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You learn / YOUTURN. Is a podcast dedicated to accelerate the process of change within the behavioral health space. Our goal is to help individuals transform, systems evolve, and communities be reborn. We know that there is a better way and we believe in the power of a new paradigm. A paradigm focused on individual strengths over deficits, systemic disruption over the status quo, and grassroots community change over external dictates. The future is now. It starts with knowledge. Join us. You will learn….and YOU WILL TURN. YOUTURN is a state of the art learning management system dedicated to empowering people as they strive to be the best version of themselves. We provide education, skill-building, and guidance in the areas of mental health, substance misuse, emotional wellness, and stress management.


Stigma keeps police officers from seeking support 41:01 06/23/2022
Ashton Packe provides Hope for Prisoners 48:09 06/16/2022
Goldfinch Health is making surgery forgettable 34:11 06/09/2022
Turning Misery into a Mission! 41:39 05/26/2022
John Shinholser of the McShin Foundation reminds us why "Old School Recovery" is still a good thing 58:14 05/19/2022
Stand Up, Speak Out, and Seek Help! 59:17 05/12/2022
Retired Deputy Sheriff Stephen Balzano Describes Life on the Front Lines 35:44 05/06/2022
Resolve to Rise 57:00 04/14/2022
Sage's Army marches toward their Mission 54:14 03/31/2022
A prescription of science and compassion fuels this doctor's mission of creating education and better treatment for SUD 52:00 03/17/2022
College kids are not OK 46:56 03/10/2022
Male college students speak up about Mental Health, Substance Misuse, and Suicide 45:18 03/03/2022
First Responders: Who is helping the courageous souls who save our lives? 31:03 02/24/2022
Eating Disorders directly related to Anxiety Disorders 52:35 02/17/2022
Recovery and a Rubik's Cube??? 51:12 02/10/2022
The evolution and efficacy of Medically Assisted Treatment from a former SAMHSA employee 48:33 02/03/2022
Hope for Prisoners 50:01 01/27/2022
Under Our Roof 47:06 01/20/2022
Veterans suffering with PTS get a helping hand from this Dynamic Duo 49:33 01/12/2022
Recovery advocate, writer, photographer-Bill Stauffer does it all! 54:42 12/30/2021
Loving your children through the worst of times...a Father's perspective 43:46 12/16/2021
Turning Passion into Purpose with Greg Williams 54:12 11/30/2021
Finding Hope in the Journey 52:59 11/26/2021
Zak Williams speaks to the importance of a Healthy Mind 38:47 11/11/2021
Brian Cuban shares his struggles and triumphs in order to reduce stigma and help others 33:48 11/04/2021
Attacking the opioid crisis with MAT 32:57 10/28/2021
ClearMind makes drug testing a family affair 28:29 10/18/2021
How jail led to Freedom-David Whitesock tells his story 60:27 10/07/2021
Help a Sister Out! 23:35 09/22/2021
Leslie Weirich is a Mom on a Mission to end Youth Suicide 54:13 09/16/2021