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Comedian Myq (Mike) Kaplan is The Faucet. Except instead of water like from a literal faucet, what comes out are words, thoughts, ideas, jokes, rhymes, philosophies, fun, and more, in a stream of consciousness. A stream. Like water. See? Like this.


140: Thank you for listening, Steven Spielberg! Love, Liz Glazer and Myq Kaplan
In today's seven-course pod-meal, Myq is joined by wonderful friend Liz Glazer WHOSE BIRTHDAY IS TODAY! Discussion topics include benign college pranks, voicemail messages, self-help and other helpful books like 4000 Weeks, and balancing the ideas of being grateful for the present with the fulfillment of creative future dreams. This conversation is the fulfillment of a creative present dream. It's always a dream to talk to Liz. Happy birthday Liz! Enjoy, everyone!
106:28 08/07/2022
139: Aggressive Agreement on the Internet
The show producer has not yet provided a description for this episode.
14:47 07/23/2022
138: The History of Linoleum with Liz Glazer
In today's pod-meal, Myq is once again joined by dear friend and co-Fauceteer Liz Glazer for discussions about comedy, linoleum, and more! Please enjoy! Also, this episode was recorded after two other Liz Glazer podcast episodes which will be released next week, one on the "Broccoli and Ice Cream" free feed and one on Patreon. Catch them all! Enjoy as desired and possible! Thank you! You are nice!
34:01 07/13/2022
137: Dancer in the Light
In today's pod-snack, Myq catches everyone up with experiences of the past week, including good news at the leg doctor, TV/movie recs and non-recs (wreck-ommendations?), and mystery birthday wishes!
19:09 07/05/2022
136: Bibbidi-Bobbidi-BOOP! (Happy 6-year Anniversary, Rini!)
In today's pod-meal, Myq returns to Faucet-ing from a lengthy time between Faucets. Thank you for your patience! He discusses with Rini (and Stuffles) all (or most) of the ensuing events in life between the last Faucet pod and now, including trips to Rochester, Buffalo, Kansas City, Champaign IL, Portland OR, Seattle, DC, Virginia, and Colorado, where Myq partially ruptured his Achilles' tendon! (You know the song, "I Left My Heart in San Francisco"? Well, I left maybe part of my tendon in Boulder.) AND ALSO, today is Myq and Rini's 6th anniversary. So that comes up as well. All that and probably more! Please enjoy, as you wish. Much love to you and yours and all.
42:03 06/28/2022
135: Wonderful as YOUsual with Liz Glazer
In today's pod-meal, Myq is once again joined by delightful friend and hilarious comedian Liz Glazer, as she prepares for an audition. They discuss roving Buddhas, Mona the cat's health, Katie Couric's colonoscopy, deciding what to do and what to not do, silly things, serious things, everything, everything else, and more. It's a fun one. Enjoy!
53:16 05/11/2022
134: Making History with Liz Glazer
In today's pod-meal, Myq once again welcomes back his dear friend Liz Glazer to discuss history, trivia, law, dreams, friendship, philosophy, and Batman. And maybe more! Probably more! Much much more! Enjoy!
40:56 04/28/2022
133: Miss Fortune Cookie with Liz Glazer
In today's pod-meal, Myq digs in with Liz Glazer on big important things and small important things! Fun and meaningful, as always. Liz is wonderful. Follow her work everywhere. Here's a fine place to start, or continue, as you wish! Please enjoy!
55:30 04/20/2022
132: The Hello Realms
In today's pod-snack, Myq shares some snippets from a Buddhist lecture he heard the night before from the Venerable Robina, hopefully translating as much of the joy and meaning from the original experience to YOU THE LISTENER. Enjoy as possible, please and thank you!
14:16 04/07/2022
131: Will You Please Pass the Goof?
In today's pod-snack, Myq shares about the events of the past few days, full of shows and parties and books and movies and who KNOWS what else! (The answer to "who knows" is you, when you listen. Enjoy!)
22:07 03/22/2022
130: 43 Years in 43 Minutes
In today's pod-meal, Myq takes a deep dish dive into his history, sharing everything that he can about his life in the time he has allotted himself, which is about one minute for each year he's been alive. There's a lot here, and there's a lot more missing! Enjoy!
44:39 03/16/2022
129: Fool Throttle
In today's pod-snack, Myq shares about the remainder of his and Rini's drive down to Florida, with shows in WV and Charlotte along the way. Topics include magic, comedy, friendship, and more. You know how sometimes when a movie is scary, they'll say "NOT for the faint of heart." Well, this IS for the faint of heart. Or for any level of heart faintness or non-faintness. Come on in, have a listen, whatever your heart is doing! Love and thanks to all!
19:06 03/06/2022
128: Smart Hearts and Sweet Butts
In today's pod-snack, Myq shares stories of the first two days of this week's "Can I Buy a Vowel" tour (performing in WV, NC, & FL, nary a vowel to be found!). Driving cars, reading books, phoning friends, Zooming meetings, the sky is limitless! Please enjoy as desired and possible!
08:35 02/22/2022
127: Fifty First Jokes, a George Saunders Quote, and the Can I Buy a Vowel Tour
In today's pod-snack, Myq shares something from yesterday, today, and tomorrow! Yesterday was a show called Fifty First Jokes. Today was an exchange with a nice lady that involved a George Saunders quote on humor, and tomorrow begins a standup tour full of performances in states whose abbreviations are all consonants! Enjoy!
14:34 02/19/2022
126: The Bananas Strawberry Moment
In today's pod-snack, Myq shares about a BANANAS show that he did, and the strawberry moment of that show. Please enjoy!
07:37 02/14/2022
125: The Only Grass That There Is
On today's pod-snack, Myq returns to solo Faucet-ing after a few delightful duo Faucet experiences with Liz Glazer. He talks about where he's been, where he's going, and also probably some of where he is. Right here. Please enjoy, as desired and possible!
15:42 02/04/2022
124: Read 'Em and Sleep!
On today's pod-meal, Myq invites Liz Glazer back to be a co-Faucet, because he loves her and loves talking with her. Hope you enjoy!
39:44 01/24/2022
123: The Letter and the Spirit of Friendship with Liz Glazer
In today's pod-meal, the first of 2022 (happy now year!), Myq has a conversation with dear friend and fellow faucet Liz Glazer, on the anniversary of the birth of their friendship. Please enjoy this delight of a chat, as you wish. Love!
38:06 01/07/2022
122: MY Q&A at Steel City AF
On today's extra-large pod-meal, Myq answers questions from other comedians at Steel City AF. Enjoy!
81:06 12/23/2021
121: Bones, Stones, Scones, & Phones
In today's pod-snack so large it might be a pod-meal, Myq shares about all that's been going on since the last Faucet episode dropped in late October. There were trips to Raleigh and Maryland. There were enjoyable movies enjoyed like "Home Sweet Home Alone" and "Shang-Chi." There were word-funs and concept-funs galore. Galore-y hallelujah! Some like that one. But not that one. Other ones. Share in the joy, as desired and possible, please and thank you. You are nice.
37:20 11/17/2021
120: Wonderstanding / A Bat Is A Fallen Bird
In today's pod-snack, Myq discusses things that are (hopefully) kind, true, and necessary. He shares about the birds and the bats and the mice and the cats, how many podcasts he recorded during his time at home while Rini was away this past week, and communing with the dead (and the living! and the Schrodinger's in-between folks!). Hope you enjoy!
18:35 10/25/2021
119: Fam, ILY!
In today's pod-snack, Myq is on the phone with Rini and her mom and some cats but you can only hear Myq's side of the conversation and fortunately (!) he does nearly all the talking. The cats do the least. A delivery guy on the other end does a little but only Myq hears it. Myq discusses the family, the cats (particularly the angel cat Bart), the recent road trip that Rini and Myq completed, and Myq's plans for the upcoming week while Rini visits her mom and those sweet sweet cats. Enjoy!
29:29 10/19/2021
118: Food Pants Books
In today's pod snack/meal (bigger than some snacks, smaller than some meals), Myq podcasts for the first time as a 43-year-old! He and Rini are on a mini-tour to Chicago (past), Milwaukee (present), and St. Louis (future) and he shares all about the events of his birthday yesterday (October 7) and all the surrounding days (today, the day before, you know, ALL those two days). It's fun. Enjoy! Alternate titles: This Is Yes Four Threeactions Love You (Mr. Rogers Style)
29:46 10/09/2021
117: Turns and Twists
In today's pod-snack, Myq reads a delightful email that he received and also recommends Demetri Martin and comedy/beat-boxing combinations.  Glad you're here! Please enjoy as desired and possible!
06:34 09/27/2021
116: The Truth-brary
In today's pod-snack, Myq shares about a journey to the Strand. It's a story about books! And more. Books And More. BAM! Thanks for listening or at least reading about listening! You. Are. Nice!
12:03 09/19/2021
115: Salem If Ya Got 'Em!
In today's pod-snack, Myq talks about the past week's events, including a fun trip to Salem, MA where he performed with Liz Glazer at the E.Love.Ate Festival, as well as Rini's improved health! Hooray for all! Thanks for listening, or at least thanks for READING about listening!
11:21 09/13/2021
114: Fork Score and Several Days Ago
In today's pod-snack, Myq wishes everyone a happy Jewish new year, or a happy Tuesday, as you wish. He discusses his recent trip to Utah, Rini's recent trip to the ER, and more. Alternate titles: Our Fork-Fathers (and Fork-Mothers and All Fork-Parents) Fork-get About It All Fork One and One Fork All Fork. American Fork. Please Fork-give me.
08:15 09/07/2021
113: No One To Brain But Yourself
This pod-snack might be the shortest pod-snack yet! Or maybe second-shortest. Or who knows. It's not a pod-shortness competition! It's just a fun quick one to let folks know that August has been busy, and offer gratitude to you for being here and forward-looking to a Faucet-y September to follow a slightly less Faucet-y August. You are nice! Love to all!
02:59 08/30/2021
112: Friend Expert
In today's pod-snack, Myq shares about what he's been up to this past week. Voice acting! Being tired! Doing comedy! Seeing "Your Love, Our Musical"! Enjoying friendship! More!
18:07 08/21/2021
111: Reedy or Not
In today's pod-snack, Myq reports live-ish (and getting less live-ish with every passing moment) from Pittsburgh. It's a burgh but it's not the pitts! (It's enjoyable!) Please enjoy this enjoyable enjoyment. Alternate titles: Friend, Romans, Non-Romans What About Banana? I Like Onion Maiden Is Laughing the Opposite of Crying?
10:03 08/14/2021