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Listeners to Indiana Places and History will learn the fascinating history of many of the many of the places and events in Indiana. Archive episodes may be found at this link:Mossy Feet Books.


Road Trip Indiana - Lawrenceburg, Indiana
In this episode I will take you on a tour of the Dearborn County seat, Lawrenceburg, Indiana.Southeast Indiana Day Trips
09:31 10/04/2022
Road Trip to Indiana's First Coed College
In this episode of Indiana Places and History listeners will visit Carnegie Hall in Mooresville, Indiana, the site of a small college that later became Evansville College. From the BookSoutheast Indiana Day Trips
06:19 09/21/2022
Indiana Road Trip - George Rogers Clark Memorial
Indiana Road Trip - George Rogers Clark MemorialToday I am going to shift gears and travel to the southwestern Indiana, city, Vincennes where we will visit an important national memorial to George Rogers Clark. It was Clark's exploits during the early phases of the Revolutionary War that ensured that the vast territory now composed of Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Michigan and Wisconsin was added to the fledgling United States at the 1783 Treaty of Paris that ended America's struggle for independence.Based on the BookIndiana’s Timeless Tales - Pre-History to 1781
13:18 09/06/2022
Road Trip Indiana - Jeffersonville, Indiana
Road Trip Indiana - Jeffersonville, IndianaIn this podcast we visit three museums, a delightful candy store and learn about the Marquis de Lafayette's almost disastrous visit to Jeffersonville in 1824. After all that, you can take a wonderful hike across the Ohio River. 
19:07 08/31/2022
Road Trip Indiana - Clarksville, Indiana
Road Trip Indiana - Clarksville, IndianaGreetings, in this episode listeners will remain in Clark County as I talk about Clarkstown, Indiana. This one covers the George Rogers Home site, where Lewis and Clark launched their famous expedition, the Falls of the Ohio and two live theatres operating in Clarksville. Join me for another exciting road trip in southeastern Indiana. From the BookSoutheast Indiana Day Trips
08:53 08/22/2022
Road Trip Indiana - Charlestown, Indiana
Road Trip Indiana - Charlestown, IndianaThis podcast discusses day trips to Charlestown, Indiana which includes Nine Penny Nature Preserve and Charlestown State Park. Listeners can find this book, Southeast Indiana Day Trips, on my web site. 
06:32 08/16/2022