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Monday - Thursday 3:00 pm - 4:00 pm Bridge Bible Talk is a daily live Q&A program featuring Pastor Robert Baltodano, General Manager of The Bridge Christian Radio & Calvary Old Bridge's Senior Pastor Lloyd Pulley. Pastor Lloyd and Pastor Robert will be answering all of your everyday Bible and Christian Living questions. To ask your questions on air call 888-71BRIDGE (888-712-7434) or email


Bridge Bible Talk 12 - 6 - 22
Pastors Robert Baltodano and Bob Davis   Question Timestamps: YouTube (3:00) - Does God still love Satan? Laurie, NY (8:42) - Is there a process for how to forgive? Emelyn, Facebook (16:06) - Is it right for born again Christians to be friends with Roman Catholics? Ricky, TN (19:13) - What is the right way to speak to non-believers, because it feels like people on the internet are just beating people on the head with the Bible? Mily and Rocky, email (23:46) - Do people that have passed away know what those still on Earth are going through? Can those in heaven pray for those on Earth? Mike, TN (36:45) - Does the 2014 Noah movie mislead people about the Bible? Michael, email (39:06) - Can salvation be revoked or abandoned? Do you need works to maintain your salvation? Mike, NJ (47:46) - What do you say to those that say Jesus did not fulfill all of the prophecies necessary to be the Messiah? Mily, MA (53:52) - On judgment day when we face Jesus, it is just heaven or hell right? Is purgatory in the Bible?   Questions? 888-712-7434
56:59 12/06/2022
Bridge Bible Talk 12 - 5 - 22
Pastors Robert Baltodano & John Durante Question Timestamps: Dave, HI (3:25) - Were there Judeans, other than Shadrach, Meshach, Abdednego, and Daniel that did not bow down to the golden image in Daniel 3? Did the others that did bow down lose their salvation? Mark, SC (10:05) - Which version of the Bible do you recommend using? Millie, MA (13:09) - Was Jesus’s birthday actually on December 25th? Why do we celebrate Christmas on that day? Brian, SC (16:53) - Was God always a Triune God? Or did the Trinity come around at Pentecost and Jesus’s birth? Rolando, NY (21:40) - Is Abraham’s Bosom like purgatory? Larry, SC (24:58) - How do I know if I’ve got the love that comes with being a believer? Sheldon, NY (33:34) - How does it “please the Lord” to cause pain to God as in Isaiah 53:10? Darlene, SC (36:34) - Is it important to understand that there is an absolute involved in losing your salvation after receiving the mark of the beast? Greg, GA (43:14) - I feel a struggle when I try to accept Christ, like something is trying to prevent him from coming in. What should I do? George, NY (49:34) - How does Jesus fit into God saying “I am the Lord your God, I am the one and only” in Deuteronomy 6? Also, how did we add a New Testament later on when God told Moses not to add to his words? Geranimo, NY (53:59) - Am I going to heaven if I still struggle with sin?   Questions? 888-712-7434
56:58 12/05/2022
Bridge Bible Talk 12 - 1 - 22
Question Timestamps: Ashley, NJ (3:31) - Is the Angel of the Lord, that shows up in Judges, Jesus? Mike, NJ (8:24) - What’s your opinion on the “wouldn’t die for a lie” argument? Moses, MA (12:47) - Was Judas one of the people resurrected when the tomb was opened? Gigi, NJ (17:17) - How do you explain salvation to a Catholic believer? Email (27:30) - How important is baptism for you to be saved? Danielle, MA (33:30) - Who are the locusts that are mentioned in Revelation? Cindy, KY (37:40) - How do you explain finding the pyramids, dinosaurs and other things with the Bible? Were there two floods? Cody, email (43:27) - Have you ever heard of Middle Eastern oil being made from plants? Is this where the Garden of Eden was located? Nelson, FL (47:41) - How can we get back to the basics of the Christian faith?   Questions?  888-712-7434
56:51 12/01/2022
Bridge Bible Talk 11 - 30 - 22
Pastor Robert Baltodano and Pastor Lloyd Pulley   Question Timestamps: Bobby, DE (2:07) - Is it okay to drink alcohol? Parts of the Bible prohibit being drunk, but Jesus turned water into wine at the wedding in Cana. What does Jesus mean when he says keep his commandments, yet we can’t keep the Ten Commandments perfectly? Laurie, NY (12:27) - What is the Bible’s view on reincarnation? What are we supposed to believe about Enoch and Mary Magdalene? Anessa, FL (20:26) - Is it okay to pray for someone who has passed away? Kathy, NY (23:47) - What does it mean when 2 Kings 23 says that the Israelites didn’t celebrate the Passover? Did David not celebrate the Passover? Debby, AL (34:01) - Who is Melchizedek? Is it a sin to be cremated? Alex, NJ (40:47) - Why is it not appropriate to pray to the apostles, Mary, or Joseph for requests? Bob, NY (48:05) - How did different races come about? Ginger, NJ (52:44) - How do I explain the gospel to my Jewish friend?   Questions?  888-712-7434
56:56 11/30/2022
Bridge Bible Talk 11 - 29 - 22
Pastor Robert Baltodano and Pastor Lloyd Pulley   Question Timestamps: Michael, Facebook (2:26) - The song Holy Water by We the Kingdom, where in the Bible can I find what they are talking about? Betty, HI (6:48) - Who was the “king of Israel” in 2 Kings 5 and 6? Ed, NJ (9:55) - Are our Catholic brothers and sisters actually saved? Sharifa, social media (12:59) - Can you explain Revelation 3:9? Is the “synagogue of Satan” a movement today? David, NY (17:02) - What should I do in a situation where my unbelieving wife left me? Ashley, NJ (21:46) - What does it mean to “cast lots,” as in Joshua 18:10? What do you recommend to help pull practical application from the Bible? Rolando, NY (34:11) - When does the era of “A.D.” begin? Was it at the manger or at the cross? Frank, NJ (36:44) - How did Peter know that Jesus was the Son of God? Laurie, NY (44:34) - What does it mean to “cast a lot?” What does the name “Levi” mean? What exactly was the forbidden fruit?  Freddy, NY (49:15) - Is there anything in the Bible that references mental health or getting medical correction for mental health issues? Can you steer me in the right direction for a Christian psychiatrist? Tyler, TX (54:08) - What can you tell me about the temple in Ezekiel?   Questions? 888-712-7434
56:57 11/29/2022
Bridge Bible Talk 11 - 28 - 22
Pastor Robert Baltodano and Pastor Lloyd Pulley Question Timestamps: Lisa, NJ (2:52) - How do you discuss The Shack or Jesus Calling with others without sounding harsh? Millie, MA (7:41) - Why didn’t God remove my husband’s addiction when he asked for it? Jake, NJ (14:30) - Where do Christmas lights and Christmas traditions come from? Are they from the Bible? Joshua, Facebook (17:52) - Should Christians celebrate holidays like Halloween or Christmas? John, NJ (19:09) - How do I go about finding where to go next and finding a church? Mike, email (23:47) - Why did God plant the Tree of Life in the Garden of Eden when he knows our future, knowing they would commit the sin of eating from it? Ricky, TN (26:04) - Are UFOs extraterrestrial? Nelson, FL (35:27) - Why is the church so separated? Amy, email (39:56) - Can we overcome habitual sin? Stephanie, NY (43:29) - Do you have any Bible verses or promises that help give assurances about death and loss? Jacklyn, NY (48:03) - When you tithe, should it be from your gross pay or your net pay? Stephanie, CT (52:18) - Does God predestine who will be saved and who won’t be? Are there Bible verses to support that perspective?   Questions? 888-712-7434
56:58 11/28/2022
Bridge Bible Talk 11 - 23 - 22
Question Timestamps: Christian, NJ (3:13) - Should I change churches to get equipped to preach? How do I go about telling my church that I want to become a pastor? Arlene, email (5:21) - Why did Jesus spit on the ground and make mud, then rub it on the blind man’s eyes and tell him to go wash it off  in the pool? Mike, TN (9:57) - What does 153 mean in John 21? Randy, email (15:26) - How would you comfort the families of the college students that were stabbed to death recently? Email (20:37) - Does Romans 8:31 mean that nothing bad will come against us? Bertram, NY (24:49) - Jesus told the thief on the cross, “today you will be with me in paradise,” but he wasn’t resurrected that day, how do you explain that? Is this paradise something like purgatory? Jillian, MA (33:33) - If you divorce because of infidelity, are you committing adultery by getting remarried? If you are the person that committed adultery, are you able to get remarried? Arlen, AL (42:18) - What does Proverbs 16:4 mean when it says, “God created the wicked for the day of evil?” Beverly, NY (47:10) - Does Ezekiel 19:10-14 mean that there weren’t any kings or princes left to rule Israel? Samantha, KY (53:23) - Does the rapture happen close to the Euphrates river drying up?   Questions? 888-712-7434
56:59 11/23/2022
Bridge Bible Talk 11 - 22 - 22
Question Timestamps: Stephanie, email (2:32) - What should we do for someone who has died as Christians? Should we hold a wake or a funeral? Do we continue to bring flowers to the grave even though the person isn’t there anymore? Email (7:36) - What does Biblical accountability look like? Is there any wrong way to do it? Laurie, NY (12:02) - Why does the King James Version of John 5:4 include a description of an angel stirring the water of the pool, but other versions do not? Anne Marie, MA (22:00) - My pastor called God, “her.” Is that okay? Michael, NJ (34:23) - Does our spirit go to heaven when we die, or does that come later during the events of 1 Thessalonians? Raul, NJ (40:30) - Did Lucifer and the angels have free will like us? Jennifer, KY (44:53) - Will there be people that have physical bodies and people with new spiritual bodies during the millennial reign? Elias, NJ (50:11) - Is Mary Magdalene qualified to be a pastor, or apostle, because she saw Jesus first?  Bob, VA (52:48) - Do Calvinists believe that Jesus created some people to be doomed to hell? Dave, NY (54:15) - Does the Bible include psychological abuse as grounds for divorce?   Questions? 888-712-7434
56:59 11/22/2022
Bridge Bible Talk 11 - 21 - 22
Question Timestamps: Cody, email (2:39) - When did the Catholics first start praying to Mary? Yvette, GA (8:19) - Can you explain the “peculiar people” that are mentioned in 1 Peter 2:9? Steve, NY (12:18) - At the Transfiguration, was it a rebuke to Peter when the voice of God says “this is my son, listen to him?” Roxannne, OK (17:56) - Can people that take the Mark of the Beast still be saved? Osiris, MA (25:30) - Why is the argument between Michael and Satan mentioned in Jude? And is that passage related to Revelation 11? Jimmy, GA (38:14) - Where do you find in the Bible that people who die are immediately in the presence of the Lord? Sandy, KY (44:29) - How do you handle people that react aggressively towards you when you try to evangelize? Deacon, NY (50:41) - Where is the Ark of the Covenant? Is it destroyed or somewhere in Jerusalem? Jake, NJ (53:38) - Is there anyone that believes Enoch is the Messiah or a Christ like figure?   Questions? 888-712-7434
56:58 11/21/2022
Bridge Bible Talk 11 - 17 - 22
Question Timestamps: Richie, NY (4:46) - Can you clarify Isaiah 43 where God takes credit for all catastrophes? John, NJ (15:27) - What steps can I take to show my friend the love of Christ? Arlene, Email (20:45) - I’ve heard you speak on where the different skin colors come from, but where do different hair textures come from? Ashley (24:13) - How would I go about being discipled by someone? Email (36:11) - What is a blessing? Sara, TX (38:37) - Do you need to be baptized to be saved? What about speaking in tongues? Scott, NY (48:18) - What were the people being baptized into in Matthew 3, when they were being baptized by John the Baptist?   Questions? 888-712-7434
56:59 11/17/2022
Bridge Bible Talk 11 - 16 - 22
Question Timestamps: Ricky, TN (1:54) - Is there a way out of suffering? Kojo, NJ (6:38) - How does the Book of Mormon relate to Pastor Lloyd’s teaching on Gentiles? John, email (10:34) - How did people travel in the Bible? Anyi, email (12:21) - My friend is living with their significant other before marriage, do you believe they are walking with the Lord, or just immature Christians? Gerald, YouTube (14:39) - Do you agree that all races in the world came from the sons of Noah? And that the ark landed in Turkey with Ham going south to Africa, Shem going east to Asia, and Japheth going north to Europe? Jenn, NY (17:14) - Can you explain deliverance? How do believers deliver demons out of fellow believers? David, NJ (22:16) - How do you think the movement of God will impact the church in the last days? Anthony, email (34:04) - If my saved loved ones have passed away, are they in heaven now or are they waiting on the Lord to “rise first?” Tony, TX (41:06) - Why do Catholics pray to the Virgin Mary?  Email (50:34) - In Jeremiah, why did God select Nebuchadnezzar as “his servant?” He’s a pagan king, why not pick a righteous one? John, TX (53:51) - Are Catholics going to hell if they don’t accept Jesus into their hearts?   Questions? 888-712-7434
56:58 11/16/2022
Bridge Bible Talk 11 - 15 - 22
Question Timestamps: Richard, NY (1:27) - Could Adam and Eve really have made a decision, about eating from the tree, with the knowledge that they had? Matthew, NJ (7:37) - Why would God require an animal sacrifice? Why require the death of another creature? Donna, SC (15:00) - What happens to those who profess to believe in Christ but continue to live their life in sin? William, GA (18:06) - Jesus was a Jew, and the Jews are from the Middle East, then why are Jews always shown as being light skinned? Is it true that speaking in tongues is speaking directly to God in a language only he understands? Verda, Facebook (25:30) - After the rapture, will any of the people left behind have their names in the Book of Life? Shane, FL (33:50) - Does God play favorites? Lilah, GA (38:16) - To be a Christian, do you have to go to church? Karen, MA (41:31) - Does God still speak to us today like in the Old Testament? Fae, FL (47:47) - Why don’t we get the worship songs between the ministers on the station anymore? Ozzne, GA (50:06) - How do we obey the commandment that says to “remember the Sabbath and keep it holy?” Nancy, TX (55:12) - How will we recognize everyone in heaven?   Questions? 888-712-7434
57:00 11/15/2022
Bridge Bible Talk 11 - 14 - 22
Question Timestamps: Diane, NJ (3:16) - How did God populate the Earth with just Adam and Eve? Chris, CA (7:32) - Why didn’t the Lord come to the aid of John the Baptist before he was executed? David, Facebook (12:12) - Does the Bible say anything about seeking marital counseling from family members? Marie, NJ (17:53) - How can I help my friend who is estranged from her adult children? Jose, MA (22:35) - What does John 10:16 mean? Is God referencing other beings in the universe? Gatson, Facebook (26:31) - What was the forbidden fruit? Will there be transportation in eternity? John, NY (35:47) - Based on the Bible, should a woman preach at the pulpit? Adrianna, NJ (39:31) - Why does the Bible pay so much attention to David’s adultery with Bathsheba, since he was already committing adultery with the multiple wives and concubines that he had? Dosha, NY (43:39) - How did Cain go to another land and find people? David, NJ (48:28) - Why were the followers called Christians in Acts 11:26? JC, NY (52:50) - Is euthanasia of animals okay? Is it God’s responsibility to show mercy to animals?   Questions? 888-712-7434
56:59 11/14/2022
Bridge Bible Talk 11 - 10 - 22
Question Timestamps: YouTube (2:29) - Will we eat in heaven? Sharifa, YouTube (5:36) - In Matthew 7:23, did the false prophets cast out demons? Didn’t Jesus say that a house divided cannot stand? Paul, GA (9:22) - In 1 Corinthians 3:14-15, what does Paul mean when he says that believers’ work will be tested in fire? George, FL (14:01) - What should we do as Christians when we see churches that are supporting unbiblical practices like homosexual marriages? Edward, NY (20:06) - Is the white throne judgment of Christ before or after the wedding feast of the lamb? Ricky, TN (25:08) - Are we suffering enough as Christians? Chris, SC (33:38) - What does the term “carnal Christian” mean? Yolanda, NY (39:50) - What is the chronological order of events for the end times? William, NJ (47:01) - What is the Quran’s interpretation of Jesus’ miracles? Beverly, NY (50:41) - What is happening in Jeremiah 48 & 49, is God going to bless the nations mentioned after they suffered in a similar way to Job? Champagne, GA (53:55) - What can be done when pastors don’t teach the Bible in a way this generation can understand?   Questions? 888-712-7434
56:58 11/10/2022
Bridge Bible Talk 11 - 9 - 22
Question Timestamps: Lisa, NJ (2:18) - Why did the religious leaders stone Stephen, and attempt to stone the woman in adultery, but couldn’t kill Jesus legally? Joe, HI (4:56) - What do I tell a church member who says, “the church shouldn’t get involved in politics?” To what level should the church get involved in politics? John, MA (8:30) - What was so bad about David counting the people of Israel in 1 Chronicles 21? What is the Angel of the Lord that appeared and killed thousands of Israelites in the same story? Jerry, NY (17:47) - Do the promises of God to the Israelites in the Old Testament apply to the church in the New Testament? Even though Jesus says that the church will be persecuted? Mike, email (26:30) - How do you interpret the parable of the sower in Matthew? How do we know who is saved and who isn't? Ricky, TN (34:14) - Does the devil go after specific Christians that are fired up for the Lord? Similar to how he went after Job? Why would Satan go after Job? Bobby, DE (39:06) - Are the Book of Life and the Lamb’s Book of Life the same book? Thomas, FL (44:29) - If the demons are already in hell according to 2 Peter 4, then how are the devil and other demons influencing things on Earth? Are angels and demons outside of time, the same way that God is? John, SC (49:26) - How did one third of the angels turn and follow Satan? Do angels die when they fight?   Questions? 888-712-7434
56:59 11/09/2022
Bridge Bible Talk 11 - 8 - 22
Question Timestamps: Ricky, TN (2:29) - Is the King James Translation accurate? Robert, SC (8:06) - Is there a hierarchy among the Trinity? Arlene, email (15:50) - What if someone was murdered before getting the chance to be saved? Is that an untimely death? Is that person doomed, or will they have the opportunity to accept Christ after death? Terrence, MA (18:56) - I am a teacher, and was asked by students to help with a Bible club. Am I allowed to answer questions about the Bible during this club? Email (27:06) - How do we practically pray without ceasing? Linda, NJ (33:32) - How do we interpret Ezekiel 19? Why was Judah chosen as the tribe Jesus came from? Ashley, NJ (40:12) - Why are there so many different words for “testaments,” “precepts,” or “commandments” in Psalm 119? Why is Jeremiah 29:11 not applicable to us? Michelle, NJ (48:29) - I have a testimony, related to the discussion about untimely deaths and being saved. Chris, RI (51:52) - How could Lucifer tempt Eve into eating the fruit? And wouldn’t Eve have been guilty of covetousness or lust before ever eating the fruit? Joseph, NJ (55:16) - Is it Biblically correct to do an altar call and just have people bow their heads and do a prayer?   Questions? 888-712-7434
56:59 11/08/2022
Bridge Bible Talk 11 - 7 - 22
Question Timestamps: Eddie, email (5:13) - What should my wife and I do, we are beginning to feel weary in ministry? Stacy, email (8:49) - We raised my daughter as a girl, but discovered she has male chromosomes when she was a teenager. Should we continue to treat her as a girl or as a boy? Jon, NY (12:50) - Did the demons that Jesus cast into the pigs survive? How does demon possession appear in present times? Email (15:43) - What is Shiloh? Josue, YouTube (17:14) - God forgives our sins and won’t remember them, but I hear we will be judged for our sins? Can you explain this? Joshua, NJ (19:50) - Do we have to give thanks to the wicked people? Josh, PA (34:02) - I have sworn an oath in the military, should I be convicted about that? Is it wrong to swear? Stacy, NJ (36:33) - In prayer, when do you use the three different names of the Trinity? Is there a difference in using one name over another? Marianna, YouTube (42:18) - Do the Mormons believe that Jesus and Lucifer are siblings? Becky, MA (44:17) - Will people that die receive a second chance to accept Christ? Andrea, CO (49:39) - At church, we were told to make a “covenant.” I thought God only made five covenants. Are we using that word wrong? Jimmy, TX (53:34) - I found a church that does conversion therapy. What is conversion therapy? Is it Biblical?   Questions? 888-712-7434
56:59 11/07/2022
Bridge Bible Talk 11 - 3 - 22
Question Timestamps: Reginald, email (2:38) - How can prayers to God be hindered by sin or demons if God is omniscient and omnipresent? Ms. Espinosa, AL (6:07) - Where in the Bible does it say why some people don’t get healed? My friend says that it is not God’s will for people to be sick. If that’s the case, why doesn’t he heal everyone? Kim, NY (11:36) - My son has expressed suicidal thoughts, what guidance can you give me for this situation? Mabel, NJ (16:50) - Where in the Bible does it say the Earth stood still? Angelo, email (21:18) - Can you break down predestination and what it means? Teresa, VA (26:47) - Some of my kids are saved and some aren’t, is this because of predestination and election? Rolando, NY (33:54) - Can Satan and his demons take the form of a man or just possess them? Debbie, NY (37:28) - Can we pray for our school system and the kids being brought up in it? Tina, MA (41:37) - What kind of judgment did people in the Old Testament receive? Dominick, (44:39) - Is there unrecorded history between Genesis 1:1 and Genesis 1:2? KC, GA (51:50) - In John 3:5, what is meant by the phrase “being born of water?”   Questions? 888-712-7434
56:57 11/03/2022
Bridge Bible Talk 11 - 2 - 22
Question Timestamps:  Call from Pastor Lloyd in Ukraine (1:15) Don, NJ (11:42) - What does the phrase “fall away” mean in Hebrews 6:4-7? YouTube (18:46) - What do you think about Jesus quoting the Book of Mormon in the new Chosen trailer? Romney, PA (22:50) - Is it okay not to tithe or tithe less than 10 percent? Victor, NJ (34:05) - How can the creation bless the creator, a lesser blessing the greater? Collin, AR (38:22) - I was never baptized, am I really saved? Belle, NJ (43:12) - What does the story of Ananias and Sapphira mean for us today? Why didn’t they have a chance to repent? William, MA (52:20) - When “every knee is bowed and every tongue confesses,” will it be known across the board in heaven, hell and on Earth? No more doubts?   Questions? 888-712-7434
56:53 11/02/2022
Bridge Bible Talk 11 - 1 - 22
Question Timestamps: Verde, Facebook (2:44) - Can you explain 1 Samuel 10:22-24? Rolando, NY (6:12) - What is the difference between the King James Version of the Bible and the versions that came before it? John, NJ (11:52) - Why are so many pastors against the death penalty when the Old Testament appears to be in support of it? Jerry, NJ (16:48) - What or who are the spirits in prison that Jesus preached to mentioned in 1 Peter 3? Angela, MA (23:09) - Should Christians celebrate Halloween? Should Christians push back against Halloween? Max, NY (34:02) - Who are the real Jews? I heard that black people are, and not the Jews that are there now? Paul, NY (37:31) - My cousin just tried to commit suicide, can you pray for him? Sandra, NJ (39:28) - Is it a mean thing or wrong to not participate in Halloween? Marcelino, HI (42:50) - Is it Biblical to celebrate Pastors Appropriation Month? Bernardo, MA (45:50) - What does it look like to “deny yourself and pick up your cross?” Selena, GA (49:23) - Can you pray for my son who is fighting addiction?   Questions? 888-712-7434
56:59 11/01/2022
Bridge Bible Talk 10 - 31 - 22
Question Timestamps: Call from Pastor Lloyd Pulley in Ukraine (1:45) Ricky, TN (19:44) - The churches in my county aren’t speaking out against sin in the culture. What should they be doing? Tommy, NJ (23:52) - Why did God allow the sons of God to marry the daughters of man? Katie, NJ (34:07) - My friend’s granddaughter is about to have a lesbian wedding, should my friend attend the wedding? Zella, KY (37:50) - What happens to babies and children during the rapture? Dustin, MS (42:45) - Can you give me some counsel on my marriage? Karen, TX (52:11) - Have all the conditions been met for Jesus to come back? Has everyone heard of Jesus and had the chance to believe in him?   Questions? 888-712-7434
56:59 10/31/2022
Bridge Bible Talk 10 - 27 - 22
Question Timestamps: Terry, NY (3:38) - What is the Christian response to cremation? Emelyn, NY (6:58) - Is it necessary to have a church as a head covering for my Christian outreach ministry? Dustin, NJ (9:59) - What has God called fathers to, in regards to patience and discipline with their kids? George, FL (16:45) - How many archangels are there? Is abstinence the way to go, is it in the Bible? Tyrone, NY (22:25) - What is your understanding of the part in Jude where Michael and Satan argue over the bones of Moses? Lisa, VA (26:25) - If a female were forced into an abortion, but regretted it, would she go to hell or does she have a chance at redemption to still get into heaven? Anna, NJ (34:54) - Can you clarify an answer that you gave about temptation and when temptation becomes a sin? Cindy, GA (41:13) - Do Christians that commit suicide go to heaven? Lori, MI (43:55) - Was the passage in Revelation that says, “not to delete or add a single word,” referring to just Revelation or the whole Bible? Did Jesus affirm the entire Old Testament? Ginnel, NY (46:50) - Can you explain the scripture that says “don’t judge?” Grace, NJ (50:35) - Did God used to require his people to sacrifice their children, based on Exodus 34:20? Nancy, email (52:10) - Why did 11 out of 12 of the disciples suffer such terrible deaths?   Questions? 888-712-7434
56:58 10/27/2022
Bridge Bible Talk 10 - 26 - 22
Question Timestamps: Samuel, YouTube (1:38) - Do you adhere to the dispensational salvation in the Old Testament? Ricky, TN (5:12) - Why are preachers scared to preach the truth? Karen, UT (9:35) - Do you know anything about Lee Carroll? My mother-in-law has been talking about Kryon and Lee Carroll. Patrick, MA (12:39) - Why was Isaiah 53 written in the past tense? Karen, TX (15:13) - How will people not be jealous of other people’s rewards in heaven? Will people who have been Christians for a shorter amount of time have less rewards? Will they be discontent? Samuelle, MA (22:09) - What is the Apostle’s Creed? Was it written by the apostles themselves? L.R., NJ (26:48) - What is your opinion on Christians celebrating Jewish holidays or Catholic events like Lent? Izzy, FL (33:39) - If there is no sin in heaven, how did Lucifer sin? Lisa, NY (36:45) - How do you preach the Gospel to someone that is very logical and doesn’t do much by faith? Joseph, CA (47:51) - Who is the person speaking in the last three verses of Proverbs 8? Sisco, TX (49:30) - When will believers meet Jesus, right when they die or later on? Annie, GA (52:20) - I am open to Christianity, is it true?   Questions? 888-712-7434
56:59 10/26/2022
Bridge Bible Talk 10 - 25 - 22
Question Timestamps: Christine, NJ (3:44) - Why didn’t Joseph push back against pharaoh when given an Egyptian wife? Nora, NJ (7:30) - Is there girl angels? Rolando, NY (9:13) - Who was the first Jew? Since the Jews were God’s chosen people, were any of the people before them chosen, like Noah? Why does the Bible only go back 2500 years, when Chinese history goes back 5000 years? Marco, NJ (14:15) - Are there two Gods in the Bible, one in the Old Testament and another in the New Testament? Chris, NY (18:43) - When you die, do you go to heaven or just wait in sleep until Christ returns? Jason, KY (20:42) - What does Paul mean by “the one baptism” in Ephesians 4? Mike, NY (24:40) - When and why did the Jewish sacrifices stop? How do they deal with their sin? Antonio, FL (33:52) - What is required of tithing today? What is tithing?  Tina, MA (37:30) - What is the deeper meaning behind Jesus “dying for our sins?” Is the “death” payment for sin going all the way back to Adam and Eve eating the fruit, where it said “the payment for sin is death?” Ryan, KY (40:44) - Do you know anything about agendas going forward with the World Economic Forum? Maria, FL (46:46) - Did God create evil according to Isaiah 45:7?   Questions? 888-712-7434
56:59 10/25/2022
Bridge Bible Talk 10 - 24 - 22
Question Timestamps: Debbie, NY (1:49) - Is it a sin to order things from a company whose CEO is supportive of LGBTQ and woke culture? Nick, NY (7:15) - What is the “shameful part,” referenced in 2 Timothy 2:15? Carrie, NY (11:52) - Should I feel guilty for not having a big emotional reaction to being saved? Kristoff, NY (14:13) - Is it okay for me to accept a job at a place that supports the LGBTQ movement? Darell, FL (18:51) - Is the office of “apostle” still a valid office in today’s church? Jack, NJ (34:08) - Is the world today as bad as in the days of Noah or Sodom and Gamorrah? Catherine, MA (44:16) - Is it okay for Christians to get cremated? Marco, NJ (48:20) - Could you explain Joshua 5:13? Is there any correlation with Revelation 19:15? Valerie, CT (52:01) - Will we celebrate birthdays in heaven? Joanne, AR (53:44) - How do we know that Sunday is the first day of the week? Is it because light was created on the first day and is related to the “sun?”   Questions? 888-712-7434
56:58 10/24/2022
Bridge Bible Talk 10 - 20 - 22
Question Timestamps: Emelyn, Facebook (4:09) - What are your views on different translations of the Bible? Roger, ME (7:13) - What bible verses or passages can best help people who are confused about their gender? Robert, HI (15:35) - How do people have eternal life when Jesus says that anyone who hates his brother in Christ will not have eternal life? Cheyenne, NY (20:34) - What can I share at a funeral I’m attending? Lori, NY (33:45) - I’m 58, and I’ve been praying to find a godly husband and it hasn’t happened. Should I stop praying for this? Marcelino, HI (39:04) - Is Halloween of the devil? Should christians celebrate Halloween? Grace, NJ (41:56) - Did God ask Hosea to marry a prostitute and why? What is the connection to Israel and the prophets? Anita, Belize (44:29) - Can a Christian unknowingly be used by Satan? Christine, NJ (46:34) - Why did Joseph marry an Egyptian wife, and not at least question it? Anonymous, NY (48:44) - How do I tell my wife about my past acts of adultery? Brian, MA (53:31) - Why wouldn’t God let Moses in the promised land?   Questions? 888-712-7434
56:58 10/20/2022
Bridge Bible Talk 10 - 19 - 22
Question Timestamps: Ronata, NJ (2:44) - What does the Bible say about aliens? Emelyn, Facebook (8:58) - What is your view on church membership?  Keisha, NY (10:34) - Is the church the building or the people? Ed, NJ (14:36) - Is it true that “whatever you bind on Earth will be bound in heaven?” Robert, NY (17:21) - Are the disciples that appear in Acts 2 the same disciples that are mentioned in John 6:60? Kim, CA (21:06) - My son and daughter-in-law won’t let me see my grandson after moving out of our house a year ago. What should I do in this situation? Mercy, email (25:32) - The church I attend has been losing members, should I leave too? Is this a sign of some internal problem? Yvonne, SC (35:11) - What does God mean when he says “be still and know that I am God?” Daniel, CT (39:47) - Are we going to eat in heaven? Christian, FL (42:07) - Why are Christians called “Christians?” Donnie, FL (44:44) - Shouldn’t pastors talk to each other before they air out their opinions on other pastors? Vio, NY (49:33) - My church says we can call on angels to do things for us, should we question this? How does a person know if they’re not in the right church? Ronald, CT (53:45) - Is it alright to participate in Halloween?   Questions? 888-712-7434
56:59 10/19/2022
Bridge Bible Talk 10 - 18 - 22
Question Timestamps: Ricky, TN (4:39) - Do you think the church will have to go through a lot of suffering before the Lord comes back, based on 2 Thessalonians 2:3? Rolando, NY (11:06) - Is it right for a pastor to put their name and face all over their church banners and bulletins? Ricky, MA (14:11) - When do the Old Testament saints get their glorified bodies? Almazan, Facebook (17:57) - Why did God take 40 years to lead his people through the wilderness, when it only takes 11 days to get to the Promised Land? Kathy, GA (22:56) - My son asked me to send him a NIV Bible, but I’m strictly King James Version. Was I wrong to send him the NIV Bible? Emelyn, Facebook (27:35) - Is it Biblical to lay hands on dogs and cats and pray for them? Oscar, TX (28:26) - How do I grieve for my pet? Emmanuel, MA (33:38) - In James 1, it says that temptation comes from our own evil desire, how was Jesus tempted then? Why does Jesus pray for God to “lead us not into temptation?” Naomi, NY (41:20) - Is it appropriate to bring flowers into the sanctuary and to the altar, after they have been given away for a funeral? Candace, NJ (45:57) - How do you answer your kids, when they ask “how do we know that the God we believe in is the God of the Bible?” Tine, email (51:33) - I’m seriously considering leaving my husband, what should I do?   Questions? 888-712-7434
56:58 10/18/2022
Bridge Bible Talk 10 - 17 - 22
Question Timestamps: Steve, NJ (1:47) - Was the resurrection of Christ spiritual or literal? Dominick, NJ (7:24) - I find myself blaming God for things happening in my life, how should I handle this? Paul, DE (12:08) - How far should we submit to the authorities when they are doing what is wrong? Ricky, TN (18:42) - Why is the Trail of Blood book being rewritten? Johnny, NY (21:32) - Can you explain what the Bible means when it says only 144,000 are going to heaven? Mike, NJ (23:50) - How do I motivate myself to read the Bible daily? Erin, email (34:02) - How do you view a theater like Sight and Sound that uses creative license to bring scripture to life? Don’t some Bible verses forbid this? Mike, TN (38:16) - Would it be okay to attend church from home due to health issues? Anthony, MA (40:44) - Who removed the Bible from school and why? Martin, NJ (45:38) - Is the church the new covenant Israel from Jeremiah 31? Sherri, TN & John, AL (49:35) - What does the Bible say concerning heaven? When we die are we present with the Lord or in some kind of “soul sleep?” Jacklyn, SC (51:50) - Why did the Israelites accept The Law instead of mercy?   Questions? 888-712-7434
56:58 10/17/2022
Bridge Bible Talk 10 - 13 - 22
Question Timestamps: Kristina, YouTube (2:12) - Are stories from people that claim to have gone to the afterlife and come back true? Allie, KY (8:55) - What are your thoughts on Halloween? Are haunted houses okay? Camille, NJ (17:01) - Do we have a need to rebuke Satan in this day and age? Marilyn, MA (21:50) - How do I open my nephew’s minds to the Bible?  George, NJ (33:50) - When you die, where do you go?  Andrew, FL (38:38) - Why don’t modern day churches celebrate the feasts that Jesus did? Chris, NJ (41:58) - When does the unification of Israel, Egypt, and Assyria as God’s people happen mentioned in Isaiah 19? Barb, ID (47:32) - How do you know if the Spirit is working in you after you’ve been baptized? John, SC (52:19) - Will the great white throne of judgement be at the end of the millennial reign? Juliett, MA (53:05) - Why don’t we have the authority to cast out Satan, given what John 14:12 says?   Questions? 888-712–7434
56:50 10/13/2022