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This Podcast is going to be about Pediatric Cancer and the need to keep the awareness of this terrible disease in the public eye. My plan is to be able to interview a wide spectrum of people who all have a passion and a stake in finding a way to make the lives of these Pediatric Cancer Patients easier. I will interview oncologists, nurses, recovered patients, parents who have had to oversee their children's cancer fight, heads of Pediatric Cancer Foundations and Organizations , and others who would like to use this forum to advocate for these children.


Melissa Scott will discuss the Pediatric Cancer Non Profit COOL KIDS CAMPAIGN, and the support it has received from Board Members and former star athletes Ken Singleton and Dan Jansen, as well as form 38:15 11/22/2021
Nancy Goodman will talk about her Non Profit KIDS V CANCER, which she started just 1 day after her son Jacob passed away from Medulloblastoma in 2009. Nancy will also speak about her successful initia 49:06 11/18/2021
Cole Stabnick and Luke Reynolds will discuss an event which they started as High School seniors, to honor a classmate who was diagnosed with Non Hodgkins Lymphoma. This idea eventually became a very s 50:10 11/15/2021
Emily Hein will talk about her advocacy work over the past year for the cause of Pediatric Cancer. A long time volunteer for different causes, Emily decided to concentrate solely on helping these kids 45:03 11/11/2021
Jayne Vinson will talk about her grandson Jayden's shocking diagnosis of colon cancer at the age of 11, and his passing away from it at the age of 13 in July of this year. 42:34 11/08/2021
Dr. Tabitha Cooney will talk about her roles as a Pediatric Neurooncologist and as the Director of the Pediatric Neuro Oncology Survivorship Program at the Dana Farber Cancer Institute in Boston. 50:31 11/04/2021
Jenna Brown will talk about her daughter Sydney's diagnosis of Neuroblastoma in the spring of 2020 of which she is now in remission, and her non profit LOVE SMILES, which Jenna created in honor of Sy 47:30 11/01/2021
Regina Karchner had to wait 2 years, from ages 14 to 16 to get a correct diagnosis of a Pedi atric Brain Tumor. Thankfully Regina fully recovered and is now the West Region Social Work 52:28 10/28/2021
Derek Zinser will talk about how the passing of his father in January of 2009 motivated him to become and advocate in Pediatric Cancer, beginning with his Mascots For a Cure Non Profit, and now with h 37:29 10/25/2021
Lauren Bendesky will talk about her diagnosis and recovery from Stage 4 Neuroblastoma, her role with the St. Baldrick's Foundation, and her career plans involving Oncology as she is now a Medical Stud 48:51 10/21/2021
Bonnie Collins will talk about her daughter Maya who passed away from Acute Myeloid Leukemia in 2017 at the age of 14, and both the non profit and for profit ventures that were started with her belove 57:50 10/18/2021
Elaine Kay will talk about her son James and his successful battle against a rare Pediatric Cancer as well as discussing her role as the Director of the Rally Nashville Foundation 46:07 10/13/2021
Joe Bullock will talk about his Colon Cancer diagnosis at the age of 50 and how he is now helping children, adolescents, and their families deal with this same form of cancer, which is very rare for p 52:23 10/12/2021
Meredith Gaffney will talk about her role as a sibling to her younger sister Madeline, who fought a successful battle with Chronic Myelogenous Leukemia in 2009. 46:03 10/07/2021
Olivia Tomoff, whose brother Ryan has been through 5 cancer battles and whose mother Terri was a guest on this show, will talk about her role as a sibling as Ryan's cancer fights began when she was 4 56:52 10/04/2021
Mary Ann Massolio will talk about her son Jay who passed away at the age of 9 from Non Hodgkins Lymphoma, and will talk about the 1 Voice Academy, the first school in the nation to be designed and ope 61:11 09/30/2021
Dr. Shani Fox will talk about leaving a successful position in the business world to concentrate on her real passion, which turned out to be as a Cancer Survivorship Expert, and a Life Mastery Coach. 52:14 09/27/2021
Kelly Goddard will talk about her daughter Riley's successful fight against the Brain Cancer Glioblastoma, which normally does not happen to 10 month old infants, and her role as the Health Navigator 42:59 09/23/2021
On today's Podcast, the amazing Ali Hornung will talk about all that she has accomplished in the fight against Pediatric Cancer, and she is just entering her senior year in college. 41:59 09/20/2021
Sarah Milberg will talk about her roles as the Co Chair of the Alliance For Childhood Cancer and as the Director of Government Relations for the St.Baldrick's Foundation. 46:29 09/16/2021
Gretchen Witt will talk about the passing of her son Liam from Neuroblastoma in 2011 and the non profit Cookies For Kids Cancer that she and her husband Larry started in 2008. 56:37 09/13/2021
Terri Tomoff will talk about her son Ryan's 5 cancer battles, which began when he was diagnosed with leukemia as a 2 year old in 1996. Now 25 years after his original pediatric cancer diagnosis, Ryan 57:57 09/09/2021
Rachel McCallum survived a battle with brain cancer when she was in kindergarten, and will talk about the many difficulties that she has had in the past 28 years, trying to negotiate the difficult pat 49:52 09/06/2021
Tamara Miles who lives in Sydney Australia, will talk about her son Bryson who is 5 years removed from his diagnosis of Medulloblastoma, and her son Ryder who is 3 1/2 years old, and has already under 51:38 08/30/2021
13 Year old Sadie Keller will talk about her amazing advocacy role in the fight against Pediatric Cancer beginning with her diagnosis of Leukemia when she was 7 years old. Sadie is a true icon in the 37:37 08/26/2021
Ricardo Garcia is the co founder of the Biotech Company called Oncoheroes Biosciences. This company focuses exclusively on coming up with brand new drugs to help modernize treatments for Pediatric Can 51:55 08/23/2021
Tatum Fettig will talk about her daughter Teagan's battle with Medulloblastoma and her ongoing recovery, as well as discussing the first nationwide non profit APP that helps parents of pediatric canc 55:41 08/19/2021
Beth Serafin will talk about her daughter Heather who passed away from The Pediatric Brain Cancer DIPG at the age of 17 in 2015, and the legacy and inspiration that she left to everyone who had the pl 56:47 08/16/2021
Debbie Wagers will talk about her career as a Child Life Specialist, including 1 major innovation that she started and one that she collaborated on, that are now staples in many hospitals in the Unite 54:22 08/12/2021
Arianna and Nicole Raso are first cousins and have both battled Pediatric Cancer. They will talk about what they have been through and how they have "given back" to others in today's podcast. 37:38 08/09/2021