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The Seforimchatter podcast is dedicated to the discussion of Seforim (holy texts and works pertaining to them), Jewish (non-sacred) Books, Jewish History and more. The variety of guests include rabbis, professors, historians, authors, editors, and others in the field.For more information or to sponsor a show, check out @seforimchatter on Twitter or email


With Prof. Shmuel Feiner discussing European Jewry in the 18th Century 59:09 09/12/2021
With R' Yechiel Goldhaber discussing the minhag of covering the shofar while making the beracha 36:44 09/05/2021
With Rav Aaron Lopiansky discussing his new Rosh Hashanah & Yom Kippur Machzorim 66:02 08/29/2021
With Prof. Andrew Porwancher discussing Alexander Hamilton and his Jewish origins and connections 37:41 08/22/2021
With Rabbi Shnayor Burton discussing the Mitzvah of living in E'Y and his podcast series about it 46:32 08/15/2021
With Rabbi H. Norman Strickman discussing his new translation of Yesod Moreh of the Ibn Ezra and the Ibn Ezra in general 62:31 08/08/2021
With Dr. Jeremy Brown discussing Copernicus, the Heliocentric model, and its Jewish reception 60:36 08/01/2021
With R' Moshe Maimon discussing Genazym Auction 10 Catalogue 47:46 07/25/2021
With Prof. Ephraim Kanarfogel discussing the Mordechai (R. Mordechai b. Hillel, d. 1298) 53:55 07/19/2021
With Dr. Yael Ziegler discussing her new book on Megillas Eichah, "Lamentations: Faith in a Turbulent World" 66:15 07/11/2021
With Prof. Robert Chazan discussing the Trial of the Talmud in Paris in 1240 44:54 07/04/2021
With Prof. Lawrence H. Schiffman discussing Josephus 36:49 06/27/2021
With Dr. David Sclar discussing Ramchal (Rav Moshe Chaim Luzzatto, 1707 - 1746) 75:36 06/20/2021
With R' Meni Even-Israel discussing his father, Rav Adin Steinsaltz & his various Seforim 63:48 06/13/2021
With Prof. Neil Netanel discussing the history of Jewish Copyright Law. 42:58 06/06/2021
With R' Daniel Levin discussing Rav Chasdai Crescas & Ohr Hashem 108:43 05/30/2021
With Prof. Naomi Seidman discussing Sarah Schenirer and Bais Yaakov 56:39 05/23/2021
With R' Yehuda Rock discussing the new Sefer, "Parshanei HaMikra" of his wife, Rabbanit Dr. Avigail Rock Z'L 25:31 05/19/2021
With R' Moshe Kravetz and Dr. Allan Jacob discussing their new Sefer, "Emunei Am Segulah" about Ma'amad Har Sinai & Kabbolas HaTorah 48:24 05/09/2021
With Prof. Jeffrey Gurock discussing the Jews of Harlem 53:21 05/02/2021
With Prof. Debra Kaplan discussing Charity and the Poor in Early Modern Germany (Worms, Frankfurt, AH"U: Altona-Hamburg-Wandsbeck) 59:04 04/25/2021
With Prof. David Berger discussing Jewish - Christian debate in the Middle Ages 70:56 04/18/2021
Daf Yomi: With R' Moshe Schwed of AllDaf discussing various Seforim & Meforshim on Mesechtas Yoma 30:00 04/13/2021
With Prof. Martin Lockshin discussing Rashbam 79:02 04/11/2021
With Pearl Herzog discussing her father, R' Tovia Preschel, and his collected writings that she published (Ma'amarei Tovia) 38:17 04/05/2021
With Dr. Pinchas Roth discussing Medieval Jewry of Provence 54:04 03/30/2021
One year anniversary episode: About how the twitter account and podcast developed 33:09 03/23/2021
With Prof. Shalom Sabar discussing the Sarajevo Haggadah 55:23 03/21/2021
With Prof. Benny Brown discussing the Mussar Movement 61:47 03/14/2021
With Rabbi Netanel Wiederblank discussing his "Illuminating Jewish Thought" book series 74:00 03/07/2021