Show cover of The Tami North Show: Design a Life & Career you LOVE!

The Tami North Show: Design a Life & Career you LOVE!

The purpose of The Tami North Show is to help Introverted women working within large organizations, rise to senior leadership -- WITHOUT networking. Introverted Women leading within large organizations who want to perform with authenticity, at the senior executive level, have found their community!


The power of collaboration to get BIG things done 15:20 10/25/2021
STOP Recycling Your Life and Expect a New Outcome 20:55 10/17/2021
5 Ways Successful Women Reduce Friction in Their Life 24:41 09/07/2021
Solve Your Worst Decision Paralysis in 5 Steps 25:29 07/26/2021
10 steps to exude more confidence in life 22:49 07/12/2021
How To Best Deal When the Weight of Responsibility Crushes You 19:26 07/06/2021
Try this Hack to Rock Your Zoom Interview 19:50 06/28/2021
The biggest career mistake you can make: Tell Yourself No 19:17 06/21/2021
How You Might Fail Before You Start 23:19 03/01/2021
10 Ways a Career Coach Will Supercharge Your Path 18:28 02/22/2021
The #1 Way You Block Your Best Life 21:14 02/16/2021
Corporate Stockholm Syndrome and Toxic Leadership 36:07 02/08/2021
Childhood Adversity Drives Many High Achievers 35:23 02/01/2021
Organize Your Closet to Get Promoted 21:59 01/25/2021
Self Care for High Achievers 24:55 01/19/2021
Transform Your Life in 2021 25:48 01/04/2021
You are the Gift. Why you must share your talents with the world. 19:38 12/21/2020
No Phone at Work? Manage Tasks Like a Boss Anyway 32:59 12/14/2020
Opportunity is Knocking: Are your résumé and portfolio up to date? 27:48 12/08/2020
How you are losing control of your life and 5 steps to keep it from slipping out of your hands 28:45 11/30/2020
Something Worth Leaving Behind 15:29 11/25/2020
When You Make $100K and Hate Your Job 15:44 11/16/2020
"What If" Yourself to a Great Life 18:25 11/09/2020
6 Ways You Accidentally Choose Mediocrity 22:31 10/28/2020
Seize the Chance to Create a Better World in 2021 20:37 10/12/2020
Write a personal mission statement aligned to Virtues, Principles, and Your Values: 18:15 09/29/2020
When High Performing Women do Self Destructive Behaviors and how to get control 39:02 09/24/2020
Learning to Listen to YOU to Find Your BIG Idea 17:00 09/14/2020
Hate waking up? How to find more meaning in life 21:55 07/13/2020
What if you get everything you ever wanted? (Fear of success and self-sabotage) 24:42 07/06/2020