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LGOtv: Big Talk

Laura Gassner Otting is an instigator, a motivator, and never met a revolution she didn't like. Her podcast goes one step further than interesting conversations with interesting people who do interesting things. LGO and her guests push listeners to the edge of discomfort with thought-provoking conversations everyone needs to hear. LGO spent 20 years interviewing people not just about what they do and how they do it, but why they do it. She is endlessly intrigued by the human story, by that moment where each of us discovers something more inside of us, the thing that sets us apart and sets us on our path. And, frankly, with all this social isolation, she's dying to talk to more people.What's going to be different about this? Laura doesn't mess around and doesn't make small talk. You will not be bored with rehearsed "bits" that come as answers to rote questions.Tune in and be prepared for LGO's kick-in-the-ass wrapped in a warm hug.


S3E10 Liz Brunner - How do you find your voice of confidence? 59:54 05/19/2022
S3E9 - Rachel DeAlto - How do you become a relationship expert, and what can we all learn about being relatable to anyone at any time? 59:54 05/12/2022
S3E8 Jay Acunzo - How do you tell a story that resonates? 61:26 05/10/2022
S3E7 Nir Eyal - Becoming Indistractable 62:25 05/05/2022
S3E6 Dr. Zoe Chance - Making Influence Your Superpower. 59:30 03/18/2022
S3E5 - Melanie Sodka - Create More Capacity in Your Life. 55:00 02/16/2022
S3S2 - Dr. Ruth Gotian - How Do Successful People Become Successful? 59:13 02/15/2022
S3E3 - Pamela Slim - How do you find your best customers, and why is it important to cast the widest net? 59:13 02/12/2022
S3E4 - Marc Champagne - How do you ask better questions, and what does that have to do with becoming mentally fit? 58:31 02/12/2022
S3E1 Mark Herschberg - What are the essential skills we all need for our careers, and why isn’t anyone teaching them to us? 60:39 02/12/2022
S2E24: Shane Feldman - Showing Up as Your Truest Self 61:56 07/22/2021
S2E23: Loren Ridinger What does it take to build one of the largest online retailers in the world, and what can we all learn from the woman who did? 63:03 07/20/2021
S2E22 Brandon Farbstein - How does a diagnosis of dwarfism lead to living Ten Feet Tall? 63:29 07/15/2021
S2E21 Kim Kaupe - How does taking a job you hate lead to a life you love? 62:53 06/03/2021
S2E20 Susan McPherson - What does the Queen of Connections do in a pandemic? 61:10 05/06/2021
S2E19 Kyle Sanders - What do the roles of agency, discipline, and forgiveness play in finding your values, and how to you pass that along to your children as well? 67:13 05/04/2021
S2E18 Ann McFerran 61:01 04/29/2021
S2E17 Alex Ferreira - Mental Health and High Achievement Intertwine 59:14 04/27/2021
S2E16 Mark Metry - From Suicidal Tendencies to Human 2.0 67:19 04/22/2021
S2E15 Jenny Hutt - Falling in Love With Yourself at Any Age 60:06 04/20/2021
S2E14 Margot Bloomstein - Rebuilding Trust in a Post-Fact World 56:53 04/15/2021
S2E13 Antonio Neves - Success Doesn't Come Without the Work 63:49 04/13/2021
S2E12 Jonathan Fields - Discovering Grace Looking for Perfection 66:51 04/08/2021
S2E11 Trina Gray - Leaving Others to Find Yourself 64:20 04/06/2021
S2E10 David Usher - Where Does Creativity Come From? 55:24 04/01/2021
S2E9 Alisa Cohn - Learning to Bet on Yourself 56:48 03/30/2021
S2E8 Whitney Johnson - Jumping From Comfort to Challenge, Again 55:48 03/25/2021
S2E7 Ilona Goldfarb - Reinventing the Wheel in COVID Crisis 60:02 03/23/2021
S2E6 Sallie Krawcheck - Change the Rules, Change the World 59:28 03/18/2021
S2E5 Tiffani Bova - How to Get Better at Anything 59:23 03/16/2021