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It’s a lighthearted nightmare in here, weirdos! Morbid is a true crime, creepy history and all things spooky podcast hosted by an autopsy technician and a hairstylist. Join us for a heavy dose of research with a dash of comedy thrown in for flavor.


Episode 444: Rebecca Aylward
On the afternoon of October 22, 2010, fifteen-year-old Rebecca Aylward left her house in Maesteg, Wales. She had plans to meet her ex- boyfriend in a wooded area just outside of Aberkenfig, under the guise that they were reconciling. She told her mother, “Bye Mam, I love you,” as she grabbed her purse and walked out the door—it was the last time her mother would see Becca alive.Thank you to the ravishing David White for research assistance :)See Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at
84:04 3/23/23
Episode 443: The Horrific Murder of Marina Calabro with Jonathan Van Ness
Holy shit guys, we had a CELEB in the house today! Well not like in the house, but on the zoom. THE ONE, THE ONLY..... JVN *sound the alarm* We talk all things Bravo, True Crime and Olympics related. We also tell JVN a gnarly story out of Quincy MA since he's from Quincy IL. It was a grand time, so please enjoy!Go check out Getting Curious with Jonathan Van Ness anywhere you listen to podcasts and on Netflix!Thank you so much to David White for research excellenceReferencesCowperthwaite, Wheeler. 2022. "Quincy inheritance murder case on new Investigation Discovery show." Patriot Ledger, May 18.Difazio, Joe. 2021. "Man who plotted to kill his Quincy great-aunt for inheritance has been granted parole." Patriot Ledger, December 31.Ellement, John R. 2002. "DA: Woman, 84, Fought Killer." Boston Globe, October 29.—. 2006. "Former Norton Man Admits Role in Slaying of Aunt." Boston Globe, June 10.—. 2006. "Jury Hears Details of Bludgeoning ." Boston Globe, March 4.—. 2006. "Man Gets Life Sentence in Killing." Boston Globe, March 17.—. 2006. "Witness Tells of Grisly Murder." Boston Globe, March 10.Leiner, Gabriel. 2006. "First trial set in Quincy murder." Patriot Ledger, February 16.Linton, David. 2022. "Ex-Norton man granted parole for role in 2001 murder of his elderly great-aunt." Sun Chronicle, January 3.Quimby, Beth. 2002. "Friendship and Betrayal: Moments of terror for informant who says best friend' recounted Quincy murder." Patriot Ledger, November 2.Sack, Jessica Van. 2002. "Police Call Fatal 'Fall' a Killing; Kin Hed." Boston Globe, October 27.See Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at
64:38 3/20/23
Episode 442: The Burger Chef Murders Part 2
Burger Chef part two is here y'all and it comes with a bittersweet....or really just bitter conclusion. When we last left you, the police had done LITERALLY zero work to secure the crime scene or really investigate at all. But someone would come forward with new information. This person shared details with the police that only one of the killers would know, and yet this case remains unsolved. See Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at
62:51 3/16/23
Episode 441: The Burger Chef Murders Part 1
The Burger Chef murders case out of Indiana is one of the most notorious cases in true crime history. Jayne Fried, Ruth Shelton, Daniel Davis and Mark Flemmonds were all on shift the night of November 17th 1978 when something terrible happened. To this day no one exactly knows what happened that night. Was it a robbery gone wrong?Research Assistance by Dave White.References:Bird, Paul, and Skip Hess. 1979. "Police under gag order in Burger Chef slayings." Indianapolis News , March 7: 1.Corbin, Bryan. 2003. "Victim's parents say they can forgive." Daily Journal, June 28: 1.Ellis, Mike. 1978. "Shootings frighten rural residents." Indianapolis News, November 20: 12.Frederick, Diane. 1978. "Lights to 'happy face' turned off." Indiana News, November 21: 20.Hess, Skip, and Rich Schneider. 1978. "4 shootings shock Speedway residents." Indianapolis News, November 20: 1, 12.Indianapolis Star. 1978. "Press Group Assails Police Silence." Indianapolis Star, November 21: 6A.—. 1978. "Stymied police probing murders of 4 at Burger Chef ask 'why?'." Indianapolis Star, December 10: 14.—. 1978. "'They could have been anyone's children'." Indianapolis Star, November 21: 8.Journal and Courier. 1978. "Police without leads in restaurant killings." Journal and Courier, November 26: B-2.Judkins, Jane. 1978. "Young Speedway Murder Victims." Indianapolis News, November 20.Luzadder, Dan. 1986. "Police have confession in Burger Chef murders." Indianapolis Star, November 14: 1.Morrison, Patrick. 1978. "$10,000 reward offered in westside abduction of 4." Indianapolis Star, November 20: 1.Morrison, Patrick, and James G. Newland. 1978. "Kidnap victims believed slain by more than one." Indianapolis Star, November 21: 1.Morrison, Patrick, and James Newland. 1978. "4 Speedway kidnap victims found dead in wooded area." Indianapolis Star, November 20: 1.Murphy, Shelly. 1979. "2 held in Milwaukee slayings." Boston Globe, April 27: 26.Trusnik, Mac, and John Flora. 1978. "$25,000 reward offered in four kidnap-slayings." Indianapolis News, November 20: 3.Trusnik, Mac, and Paul Bird. 1978. "4 held 24 hours before slayings." Indianapolis News, November 21: 1.Walton, Richard. 1979. "Burger Chef murder suspects held." Indianapolis Star, April 28: 1.—. 1978. "Police baffled by kidnapping." Indianapolis Star, November 19: 1.Young, Julie. 2021. The Burger Chef Murders in Indiana. Charleston, SC: Arcadia Publishing.See Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at
63:09 3/13/23
Episode 440: Listener Tales 71
Listener Tales 71 is here and we think this is a pretty dope one! Make sure to keep your ear out for the special announcement at the top of the show, and then we dive into all things creepy, weird and macabre. On today's installment we feature stories about doppelgangers, a group of listeners who could have been featured on an episode of Dateline and the creepiest chloroform stealing lab partner. If you have a listener tale that you would like to send in please do so and direct it to with "Listener Tale" somewhere in the subject line :)See Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at
55:29 3/10/23
Episode 439: Kiss and Kill Murder
When Betty Williams’ boyfriend, Mack Herring, broke up with her during their senior year of high school, her entire world felt like it was collapsing in on her. She had been struggling with depression and anxiety for some time, all of which seemed compounded by the problems of a society and culture that in 1961 seemed steadfastly unwilling to accept her for who she was. For Betty, death seemed the only way to free herself from the losing battle she had been fighting; however, despite her commitment to ending her life, Betty simply didn’t have what she described as “the fortitude necessary” to go through with it. Instead, she begged one last thing of the young man who had just broken her heart—she wanted him to pull the trigger for her.See Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at
88:57 3/8/23
Episode 438: The Tragic Murder of Roseann Quinn
Roseann Quinn was a young, single school teacher working at St. Joseph’s School for the Deaf and pursuing a graduate degree that would help her advance her career. She was independent and had a bright future. Then on January 2, 1973, she was brutally murdered in her New York apartment by a man she met at a neighborhood bar. Her death would become a talking point for those against the Woman’s Liberation Movement—citing her "high risk" lifestyle as the catalyst for her own demise. Of course we know that the only one to blame here is the vicious killer himself, and Roseann Quinn was merely a symbol for his rage.Associated Press. 1973. "Murdered teacher was dedicated to her work with deaf children." Reporter Dispatch, January 5: 2.Churcher, Sharon. 1999. "Could Sex and the City lead to murder?" Mail on Sunday, February 14.Ebert, Roger. 1977. Looking for Mr. Goodbar. January 1. Accessed February 8, 2023., Lacey. 1977. Closing Time: The True Story of the "Looking for Mr. Goodbar" Murder. New York, NY: Dellacorte Press.—. 1973. "A man seen with teacher on slaying night is sought." New York Times, January 6: 16.—. 1973. "Suspect seized in Indiana in teacher's slaying here." New York Times, January 10: 1.Gelb, Arthur. 2003. City Room. New York, NY: Putnam.Kaufman, Michael. 1973. "Teacher, 28, slain in her apartment on West 72d Street." New York Times, January 5: 1.Knight, Michael. 1973. "Suspect in killing of a teacher on West Side hangs himself." New York Times, May 6.McFadden, Robert. 1973. "Police issue a sketch of witness they hope will identify killer of teacher." New York Times, January 7: 39.New York Times. 1973. "Insanity defense planned in killing of teacher here." New York Times, February 2: 14.Weisman, Steven R. 1973. "Corrections board assails city aides on Tombs suicide." New York Times, July 22: 33.See Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at
72:45 3/6/23
Episode 437: Listener Tales 70
Listener Tales 70!!!! We've got a miraculous basset hound named Bonnie, randomly occurring blood splatter, a haunted theatre and SO much more! If you have a listener tale feel free to send it to with "Listener Tale" somewhere in the subject lineSee Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at
56:55 3/3/23
Episode 436: Harvey Glatman "The Glamour Girl Slayer" Part 2
Part two of Harvey Glatman is here and it is wild! When we last left you Harvey had just murdered Ruth Mercado and was ready and absolutely set on the idea of abducting his next victim. He hit up a modeling agency to find his next victim, but little did he know, he got much more than he bargained for. The next woman Harvey abducted and attempted to murder would be the one to end his entire reign of terror.See Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at
66:07 3/1/23
Episode 435: Harvey Glatman "The Glamour Girl Slayer" Part 1
From the summer of 1957 to the summer of ’58, the City of Los Angeles was terrorized by a truly heinous beast who was murdering women and dumping their bodies in the LA desert. The killer, thirty-year-old Harvey Glatman known as The Glamour Girl Slayer had a dark past and a seriously terrifying modus operandi. If allowed to, he would have likely continued his reign of horror forever. Luckily, one woman put an end to it.REFERENCES:Newton, Michael. 1998. Rope: The Twister Life and Crimes of Harvey Glatman. New York, New York: Pocket Books.People v. Glatman. 1959. 52 Cal. 2d 283 (Supreme Court of California, June 5).See Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at
108:53 2/27/23
Episode 434: Listener Tales 69
It's a totally unhinged episode of listener tales today! Alaina got to hang out with two of her favorite humans on this planet, Sheena Melwani and TRID.Today we talk about afterlife hair care, disney (again) and some seriously terrifying hospitals. Join us for a fun and spooky palette cleanser before we destroy you with some truly horrifying cases in the coming weeks!For our listener Gemma who wrote one of these fascinating and beautiful tales, please consider donating to help fund research and a future cure for Cystic Fibrosis.The Cystic Fibrosis Foundation: Fibrosis Australia: Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at
97:28 2/24/23
Episode 433: Candy Mossler
Candy Mossler was a wild woman. She'd always dreamed of a bold and glamorous life outside of the small town she came from. Little did she know she would spend a good portion of her adult life and afterlife in that spotlight- just for all the wrong reasons. After Candy discovered her husband murdered in their vacation home she and her nephew Melvin would find themselves on trial for his murder, and worse, their relationship as nephew and aunt would be revealed as much much more. REFERENCES:Associated Press. 1957. "New life open for youngsters after tragedy." Odessa American, February 5: 12.—. 1964. "Mossler slaying probe goes deeper." Tampa Bay Times, July 10: 20.Boston Globe. 1966. "State claims Candy is 'most guilty' in Mossler slaying." Boston Globe, March 2: 44.Davis, Miller. 1964. "Millionaire banker slain on Key Biscayne." Miami News, June 30: 1.Hollandsworth, Skip. 2021. "The Notorious Mrs. Mossler." Texas Monthly, December.Jones, Victor O. 1966. "Is nation bored with Candy Mossler murder trial?" Boston Globe, February 18.Miller, Gene. 1966. "Mossler witness tells of intimacy." Miami Herald, February 10: 1.New York Times. 1964. "Banker in Miami stabbed to death." New York Times, July 1: 70.Smith, Ron. 2021. No One is Perfect: The True Story Of Candace Mossler And America's Strangest Murder Trial. Houston, TX: Independent.United Press International. 1976. "Candace Mossler Garrison dies, was tried in murder of husband." New York Times, October 27: 42.—. 1964. "Letters tie widow, Powers." Orlando Evening Star, July 8: 38.—. 1964. "Police hunt clues in banker's death." Orlando Evening Star, July 1: 3.See Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at
98:07 2/22/23
Episode 432: Glasgow Ice Cream Wars
I SCREAM, YOU SCREAM, WE ALL SCREAM… over this true crime case known as the Glasgow Ice Cream Wars. We aren’t all watching the latest Food Network bake-off, unfortunately, this case has everything from assault to arson. It all happened back in early 80’s Glasgow. The streets were running rampant with Ice Cream Van drivers trying to overtake each other and steal the best route which ultimately led to the murder of almost an entire family.ReferencesFaux, Ronald. 1984. "Murder hunt after three die in house fire." The Times, April 17: 2.Harris, Gillian. 1998. "Ice-cream killers back in jail after year of freedom." The Times, February 11: 3.Mangan, Lucy. 2022. The Ice Cream Wars review – the gang crime that rocked Glasgow. November 23. Accessed January 17, 2023., The. 2004. "Who did kill the Doyles?" The Scotsman, March 21.Press Association. 2004. Glasgow 'ice cream war' conviction overruled. March 17. Accessed Janaury 17, 2023., Douglas, and Lisa Brownlie. 1992. Frightener: The Glasgow Ice Cream Wars. Edinburgh: Mainstream .The Times. 1984. "Former adict tells trial of 'big gun'." The Times, September 5: 3.—. 1984. "Ice Cream trial jury told of gun attack." The Times, September 7: 3.—. 1984. "Life for ice cream killers." The Times, October 11: 3.—. 1984. "Men 'attacked van with axe handles'." The Times, September 06: 3.—. 1984. "Multiple murder trial told of ice cream van attacks and injury to drivers." The Times, September 4: 3.—. 1981. "Three jailed for part in ice cream war." The Times, December 23: 3.Special thank you to David White for research assistance!See Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at
97:24 2/20/23
Episode 431: Cryptids with Caleb!
Today we are doing a battle of the cryptids with Caleb of Scream! Ash is out today and Alaina's sick voice couldn't handle a full case, so Caleb swept in on a white stallion and brought us the tale of the Loveland Frogmen. Alaina shares the legend of the Pope Lick Monster along with the tragic and deadly history of the railroad trestle that he haunts. It's some tragedy mixed with some very whimsical frog/humans. Just what the doctor ordered. See Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at
61:40 2/15/23
Episode 430: The Mysterious Disappearance of Theodosia Burr Alston
On December 31, 1812, Theodosia Burr Alston, daughter of former vice-president and very notorious founding father Aaron Burr (Aaron Burr, sir!), boarded a modest ship named Patriot bound for New York to spend some quality time with her father who was “freshly out of exile”. Once the ship had left port in South Carolina, no would ever see Theodosia or Patriot again. What happened to Theodosia? Pirates? A tragic shipwreck?See Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at
79:11 2/13/23
Episode 429: Listener Tales 68
It's Listener Tales 68!!!! We didn't theme this one, but as you all know sometimes they just theme themselves. It's a wild bunch of tales including one of our listeners being kidnapped from a Disney cruise, multiple haunted tales from one listener which ends on a heartwarming note, and Abe Lincoln haunting a shed. No, seriously, it was him! These are brought to you by you, for you, from you and all about you so if you have a listener tale please go ahead and send it to with "Listener Tale" somewhere in the subject line :)See Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at
74:56 2/10/23
Episode 428: The Survival Tale of Vicky Cilliers
On April 4, 2015, thirty-nine-year-old Victoria “Vicky” Cilliers leaped from an airplane flying 4,000 feet above the ground. Vicky was an expert parachutist, so the dive on that Easter Sunday should have been no different—but this one was… For some reason, her chute failed to open, and she plummeted three-quarters of a mile to the ground.... BUT SHE SURVIVED THE FALL! The question remaining? Who had tampered with Vicky's chute?Support: Check out the National Gender Based Violence Learning community: Battered Women's Justice Project. If you or someone you know is in an abusive relationship and needs resources, please go to bwjp.orgReferencesBell, Bethan. 2018. Parachute plot: The ex-girlfriend who walked away. May 25. Accessed January 10, 2023.—. 2018. Sex, lies and payday loans: The parachute murder plot. June 15. Accessed January 10, 2023., David. 2016. "Soldier Charged Over Wife's Parachute Fall." The Times, September 14.Bynorth, John. 2017. "Trial Told Army Sergeant Tried to Kill Wife By Removing." The Herald, October 4.Cilliers, Victoria. 2020. I Survived: I Married a Charming Man, Then He Tried to Kill Me. London, UK: Pan Macmilan.Farmer, Ben. 2015. "Soldier Held for Attempted Murder after Wife's Parachute Fails." Daily Telegraph, May 11.Gazette & Herald . 2017. "Wife Who Survived Murder Attempt is Top Parachutist, Court Hears." Gazette & Herald, October 6.Gazette & Herald. 2017. "Paris Rowing Trip for Army Sergeant Awaiting Attempted Murder Trial." Gazette & Herald, January 12.Humphries, Will. 2018. "Life in Jail for Sergeant Who Sabotaged Wife's Parachute." The Times, June 16.—. 2017. "Sergeant's 'Parachute Plot to Kill Wife'." The Times, November 5.—. 2017. "Wife Was 'Out for Blood' after She Survived Parachute Fall." The Times, October 26.Kleeman, Jenny. 2018. "He Has Traits of a Psychopath: the Inside Story of the Parachute Murder Plot." The Guardian, July 14.Morris, Steven. 2018. "'Shocking Betrayal:" The Soldier, the Lover and the Sabotaged Parachute." The Guardin, May 24.Myers, Russell. 2015. "Wife of man arrested for her attempted murder after her parachute failed to open." Daily Mirror, May 10.O'Sullivan, Kyle. 2020. Emile Cilliers' final disgusting insult to wife Victoria after trying to murder her twice. August 10. Accessed January 12, 2023. Association. 2017. Jury in Emile Cilliers case defends itself after judge's bullying direction. November 23. Accessed January 12, 2023., Patrick. 2018. "Wife Who Stood by Husband after He Tried to Kill Her Sees Him Jailed." Daily Telegraph, June 16.Siddique, Haroon. 2017. Parachute trial jury fail to reach verdict forcing retrial of Emile Cilliers. November 23. Accessed January 12, 2023. Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at
94:17 2/8/23
Episode 427: The Brutal Hoia Baciu Forest
Today we travel to Romania where everything is terrifying and awesome. Come on, it's the birthplace of Dracula (Vlad the Impaler) and it's got one of the scariest forests on this planet. The Hoia Baciu forest is a place where the trees bend like a rule, there is a dead zone in the center that might be a portal to hell, it may have been the location of one of the earliest doomed Romanian settlements and a truly macabre slaughter may have taken place there. Need more? Trust us, there is an endless slew of mystery and terror lurking in this place. The locals won't go in there after night falls, will you?See Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at
64:09 2/6/23
Episode 426: Listener Tales 67
Listener tales 67 is brought to you; by you, for you, from you and all about you!!!! This installment has another fun theme because…IYKYK. Category is: Haunted College Tales and you guys served. We’ve got tales with guinea pig pictures attached, (it meant a lot to me, okay?)  multiple haunted sorority homes and even a home invading back rubber?? Gross. If you’ve got a listener tale please send it on over to with “Listener Tales” somewhere in the subject line :)See Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at
68:35 2/3/23
Episode 425: The Clutter Family Murders
In 1959 the state of Kansas was absolutely shocked to find that one of its most prominent and well-liked families, The Clutters, had been murdered. Richard Hickock and Perry Smith, two convicts that had recently been released from prison were the ones responsible. Both had been told by a fellow inmate while incarcerated that the Clutter family had a large amount of cash stashed in a safe on their property. The two broke into the family home and searched for the safe, they then woke up the family when they couldn't find it, tortured and murdered them one by one. thank you to exquisite David White for research assistance ReferencesCapital Wire Service. 1959. "Two Itinerant Laborers Held for Murder Quiz." Topeka Daily Capital, November 20.Capote, Truman. 1965. "In Cold Blood." The New Yorker, September 25.Cowan, Carole. 2005. "Persons Unknown." New York Times, Jan 23: F6.Garden City Telegram. 1965. "Last Words Attack Capital Punishment." Garden City Telegram, April 14: 1.Gonsalves, Antone. 1984. "25 years later, 'In Cold Blood' murders still haunt." United Press International, November 11.Greer, Bob. 1959. "Clutter Family Murders." Garden City Telegram, November 16: 1.Hegeman, Roxana. 2009. "The Stains of In Cold Blood Still Fresh 50 Years Later." Guelph Mercury, November 10.Hickock, Richard. 1960. "Spectre of Noose Haunts Prisoner." Topeka Daily Capital, March 25.Kalbfleisch, Gay. 1959. "Empty Shell Cases, Fatal Shot Found." Topeka Daily Capital, November 19: 1.Keglovitts, Sally J. 2004. "In Cold Blood Revisited: A Look Back at an American." Federal Probation: A Journal of Correctional Philosophy and Practice 68 (1).Kull, Ron. 1960. "Crime Plans Listed." Topeka Daily Capital, 03 24: 1.—. 1960. "'They'll Both Get the Rope'." Topeka State Journal, March 23: 1.—. 1960. "'Wells Was to Get Cut,' Says Hickock." Topeka State Journal, March 26.McAvoy, Gary. 2019. And Every Word is True. Bremerton, WA: Literati Editions.New York Times. 1959. "Wealthy Farmer, 3 of Family Slain." New York Times, November 16: 39.State Journal News Services. 1960. "Jury Tours Clutter Farm; Death Asked." Topeka State Journal, March 23.State of Kansas vs. Hickock & Smith. 1961. 363 P.2d 541 (Supreme Court of Kansas, July 8).Time Magazine. 1960. "Kansas: The Killers." Time Magazine, January 18.Topeka State Journal. 1965. "Clutter Case Reporter Finds Relief in End of Long Story." Topeka State Journal, April 14: 1.United Press International. 1959. "Fear, Grief Follow Murder Shock." Topeka Daily Capital, November 16: 1.See Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at
89:09 2/1/23
Wondery Presents: Frozen Head
Hosted by Ash Kelley and Alaina Urquhart from the hit show Morbid.When 90-year-old Laurence Pilgeram drops dead on the sidewalk outside his condo, you might think that’s the end of his story. But, really, it’s just the beginning. Because Laurence and others like him have signed up to be frozen and brought back to life in the future. And that belief will pull multiple generations of the Pilgeram family into a cryonics soap opera filled with dead pets, gold coins, grenades, fist fights, mysterious packages, family feuds, Hall of Fame baseball legends, and frozen heads — lots of frozen heads. From Wondery, comes a story about life, death, and what comes next.Follow Frozen Head on Amazon Music or wherever you get your podcasts. Binge early and ad-free by subscribing to Wondery+ in Apple Podcasts or the WonderyApp.  Listen to Frozen Head: Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at
03:49 1/31/23
Episode 424: The Horrifying Crimes of Dellen Millard and Mark Smich
Dellen Millard and Mark Smich are two of the world's biggest fuck boys, and unfortunately cold-blooded killers. Dellen, better known as "Dell", had everything in his life served to him on a silver platter and never bothered to finish much of anything. Mark Smich lived a life carrying out petty thefts and selling single cigarettes outside of a high school he no longer went to. The two of these assholes crossed paths due to some catastrophe in the stars and decided that they wanted to steal a truck. Their plan of doing so would lead to murder and an investigation that would uncover several other mysterious deaths.Thank you to the vivacious David White for research assistanceReferencesAlamenciak, Tim. 2013. "Shocking Twist in Kidnap Mystery." Toronto Star, May 12.BBC News. 2018. Dellen Millard killed father as he slept and inherited millions. September 24. Accessed January 4, 2023., Ann. 2016. Dark Ambition: The Shocking Crime of Dellen Millard & Mark Smich. Toronto, ON: Viking.Casey, Liam. 2019. "Serial killer Dellen Millard appeals conviction and sentence for father's murder." CBC News, January 22.—. 2018. "Wayne Millard Was 'Very Happy' in the Weeks Before His Death, Trial Hears." Globe and Mail, June 18.Clairmont, Susan. 2013. "Police Probe Millard Links to Other Cases." Guelph Mercury, May 18.—. 2022. "Killers Could Get Earlier Parole Eligibility." The Spectator, November 26.—. 2013. "Smich Cowers in Court Before Justice of Peace." The Spectator, May 24.Crib Foreign, Robert, Liam Casey, and Jennifer Pagliaro. 2013. "Jailhouse Interview: Dellen Millard Says He Didn't Kill Tim." London Community News, December 2013.Hayes, Molly. 2013. "Tim Bosma was a 'Hard-Working Country Boy'." Guelph Mercury, May 15.—. 2013. "Search Extends to Waterloo Farm." The Spectator, May 14.—. 2013. "Timothy Bosma Put His Pickup Truck Up for Sale on Two Different Website." The Spectator, May 9.Leitner, Richard. 2013. "Bosma Suspect's 'Ambition' Tattoo Unique: Police." Flamborough Review, May 10.London Community News. 2013. "Have You Seen Tim Bosma?" London Community News, May 8.Magi, Kim. 2013. "Tim Bosma Search: Police Arrest Man in Mississauga." Mississauga News, May 11.Metroland Media. 2013. "'I Am Broken Because Part of Me is Gone'." Brant News, May 15.Peterborough Examiner. 2018. "Courtroom Erupts with Cheers after Millard, Smich Sentenced for Babcock Murder." Peterborough Examiner, February 26.See Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at
89:41 1/30/23
Episode 423: Listener Tales 66
Listener Tales 66!!! It's like route 66 but completely different. This installment of Listener Tales includes a tale about those hellacious 2016 killer clowns, a grandmother reincarnated into a little brother, a FUCKING wild tale of a flesh pedestrian making their presence known to several campers and so much more!! You guys are the cats meow and we are so obsessed with you!!! If you've got a listener tale please send it in to with "Listener Tale" somewhere in the subject line.See Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at
84:23 1/27/23
Episode 422: The Murders of Billy Payne & Billie Jean Hayworth
The murders of Billy Payne and Billie Jean Hayworth were incredibly senseless. The case would end up being dubbed "The Facebook Murders" because of an ongoing feud between the victims and a woman named Jenelle Potter who had moved to their small town years earlier. Strangely enough, all three had been part of the same friend group at one time, but unreciprocated romantic feelings would tear the friend group apart. The case would involve catfishing, manipulation, Facebook.... and even the CIA.Thank you to the astounding David White for research assistance ReferencesDiaz, Joseph, and Alexa Valiente. 2015. "How a Social Media Feud Led to the Murder of a Young Tennessee Couple." ABC News, October 9.Ghianni, Tim. 2012. "Handguns Found at Home of 'Facebook' Murder Suspect." Fort McMurray Today, February 15.Lee, Murry, Ashley Sharp, and Slater Teague. 2021. Daughter, mother convicted in ‘Facebook murders’ case asking for new trials. July 12. Accessed December 23, 2022., Gayle. 2016. "Tricked Into Murder: Obsession, CIA Conspiracies and Shocking Killings." The Sun, September 4.Sharp, Ashley. 2021. Attorneys respond to ‘guilty’ plea, reduced sentence of Barbara Potter in 2012 ‘Facebook Murders’. November 11. Accessed December 26, 2022. of Tennessee v. Barbara Mae Potter. 2018. E2015-02262-CCA-R3-CD (Court of Criminal Appeals of Tennessee at Knoxville, September 26).State of Tennessee v. Marvin E. Potter. 2016. E2015-00013-CCA-R3-CD (Court of Criminal Appeals of Tennessee at Knoxville, March 8).Thompson, John. 2012. "Slaying Suspect's Daughter Interviewed ." Knoxville News Sentinel, February 10.See Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at
95:01 1/25/23
Episode 421: The Torture & Murder of Cordell Richards
On March 4th, 1999 the body of Cordell Richards was found in Fort Walton Beach, Florida. The man had been absolutely brutalized. He was tied to a tree, beaten, burned, and had his throat cut. The medical examiner notices something strange though; he found maggots present at the scene but some of them had been charred. This meant that the man had likely been burned after his body had already begun decomposing. Why would the killer(s) come back after the fact? And better yet, who had done this to the 31 year old father of two?Thank you to the lovely David White for research assistance! References:Associated Press. 1999. "Teens charged with veteran's death." Lakeland Ledger, March 19.—. 2000. "Teen emotional as lawyer describes scene of slaying." Ocala Star-Banner, February 16.—. 2000. "Video shows suspects returning cleaver." Ocala Star-Banner, March 18.—. 2002. "Court reverses death sentence." Sarasota Herald Tribune, November 8: 7B.—. 2000. "Girl, 17, convicted in killing." Sarasota Herald-Tribune, February 18: W6.Gainsville Sun. 1999. "Accessory to murder charges are dropped." Gainsville Sun, September 23: 1.—. 2000. "Son of minister gets death sentence." Gainsville Sun, May 17.Hawkins, Erik. 2020. Florida Teen Trio Torture, Bludgeon And Immolate Man Chained To A Tree. February 27. Accessed December 6, 2022.,with%20his%20wrists%20also%20bound.Kristel Rose Maestas v. State of Florida. 2021. 1D19-1767 (First District Court of Appeal, State of Florida, April 20).2003. New Detectives: Case Studies in Forensic Science. Directed by Bertrand Morin. Produced by New Dominion Pictures. Performed by New Dominion Pictures.Ronald Lee Bell, Jr. v. State of Florida. 2002. SC00-1185 (Supreme Court of Florida, November 7).See Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at
63:22 1/23/23
Episode 420: Listener Tales 65
Listener Tales 65 is brought to you SAY IT WITH you, for you, from you and all about YOU! This installment has a new fun(?) theme of NASTY NEIGHBORS. We've got tales of neighbors showing up unannounced to drop their kids off without prior plans to do so, neighbors breaking into your apartment, and neighbors punching your houseguests in the face! It's a wild ride.See Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at
64:11 1/20/23
Episode 419: The Unbelievable Survival Tale of Juliane Koepcke
Juliane Koepcke's story will have you questioning any recent complaint you've made. This woman was the sole survivor of a plane crash in 1971. After the plane went down, she continued to survive in the AMAZON RAINFOREST among hundreds and hundreds of predators. It took 11 days for her to be rescued and when you hear what Julianne faced within those 11 days, you will be a changed human.When I Fell From the Sky by Juliane KoepckeList of books to help with fear of flying OR just education on flying and flying mechanics! Cockpit Confidential by Patrick SmithSoar by Tom BunnBBC. 2012. Juliane Koepcke: How I survived a plane crash. March 24. Accessed November 30, 2022. Wings of Hope. Directed by Werner Herzog. Performed by Juliane Koepcke.Koepcke, Juliane, and Beate Rygiert. 2011. When I Fell From the Sky: the True Story of One Woman's Miraculous Survival. Translated by Ross Benjamin. Green Bay, WI: TitleTown Publishing, LLC.New York Times. 1951. "Colombia Plane Crashes: 27 killed when Lansa Craft Falls." New York Times, March 22: 13.—. 1970. "Peru panel studies crash fatal to 99." New York Times, April 13: 2.—. 1971. "Plane Carrying 93 Missing Over the Mountains of Peru." New York Times, December 25: 20.United Press. 1948. "2 Britons Among 30 Dead In Colombian Air Crash." New York Times, December 16: 16.Wigg, Richard. 1972. "Girl's ordeal starts a jungle search." The Times, January 6: 5.Williams, Sally. 2012. "The woman who fell to earth." Daily Telegraph, March 17.See Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at
95:50 1/18/23
Episode 418: The Murders of Julie Crocker & Paula Menendez
In February 2007 Christopher Little came home to find a stranger hanging from the rafters in his garage. Things only got worse when he entered his home and found his estranged wife Julie Crocker savagely murdered in their bedroom. Luckily their two young children, who were also in the home, were left unharmed. But who was this stranger in the garage? Had she done this to Julie and then become so distraught afterward that she ended her own life? Chris wasn't sure who she was, but when he was told that the woman was Paula Menendez, ex-wife of Julie's new boyfriend he was pretty sure that was the case. The only problem was that detectives weren't so confident in Chris's assumption and felt like there was something very off about his entire story.See Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at
66:56 1/16/23
Episode 417: Listener Tales 64
Listener Tales 64 is, of course, a beautiful array of tales sent in by you beautiful beasts. We can't say enough how much we love reading these and connecting with you on a more personal level when we get to do these eps! This installment features a life-saving badass cat, a ghost missing a stomach, and the potential unsolved murder of one of our listener's best friends. If you have a listener tale please send it to with "Listener Tale" somewhere in the subject line!See Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at
52:47 1/13/23
Episode 416: Theodore Durrant "The Demon in the Belfry" Part 2
Part two of Theodore Durrant is here and we start off with Blanche Lamont's body being discovered. When you hear the difference between the state of Blanche's body in comparison to Minnie's you will be absolutely baffled. But have no fear, Alaina shares with us a theory as to why both bodies were found in such different states. We then go through the trial and find out whether Theo will pay for these crimes with his life, or get off scot-free.Daily Inter Ocean. 1895. "Another Body Found." Daily Inter Ocean, April 15.Dowd, Katie. 2016. "The tale of the 'Demon of the Belfry,' San Francisco's forgotten Jack the Ripper." SF Gate, October 31.McConnell, Virginia. 2001. Sympathy for the devil: the Emmanuel Baptist murders of old San Francisco. Westport, Conn: Praeger.New York Times. 1897. "Durrant Breaking Down." New York Times, October 18: 5.—. 1895. "Durrant is Found Guilty." New York Times, November 2: 1.—. 1898. "Durrant is Put to Death." New York Times, January 8.—. 1895. "Lunatic Tries to Kill Durrant." New York Times, August 6: 1.Peixotto, Edgar. 1899. Report of the trial of William Henry Theodore Durrant. Detroit, Michigan: The Collector Publishing Company.San Francisco Caller. 1895. "Clews Still Lead to Theodore Durrant ." San Francisco Caller, April 18.The Daily Picayune. 1895. "A San Francisco Jack the Ripper." The Daily Picayune, April 15.The Morning Oregonian. 1895. "Mysteriously Missing." April 10: 3.The Sunday Inter Ocean. 1895. "Murdered in a church." The Sunday Inter Ocean, April 14: 5.The Sunday Oregonian. 1895. "In a Pastor's Study." The Sunday Oregonian, April 14: 6.See Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at
55:08 1/11/23