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The world is changing every day. Now, more than ever, these questions matter. What’s happening? And why should you care? This Matters, a daily news podcast from the Toronto Star, aims to answer those questions, on important stories and ideas, every day, Monday to Friday. Hosts Saba Eitizaz and Raju Mudhar talk to experts and newsmakers about the social, cultural, political and economic stories that shape your life.


Internationally trained medical staff could help Ontario hospitals but can’t 21:27 08/11/2022
Politics of public space: Cyclists and High Park 16:18 08/10/2022
Sexism in skilled trades: Meet a woman bringing change 19:30 08/09/2022
The metaverse is coming. What does that mean? 20:44 08/08/2022
Nancy Pelosi has left Taiwan, but the crisis is just beginning 21:42 08/05/2022
How the B.C. coast is a cruise ship dumping ground 18:28 08/04/2022
If routine Pap tests are becoming a thing of the past, why is Ontario lagging behind? 18:58 08/03/2022
What the Nova Scotia shooting reveals about survivors of domestic violence 18:58 08/02/2022
Housing correction: How far will the market fall? 17:18 07/29/2022
Thousands of Afghans are waiting for Canada’s help. Time is running out 17:45 07/28/2022
What will it take for the Pope’s apology to mean something? 17:42 07/27/2022
Monkeypox is a global health emergency. We talk to someone who went through it 23:13 07/26/2022
Planes, blame and airport shame: Pearson’s problems investigated 19:44 07/25/2022
Summer of strikes: Looking at the labour movement now 23:17 07/22/2022
Scorching weather signals crisis point: is Canada prepared? 21:56 07/21/2022
What the new ‘strong-mayor’ plan means for municipal politics 20:53 07/20/2022
Panic buttons and peril: the new reality for Canadian politicians 17:32 07/19/2022
How Canada's top three supermarket chains are making money from inflation 20:07 07/18/2022
Why emergency departments are overwhelmed 22:26 07/15/2022
To boost or not to boost? Ontario expands fourth shots to all adults 14:34 07/14/2022
The Right Stuff: What’s next for the Conservative leadership race 23:49 07/13/2022
Network effect: Rogers’ outage and how the government is making telcos work together 19:15 07/12/2022
Contempt of the Supreme Court: The judiciary and American democracy 20:07 07/11/2022
How Canada’s new crime bill will wipe out drug possession charges 18:05 07/08/2022
Why are nurses quitting their jobs for temp agencies? 18:30 07/07/2022
Can an Ontario breakthrough help long COVID sufferers? 20:16 07/06/2022
Down by The Bay: Inside the retailer's reinvention 17:22 07/05/2022
A prescription for healthy food? New program tackles food insecurity 21:13 07/04/2022
Is a ‘Freedom Convoy’ sequel on the way to Ottawa for Canada Day? 17:23 06/30/2022
What life is like on ODSP 18:38 06/29/2022