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Majorca Mallorca

Ever wondered what it is like to live on the beautiful Mediterranean island of Majorca? (Or even Mallorca?!). Join long term residents and journalists, Vicki McLeod and Oliver Neilson, for a taste of the Majorcan lifestyle. With features about making the move to live permanently on the island to what you could be doing on your next holiday, the Majorca Mallorca podcast aims to cover all of the beautiful aspects of life there. From beaches to celebrity visits, to traditional food and fiestas, to sailing and watersports to hiking and climbing, to setting up a business and cutting through the red tape to getting married in Mallorca and what's hot, Vicki, Ollie and a host of guests will answer all of your questions and welcome your input!


And we're back! Season 2 Episode 001 36:53 11/02/2021
Ep 33, Strawberry Town, not meeting Joan Collins and August in Mallorca. 40:53 08/07/2021
Episode 32 Back to amber for the Balearics 25:09 07/14/2021
Ep 31 The British are coming, snorkeling around the island, & a snake invasion! 33:08 06/30/2021
Ep 30. Getting residency visas in Spain & a catch up over a coffee. 58:20 06/06/2021
Ep 29... and we're back! Mallorca in May, amber traffic lights & grey whales.... 36:45 05/22/2021
Ep 28 The haves and have nots in Mallorca, SOPPA community in action 49:53 04/18/2021
Episode 27, News ep: getting residency in Spain, the deportation of Brits and vaccination info 44:50 04/11/2021
Ep 26, horses and wine, wine and horses, and masks on the beach... or not. 35:08 04/02/2021
Ep25 Florry the Lorry, digital nomads in the Balearics 64:43 03/28/2021
Ep 24 A ride on the wild side with Natura Cavall and Lizzie Graham 50:55 03/21/2021
Ep 23 A year on... 41:13 03/13/2021
Ep 21a (or Ep 22) The cafes open again! 24:12 03/02/2021
Ep 21, caterpillars, scotch eggs, Franco and the longing for a cafe con leche... 37:21 02/27/2021
Ep 20, the hills are alive... V and O chat about hiking in Mallorca 65:39 02/14/2021
Episode 19, Princess Leonora goes to Wales, up a mountain with Trudi from Gaia Naturals, and grilled leeks... 59:44 02/12/2021
Ep 18 Happy hours, buying a business in Spain and dodgy politician shockers... 54:27 02/05/2021
Ep 17, moving to Mallorca, language barriers and fiestas. 47:12 01/17/2021
Episode 16. 2020: that was the year that was... 51:33 01/06/2021
Episode 15, lockdowns, Bill Bailey and health coverage for Brits in Spain. 60:47 12/23/2020
Episode 14, Bindi closes, the petanque club gets Coronavirus and tactical urbanism hits Palma. 47:03 11/24/2020
Episode 12A, working across Spain during a pandemic, La Vuelta, Dr. Joe Arrindell and the Majorca Mallorca connection 42:02 11/07/2020
Episode 12, Yachting Gives Back, being in education during the lockdown and some chat at the kitchen table. 50:35 10/29/2020
Ep 11, Wine makes everything better, Indian Summer and yet more lockdowns 38:09 10/19/2020
Ep 10, winter is coming, Bill Webb and Hispanic Day 43:49 10/13/2020
Ep 9, cycling in Mallorca, the Senses Six Points Challenge 18:40 09/18/2020
Ep 8. Reinvention, over payments and the beach. 32:29 09/10/2020
Ep 7, It's a twister! Brexit, Bicycles and Back to school.... 34:31 09/04/2020
Episode 6, travelling, quarantine, wine, the King and some sea turtles. 29:54 08/23/2020
Episode 5, Following the Majorcan, Mallorcan paper trail, some wine and Juan Carlos does a bunk. 33:40 08/03/2020