Way shows and brings perspective not only from his own hunting experiences, but also from the numerous guests he's shared a microphone with. If you listen to hunting podcasts, it's a pretty safe bet that you've heard him along the way.He and Rick have a similar background, both growing up in Alabama and then moving away, having to adjust their approach to hunting. Josh now lives in Georgia, and while he hunts some close to home, like Rick he takes an annual trip to the midwest during the November rut, and then spends the rest of the year making short trips to Bama. The guys cover a lot on this episode, but focus on the balancing act that comes with a busy hunting schedule, the mental gymnastics that take place after their trips to the midwest, and the perspective that they believe most hunters should share. This one was a lot of fun and Josh brings several tips that could set any southern hunter up for success on an out of state don't want to miss this one!As always, a big thanks to all of the listeners for your support. If you like what you hear, make sure to leave a review and share with your friends. You can follow along on Instagram as well or at
59:26 12/21/23
The Return: Catching Up With the Crew
Hunting. Fishing. Life. The foundation of Southern Game and Tackle and lately the "Life" part has been getting in the way! It's been a hectic season of life, with changes impacting the team's ability to prioritize the show, but the dream never died and it's time to get back to our sharing the passion. On this episode, Rick and Dex are joined by Bama buddy Wiley Dees to play a little catch up and talk about the hunting season to this point. Wiley joined the show in the spring and covered a little bit about his journey back to bowhunting. This time around he talks about what that's looked like so far this hunting season. As he and Rick have been able to hunt together for the first time in years, not only has Wiley been getting after the deer on his own farm, but he has also tackled his first public land hunts, all in his first full year of hunting with traditional archery equipment. The boys talk about those experiences, lessons learned and plans for the rest of the season. One thing is for sure...the gang is excited to be back in the studio and with several months left in the southern deer season, there's a lot to look forward to. Thanks for your support and hanging in there with SG+T. Make sure to subscribe, share and follow! Drop us a line and give us your feedback!  Available wherever you podcast and at  
91:32 12/7/23
Football, The Outdoors and Winnie the Pooh with Guest Jeff Lageman
Guess who's back in the studio....the man, the myth and the legend himself, Dex rejoins the fold and what a week to be back! This week's guest is one that the crew has hoped to have on for a long time and it did not disappoint! If you like football or the outdoors, or just have a heartbeat, you're going to enjoy this episode.Jeff Lageman, a former 1st round draft pick of the NY Jets, long time Jaguars player and current radio personality, joins the boys to talk a little football, and a lot of outdoors. Along with Jeff's current duties as Jaguars Radio color commentator, he is also co-host of The Outdoors Show, a Jacksonville local favorite show that has been on the radio dial every Saturday morning for 27 years. Jeff is a lifelong outdoorsman with tons of experiences across the country, and sharing the studio every Saturday for that long with a couple of the best fishing captains in northeast FL, he has a wealth of knowledge about the water and the woods. Jeff talks about the experiences that led him to the outdoors as a kid, how he balanced playing football at the highest level with his love for hunting and fishing, and about pouring that passion into the care of his own farm now. This was a great conversation, full of great stories, great tips and a lot of laughs. There might even be a Winnie the Pooh reference worth tuning in for!As die hard Jags fans and long time listeners of The Outdoors Show, Rick and Dex had a blast getting to sit down and record with Jeff. The Outdoors Show has been one of the inspirations behind SG+T, and getting to pick Jeff's brain on the podcast was something they'll remember for a long time. With Rick recently getting to sit in with Jeff and gang on The Outdoors Show, the two crews have a lot in common, so hopefully there's more to come through this partnership.As always, thank you for tuning in! We love bringing this show every week, and your continued support is appreciated more than you know.Make sure to subscribe, share and follow! Drop us a line and give us your feedback!  Available wherever you podcast and at
79:01 5/25/23
Fitness and the Outdoors: Rick's Two Favorite Things!!
Welcome to another episode of the Southern Game and Tackle Podcast. This week Rick recaps an amazing couple of weekends that were all things outdoors. Most recently, the Project Savior Outdoor crew Mike, Justin and Rick took a trip to Wisconsin, thanks to an invite from Chris Hamm, President of HHA Sports. Chris also has a passion for giving back to the veteran community, and his organization HHA USA was hosting an event for almost 200 veterans and supporters, with multiple shooting events, a concert and fundraiser. Chris put on an amazing weekend and welcomed PSO with open arms, forging friendships for years to come. While in Wisconsin, Rick and Mike also got a chance to check out the Beastmode Archery Endurance Challenge that was taking place alongside the HHA events. This was a tough course with lots of elevation and physical challenges, really pushing the boys from the flatwoods of Florida! The Beastmode events are set up to replicate real life scenarios in the backcountry and the toughness it demands sparked Rick to bring the topic to the studio. If you know Rick, he's definitely got some meathead in him, with working out and hunting being his two biggest passions. He's also trying to become a runner, and with his first half marathon right around the corner, the idea of how being physically fit can help you become a better outdoorsman, not just physically but mentally as well, has never been more at the forefront for him. With turkey season here in the south behind us, thoughts will soon be shifting back to preparation for the fall hunting seasons, and there's no better way to start that prep than by making sure you're in the best shape possible. While you don't have to be Mr. Olympia to be a good hunter, taking care of yourself physically can help you get more out of each hunt and potentially put you in better position to be successful. Rick talks about the correlation of hunting and fitness, how it's helped him, and ways to push yourself as you prepare for the fall. As always, thank you for tuning in! We love bringing this show every week, and your continued support is appreciated more than you know.Make sure to subscribe, share and follow! Drop us a line and give us your feedback!  Available wherever you podcast and at
41:15 5/11/23
Bows and Bros: An Update on all things SG+T
There's a lot of amazing things going on in the world of SG+T and Rick takes to the studio solo this week to bring our listeners up to speed. It's a short episode, so don't let Rick being solo turn you away!If you've listened to the show for any amount of time, you know that Rick has been chasing a lifelong dream of having a role in the outdoor industry. It's a dream he hasn't given up on, and as he's found clarity in how his passions are really designed to help others, some incredible doors have started to open. From getting to be a guest host on his favorite local radio show The Outdoors Show, being a guest speaker at a Mountain Archery Fest event in Rome, GA, to a Project Savior Outdoors trip to Madison, WI that will help achieve the long term mission of PSO, the momentum has started to steamroll. Rick shares the details of all these happenings and what it means to him to see these things come to fruition.One of the re-occurring themes of SG+T, community and experiences built in the outdoors, is a major component of this solo conversation. While at the MAF event, those aspects were hammered home as he made what are sure to be lifelong friendships with the MAF team, its founder, Brandon Waddell and the team at Hunt Lift Eat. Both groups welcomed Rick and his wife Nicole with open arms and treated them like family right from the jump. Both of these organizations share the SG+T vision of community and as these relationships are forged, big things are sure to come. If you haven't checked out Mountain Archery Fest or Hunt Lift Eat, check out their websites and social media for some awesome content, gear and events.Rick wraps this episode with episode plans for the next several months, outlining a series that will include some top tier guests as they look to simplify some of the hot topics in the whitetail hunting world. This series is going to be a lot of fun, with tons of good info to help hunters of any experience level this coming season.As always, thank you for tuning in! We love bringing this show every week, and your continued support is appreciated more than you know.Make sure to subscribe, share and follow! Drop us a line and give us your feedback!  Available wherever you podcast and at Mountain Archery Fest - www.mountainarcheryfest.comHunt Lift Eat - www.huntlifteat.comThe Outdoors Show -
36:19 4/27/23
Family, Friends and the Outdoors with Wiley Dees
On this episode of the Southern Game and Tackle Podcast, Rick is joined by lifelong friend, Wiley Dees. Wiley grew up in the same small Bama town as Rick, and the two cut their teeth together in the woods, really jumping into serious bowhunting at the same time. Wiley's outdoor experience is generational, and has taken him to different parts of the world and into several different areas of the outdoor industry.This is a great campfire conversation, with the Rick and Wiley catching up after quite a while of life having them headed in different directions. They share old stories and cover new plans they have in the coming hunting seasons. As the boys chat, Wiley talks about how he was introduced to the outdoors and how the early days led to guiding hunts, running a local archery shop, shooting 3D tournaments and now introducing his young kids to the same passion that's been engrained in his family's history. It's been a journey for both Rick and Wiley, with injuries playing a big role in their stories. As Wiley bounces back from his own injury, he's also stepped into a new challenge; the world of traditional archery. He talks about the perspective of losing something he loved, then falling back into it and creating opportunities to learn even more about archery and hunting in general. As southern spring turkey seasons are coming into the latter stages, Wiley also shares an awesome story of a recent family hunt, that reinforces the power and excitement that can only be found in the outdoors. As Rick and Wiley catch up, they cover a lot of topics, but the re-occurring theme in this episode, as has been the case in many, is how relationships are forged thanks to God's great outdoors. As always, thank you for tuning in! We love bringing this show every week, and your continued support is appreciated more than you know.Make sure to subscribe, share and follow! Drop us a line and give us your feedback!  Available wherever you podcast and at
114:09 4/20/23
Texas Turkeys: A True Hunt of a Lifetime
This week, Rick is joined by Jaryd Hurst to talk turkey hunting in Texas. Jaryd has been on the SG+T show a couple of times previously, but in this episode he gets to share his story of what was truly a hunt that dreams are made of. Thanks to fundraising efforts by Turkeys For Tomorrow, Jaryd won a raffle to hunt with outdoor icon David Blanton from Realtree Outdoors on the historic and famed King Ranch in south Texas. If you've been a hunter for any amount of time, those are names that need no introduction. As Rick and Jaryd discuss, they both grew up watching David Blanton on shows like Monster Bucks, and the King Ranch has long been known as one of the premier hunting destinations in the world. To say that Jaryd was living out his dream through this experience is an understatement!Jaryd shares his experience hunting alongside David as well as the unbelievable amount of trophy animals that the King Ranch has to offer. Within just a few minutes of arriving, Jaryd was chasing predators and pigs, and once the turkey hunting began, it didn't take long for him and David to both connect. While the weather didn't fully cooperate, that didn't stop them from having an incredible hunt and laying down some amazing footage. The stories of the historic ranch alone are worth the listen, but the stories of the hunting and encounters are almost impossible to beat. This is a great episode, with some of the biggest names in the hunting world playing a major role in the story. Jaryd's passion for hunting and conservation are on full display as he covers not only the hunt, but how Turkeys For Tomorrow leverages these experiences to fund research on the wild turkey, ensuring that there are in fact turkeys around for generations to come. You don't want to miss this one.As always, thank you for tuning in! We love bringing this show every week, and your continued support is appreciated more than you know.Make sure to subscribe, share and follow! Drop us a line and give us your feedback!  Available wherever you podcast and at 
73:24 4/6/23
Talking Turkey with Phillip Culpepper of Hunt Club TV
On this week's episode, Rick is joined by Phillip Culpepper of Hunt Club TV and Realtree Outdoors. Rick has been a fan of Phillip's for a long time and the two met each other a couple of years ago during a men's retreat through church (of course it was a hunting retreat!) After a few conversations, it was just a matter of time before schedules could line up for Phillip to join the show! Phillip talks about his journey through the outdoor industry, and how chasing his passion of hunting led him from Realtree warehouse worker, to video producer, and now host of his own show, Hunt Club TV. It's a great story, proving that hard work, never quitting, and being willing to sacrifice always pays off. While "hunting for a living" is an amazing gig and true blessing, Phillip talks about the behind the scenes blood, sweat and tears that goes into making that dream a reality, and shares some great stories of him and other outdoor personalities like David Blanton and Michael Waddell, that helped shape what is Hunt Club TV today. If you follow Phillip, you know that turkey hunting is his passion. While it's still somewhat early in the 2023 turkey season, he's been a busy man, already covering several states and has several more trips in the plans. He shares the details of his season so far and some of the tactics that have helped him be successful along the way. The guys cover decoys, calling techniques, TSS turkey loads and some conservation topics, and with Phillips knowledge of the game, there is a lot of good info here. If you like turkey hunting, or the outdoors in general, this is an episode you do not want to miss. Rick has been looking forward to this one for a long time and it does not disappoint. Big thanks to Phillip for joining and looking forward to him coming back again in the future.As always, thank you for tuning in! We love bringing this show every week, and your continued support is appreciated more than you know.Make sure to subscribe, share and follow! Drop us a line and give us your feedback!  Available wherever you podcast and at 
67:17 3/30/23
A Turkey Tail Whoopin'!!
After a stretch of great guests, a last minute schedule change has Rick in the studio solo. Given the past week of chasing Osceola turkeys, the microphone therapy might be just what he needs!In this episode, Rick gives an update on all that is going on in the SG+T community. Big things are happening with Project Savior Outdoors and he shares  a few updates about the mission's successes so far. There's also a couple of events in the near future with the Clash of the Beards 2023 Turkey Rodeo hosted by LA Strutter and Gobbler's Lodge Florida Outdoors Day in back to back weekends. Both of those will be loads of fun, and Rick talks details and his plans for each. Last week's show, Turkey Tactics with Big Country, left him super excited for his Special Opportunity Hunt, hoping to get his first Osceola gobbler and he recaps the a$$ whooping he's been on the receiving end of, thanks to weather and some new regulations limiting his plans for accessing the WMA by water. After putting in over 20 miles of walking in just 4 hunts, Rick has coined the new phrase "Camo Hiking" and uses it to describe his trip instead of "turkey hunting" as was the plan. Needless to say the scoreboard currently shows Turkeys - 1, Rick - 0. Even though he's solo, Rick covers a lot in this episode, including a hidden discount code for Wood Hunting Saddles. Listen in for 10% off your next order!As always, thank you for tuning in! We love bringing this show every week, and your continued support is appreciated more than you know.Make sure to subscribe, share and follow! Drop us a line and give us your feedback!  Available wherever you podcast and at 
52:47 3/23/23
Turkey Tactics with Big Country: Eastern vs Osceola
No stranger to the Southern Game and Tackle podcast, Rick is joined by William "Big Country Rozier. Big Country is well known through hunting circles in the southeast and his reach stretches even farther than that. He's been a staple in SG+T tradition, being the reason that the February Eglin trip is on the annual schedule. Rick and Dex were fortunate enough to meet Country on the first trip to the panhandle, and the boys have been friends since. He's been on the show before, talking deer and gators, but in this episode he finally gets his chance to talk turkey! In this episode, William gives us a recap on his groups' Eglin trip. They definitely have that place figured out and this past season was no different with him and several others from his group connecting on solid Florida whitetails with their muzzleloaders - Rick, leave the bow at home next year! As Rick prepares for his first true hunt for an Osceola turkey, Country shares some of the differences he can expect from the Eastern birds Rick grew up hunting. They cover several tactics and traits of the wild turkey, and share plans for the upcoming opener in central Florida, both hunting new places. It's also been a big week for Big Country. Not only is he hunting new ground, but he also will be taking along a new prototype box call from well known call maker Tim Fralick. It doesn't stop there though...he also scored on one of the hottest, limited edition items in the turkey hunting world as well, a Fox Haas Turkey Vest from Mossy Oak. You don't want to miss this one. It's always a good time when William joins and this one is no exception!Thanks for listening and make sure to subscribe, share and follow! Drop us a line and give us your feedback!  Available wherever you podcast.
87:28 3/16/23
Clash of the Beards 2023: Rodeo and Radio!!
This is a special episode, bringing back a fan favorite,  Kyler Deese aka LA Strutter! Strutter joins Rick to talk about the upcoming 2023 Clash of the Beards Turkey Rodeo! Last years rodeo was a great event and this year's rendition is shaping up to be even better, with more teams and some killer raffle items and prizes. Turkey rodeos can be a divisive topic, but Strutter and Rick talk about the true heart of these events and what they can mean to the hunting community!Speaking of community, the SG+T podcast community is growing, and in this episode Rick officially welcomes Strutter to the team, and introduces Clash of the Beards Radio! COB Radio will be a new podcast, certainly focused on turkeys at times, but with Strutter as the host, he will be taking on a wide range of topics, giving perspective that only the LA Strutter can provide! He's never shy about his opinions, but also welcomes opinions of others and he's sure to hash it all out on COB Radio. SG+T is excited to kick off this new series and has other shows coming to the network soon, but there is no better way to start the growth than with Strutter and COB Radio! Be on the lookout for more coming very, very soon! This episode covers a lot, from the rodeo and radio, to turkey conservation topics, as well as previews into the first hunts of the season for Rick and Strutter, both chasing Osceola turkeys in south Florida in the coming days. It's a great kickoff to the spring season and sets things up for even more fun going forward.We also announce a new partnership in this episode! There may even be a discount code for listeners, so for anyone interested in mobile hunting, tune in and take advantage!Thanks for listening and make sure to subscribe, share and follow! Drop us a line and give us your feedback! 
78:36 3/9/23
Big Fish and Bows with Daniel Levesque of Gobbler's Lodge
On this episode, we are joined by Daniel Levesque of Gobbler's Lodge and Rare Breed Charters from Osteen, FL. Daniel is a long time bowhunter and captain with an amazing passion for the outdoors, and he's truly living life to share that with others.Gobbler's Lodge 3D Archery is a super cool and unique place. With multiple elevated shooting platforms and tracks, shooters can practice out to 100 yards and even try their hand at stopping the zombie apocalypse. The onsite pro-shop is loaded with some of the biggest names in the industry, so whether you're a rookie or a long time shooter, he's got you covered. In April, Daniel will be hosting his 3rd annual Outdoors Day, where guests can see gear from all of the the top brands, as well as test the entire Bear Archery line up. Rare Breed is a first class fishing charter, with boats docked in Ponce Inlet. With a fleet of 3 boats, Daniel can cover anything from the backwater to the gulfstream, and everything in between. These guys catch some fish too, and the best part may be the kitchen he has on the ready,, cleaning and cooking the catch right as you step off the boat.This is a fun conversation, covering everything from saddle hunting, big deer in the mid-west and 100 pound fish.  Thanks to Daniel for joining and to everyone for listening!P.S.  There’s a big announcement in this episode as well about a new SG+T partner…one we are super pumped about!Thanks for listening and make sure to subscribe, share and follow! Drop us a line and give us your feedback!
88:14 2/23/23
Deer Season Download with Adrian Wilson of Tethrd
After a little time off, the Southern Game and Tackle Podcast is back!! As we kick things off, we will be joined by several different guests from across the southeast to recap their deer season, what went right, what went wrong and the lessons learned along the way. We jump right in with Adrian Wilson of the Tethrd saddle company and Thlete camo. Adrian is from Tennessee, but like the SG+T crew, hunts several states across the south. He's a legit hunter and woodsman,  and his perspective on what makes him successful or not is good intel for any hunter. Just like SG+T, hunting isn't his life, but it's a big part of it and the guys also discuss how priorities and hunting work go hand in hand. This is a great episode, and a great way to start this stretch of guests. Big thanks to Adrian for joining...hopefully we'll do this again soon!Thanks for listening and make sure to subscribe, share and follow! Drop us a line and give us your feedback!
64:59 2/15/23
Rut-cation Recap: Illinois Public Land Pain and Pleasure (two times)!
If you've followed the SG+T crew for long, you know that November has a special place in their heart, as it does for most deer hunters across the country. November brings dreams of rut action...big bucks chasing does everywhere, telephone pole sized trees shredded, big scrapes everywhere you look. But sometimes, those dreams are not the reality of the rut. While we expect those dream hunts to happen with every climbed tree in November, the truth is, it can be a grind with those "dream moments" coming few and far between.  Last year's rut-cation was one for the ages and the boys spent all year planning and working towards their return trip to Illinois. Based on that experience from last year, the plan felt bulletproof and the excitement for the 2022 rut was off the charts. But this trip proves the old adage that even the best laid plans don't always work out. With Dex finding out last minute that he couldn't go, Rick and a few others head north in late October. The high hopes slowly started to wither as hunting pressure was crazy high, and deer movement was crazy low. While they did taste success, Rick felt defeated and decided to go back for one more shot. Rick and Dex recap the pain and pleasure of hunting public land, hunting pre-rut conditions, and how Rick worked to overcome those. This is a great conversation about the reality of tough hunts and all that goes into them. Thanks for listening and make sure to subscribe, share and follow! Drop us a line and give us your feedback!
128:42 12/1/22
The Dark Side of Hunting: Choose Your Outfitter Carefully!
For some of us, going on a guided or outfitted hunt is the dream of a lifetime. For us southern hunters, getting an opportunity like that in mid-west states is what we live for. On this episode of the SG+T podcast, the boys are joined by friends Nate and Jason, who recently went to Kentucky for their own dream hunt, a self guided hunt on KY private land. They worked with an "outfitter" to gain access to private farms, however things did not go as expected. After almost a year of planning, red flags started to pop up in conversations with the outfitter, and as the trip was ready to begin, it was clear something wasn't right. But with vacation time already scheduled and deposits made, Nate and Jason take the drive with intentions of making the best out of any opportunity they have. Once in Kentucky however, this story really takes a turn. From trespassing, to bad checks, the boys found themselves in the middle of a scam, and soon realize they aren't alone. This conversation will cover the pitfalls that Jason and Nate ran into with their impostor outfitter, and how the hunting community stepped up to help and seek justice. This is a wild story and one you'll definitely want to tune into!Make sure to subscribe, share and follow. Drop us a line and give us your feedback!  
100:42 11/11/22
Alaskan Moose Hunt of a Lifetime Part 2: Moose Down!!
Cam and Strutter are back from their Alaskan moose hunt, alive, well and full of stories! In the first episode of this journey, they didn't really know what to expect. Cam had drawn a once in lifetime moose tag and had asked Strutter to make the trip up from Bama to be a part of the hunt. With zero experience with moose or in this hunting area, the two set out on a trip full of excitement, but not sure what to expect. As you'll see, this hunt turned out to be crazy, ending with a bull moose at the end of a blood trail. This is another fun episode, full of laughs and crazy moments that Strutter and Cam had while hunting (and even golfing)!! Join the SG+T crew as they unpack this incredible experience and all that it entailed! Make sure to subscribe, share and follow. Drop us a line and give us your feedback!  
77:02 10/14/22
Strutter vs Bullwinkle: Alaskan Moose Hunt of a Lifetime Part 1
This episode of the Southern Game and Tackle podcast features a good friend of the show, Kyler aka The LA Strutter and his good friend Cam Carleton. Cam, an Alaskan resident drew a once in a lifetime tag for a public land moose hunt on an air force base just outside of Anchorage. Knowing that it would be a challenge, he asked Strutter to join him on this adventure. Cam and Strutter sit down with Rick and Dex to discuss the particulars of the hunt, the day before the trip was to begin. They'll discuss the unlikelihood of drawing this tag, the conditions they'll be facing and their approach to their first moose hunt. Did we mention this is an archery hunt too? This is a really cool conversation about what really is an incredible opportunity that most hunters don't even dare to dream about. This pre-op rendition will be part 1 of a 2 part show, as Cam and Strutter will be back soon to give us all the details of this incredible trip.  If you follow either of them on social media, you may already know how the story ends, but we won't spoil that ending here.If you've been listening for a while, you know this will be an entertaining show. Strutter is as fun as they come, and this one will not disappoint. As good as it was to learn about the hunt, it was just as good to confirm Cam knew what he was getting into, bringing Strutter into the Alaskan wilderness with him for a week!Make sure to subscribe, share and follow. Drop us a line and give us your feedback!  
59:27 9/28/22
Fire On The Mountain: Public Land Colorado Elk Pre-Op
Rick has been teasing this episode for a few weeks now, and it's finally here! After some scheduling conflicts, the boys (yes, that means Dex is back!) are joined by friends Justin and Chris for an awesome chat about their upcoming elk hunting trip. Both Chris and Justin are members of the Jacksonville Fire and Rescue Department (JFRD) and through an encounter on a fire truck, they have forged a lifelong friendship, built around the outdoors. After years of hunting whitetail together, they set a goal to do a backcountry bow hunt for elk, and its finally here. This is Rick's bucket list trip, so he could not wait to have them walk us through their prep for this trip and this episode did not disappoint. From where their journey started, to where it now will be taking them, this show is full of quality information, entertaining conversation, and if your like Rick and Dex, it will have you anxiously awaiting the post-op episode once Chris and Justin return. Join SG+T as we dive into what it looks like for a couple of family men, balancing work and passions, prepare for a week miles away from civilization, chasing one of God's most awesome creations, the bugling elk!Most SG+T episodes post on Thursdays, however we are posting this one a day early, so the Chris and Justin can listen on their drive into an unnamed trailhead (though their might be some coordinates given away in the episode)!Don't forget to subscribe and share! 
111:51 9/14/22
Teaching Old Dogs New Tricks: Learning to Hunt Later in Life
In this episode of the Southern Game and Tackle, Rick is joined by good friends Ryan (aka Weldabeast) and Joe to discuss becoming a new hunter later in life. For a lot of outdoorsmen and women, the outdoors are passed down through generations of tradition, almost being a part of us from the beginning. But how do you get into hunting when it hasn't been passed down to you? Trying anything new, especially hunting, can be intimidating, and Joe and Ryan walk us through their journey, from becoming interested in hunting, to being full fledged hunters. Rick has had the opportunity to hunt with both of them, and the being late to the party hasn't kept them from becoming really good hunters already. If you or someone you know is interested in hunting, this is a great listen to help with some of those initial questions and fears.We're also putting out a missing person alert for Dex. Rick handles this one solo again and is starting to build a complex! Don't worry though....Dex will be back soon!If you enjoy this episode, don't forget to subscribe and share with a friend. Available wherever you get your podcasts.
108:58 9/8/22
Later Gator! Alligator Season with SG+T!
With Dex a little under the weather, Rick is joined by "Big Country" Will Rozier and Jaryd Hurst. It's been a while since Will and Jaryd have been on, so the boys catch up on how turkey season went this past spring, and spend a while talking about one of Florida's longest hunting traditions, Gator Hunting. Each summer, a select number of tags are allotted for alligator hunting across the state of Florida. For several weeks every year, hunters spend long days and nights searching for the biggest gators around, hoping for a chance to fill their tags with trophies. It's not as easy as Troy and Liz make it look on TV, so filling those tags is certainly not a given. Jaryd and Will talk us through their methods of finding and taking gators, as they both filled tags recently with some solid bull gators. Will also lives up to the "Big Country" moniker, telling us all about doing a cannonball out of the boat, on to a 10 foot dinosaur! This is a longer epidsode, but with tons of good info and great stories about a long standing rite of passage.If you enjoy this episode, don't forget to subscribe and share with a friend. Available wherever you get your podcasts.
146:44 8/26/22
Saddle Up with Wood Hunting Saddles
Have you ever wanted to hunt out of a saddle? Do you even know what a hunting saddle is? Join Rick and Dex in this episode, as they chat with owner of Wood Hunting Saddles, Robert Wood. Robert is a seasoned saddle hunter from SG+T hometown of Jacksonville, and his new hunting saddles are taking the industry by storm. In this episode, Robert shares his thoughts on why he prefers saddles over other methods, what sets Wood Saddles apart from his competitors, and a number of other topics, including Rick almost sinking his boat!SG+T loves supporting local businesses, especially those with honest, hard working people and solid products. Wood Hunting Saddles fits that description perfectly. Rick has been wearing a Wood Saddle since last season and has unofficially named it the official saddle of SG+T! Whether you are an experienced saddle hunter, thinking about saddle hunting, or just want to learn what saddle hunting is, this episode is for you. Loaded with great information and a lot of fun, this is a great conversation you won't want to miss.If you enjoy this episode, don't forget to subscribe and share with a friend. Available wherever you get your podcasts.
78:05 8/12/22
Catching Up With the Crew
The SG+T boys are back!! After a short break, Dex, Rick and Captain Don catch up on all things Southern Game and Tackle. Captain Don fills us in on his recent adventures on the water, including an update on his new boat and a close encounter with "Sharknado"! The boys catch us up on their Sambar hunt application status and their pending plans for the fall. Of course Rick is going to talk hunting, and even tries to get some sympathy for a recent injury, but Dex and Don give him no slack. This episode will look back at what's been going on the last couple of months and give us a look at what's ahead in the coming weeks. Always a great roundtable discussion with this crew, and you don't want to miss this one!
41:09 7/28/22
The Lost Episode.
After seemingly lost in the deep swamps of Steinhatchee, Florida, the mysterious SD card reappears! One of our favorite episodes to date featuring 2 well known and respected members of the Florida hunting community. In fact, Will Rozier a.k.a Big Country is the reason Rick and Dex set off on their first Eglin trip together. Our second guest, Jaryd Hurst is no stranger to the Turkey community, especially if you follow Southern Ground Hunting. In this conversation the guys cover a wide range of topics, from Conservation to Florida Law protecting the Swamp Ape (a.k.a Bigfoot). Join us on the Lost Episode,  we are just glad we found it!
112:55 5/5/22
Turkey Rodeo Recap: Dead Birds and New Shotguns
Join us as we discuss the last few eventful weeks of Turkey hunting from Florida to Alabama. Rick draws a turkey tag in Steinhatchee, Florida so the guys travel across the state to catch up with long time friend and SG+T member Gerald. Dex manages to lose a REALLY good podcast somewhere in the swamps (literally), and Rick is quick to place blame. LA Strutter joins us to recap the Clash of The Beards Turkey Rodeo, and share in some memorable experiences in the woods. This episode is packed with a whole lot of turkeys, a Coors light or two, and a guaranteed laugh. Find the rest of our content at
65:15 4/20/22
Clash of the Beards- What the Hell is a Turkey Rodeo?
Gobble Gobble Gobble!!!! Dex and Rick open  2022  with a bang as they plan their Alabama Turkey season. They are joined by the legend himself Kyler Deese a.ka. "LA Strutter" to discuss the annual Turkey Rodeo "Clash of the Beards." If you don't have a clue what a Turkey Rodeo is (much like Dex) join us to learn of this strange and mythical competition that involves well, what else other than Turkeys and Shotguns?Our legal department suggested we add the following disclaimer: Please exercise caution while listening to this podcast episode while driving. Due to the unique personality of this guest you may experience distraction that impairs your decision making abilities. Side effects may include: Excessive laughter, watery eyes, a drastic and sudden desire to hunt Turkeys, financial debt caused by the purchase of new hunting gear, and possibly in some rare cases can cause marriage difficulties if appropriate measures are not taken. Please listen with caution. If you all have enjoyed this episode and want more content like it, please let us know! Find us at 
62:00 3/17/22
That's a wrap!
As the whitetail season wind down to a close Dex and Rick take a look back at the successes and opportunities that came out of the 2021 deer season. Join us as we kick back and tell some of our favorite stories from the year and prepare for the transition into Turkey and Fishing! Web: Southerngameandtackle.comIG: @Southern_Game_and_Tackle 
47:08 3/9/22
Hunting Alabama: A conversation with Parker McDonald from Southern Ground Hunting
SG+T is joined by special guest Parker McDonald from Southern Ground Hunting podcast and Youtube channel to discuss the 2021 whitetail deer hunting season. Parker and the group discuss some of the unique challenges faced by southern hunters and Parker's unique way of targeting bucks on public land- water access. Parker is mastering a unique hunting method that takes a lot of hard work and sacrifice, but pays off! It's earned him a reputation that has his podcast featured on the sportmensnation podcast network and even brought the meat eater crew into his family rut-cation camp! This was a conversation that covers his unbelievable season and several other hunting topics. Join us today! If you've enjoyed this podcast please consider subscribing to this podcast. Find all of our links at 
70:52 2/17/22
S3-E13: USS Celery Stick- Catching up on Alabama Rut and Florida Backwater Fishing
Who keeps letting this man in the studio?! Join Dex, Rick, and semi-special guest Eric to catch up on the recent SG+T adventures. Eric buys a new "boat" 🛶 and Rick gives us the breakdown of his final days hunting Alabama. You're guaranteed to laugh, and there is a small chance you may learn something along the way.  Check it out and let us know what you think!
34:43 2/2/22
S3-EP12: "Being a Provider" - Special Guests Chad Belding and Chad Mendes.
On this episode we are joined by hunting icon Chad Belding and UFC legend Chad "Money" Mendes. We get into what it means to be a true provider as well as to discuss their newly released "The Provider Cookbook."   Chad Belding is one of the most recognizable names in the hunting industry. He is host of long running television show, The Fowl Life and founder of outdoor gear company Banded. Chad Mendes, while most commonly known for his success in collegiate wrestling and the Ultimate Fighting Championship, is also an avid and accomplished outdoorsman. Becoming friends through the outdoors and their love for creative wild game dishes, they quickly discovered a shared passion for carrying on the tradition of providing through ethical and sustainable means such as hunting and farming. Together they've compiled an amazing collection of wild game recipes, as well as in depth commentary on what it means to be a true "Provider". Both Chads take time out of their busy schedule to talk about hunting California, issues that hunters face today, and unpack The Provider Lifestyle. You do not want to miss this one!! The perfect gift for the holidays, "The Provider Cookbook" is available now! Enjoying our content? Please subscribe and share with a friend or two! Merchandise available directly from our website:  Find us on Instagram, Facebook, and every major podcast platform! 
66:24 12/10/21
S3-E11: Public Land Trifecta: 3 Bucks Down in Kentucky and Illinois
The title says it all! Dex and Rick take an epic public land trip through Kentucky and Illinois and come home with 3 bucks and a grand story to tell!!! Join us onthe podcast as we discuss the hunt in both states, the real MVP of the trips (The E-Bikes!), and what it took to connect on the deer that we did. No tag soup this year baby! The SG+T Boys are on the board! If you are enjoying this podcast feel free to give us a follow on Facebook or Instagram, or check out the website for all of the up to date information and events for SG+T. 
58:02 12/2/21