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Come Rain or Shine

Collaborative product of the USDA Southwest Climate Hub and the DOI Southwest Climate Adaptation Science Center. We highlight stories to share the most recent advances in climate science, weather and climate adaptation, and innovative practices to support resilient landscapes and communities. We believe that sharing forward thinking and creative climate science and adaptation will strengthen our collective ability to respond to even the most challenging impacts of climate change in one of the hottest and driest regions of the world. New episodes on the first Wednesday of each month. Sign up for email alerts and never miss an episode: Funding for the podcast comes from the U.S. Geological Survey, the U.S. Department of Agriculture Agricultural Research Service, and the National Institute of Food and Agriculture funded Sustainable Southwest Beef Project.


Behind the Scenes of the IPCC Sixth Assessment Report 43:40 06/01/2022
Assessing Risk When Relocating Species 42:28 05/04/2022
Managing for Change: California’s Giant Sequoias 35:10 04/06/2022
Forest Transformation in the Southwest 58:35 03/02/2022
Sustainability In Beef Supply Chains 28:32 02/02/2022
Katharine Hayhoe On Hope & Healing In A Divided World 44:48 01/05/2022
Adaptive Silviculture for Climate Change 42:46 12/01/2021
Wire Up Those Cows! New Gadgets For An Old Profession 45:53 11/17/2021
Drought & the 2021 Monsoon Season 31:48 11/03/2021
Water Desalination: Barriers and Opportunities 34:09 10/06/2021
Extreme Heat & Urban Planning 38:44 09/01/2021
Extreme Heat & Public Health 37:06 08/04/2021
Drought Adaptation & Social Learning 24:24 07/07/2021
CoCoRaHS: Citizen Science in Weather Reporting 47:40 06/01/2021
Drought, Snowpack, and Streamflow 51:23 05/05/2021
Grass-Cast: A Grassland Productivity Forecasting Tool 40:30 04/21/2021
Drought Impacts on Mental Health 45:33 04/07/2021
Drought & Natural Resources Management 44:03 03/03/2021
Talking Wine, Weather, and Science: Part 1 23:57 02/03/2021
Talking Wine, Weather, and Science: Part 2 29:13 02/03/2021
Climate Hope 48:32 01/06/2021
Novel Strategies in Beef Production 21:55 12/09/2020
The Nitty Gritty of Dust 26:04 12/02/2020
Santa Cruz River Lives Again 35:15 11/04/2020
2020 Fire Season: Grim, Smoky, Flexible 41:42 10/07/2020
USDA Rural Development: Financing Climate Adaptation 40:35 09/02/2020
Precision Ranching Technologies 41:33 08/01/2020
The Sustainable Southwest Beef Project 22:40 08/01/2020
Atmospheric Rivers 46:25 07/01/2020