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No Half Stepping with Leonard Jackson

Real people talking about real issues having a real conversation. Actor and business owner, Leonard Jackson moderates and sometimes referees the debate showcasing liberal and conservative perspectives with no half stepping.


Cocaine, Meth and the L.A. Tagging Scene (JAZE)
Leonard and Alexander talk about choices in their past that led to where they are today. They bring on JAZE, who has been tagging in LA for over 30 years to discuss the street art scene then and now.
47:02 12/31/2021
Scandal in the church and at work - a survivors story! (Brittany Walden)
Brittany tells her harrowing story of sexual assault in the church and how surviving it has made her stronger and shaped who she is today. This is not a story she tells for pity, rather, she hopes to inspire people to find their inner strength, as she did. 
44:46 07/22/2021
Vaccines and Intersectionality (Auntie Donna Brown & Dan Chapman)
Leonard and his guests, Auntie Donna Brown and Dan Chapman, their concerns about the Covid 19 vaccine, intersectionality and who got the rawest deal in America.
48:05 03/11/2021
Divided We Stand - Post Election 2020 arguments with guests Cole Parker and Diaz Mackie
Leonard talks to his guests about the post election antics of the Trump Administration and whether Trump's actions are justified or not.
57:20 11/12/2020
Being Bi-Racial in the 1930s
Leonard goes one on one with his Grandmother, Lenora Jackson, who shares her story of what it was like growing up in a bi-racial family in the 1930’s, and offers her opinion on the state of the country today!
78:08 10/16/2020
Two Sides to Every Story (Gerald Jackson & Barrie Eget)
Leonard talks with his brother, Gerald Jackson and Barrie Eget about the President's response to Covid-19, RBG, China and much more.
69:43 09/28/2020
Just Two Black Guys from Santa Clarita
Actor and businessman, Leonard Jackson, takes a break from debating to have a deep, personal conversation with long time friend and fellow father, Flex Alexander. They discuss life as actors in Hollywood during the pandemic, the recent police incident in Santa Clarita and the historical repression of Black infrastructure and ownership in the United States. 
42:33 09/16/2020
A Comedian vs. A Platinum Voice (Cory Robinson & Barrie Eget)
Actor and business owner, Leonard Jackson, discusses BLM, the state of the Confederate flag and police defunding with guests, comedian, Cory Robinson and the platinum voice of MMA and arm wrestling, Barrie Eget. 
59:20 08/18/2020
Another Bad Lib vs. A Good Old Boy (Brendan Woodruff & Christopher Mckool)
Bad Libs Podcast host, Brendan Woodruff and business owner, Christopher Mckool, join Leonard Jackson and debate President Trump race baiting to get votes, the fall of the confederacy and the plight of sex workers in the post-Covid economy.
66:04 07/22/2020
A Bad Lib vs. a Trump Supporter (Zach Miller & Julie Walsh)
Bad Libs podcast host, Zach Miller and Leonard's old roommate and proud Republican, Julie Walsh, join Leonard Jackson and give the left and right perspectives on  COVID-19, Black Lives vs. All Lives debate and who you kneel for. 
47:49 07/13/2020
China's Long Game and Trump Has Failed Us
Leonard Jackson has a very candid conversation with his brother, Jerry Jackson, a global supply chain executive about China's long game in Africa, assimilation in corporate America and Trump's failure on the Covid-19 Pandemic. 
76:47 06/11/2020
Is Trump Racist? And MeToo in 2020
Actor and business owner, Leonard Jackson, discusses #MeToo, Trump's racism, fluid sexuality and adoption with change maker Brie Widaman. 
59:22 03/01/2020
A Republican Running for Congress in a Blue District
Actor and business owner, Leonard Jackson, discusses politics with Brian Perras, who is running for California's 29th Congressional District. Perras was born in Dunedin, Florida. As of 2019, he was a member of the fraternity Pikes and the SAG TV Academy
67:59 02/24/2020
The N Word and TikTok Famous
Actor and business owner, Leonard Jackson, discusses the recent school shooting in their community with his son, Brian, as well as Brian's viral videos on TikTok and who can and cannot say the N word.
56:15 02/15/2020