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Welcome to The Full Bodied Evolution Podcast for people who LOVE food and loathe Exercise! I’m Marnie Wynne your host and I am a certified Personal Trainer, Nutritional Advisor, Life Coach and chef. I am an anti diet, body positive mind and body transformation coach. I help food lovers and exercise loathers to build their dream healthy lifestyle and reach their health goals without faddy diets or fitness fads. This podcast is about making a life transformation, getting what you want for your health. I want to show you how you can start to build that dream lifestyle through changing your approach, your mindset, habits and behaviours. This is for anyone who is looking to create their best future self in a lasting and sustainable way. There is SO much more to achieving any health goal than just what you eat and how you exercise and in this podcast I am going to be exploring the relationship we have with ourselves, habits that are keeping us stuck in a health rut, why we hate exercise and how we can build a strong relationship with it. Learn to build an amazing relationship with food, fitness and most importantly, with yourself!


Ep 033: Healing Trauma and Changing Your Life With Michael Anthony 28:34 03/03/2021
Ep 032: Unapologetic Eating With Alissa Rumsey 53:13 02/24/2021
Ep 031: Getting Unstuck With Donna Liddle 30:27 02/17/2021
Ep 030: The Benefits Of An Alcohol Free Life With Aifric Edwards 37:36 02/10/2021
Ep 029: Building Your Bucket List Beyond Weight Loss 15:28 01/20/2021
Ep 028: How To Find The Right Form Of Movement For You 16:39 01/13/2021
Ep 027: How Being Organised Can Help or Hinder Your Progress 20:30 01/06/2021
Ep 026: The Dangerous New Year New You Diet Mindset 20:03 12/30/2020
Ep 025: How To Negotiate The Holiday Season 19:09 12/23/2020
Ep 024: Diets in Disguise 14:34 12/16/2020
Ep 023: How Diet Culture Turns You Against Your Body 18:56 12/09/2020
Ep 022: How To Find Your Motivation To Exercise 18:56 12/02/2020
Ep 021: Hormones And Our Health With Emily Barclay 54:00 11/25/2020
Ep 020: How Our Hormones Influence Our Weight Loss 23:13 11/18/2020
Ep 019: How To Work Out When You Don't Want To 19:38 11/11/2020
Ep 018: How To Make Healthy Decisions Easily 25:46 11/04/2020
Ep 017: Fear, Comfort Zones and Our Health Goals 17:16 10/28/2020
Ep 016: Why We Need Self Belief To Achieve Our Health Goals 19:11 10/21/2020
Ep 015: How To Set Powerful and Realistic Body Goals 20:00 10/14/2020
Ep 014: The Truth About Portion Control 24:10 10/07/2020
Ep 013: Why Building A Seasonal Strategy Is Important 19:20 09/30/2020
Ep 012: How To Build Your Weight Loss Strategy 22:11 09/23/2020
Ep 011: Don't Look For Motivation, Create It! 15:52 09/16/2020
Ep 010: Has Weight Loss Become Your Identity? 15:17 09/09/2020
Ep 009: Consistency and Flexibility 22:27 09/02/2020
Ep 008: How To Deal With Sabotage and Your Health Goals 18:17 08/26/2020
Ep 007: Awareness and Weight Loss 17:56 08/19/2020
Ep 006: The Truth About Accountability and Your Health Goals 12:37 08/12/2020
Ep 005: How Unmet Needs Impact Your Weight and Lifestyle 18:35 08/05/2020
Ep 004: Breaking The Diet Cycle and Enjoying Your Food Again 19:55 07/29/2020