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Join Chris and Katie as these thirtysomething siblings journey through their childhood archive of cartridges, discs, and emulators to relive the cherished and challenging times of their video gaming youth and find out once and for all if the classics of the 80s and 90s game consoles hold up to a modern playthrough. From NES to PS2, Genesis to GameBoy, and even a PC game here and there, they’re reminiscing, replaying, and reviewing some of the all-time retro classics, and maybe a few all-time clunkers too.


Episode 40.7 - Final Fantasy VII Remake
Forty and three-quarters... a perfectly reasonable episode number, right? Really, if we're talking about "Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade INTERmission", I think 40.7 is quite appropriate! And who's that voice? That's not Host Chris! Well-spotted (heard), dear listener! That's Producer Kyle, dropping in to share some of his thoughts along with Host Katie on this special episode... so pull out your rotten fruits and veggies and get ready to review the backbencher in his debut starring appearance! We're talking FF7 Remake, from Cloud to Sephiroth to the epic dancin' Andrea, and everything in-between! We ramble (thanks Producer Kyle), we discuss shocking plot twists (thanks Host Katie), we fight houses (thanks battle arena), and generally speaking, we do that thing we do, and tell you everything that needs to be known about this newest-gen Game We Grew Up With! So sit back, relax, and enjoy this very special (decimal) episode!
64:41 09/09/2022
Episode 40 - Final Fantasy VII
It's here! It's here! 2 years later, and it's finally here! It's FINAL FANTASY VII DAY!!!! Rejoice, for it is a day of celebration across the entirety of the pizza. Err, across the entirety of Midgar. We laugh, we organize materia, we (*cough* Host Katie *cough*) snicker when one of the leading ladies gets violently murdered before our very eyes, and we SNOWBOARD! Final Fantasy VII, the game that spawned your very favorite podcast on the internet, has finally reached its place at the front of the line, and in this EXTRA, EXTRA-sized episode (especially when combined with last week's Episode 40.5), we dive in deep! SOLDIERs, Turks, Ancients, Jenova cells, HOOOOJJJOOOOO, stolen identities, terrorist groups, and once again... pizza cities. Download, stream, osmose, take in this episode in whatever your favorite way is, and remember... AVOID THE TONBERRY AT ALL COSTS! Unless you've got Knights of the Round and a spare 15 minutes or so. With Love, Sephiroth (on behalf of the GWGW crew)
96:33 08/31/2022
Episode 40.5 - Final Fantasy VII - Rose-Tinted Thoughts
HOOOOOJJJJOOOOOO!!!! We're back... but NOT back from the past... not quite yet! It turns out that, since Final Fantasy VII was the main game that this podcast was started for, our intrepid hosts have more than a few things to say about it! A few weeks ago, we all sat down to record the "Rose-Tinted Glasses" segment of this episode, and when we went back to listen to it, we realized that it was the length of a full episode! And rather than editing 2/3 of its content out just to fit into a regular episode, why not just put it out there as an "intermediate" episode, and let everyone hear the unfiltered, quite verbose, thoughts on this absolute classic of the Final Fantasy series, and Playstation gaming in general? Next week we'll be back with the "back from the past, back to the present" portion of this episode, and it'll have its own longer-than-usual content as well, since it won't have a Rose segment to deal with! Until then, sit back, relax, crack open a can of materia, and take a listen to the dulcet tones of siblings yelling about giant blocky forearms and what species an imaginary cat-thing is!
43:15 08/24/2022
Episode 39 - TIE Fighter
Power! Unlimited power! Or at least, that's what the Empire would have you believe. Join them in TIE Fighter, and work to exterminate all that Rebellion scum. Even more importantly, this episode we talked about this game LIVE, and streamed it to YouTube (where the extended cut is still available)! But just for you, our dear listener, we've made a handy podcast version, and distributed it to all your favorite platforms. Don't you feel loved? Good! In this episode, Hosts Chris and Katie pilot all sorts of Empire vessels, interrupting Rebellion trade routes, destroying transports, and in general trying to get rid of all those annoying Skywalkers and their like. Sometimes, being the baddies can be fun! How did it go? Was the game good? Was the live recording a mess? Are mid-90s space piloting controls easy to use in 2022? Well, give it a download and find out! Let the hate flow through you!
57:22 07/27/2022
Episode 38 - Crash Team Racing
3, 2, 1... race! Get your boost on, drift around the corners, and take out Mario, Bowser, and Peach! Oh wait... no... hold on, that's... Coco, Pura, and Dingodile! Why, that must mean that we're in the world of CRASH TEAM RACING! Why yes, you brilliant clue-deducer you, we ARE! We've gone back to the Playstation 64... err, I mean, Playstation 1, and we're hoppin' into our four-wheeled carts of fury to race to save the Galaxy from the nefarious hands of Nitros Oxide by proving once and for all that we, Crash Bandicoot (or Coco Bandicoot, or your favorite racer) are, in fact, the fastest racers in the Galaxy, and save ourselves from eternal parking-lot-based doom! (Trust me, this makes sense once you hear the episode). So join us as the hosts struggle with a "classic" mode that's maybe too hard, drifting that's DEFINITELY too hard, and a recap of a real-life Crash Team Racing tournament! Plus, more information about our upcoming LIVE EPISODE (ooooooohhhh)! Let's a-go!
73:28 06/28/2022
Episode 37 - Super Metroid
Samus is a WHAT? Well, if you're out of the loop, you'll just have to listen in and find out... as the GWGW crew discuss Super Metroid for the Super NES! Exploring the wonders of the MetroidVania genre with one of its earliest and best variants, Hosts Chris and Katie wind their way back and forth (and back and forth, and back and forth...) through the planet Zebes, trying to plow through aliens, monsters, bosses, movie references, and even a René Descartes philosophical thought experiment, the "brain in a vat"! There's hidden rooms, puzzles without clues, platforming galore, and merciless penalties on death, so you just KNOW that Katie's going to have a rockin' good time with this one... This game has been called one of the best games of all time, so how about you click on that Play button and find out if this is one of the best EPISODES of all time? It'll just cost you an hour of your day (about how much Katie lost to badly-timed deaths). All that, and a TROPE OF THE DAY! What more could you ask for? Come on, start listening already!
59:55 06/02/2022
Random Non-Rose 2: Dr. Robotnik's Mean Bean Machine
WhatwhatWHAAAT? No rose segment? Wasn’t that just a weird one-off thing that Host Katie did for Jak 3? Why no, dear listener, it was NOT! Our "Random Non-Rose" series continues, this time with BOTH of the hosts, playing through Dr. Mario… err, I mean, Dr. Robotnik’s Mean Bean Machine, for the Sega Genesis! Not familiar? Well, think of Tetris… make it two-player… get rid of the weird shapes… fill it with awkward portraits of enemy "bosses"… add a Dr. Robotnik storyline… completely omit Sonic entirely… ok fine, so it’s not like Tetris, jeez, it’s a SIMILE, ok? Give a producer a break! Listen in as the Hostblings talk through this wordplay-filled, broken-difficulty-curve-having, battle puzzle "Sonic" game, including some modern-day references to it from the STHCU! PS Tails should have been included.
28:03 05/17/2022
Episode 36 - Super Mario 64
Its-a-us, GWGW! For our 36th episode, there was no better choice than a game with a completely DIFFERENT number in it, Super Mario two-to-the-sixth power! I mean, Super Mario 64! Back to the favorite console of everyone with three hands, the N64, and all its three-dimensional glory! Hosts Chris and Katie run, jump, triple jump, wall jump, side jump, slide jump, and... I don't know, probably some other kind of jump, taking everyone's favorite red-hatted, pipe-plumbing, badly-caricatured-Italian plumber, Mario, through adventures in 15(ish) worlds, fighting 3(ish) Bowsers, and saving 1(ish) Princess Peachstool. So act like Mario, and JUMP (Get it? Jump? Like him? JUMPMAN? See? Get it? Don't worry, you'll laugh at it when you think about it later...) Ya-hoooo!!!
75:49 05/04/2022
Episode 35 - Final Fantasy VI
KEFKA PLEEAASSSEEEE!!! We're back... not just back with a new episode, but back to our FINAL FANTASY series! This time, it's the Internet's number-one favorite of the entire series, Final Fantasy VI! (Or III, if you grew up in North America in the mid-90s...) The last iteration of the wrongly-numbered Finals Fantasy, the hosts finally got to have a rose-tinted glasses segment for this one, since they have finally caught up to themselves, and played this one growing up... very exciting times! With parties chock-full of dozens of characters, they worked with Magitek, found Espers, fought Kefka, and most importantly, BODY-SLAMMED A FREAKIN' TRAIN! Hop on board (but not on board the body-slammed train, that thing was freakin' evil, and also, we do not recommend being aboard trains while they are flipped upside-down, for the health and safety of all involved), click play, give it a listen, and then go ahead and leave a five-star review (hint, hint!) Let's do it!
87:33 04/06/2022
Episode 34 - SimCity 2000
"Aliens! Earthquakes! Riots! FIIIRRREEEE!!" At least, if you ask Host Katie, that's the plot summary of SimCity 2000... Producer Kyle might instead go with "Electrical grid, taxes, bond measures, and population growth!". Any way you cut it, SimCity 2000 changed the world of simulation gaming. An unbelievable level of depth, especially for its time, truly set it a cut above anything else of its era. It can be played a thousand different ways, from super hard and slow to cheated and money-filled and plowing through to the endgame, and you can see it in the DNA of all the simulation games to come, definitely including the smash-hit Sims from them later on. So hop in that Launch Arcology, blast off your podcast player, and just remember kids, nuclear power is a good thing!
59:40 03/09/2022
Episode 33 - Mega Man
CUT! CUT! Little android man, born without a soul... Cut Man, along with Guts Man, Fire Man, Bomb Man, Elec Man, Ice Man... even the evil Dr. Wily himself... a long list of enemies for our hero, Mega Man, to defeat, on his way to saving the world. It's back to 1987 this time, for the start of a long-running series with blasters, androids, interchangeable weapons, and much to our hosts' chagrin, neither ducking nor sliding nor wall-jumping... just a classic early platformer with a weaponized twist! Join us as we dive into this Capcom classic, enter the year 20XX, and save the future! Never, never, never trust a little android man...
59:47 02/08/2022
Episode 32 - The Legend of Zelda - Link's Awakening
Look!  Up in the sky!  It's a bird!  It's a plane!  No, it's... it's... a giant multi-colored, winged whale with a kaleidoscopic paisley pattern all over it, that's for some reason named the Wind Fish!  Come on, how could you not see that?   For this one, we're headed back all the way to the GameBoy, and checking in on everyone's favorite green-robed (in the COLOR version), pointy-hatted, jar-smashing, rupee-stealing hero, LINK!  He's in need of some awakening, and who better to do it than Chris and Katie?  Nobody, that's who!  Katie on some retro-OG hardware (the new Nintendo Game & Watch), Chris trying out the remaster on Switch.  Time to go to... NOT Hyrule, but rather Koholint Island, and try to save the world, yet again!   Time to collect some instruments, play some music, fight some bosses, crack some eggs, meet up with a whale-fish, and in general, just Link the heck out of this thing!
88:37 01/12/2022
Episode 31 – Commander Keen In Goodbye, Galaxy!
“Bonk.  Bonk.  Bonk.”  What’s that, you ask?  Is it fate, come knocking?  Is it a raven, rapping, rapping at your chamber door?  Why no, in fact, it’s COMMANDER KEEN!  More specifically, Commander Keen constantly slamming his (helmeted) head into the top of whatever was above him, as Hosts Chris and Katie pogo sticked their way through the levels of this 1991 classic, inflicting only a minor amount of CTE upon our dashing hero. From the creators of Doom, Wolfenstein, and Quake, comes this 2D side-scrolling adventure loaded with candy, strange monsters, and a surprising level of difficulty… and without it, perhaps those other world-changing titles would have never come into our game libraries, so… we have to respect our elders! Drop in, give it a listen, and get all sorts of fun background, find out just how well our intrepid video gaming hosts fared while collecting candy bars, jawbreakers, chewing gum, and everything else your parents told you not to eat at that age… WHAT REBELS!
59:54 12/15/2021
Episode 30 – Final Fantasy V
SALSAAAA!!!  It’s in everyone’s top-5 favorite dips for tortilla chips, and it’s the very poorly-translated name of one of the lead characters in this episode’s game, FINAL FANTASY V!  We continue our grand tour of the Finals Fantasy, and this is the very last one that will come WITHOUT a rose segment… VI and onward, and Hosts Chris and Katie have actually played them before… what a novel concept! This one was a struggle… not to beat (though neither did), but rather, to figure out how to pronounce all the names.  Galuf, really?  And we were one step away from naming the main hero Guacamole, after some of the other poor translations.  Listen in and see why! Spoiler alert, this was a great time for everyone, it had more depth than any of the prior games, the music… well, the music existed, and overall, it was a lot of fun! Also, check out the PIXEL REMASTER of the game, which came out just last week!  They’re really well-done, and the better it does, the more remakes they’ll put out, and we like them! QUESOOOOOO…
58:53 11/17/2021
Random Non-Rose 1: Jak 3 (Katie Edition)
What’s this? An episode of Games We Grew Up With… with NO rose-tinted glasses segment? With only HALF of the hosting crew? Yes, my dear friends, your wishes have been granted! It’s Host Katie, accompanied by Host Katie, with a dash of Host Katie for good measure, talking about Jak, Jak, and Jak again… because it’s JAK 3 TIME! With this new format, it’s more of a “quick-hit review” of a game, just chatting about it… no rose section, less about the publisher, and just “Hey, I played this game recently, here’s my thoughts!”, and we decided to break it in with the end of the core Jak trilogy. So pour yourself a tall glass of your favorite beverage of choice, dim the lights, sit back, relax, and enjoy listening about FLUT FLUTS and PRECURSORS and BETRAYAL and AWKWARD LOVE TRIANGLES and… of course… the star of the trilogy, the man himself, the myth, the legend… DAXTER!
32:15 11/09/2021
Episode 29 – Spyro the Dragon
It’s that time again!  Time to dive back into the archives and pull out another classic title to frustrate one, the other, or both of our hosts! This time it’s fire-blasting, boost-jumping, dragon-saving, key-fetching, and platform-gliding with everyone’s favorite winged protagonist, Spyro the Dragon!  Back to platforming, back to the PS1, and with the added bonus of Host Katie’s favorite element, flying levels!  (Note: refer back to episode 12, Chuck Yeager’s Air Combat, for more detail on just how much she loves flying in video games!) Insomniac Games brings us this one, and this one launched a great series of games, including a recent remaster that one host played, while the other stuck to the original.  Different?  Better?  You’ll have to listen in to find out!  One is DEFINITELY worse with loading screens though… Hop in, reignite, float over, whatever way you want to say it, give it a listen and maybe find a copy to dust off and toss into your system of choice!
68:22 10/14/2021
Episode 28 – Zombies Ate My Neighbors
It’s a bird!  It’s a plane!  It’s… a giant baby?  Come to crush us?  As we try to save our neighbors from giant worms, roaming zombies, and 6-foot-tall ants climbing over the hedge maze that we really shouldn’t have put into the backyard in the first place?  I know, I know, everyone loves a first-person maze (particularly Host Chris), but maybe we should have thought about the zombie infestation in the neighborhood FIRST! This time around it’s a LucasArts classic from 1993, where Chris and Katie take over as Zeke and Julie, saving their neighbors and neighborhood from all of the crazy, creepy-crawly, brain-eat-y monsters that have taken over!  They might even grab a burger along the way from their neighbor who, against all logic, is still grillin’ up a storm! Hop along for the ride, and let’s find out just how good Zombies Ate My Neighbors really is!
55:01 09/15/2021
Episode 27 – Wolfenstein 3D
MEIN LEBEN!  It’s the start of year 2 (Season 2?  Are we doing that?) of the show, and what better way to kick off such a grand occasion than killing a bunch of Nazi scum, and destroying Mecha-Hitler with WOLFENSTEIN 3D, right? It’s time to go back to DOS, it’s time for some Shareware, and it’s time for Host Chris to share some of the great stories he just finished reading in Masters of Doom, about the game’s developer, id Software! Mazes, hidden push-walls, low-quality sound effects, dog food, a chain gun, and mostly, feeling shame at choosing the “Can I Play, Daddy?” difficulty level.  Let’s do it! HOT DOG!
73:29 08/18/2021
Episode 26 – Sonic the Hedgehog & Sonic 2
Happy Birthday to us… happy birthday to us… happy birthday, dear podcast… happy birthday to us! It’s episode 26!  It’s episode ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY!  It’s a COMBO episode!  It’s a SPECIAL GUEST STAR episode!  It’s an EXTRA LARGE episode!  Everything’s coming up Milhouse today… SONIC!  THE HEDGEHOG!  TWICE!  And also Tails, I guess… if we have to (sorry, Katie!).  In this episode, we have our great friend Tom from the awesome “Will Run For…” Podcast joining us, sharing his insights and thoughts, and agreeing that the underwater drowning music is the worst thing EVER! It’s been a great year, we’ve loved every moment of it, and we’re looking forward to more episodes coming over the summer.  For now though, it’s all about zoom zoom zoom!  And after you’re done listening to this episode, go find Will Run For… on your favorite podcasting platform, and check them out!  It’s great fun, and they’re super entertaining.  Even if, like Host Katie, you claim to hate running (I’ll tell you a secret though… her 5K and 10K PRs from this year beg to differ…)  So, give ’em a listen, give them a 5-star rating to make Guest Host Tom run 5 miles, and tell them that GWGW sent you!
95:07 07/21/2021
Episode 25 – Final Fantasy IV
It’s time!  Final (final, final, final) Fantasy again!  Maybe they should have named the series The Neverending Story.  That’s not taken, right? Final Fantasy IV!  Where, unlike the previous games, you have to… fetch the four elemental crystals?  Deal with a sad backstory involving orphans?  Fly in an airship that Cid gives you?  Hmm, there has to be something new… oh right, ATB!  You get to attack less often than the enemies!  Well, as they say, repetition doesn’t spoil the prayer.  Still fun, still exciting, and still a classic Final Fantasy experience! Listen in as Chris and Katie break down the details, walk through the plot, and talk about how it felt to go through this game for the very first time! You spoony bard!
59:59 07/08/2021
Episode 24 – Halo: Combat Evolved
I’m sorry, Dave, I can’t do that…  err, wait, wrong AI!  This time it’s Guilty Spark, Cortana, along with the Flood, the Covenant, and everything else from 2001’s OTHER evil-space-computer-themed action adventure, Halo: Combat Evolved! This comes after the 24-hour birthday stream for Host Chris, during which the two hosts co-opped their way through the entire campaign in one giant (exhausted) marathon. Listen in and hear the trials, tribulations, caffeine, and fun of having everyone from the show in the same place since before our first episode! “Chief, we need to jump now!”
80:40 06/23/2021
Episode 23 – The 7th Guest
Which way should we go now? I’ll give you a hint… straight to the “Play” button on this episode! Chris and Katie are checking into the haunted mansion of The 7th Guest for PC & Mac, and trying to puzzle (literally) their way back out again! Cake slices, lettered tin cans, first-person mazes, flipping photos, and a whole lot of dumb luck play into this classic that helped to popularize the CD-ROM drive back in the early ’90s… does it live up? Are the puzzles still hard? Or, as Stauf, the mansion’s owner might say, will we all be dead by the time they solve this? Hit the button, listen to the episode, and find out just how spooky things can get in 28-year-old badly-made FMVs! Otherwise… we’re going to have to start again!
59:47 06/02/2021
Episode 22 – Kirby Super Star
It’s a (fat) bird!  It’s a (pink) plane!  No, it’s KIRBY!  And he’s a SUPER STAR!  Here for an appearance in the final Super Nintendo game before the switch to Nintendo 64, in an 8-in-1 side-scrolling & platforming adventure, inhaling enemies and exhaling pure, raw, fluffy, pink power! Hosts Chris and Katie hop back in time and dig deep into their memory banks for this one, and at least one of them made it just about through the whole thing (two guesses who…) – but both had a lot of fun!  Cutters, plasma, floating, Grommet Races, and a debate about whether tomatoes are, in fact, fruits… this one has it all! Flap your wings, hit your A buttons, do whatever you like, and join us for another adventure in dreamland!
56:16 05/19/2021
Episode 21 – Street Fighter II
Round 21… PLAY!  We’re headed to Japan!  And Brazil!  And Thailand!  And, apparently, the U.S.S.R.!  Why?  Because it’s Street Fighter II time, and we’re flying all around the world to fun fight locales, dragon punches, yoga fires, and tiger knees! Across the arcade, Sega Genesis, and Super Nintendo, this game showed up across a LOT of systems, and defined the 90s for a lot of kids growing up with fighting games.  Not to mention, an AMAZING(ly bad) movie featuring the talents of Raul Julia, and Jean-Claude Van Damme hamming it up for an hour and 40 minutes. A new Trope of the Day, a frustrated Host Katie calling the computer a cheater, countries that no longer exist, and a small detour into a former game developer’s thigh fetish… this episode’s got it all! HADOUKEN!
58:13 05/05/2021
Episode 20 – Final Fantasy III
Like blind hogs looking for acorns, we’re back to look for the best Final Fantasy games!  This time, it’s Final Fantasy 3… no, not THAT Final Fantasy 3, the OTHER one!  The one that only came out in Japan originally, and only came out on the DS in North America.  And you know what?  It was pretty fun!  It’s too bad we didn’t get a chance to play it when it first came out. Join us as we work through saving the world with a bunch of teenagers who were told to do so by… a crystal?  Sure, why not!  Floating continents, frozen time, ancient evils, old people with parrots on their shoulders, and dogs with 9 heads.  None of it makes sense, except when you’re Square, building a Final Fantasy game! Kweh!  Fat chocobo says hop on and take a ride!  Or listen!
58:38 04/21/2021
Episode 19 – Mario Kart 64
Let’s a-go!  This time we’re hitting the gas pedals on our 100cc karts and racing our way into 1997 and the game that took the Nintendo 64 by storm, Mario Kart 64!  Hosts Chris and Katie hop in (both with Toad, they’re definitely siblings!) to join the Mario crew racing through Kalimari Desert, Koopa Troopa Beach, Wario Stadium, and of course, Rainbow Road! Drifting, drafting, blue-shell-ing, and failing miserably at finding the shortcuts through the tracks… it’s racing mayhem, and all that childhood frustration re-lived all over again… but with a shiny cup thrown up by an oversized Cheep Cheep at the end of it all, and doesn’t that make it all better? Jump in the passenger seat (of this one-seater kart?) and give it a listen, and remember all the hilarity and fun that came from this game, and some of its anti-frustration features along the way!
56:59 04/07/2021
Episode 18 – Jak 2 (Renegade)
It’s time to go back to the past!  Err… back to the future!  Or… oh who cares, it’s BACK TO THE JAK!  Chris and Katie are jumping into the pools of Dark Eco, picking up Precursor Orbs, and figuring out what’s new and exciting with the second iteration of the Jak & Daxter series. Taking a giant roll-jump forward from the first game in the series, Jak 2 adds flying cars, hoverboards, guns, time travel, politics, angry guards, and… let’s just say some new voices pop up! So hop into the speeder, take a listen, and enjoy a breakdown of a game that (spoilers) broke Host Chris down pretty well too!
60:19 03/24/2021
Episode 17 – Star Fox 64
“Do a barrel roll!”  This episode, our intrepid hosts are hopping into the cockpit again for some classic space combat from 1997 with STAR FOX 64.  In doing so, they answer some of the world’s burning questions like: What’s the difference between a barrel roll and an aileron roll?  What really makes something an aircraft?  And most importantly, what are “space meters”? Chris and Katie take a deep dive into this rails shooter, trying to make their way to the planet Venom to fight and defeat Andross.  Along the way, they get frustrated at the AI of their teammates, learn a bit about Leeroy Jenkins, and remember just how annoying the Nintendo 64’s controller could be (especially with the Rumble Pak in!) Take a listen, reminisce about the ’90s when flapping cartoon mouths were the pinnacle of graphical achievement, and enjoy!
59:26 03/10/2021
Episode 16 – Grand Theft Auto 2
GIMMEYOURWALLET!  We’re stealin’ cars, throwin’ molotov cocktails, and… turnin’ gangsters into hot dogs?  Well, it’s GRAND THEFT AUTO 2, what do you expect?!? Hosts Chris and Katie are hopping into the driver’s seat and rolling back the odometers of their memories to check out this top-down, crazy, violent, tank-driving classic that helped spawn an era of open-world sandbox games, even outside of its hugely successful franchise. Listen in and find out… can Katie drive a stolen car better than she flew a plane in Chuck Yeager?  Was Chris able to buckle down and finish all 3 zones?  Was everything as good as the two of them remembered?  Spoiler alert: No, no, and… shhh, sorry, that last one you really have to check the episode out to learn! Slam, baby.
67:52 02/24/2021
Episode 15 – Super Mario Bros.
A big episode number calls for a big classic game… SUPER MARIO BROS!  In this episode, Hosts Chris and Katie drop down the warp tube allllllll the way back to 1985, and give the OG of classic console games a run-through for the first time since it was near-new! Hundreds of tries on the last level for Katie, a surprise knockoff Mini console for Chris; this episode came with all sorts of surprises, on top of a HUGE hit of nostalgia, a deep dive down a cultural phenomenon that changed the face of video games forever, and learning that the fine motor skills of adulthood are very helpful when playing old games! How did it hold up?  How much fun was it for the hosts to try again, and (kinda) succeed?  Did they beat the game?  Did they get emotionally broken down?  Listen in and see!
58:49 02/10/2021