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Sales Success Stories

What are the best sales professionals doing to get to the top? In the Sales Success Stories podcast, Scott Ingram interviews and deconstructs world class sales performers to uncover their favorite sales books, habits, routines, strategies and tips. These salespeople are the A+ players among A players. If you’re in B2B Sales, Enterprise Sales, SAAS Sales, selling professional services, serving as an account manager or otherwise interested in revenue growth there’s something for you in these conversations. While created primarily for the individual contributor regardless of where they are in their sales career there’s probably some value in here for you if you’re a sales manager, sales leader or otherwise involved in revenue management, leadership or strategy. Learn more at


128: Gartner's Angie Donato - An Intentional Leader 56:04 09/21/2021
Funny Sales Tips Bonus 16:50 09/14/2021
127: If You Want to Be Good at Sales, You Need to Also Be a Good Person with EPI-USE Labs’ Pascal Kaldenbach 97:12 09/07/2021
2021 Sales Success Summit Preview 06:07 08/31/2021
126: Attentive's Jenn Zhou is a Long Term Optimist and a Short Term Pessimist 66:16 08/24/2021
A True Champion of Women in Sales - Women Sales Pros’ Lori Richardson 36:27 08/17/2021
Everest Summit Challenge 06:58 08/11/2021
125: Disconnecting from Outcomes and Doing the Work with Workstream’s Chris Horton 92:32 08/10/2021
Visibility, Control & Closing Deals with Proposify’s Conor Cox 22:59 08/03/2021
124: The Greatest SDR Story of All-Time - Patrick Joyce 147:25 07/27/2021
Get UNCrushed: Mental Health and Sobriety in Sales with Tim Clarke 40:11 07/20/2021
123: Curiosity, Persistence and 100% Ownership with Rachel Shi 73:21 07/13/2021
The ABP's of Gifting in Sales - Nina Butler 32:41 07/06/2021
122: A Consultative Approach to Sales with Driver Studios’ Derek Sentner 80:10 06/29/2021
Writing Your Next Chapter - Leila Mozaffarian 26:47 06/22/2021
121: Believe Big with Multiverse’s George Mann 88:51 06/15/2021
$13.4M ARR in 5 Months! Becoming a World Class Sales Athlete with LivePerson’s Brandon Fluharty 75:25 06/08/2021
120: Sid Nazareth on Sales Success through Curiosity, Support Networks & Giving 107:02 06/01/2021
Navigating a Seller's Market - Amy Volas 51:35 05/25/2021
119: Winning as an Intentional Individual Contributor with Kevin Piket of Ascend Technologies 89:12 05/18/2021
Demystifying the 10K for Sales Professionals - Evan Kelsay 27:07 05/11/2021
118: Jheryn Kenney: From Pink Cadillac to #1 at LinkedIn Sales Solutions 73:33 05/04/2021
The Prospecting Checklist and Advanced Multi Channel Prospecting - Vincent Matano 24:10 04/27/2021
117: Playing the Long Game as an SDR with Qayam Noorani of Klue 79:27 04/20/2021
Maximizing Your Commission Per Hour Worked - Matt Du Pont 32:31 04/13/2021
116: Mentorship in Sales with Zscaler’s Alex Whyte 104:41 04/06/2021
The NEW Sales Tech Podcast 24:22 03/30/2021
Episode 115: Irfan Jafar - A Top VMware Sales Specialist on Building a Disciplined Lifestyle 112:36 03/23/2021
Team Selling, Visual Dartboarding and Winning at Enterprise Scale - Lisa Palmer 72:05 03/16/2021
114: Turning Your Mentality into Your Reality with Constantine Johns 120:40 03/09/2021