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Secrets to Win Big With Arjun Sen

Winning is fun but WINNING BIG results in success that is sustained. Brands who WIN BIG have three secrets: They have VISIBLE Leaders who lead from the front, UNIQUE customer experience that is different, delivered consistently and evolves over time and AUTHENTIC brand stories that connect emotionally.These are universal secrets to win big in business, in career and also in sports.Tune in to listen to stories from leaders from all walks in life to put you on the path to winning big.


S06E13: The Business of Happiness with VIP Guest Sree Sreenath 52:33 05/26/2022
S06E12: Connecting to Make a Difference with VIP Guest Jaspreet Randhawa 44:14 05/12/2022
S06E11: Service DNA with VIP Guest Ken Calwell 71:54 04/28/2022
S06E10: Energy of Engagement with VIP Guest Bob Eury 50:31 04/14/2022
S06E09: Who is in Your Trust Circle? 28:02 04/07/2022
S06E08: Branding That Delights with VIP Guest Swapan Seth 32:46 03/10/2022
S06E07: Vision to Win with VIP Guest Dr. Sunil Gupta 22:19 03/03/2022
S06E06: The Mindset of Always Learning with VIP Guest Divya Shukla 30:57 02/10/2022
S06E05: How to be a 10X Game Changer with VIP Guest Rishon Blumberg 30:22 02/03/2022
S06E04: Be Resilient with VIP Guest Susan Lintonsmith 43:01 01/27/2022
S06E03: Enjoy Every Guest Interaction with VIP Guest Greg Graber 21:03 01/20/2022
S06E02: Find Greater Joy with VIP Guest David Williams 39:28 01/13/2022
S06E01: Commitment to Create a Better Value with VIP Guest Rob O'Brien 44:31 01/06/2022
S05E18: Focus on Entirety with VIP Guest Kyle Smith 28:57 12/30/2021
S05E17: Never Give Up with VIP Guest Orianne Collins 59:35 12/23/2021
S05E16: "We" Achieved, Not "I" Achieved with VIP Guest Nigel Travis 28:03 12/16/2021
S05E15: How Leaders Orchestrate Success with VIP Guest Hugh Ballou 50:07 12/09/2021
S05E14: The Secret to Unicorn Startups with VIP Guest Monishi Sanyal 35:52 11/11/2021
S05E13: Healthcare Disrupted with VIP Guest Indrajit Choudhuri 47:23 10/21/2021
S05E12: Purposeful Growth Revolution with VIP Guest Mark Mears 42:07 10/14/2021
S05E11: The Power of Employee Ownership with VIP Guest Patti Plough 33:36 10/07/2021
S05E10: Do the Right Thing Right with VIP Guest George Brunt 33:46 09/30/2021
S05E09: The Care Culture with VIP Guest Evan Dash 34:34 09/23/2021
S05E08: Reward for Service is Money with VIP Guest Lisa Lieberman-Wang 37:52 09/09/2021
S05E07: Live Stronger with Active Hope with VIP Guest Randy Ross 44:56 09/02/2021
S05E06: Live to Make Tomorrow Better with VIP Guest Dick Celeste 57:10 08/26/2021
S05E05: Data Driven, Community Strong with VIP Guest Charlie Cole 45:30 08/19/2021
S05E04: Born Happy, Live Happy with VIP Guest Jeff Crilley 48:59 08/12/2021
S05E03: Reflecting on 100 Episodes with a Special Host 44:38 08/05/2021
S05E02: Bringing Joy to Franchisees with VIP Guest Katrina Mitchell 31:24 07/29/2021