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Hosted by Will Little (, Ventures is an audio/video podcast devoted to exploring entrepreneurial stories, market landscapes, and problem spaces to inspire the next generation of venture builders and investors.


Venture capital and angel investing insights for founders: How investors *should* evaluate your team, product, market, traction, and financial model 12:08 09/15/2021
Tips for setting up and managing your marketing stack in a new startup :: with Kelly Jo Horton and Sol Cates 17:20 09/07/2021
How to validate a market for your startup without being naive :: with Bill Murphy and Sol Cates 10:29 09/01/2021
How can Web 3.0 be designed to promote human kindness and flourishing? :: with Joel Fariss 10:33 08/25/2021
Love & Branding: Do you love your customers? Do they love you? Do you care? :: with Moshe Engelberg 15:22 08/17/2021
Web 2.0 vs. Web 3.0 development, design, and data architecture concerns :: with Andrew Cronk 06:50 08/10/2021
How to validate a new B2B SaaS startup idea :: with Patrick Lowndes and Brian Geihsler 16:44 08/03/2021
How to be an excellent Product Manager :: with Jenna Langer, David Pierce, Perry Azevedo, Kiel Sanders, and Patrick Lowdnes 69:39 07/28/2021
How to start a business :: with Dave Parker, Troy Henikoff, and Alex Giannikoulis 58:24 07/20/2021
What is Web 3.0? :: With Tony Sager, Sol Cates, Lorien Gabel, Andrew Cronk, Tony Little, and Spencer Graham 28:41 07/13/2021
Web 3.0 and agricultural supply chains; connecting farmers and startups via scaled trust :: with Joni Kindwall-Moore 58:15 07/06/2021
The Amare Wave, love vs. war in business, and uplifting customers :: with Moshe Engelberg 61:47 06/29/2021
Navigating geopolitics, startup lawyers, and the parallels between the 1920s and 2020s :: with Larry Little 75:53 06/22/2021
Soil science, microbiomes, and loving grains again :: with Joni Kindwall-Moore 62:34 06/15/2021
How are blockchains creating value for humanity? Why is Web 3.0 important? :: with Andrew Cronk 44:31 06/08/2021
From founder to VC to founder again: practical advice for startups and investors :: with Alex Giannikoulis 41:43 06/01/2021
Scaling a product management team, lessons learned from startups and enterprises, and how to drive customer success from a product advisory board :: with Kiel Sanders and Patrick Lowndes 60:09 05/25/2021
Self-discovery, discerning our limits, and transitioning from idealism :: with Kathryn Little 64:27 05/18/2021
Connecting people, building community, and learning from super connectors :: with Weston Woodward and Sol Cates 61:54 05/11/2021
Ideation to Product-Market Fit, choosing revenue models, and general advice for founders :: with Dave Parker 61:44 05/04/2021
Cybersecurity and user experience philosophies through Web 1.0, Web 2.0, and Web 3.0 :: with Jim Reavis and Kurt Seifried 51:04 04/27/2021
Technical product management, architecting a growing product team, and deeply understanding your customer’s needs :: with David Pierce 75:22 04/20/2021
History and principles of cybersecurity for startup founders, individuals, and Web 3.0 builders :: with Malcolm Harkins and Sol Cates 54:32 04/13/2021
Finding purpose, embracing curiosity, and navigating a career path in the 2020s :: with Kim Porter, Eric Sullivan, and Sol Cates 66:52 04/06/2021
The dance of product and growth within a startup, from idea through acquisition into enterprise :: with Jenna Langer 62:24 03/30/2021
Marketing operations, building a MarTech stack, and ensuring data visibility and security in a growing startup :: with Kelly Jo Horton and Sol Cates 48:51 03/23/2021
Complex business-to-business (B2B) sales, the inflection point in a buyer’s journey, and strategies for building a sales team :: with Steve Crepeau and Sol Cates 63:48 03/16/2021
Building a co-founder team with product and design capabilities, and the future of UX in the no-code/low-code era :: with Perry Azevedo 51:55 03/09/2021
Brokering trust, bringing transparency into medical supply sales, and distributing COVID-19 rapid antigen & antibody tests :: with Susie Kataoka and Norris Liu 59:45 03/02/2021
Growing as a technology leader, engaging value-add investors, and optimizing go-to-market strategies :: with Bill Murphy and Sol Cates 50:47 02/23/2021