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Venture into the elusive world of intelligence collection and espionage to spot, assess and debrief: spies, handlers, catchers, analysts, cut-outs, dangles, diplomats, security experts and occasionally the storytellers who bring them all to life. Check your electronics and subscribe, do a thorough surveillance detection route, find your Live Drop location, and after a mad-minute introduction, listen in on conversations with our fascinating guests who illuminate a complex universe. A HUMINT experiment with host Mark Valley. Get bonus content on Patreon See for privacy and opt-out information.


Daniel Levin Negotiates Hostage Release and Mediates Armed Conflict in the Middle East 58:24 10/15/2021
Todd Bensman Surveys the Southern Border and the Convoluted Path of Human Trafficking 53:09 10/08/2021
Toby Harnden Guides Us Back Into Afghanistan With CIA's Team Alpha, ODA 595, and the Northern Alliance with his new book: FIRST CASUALTY 45:13 10/01/2021
A Moscow Station Conversation with John Sipher who Shares the Secret to a Good Spy Story 56:10 10/19/2020
Author and former refugee, Kao Kalia Yang Reveals the Life, Loss, and Hmong Legacy of the Secret War in Laos 47:41 10/13/2020
Author Jonathan Dyer Switches Back to his Time on Teufelsberg as an Army Intercept Operator with Field Station Berlin 36:50 10/01/2020
International Security Risk Specialist Mike Croll Starts a New Conversation about Safety, Security and Risk 76:10 09/22/2020
Berlin Photographer Dan Kane and That Time the Stasi Made it Weird on the Way to Rostock 48:46 09/14/2020
Unraveling the Portland Spy Ring with Dead Doubles author Trevor Barnes 59:13 09/04/2020
Global Health Supply Chain is Having a Moment - A Covid Conversation with Expert Maeve Magner 33:51 08/07/2020
Former CIA Analyst Cindy Otis Reveals How to Spot Fake News in a Crowded Feed 44:17 07/24/2020
Norman Ohler’s The Bohemians Reveals a Spy Ring the Nazis Didn’t Want us to Remember 31:16 07/17/2020
A Profile of Life in Beirut and Lebanon's History of Unrest with Middle East Historian Emily Whalen 50:39 06/20/2020
Author Jessica Pearce Rotondi Searches the Secret War in Laos for Answers to a Family Mystery 31:49 06/12/2020
Mossad Sends In The Good Assassin to Catch The Butcher of Latvia with Author Stephan Talty 24:52 05/31/2020
Chernobyl Nuclear Disaster Veteran Dr. Sergei Belyakov Liquidates an Unseen Enemy 52:25 05/23/2020
Dissecting the Anatomy of a Spy For Intent and Motivation with Author Michael Smith 44:29 05/15/2020
Special Forces Author James Stejskal Stays Behind in Berlin with an Unconventional Unit 47:12 05/08/2020
Federal Investigator Fred Burton Presents the Beirut Rules And The Hunt for Hezbollah 46:04 05/01/2020
US Marine and Special Agent Cody Perron Reveals the Diplomatic Security Service 43:22 04/22/2020
Shoulder Surfing in Hong Kong with Security Consultant Ilya Umanskiy 59:54 04/08/2020
Air America Pilot Neil Hansen Drops Some Hard Rice on the CIA's Secret War in Laos 68:00 03/25/2020
Former CIA & FBI Tracy Walder Shares an Unexpected Journey from Sorority Girl to Spy to Spyhunter to Educator 30:53 03/11/2020
Stephen Vogel Digs Into Cold War Berlin and Taps Into British Spy George Blake 35:25 02/29/2020
Canadian Author and Journalist Joyce Wayne Rolls Up the Soviets and Local Members of the Cold War’s Ottawa Spy Ring 57:28 02/07/2020
Polish Solidarity Operative Witold Radwanski Reveals the Golden Rule of Konspiracja 58:17 01/24/2020
High Stakes Poker Player Joe Rivers Reveals How to Avoid Being Shaken or Stirred. 34:44 07/10/2019
Dave Rupert American Trucker, Traveler, and British Spy Who Brought Down the Real IRA 58:33 07/03/2019
Irish Writer and Journalist Sean O’Driscoll Found an Accidental Spy in the IRA 59:04 06/26/2019
Former US Army Intelligence Analyst Stephen Hoyt and Tour NCO Thomas Favia share the US Military Liaison Mission in Theory and Practice 64:22 05/10/2019