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Secrets to Win Big With Arjun Sen

Winning is fun but WINNING BIG results in success that is sustained. Brands who WIN BIG have three secrets: They have VISIBLE Leaders who lead from the front, UNIQUE customer experience that is different, delivered consistently and evolves over time and AUTHENTIC brand stories that connect emotionally.These are universal secrets to win big in business, in career and also in sports.Tune in to listen to stories from leaders from all walks in life to put you on the path to winning big.


S04E010: Highlight REAL: How to Win at Being YOU! 29:39 05/06/2021
S04E09: Perfectly Imperfect: The Power & Persuasion of Your Personal Brand 25:14 05/04/2021
S04E08: No Fear: Defend & Build Your Brand 26:46 04/29/2021
S04E07: Is Social Impact the Currency of the Future? 53:34 04/22/2021
S04E06: Take Your Brand to the Intersection of More Profits, More Fun, More Impact 43:01 04/20/2021
S04E005: Tell Your Brand Story Like It’s Your First Date with VIP guest Janet Machuka 38:31 04/15/2021
S04E04: Unstuck: Get your sales pipeline flowing again with VIP guest Barry Moltz 32:04 04/14/2021
S04E03: Breaking the Mold: Gain Confidence, Curiosity and Creativity with VIP guest Ramon Ray 46:57 04/08/2021
S04E02: Predictable Profits: Where the Rubber Hits the Road with VIP guest Charles Gaudet 49:54 04/06/2021
S04E01: The Journey of Clean Design: A Healthier Way to Live with VIP guest Robin Wilson 53:27 04/01/2021
S03E26: Hospitality is All About Not Saying "No" with VIP Guest Yannis Moati 44:33 03/31/2021
S03E25: Win the Start-up Battle with VIP Guest Bhaskar Majumdar 48:56 03/31/2021
S03E24: Find Something You're Excited About with VIP Guest Cristina DiGiacomo 40:58 03/31/2021
S03E23: Find, Be, Share Joy with VIP Guest Sheryl Lynn 40:40 03/30/2021
S03E22: Drive with Curiosity with VIP Guest Graham Arrowsmith & Kevin Appleby 53:57 03/25/2021
S03E21: Be Big, Live Big, Lead Big with VIP Guest Kimberly Roush 45:48 03/23/2021
S03E20: Listen with Purpose and Intention with VIP Guest Mike Skrypnek 35:22 03/18/2021
S03E19: The Power of Multiplication with VIP Guest Steve Lishansky 36:44 03/16/2021
S03E18: Marketing Guys: What Makes Them Click with VIP Guest Elias Crum & Mark van Horik 57:43 03/11/2021
S03E17: No Retreat. Build Forward. with VIP Guest Michael Haith 37:48 03/09/2021
S03E16: Lead Your Team to the Peak with VIP Guest Mike Speck 46:31 03/05/2021
S03E15: Mastery Under Pressure with VIP Guest Tina Greenbaum 43:08 03/04/2021
S03E14: Connect Emotionally with Customers with VIP Guest Teresa Muehlenkamp 29:33 03/03/2021
S03E13: Embrace Change with Excitement with VIP Guest Dwight Holcomb 44:46 03/02/2021
S03E12: What’s Your ROI (Return On Image)? with VIP Guest Sheila Anderson 30:49 02/22/2021
S03E11: Always Put the Customer at the Center with VIP Guest Gaurav Aggarwal 48:25 02/22/2021
S03E10: Believe Then, Believe Now with VIP Guest Randy Miller 25:21 02/19/2021
S03E09: Rejection is Not a Stop Sign with VIP Guest Bob Miglani 46:38 02/18/2021
S03E08: Show Brand Love with VIP Guest Adam Fox 36:46 02/16/2021
S03E07: Feel Lifetime Pride in What You Do with VIP Guest Derek Gaskins 54:01 02/11/2021