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Welcome to the Live by Design Podcast! I’m your host, Kate House. Join me each week as I lead our community in seeking joy and cultivating gratitude in our daily lives. Together let’s live by design and not default.


Bonus: "I See You, And It's Beautiful" with Bridget Covill 11:27 09/24/2021
How to Find Connection Amidst Conflict - A Conversation About Relationship with Bridget Covill 43:13 09/22/2021
Bonus: Shift Your Gaze Higher...And You Just Might Find Inspiration From Above (Like In The Form Of An Actual Bald Eagle!!) 06:54 09/16/2021
Bonus: "Be Mindful Whose Mentorship You Take to Heart" with Cassy Joy Garcia of Fed + Fit 12:18 09/03/2021
Healing From the Inside Out With New York Times Best-Selling Author Cassy Joy Garcia of Fed + Fit 40:52 09/01/2021
Bonus: "You're Kind of Doing It Wrong" with Cara Ansis of Happy Whole Way 12:32 08/23/2021
A Journey of Self Love and Acceptance with Cara Ansis 52:31 08/16/2021
Bonus: Embrace Who You Are with Wendy Battles 08:06 08/12/2021
From Unitarian to Buddhist: A Journey of Reinvention with Wendy Battles 53:27 08/09/2021
What My Spiritual Practice Looks Like Today 38:12 08/02/2021
Bonus: Learning To Let Go with Brittany Frisch 15:11 07/26/2021
Bonus: Mini Meditation - "Do What Is Right For You" 13:40 07/22/2021
Guess Who's Back?! 17:45 07/19/2021
Client Spotlight: Conquering Big Goals with Brittany Frisch 32:42 04/26/2021
Bonus: It's Okay To Not Have It All Figured Out with Samantha Kellgren 17:51 04/19/2021
How To Pursue Aligned Action with Samantha Kellgren 43:50 04/12/2021
That Time I Had A Quarter-Life Crisis 48:45 03/30/2021
Bonus: A Joyful Meditation with Sarah Weyenberg 15:03 03/15/2021
Joy is Effervescent Bubbles of Champagne with Sarah Weyenberg 44:58 03/09/2021
Bonus: Your Access To All 5 Days Of The Mini Meditation Challenge 03:48 03/06/2021
The Community Challenge Commences! 18:18 03/01/2021
Because I Can't Be The Only One With Pandemic-Induced Anxiety 08:39 02/22/2021
Bonus: Use Your Joy List To Leave A Funky Feeling Day Behind 14:05 02/18/2021
Book Report: Joyful by Ingrid Fetell Lee 33:34 02/15/2021
Bonus: How To Enjoy The Journey With Alice Havill 10:36 02/11/2021
The Habit of Movement with Alice Havill 49:00 02/08/2021
Bonus: Boost Your Health With Hydration 13:50 02/04/2021
You Too Can Embrace Joyful Movement 32:00 02/01/2021
Bonus: Reflections on Self Worth with Loukia Mastrodimos 07:20 01/28/2021
Living Boldly with Loukia Mastrodimos 41:54 01/25/2021