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A baseball podcast that swings for the fences & isn’t afraid to put one in your hip.


I almost cut my finger off, Albert Belle player profile, MLB combine ’86 65:22 01/04/2022
Trick-or-treating with my kid, Dave Parker & Ray Fosse stories, and today’s gritty players 67:36 11/11/2021
Listener Guest Series: Andrew Allred joins the show! 93:19 10/03/2021
Listener Guest Series: Ed McGill joins the show! 93:29 09/20/2021
Listener Guest Series: Brad Howell + how to get into adult baseball leagues 73:55 09/13/2021
I’m addicted to energy drinks, the legend of Steve Carlton, ’94 Strike 67:46 09/01/2021
Listener Guest Series: John A joins the show! 76:17 08/10/2021
Willie McGee, The Sandlot Days, HR Derby, Baseball Bats 80:40 07/30/2021
Good Baseball Talk with Frank 163:27 07/19/2021
Shane Barclay from JapanBall 96:23 06/22/2021
Tetherball and Four Square, Lou Gehrig was a badass, pitchers need to hit batters, more Rickey Henderson stories 63:16 06/14/2021
Baseball Nostalgia Talk with Daniel 75:44 06/05/2021
My parents were ruthless in the ’80s, the legend of Ron LeFlore 84:40 05/24/2021
Good baseball stuff with Mike 93:53 05/22/2021
Good cheap beer and our first listener on the show! 118:38 05/09/2021
How Dan Quisenberry made the bigs, summertime as a kid, adult leagues, Don Baylor was a bad dude! 89:46 03/18/2021
The Hat Guy! Graham Maclagan 132:03 02/20/2021
The nostalgia of a good hat, John Kruk stories, watching baseball with my daughter 57:14 02/16/2021
Brad Balukjian, author of The Wax Pack 54:16 01/24/2021
The Niekro bros, Miracle Whip sandwiches, buying cigs for mom 74:12 01/19/2021
Batting Stances with Empty Wrapping Paper Tubes! Merry Christmas! 81:06 12/19/2020
70’s Baseball Part 3: The Ballparks! 78:46 12/08/2020
70’s Baseball Part Two: Gritty Ballplayers! 64:33 11/17/2020
70’s Baseball Part One: 10-Cent Beer Night! 49:01 11/08/2020
TP’ing people, 1991 World Series, cigs and old baseball cards 75:23 10/25/2020
no alcohol beer, playoff predictions, stealing tractors, other baseball stuff 63:51 09/29/2020
rocky the truck driver, postseason format, Trent Grisham, Josh Donaldson gets ejected 63:32 09/21/2020
Lou Brock, Roberto Clemente, the power of a mustache, other stuff 58:26 09/10/2020
Ted Williams’ frozen head, Randy Dobnak is the dude & funny Zack Greinke stuff 54:29 08/17/2020
George Scott stories, praise be Joe Kelly, my 1st baseball bat & chewin’ tobaccy 61:57 08/02/2020