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Monday - Thursday 3:00 pm - 4:00 pm Bridge Bible Talk is a daily live Q&A program featuring Pastor Robert Baltodano, General Manager of The Bridge Christian Radio & Calvary Old Bridge's Senior Pastor Lloyd Pulley. Pastor Lloyd and Pastor Robert will be answering all of your everyday Bible and Christian Living questions. To ask your questions on air call 888-71BRIDGE (888-712-7434) or email


Bridge Bible Talk 5 - 20 - 24
Host Rico Basso and Pastor Robert Baltodano
57:01 5/20/24
Bridge Bible Talk 5 - 16 - 24
Hosts Pastor Robert Baltodano, Pastor Lloyd Pulley, and Guest Cold Case Detective J. Warner Wallace Question Timestamps: Introduction to guest Detective J. Warner Wallace (0:35) Discussion on the book The Truth in True Crime (2:32) Discussion on truth (6:51) Discussion on shame and guilt(11:10) Jason, Facebook (16:53) - Do you have a standard opening question for starting a conversation with a non-believer that will reveal their world view? Rocio, Facebook (23:16) - How does someone with a forensic background approach conversations with an atheist or agnostic? Discussion on fathers (26:09) Discussion on marriage (34:05) Discussion on mentorship (40:09) Discussion on trauma (43:24) Discussion on death and eternity (49:54)  Discussion on the Gospel and stupidity (53:46) Questions? 888-712-7434
57:02 5/16/24
Bridge Bible Talk 5 - 15 - 24
Hosts Pastor Robert Baltodano and Pastor Lloyd Pulley Question Timestamps: Goddess, NY (3:14) - Are deformities a result of sin or generational curses, is that addressed in the Bible? Carlos, FL (8:34) - How does the caveman fit in with Adam and Eve? Daniel, NY (15:05) - Can Christians have demons? Can someone that has a demon become a Christian? What happens to that demon after the person becomes a Christian? Michael, Facebook (19:15) - When do we receive the Holy Spirit? If it is after we are saved, can you explain what happened when Jesus was baptized? Ashley, NJ (23:20) - How does God confirm your prayers? Dominic, YouTube (33:43) - Can you explain the difference between pre-millennial, amillennial, and post-millennial views on end times? Daniel, Facebook (37:51) - Does the “struggle,” referenced in Romans 7, between the flesh and spirit reflect the common lived experience of the believer? Al, HI (41:49) - What should I feel about women teaching from the pulpit at church? Glen, email (45:16) - What is the second harvest, and what is the timeline? Felicia, FL (47:20) - Why did Jesus invite Peter to walk on the water with him? Is that something we can go home and do too? Luke, AR (50:42) - I’m a husband and father, trying to lead my family right, but can’t find a church that hasn’t compromised its beliefs. What should I do? Questions? 888-712-7434
57:01 5/15/24
Bridge Bible Talk 5 - 14 - 24
Hosts Pastor Robert Baltodano and Pastor Lloyd Pulley Question Timestamps: Daniel, MS (2:50) - Can women teach Bible or Sunday school classes that include adult men as students? What does the Bible say about that? Brittany, UT (6:56) - Are we called to do the same things the disciples did in the book of Acts? Diane, NJ (9:33) - Can we pray a loved one into heaven after they have passed away? Email (12:57) - When someone is sent by the devil to disturb our peace, does that mean they aren’t saved? Can the devil use a believer to cause harm? Email (17:41) - Why did God allow the Jews to die during Hitler’s time? Ray, FL (20:33) - Did God create other humans in Genesis 1 before creating Adam and Eve in Genesis 2? Kerri, Facebook (33:37) - I am a counselor for children, and believe one of the girl’s I’m counseling is under demonic influence, what should I do? Jay, email (37:42) - My daughter had a miscarriage, will this child be in heaven? Will I recognize this child in heaven? Jeffery, NY (40:27) - Do we have a moral obligation to take down gay pride flags? Frank, NJ (49:24) - Does the passage in 2 Samuel, where David talks about his dead baby, support the idea that miscarried babies will be in heaven? Donald, NJ (51:13) - Is it just as powerful to pray for someone outside of their presence as to pray directly over them? Luke, NJ (53:09) - Is the book of Enoch safe for us to read? Is it divinely inspired? Why is it not included in scripture? Questions? 888-712-7434
57:00 5/14/24
Bridge Bible Talk 5 - 13 - 24
Hosts Pastor Robert Baltodano and Pastor Lloyd Pulley Question Timestamps: Bob, NJ (4:20) - Is there any historical evidence for the story that the Jewish priests had a rope wrapped around their foot so that they could be pulled out of the Holy of Holies in case something happened to him? Did some Jews stay in Egypt during the Exodus? Stephanie, TN (8:16) - Will the rapture happen before the tribulation? Thomas, NJ (10:59) - What will be taking place during the millennial reign? What kinds of activities will we do during that time? Will we be able to talk to Jesus during that time? How much access will we have to him? Rob, SC (15:29) - What is the difference between God’s Judgment and God’s Wrath? Is there a difference? Ronald, FL (19:13) - Who will be in the millennial reign with Christ besides those who live through the tribulation? Jessica, YouTube (21:08) - What does it mean that the Lord “blessed the Sabbath Day and hallowed it?” What does “hallowed” mean? Beverly, NY (24:24) - Is 2 Kings 15:16 prophetic regarding what’s happening in Israel today? Carlos, NJ (33:48) - Why did God give the Ten Commandments after Adam and Eve sinned? Why did he give the Ten Commandments when salvation only comes through Christ? Rachel, TN (36:53) - My father committed suicide, and we lost my sister to an overdose, they were both believers, will I see them in heaven? Bob, NJ (42:06) - Will there be animals in heaven? Maureen, MA (47:06) - What does Deuteronomy 24:10 mean? Do you think Jesus became invisible sometimes? Eglon, NY (51:14) - If you aren’t baptized, or aren’t filled with the Holy Spirit, are you going to heaven? Do you have to be fully immersed in water to be baptized? Questions? 888-712-7434
57:02 5/13/24
Bridge Bible Talk 5 - 9 - 24
Hosts Pastor Robert Baltodano and Pastor Lloyd Pulley Question Timestamps: Graham, NJ (3:10) - What does Matthew 11:12 mean? Is it hyperbolic or literal? Luke, AR (8:23) - My non-believing friends say that the God of the Old Testament is different from Jesus and the God of the New Testament? If Lucifer was in the presence of God, a place of joy and sinlessness, how did he get corrupted and fall? Danny, NY (15:39) - Is it possible that God could have created the Earth with the perception of age that matches the 4.5 million years that science says? Thomas, NJ (19:18) - Will memory lost by dementia return when God calls us home? What is the purpose of last rights given by a priest? Jason, NJ (23:39) - Does the Bible address vasectomy? Donna, email (28:11) - What’s the difference between Christians and Muslims? Do they believe in the same God? Walter, GA (33:36) - Can you explain Ezekiel 37:15-16? Does it describe the Book of Mormon? What is John talking about when Revelation says not to add words to the scripture? Kayla, TN (39:03) - Do you have any advice for presenting the Gospel to friends? Bob, PA (44:30) - Why does the Bible say your sins are forgiven when you accept Christ, but then says your sins will be judged at the throne? Peter, SC (46:18) - Can you explain 2 Corinthians 5:10? William, FL (48:48) - How can I apply Ephesians 4:22 to my life? Eva, NY (52:50) - What happens to kids during the rapture? Christy, NY (55:08) - Is it okay to kill a person who invades your home? Questions? 888-712-7434
57:01 5/9/24
Bridge Bible Talk 5 - 8 - 24
Hosts Pastor Robert Baltodano and Pastor Lloyd Pulley Question Timestamps: Karen, NJ (2:00) - Is there such a thing as reincarnation in the Bible? Stacy, NY (5:03) - Who is the “she” that Solomon mentions in Proverbs? Lisa, Facebook (7:21) - Would you question someone’s salvation based on their belief in dreams? First Millennium Catholicism, YouTube (8:48) - How do you reconcile your symbolic interpretation of the Last Supper, with the literal interpretation that the people took in John 6:53? Mike, NY (12:11) - Why don’t my Muslim friends recognize Jesus? Maryana, YouTube (15:44) - Did Satan ever get the chance to repent, and if so did he choose not to? Diane, email (18:55) - Can females be pastors and preach to men, women, and children in the church? John, MA (20:47) - Can you explain whether Sunday or Saturday is the Sabbath? Kevin, NJ (22:58) - Does God create certain people for specific purposes, knowing that they won’t go to heaven? Lisette, GA (26:37, continued at 33:25) - Does the Bible mention anything about another human species, given historians' descriptions of Neanderthals? Rick, NY (35:20) - Is a birth a creation in a normal human being? Matty, NJ (38:58) - If a person is saved and they commit suicide, do they still go to heaven? Carlos, NJ (43:12) - What does “presumption” mean? Is presumptive sin a mocking of God? Cindy, MA (46:06) - How does the Bible feel about speaking in tongues? Does it continue today? TJ, FL (51:08) - In Genesis, it says God created people and animals, but when does Adam come in? Was Adam the first creation? Who was Cain afraid of after killing Abel, wouldn’t there have been only one other man? Patrick, NY (54:05) - Is it a sin to pray to Mary? Questions? 888-712-7434
57:01 5/8/24
Bridge Bible Talk 5 - 7 - 24
Host Vincent Fernandez and Pastor Lloyd Pulley Question Timestamps: Ray, MA (1:53) - Why has the Passover meal stayed a tradition in the church, even through the Protestant Reformation, when there isn’t a prescriptive instruction for it in the scripture? Naomi, GA (6:24) - What is a blaspheming sin? Is it a personal sin, or is it something a nation does? Thomas, NJ (11:16) - Can you explain the difference between topical, textual, and expositional preaching? Daniel, NY (17:39) - Why do 2 Kings 8:26 and 2 Chronicles 22:2 have different ages listed for King Ahaziah? Jack, NJ (22:04) - What are your opinions on the quicker Bible reading plans? Pam, NJ (26:28) - Does everyone have a chance to get to heaven during the tribulation as long as they don’t take the mark of the beast? Jessica, Facebook (33:33) - Where do people get the command for the church to gather on the Sabbath? Gina, email (36:59) - How can I explain to my adult children how God came into existence? Matt, NY (41:14) - How should I answer my coworker’s questions about salvation? John, NY (47:49) - Do you think I’ll be around for the tribulation? Ronald, CT (52:11) - What is your take on a story I heard from a guy at my church that claims to have gone to hell? I’ve been on painkillers since my surgery, should I be worried about taking any more that the doctors offer me? Ira, NJ (55:10) - Do you think Jesus will take me back, now that I’ve repented from hating the Bible and Jesus? Questions? 888-712-7434
57:01 5/7/24
Bridge Bible Talk 5 - 6 - 24
Host Rico Basso and Pastor Lloyd Pulley Question Timestamps: DM316, YouTube (4:43) - What are your thoughts on Christian nationalism? Is it something that Christians should avoid? Pookie, YouTube (8:17) - What does Hamas’ acceptance of ceasefire mean for Israel? Thomas, YouTube (10:41) - When I sin, I don’t repent until I feel like it, how can I stop this cycle? Jason, NJ (13:23) - What is the line for where we use the Bible to judge things in life? Isn’t tradition useful for interpreting scripture when there are contradictions? Lori, NY (18:29) - 2 Corinthians 5 says when we die we are with the Lord, but 1 Thessalonians 4 says that we are sleeping when we die, so which one is it? Edward, GA (23:40) - Why did God give Satan access into Job’s life? Beverly, NY (27:06, continued after break at 33:33) - What fruit was the fruit Eve ate? Are the dry bones in Ezekiel evidence to God’s resurrection power? Dustin, MS (35:03) - Was wine in the Bible alcoholic? If not, why is there a verse that prohibits teachers from drinking it? Carlos, NJ (39:12) - What is the purpose of the ten commandments when Jesus says you should be born again to have salvation? Ricardo, NY (42:54) - Can you lose your salvation? Dalia, NY (47:16) - Why do I feel like I’ve done something wrong? Jolene, NJ (50:33) - How do you pray the Bible? How do you believe in its promises when God does not answer your prayers? Why would I pray if God is only going to answer if he wants to? How do I get out of this hole that I’m in in my faith? Gina, email (55:31) - How can I explain to my adult child how God came into existence? Questions? 888-712-7434
57:06 5/6/24
Bridge Bible Talk 5 - 2 - 24
Pastor Robert Baltodano and Pastor John Durante Question Timestamps: Matthew, Facebook (3:52) - Some believers say that there will be a seven year tribulation, while others say it will be three and a half. What do you say and why? Edward, GA (9:30) - Who was Melchizedek? What was his role? Kathy, GA (13:20) - Why does Jesus pray “lead us not into temptation” in Matthew 6, God doesn’t tempt anyone, so what does that mean? Jerry, NJ (18:02) - How do I approach speaking to my friend who says the Bible was written by man and not God? Robert, NY (23:23) - When I pray, should I be looking up to the cross or looking down in reverence? Bonnie, Facebook (26:28) - Can you explain Revelation 17? Paul, NJ (34:02) - Why isn’t the modern church run like the church in the book of Acts? John, TN (43:26) - If sacrifices begin in Israel now, does that mean there isn’t a pre-tribulation rapture? Lorraine, HI (46:48) - Is the “falling away” mentioned in 2 Thessalonians 2:3 the rapture or something else? Will the man of sin be revealed during the time of the tribulation? Gene, NJ (49:12) - How does the prehistoric age fit into the Bible? What does the Bible say about dinosaurs? Where does prehistoric man fit into it? Patricia, NY (54:00) - What are the consequences of being out of fellowship with God? Would one of the consequences be that he doesn’t hear our prayers? Questions? 888-712-7434
57:01 5/2/24
Bridge Bible Talk 5 - 1 - 24
Pastor Robert Baltodano and Pastor Lloyd Pulley Question Timestamps: Verlia, email (2:30) - When you go to heaven, will you turn into an angel? 5 Second Studio, YouTube (4:06) - Did Jesus die for everyone, including those who go to hell, or just for his followers? Does the Bible answer this directly? Thomas, NJ (6:57) - Is it considered idolatry to have a statue of Mary outside my house? Is there a reference list of what appears in The Chosen that isn’t in the Bible? Email (12:22) - If God knew us when we were in the womb, and knew we would be sinners, why did he make us? Maggie, AK (15:09) - Will our pets be in heaven? Kameo, FL (21:04) - Why don’t I feel the same conviction about watching Harry Potter as other sci-fi/fantasy movies? Bobby, DE (25:07, continued after break at 33:22) - When Jesus comes back in the new millennium, does that mean the Holy Spirit will not be here because he’s here already? Why did Jesus make water into wine when the Bible says not to get drunk on wine? Marcello, FL (37:11) - When we get to heaven, are we still going to be married to the spouses that God chose for us? If we hadn’t fallen to sin, would we have procreated in Eden? Melanie, NJ (43:19) - Is it possible for angels to fall from grace today like Lucifer did? Christian, NJ (45:33) - When does asking God for forgiveness become taking advantage of his mercy? How do I distinguish between the voice of God and my own consciousness? Rob, NC (50:26) - Can 1 Samuel 16:1 be interpreted in a similar way to Genesis 22:8? Greg, MI (53:43) - Should we teach kids the idea of fasting by having them give up video games or music for a time? Questions? 888-712-7434
57:01 5/1/24
Bridge Bible Talk 4 - 30 - 24
Pastor Robert Baltodano and Pastor Lloyd Pulley Question Timestamps:  Vincent, NY (3:38) - Did Jesus have to be circumcised on the eighth day? Was the Holy Spirit nourishing Jesus for the nine months he was in the womb and not Mary? Diane, ID (7:34) - Is saying the name “Jesus” taking the Lord’s name in vain? Kevin, email (13:04) - I used to feel God’s presence all the time, but it has gone away recently, am I doing something wrong? Why did Judas have a last name while the others didn’t? Tamer, NJ (17:10) - What is the responsibility of Christians when they see other Christians misusing the teachings of the Bible? Denzel, NY (22:25) - How do you love your enemies? How easy is it? Joe, NY (26:40, continued after break at 33:22) - How can smokers ever get to heaven? I have been in a relationship with a woman for 24 years, we aren’t married, am I under condemnation? Harold, NY (37:51) - Colossians 2 says not to judge others’ actions, but Acts 15 gives judgment over certain behaviors, can you explain that? Ewan, caller (43:25) - How did God get his powers? Mike, ID (45:57) - Why do the last few verses of Revelation say that the sinners are outside the gates of heaven, aren’t they supposed to be in the lake of fire at that point? Vanessa, FL (49:23) - Why does 1 Thessalonians 4 say that the dead will rise before the living during the rapture, aren’t they already in heaven? Vincent, NY (51:47) - Jesus says not to lust after a woman, what do you do when you have a dream about a woman? Karen, UT (53:46) - How should you handle forgiving and reconciling with nonbelievers? Questions? 888-712-7434
57:01 4/30/24
Bridge Bible Talk 4 - 29 - 24
Pastor Robert Baltodano and Pastor Lloyd Pulley Question Timestamps: Matt, email (1:33) - What is the punishment for church leaders that lead people astray? Naomi, GA (5:22) - I’ve heard that John the Baptist was Elijah, but I’ve also heard sermons that Elijah hasn’t come yet, which is it? Michael, Facebook (9:33) - How do we fight against the lie of transgender? I try to show love but everyone just seems to think it’s okay? Jack, NJ (14:12) - Do you think we’ve entered a new chapter when it comes to end times prophecies? Were events in the past as close to the end times as things are now? Denise, HI (20:19) - As a Christian, should I stop associating with my friend that is sleeping with her boyfriend? Lisa, FL (24:29) - As a nurse and a Christian, how do you handle patients that are transgender? Luigi, NY (33:40) - Do we need to ask for forgiveness now that Jesus has already forgiven our past, present, and future sins? GreatYachts, YouTube (38:20) - Is the rapture mid tribulation, based on the pattern of the plagues in Egypt before he brought them out? Jeffery, LA (40:30) - Can you give some input on the red heifer and the altar in Israel? Susan, NJ (43:55) - I have a family member that used to live with me, and wants to live with me again. I feel it isn’t the best choice for my family right now. Do I have to bring this person back into the house? Yvi, YouTube (46:32) - Are alter egos related to evil spirits? Bill, email (48:48) - Where does it say the 144,000 in Revelation will be evangelizing to the world? Gigi, Facebook (50:41) - What does the Bible say about prenuptial agreements? Questions? 888-712-7434
57:01 4/29/24
Bridge Bible Talk 4 - 25 - 24
Pastor Robert Baltodano and Pastor Lloyd Pulley Question Timestamps: Thomas, NJ (2:08) - I’m praying to receive the Holy Spirit and have read that I’ll speak in tongues when it happens. Are the words that I hear in my head jibberish or part of that? Madison, NY (9:17) - Why does no one know when Jesus was born? Susan, FL (13:23) - Why does the genealogy of Jesus list Joseph’s lineage when Jesus is Mary’s son and not Joseph’s? Wendy, NJ (17:22) - Is it okay to share stuff that you know is fake if it is promoting the gospel? Milestogo, YouTube (20:49) - Do tithes have to be ten percent? If so, can one use a portion of that to bless other ministries or people outside of your home church? PJ, NJ (24:22) - What constitutes being born again? Is it something inside of you? Do you have to go through a ceremony? Kelly, FL (33:50) - My son has cut off contact with me, is it a good idea to invite him and his wife to my house for fellowship and to reconcile? Rocio, Facebook (37:46) - What are your thoughts on modern day “prophets?” Are prophecies still given? Can someone give another person a “personal prophecy?” Verlia, MA (41:10) - How do I know what spiritual gifts have been given to me? Matt, NY (45:33) - How do we reconcile the commandment to remember the Sabbath day? Richard, YouTube (54:21) - Why do Christians get tempted more after reaching others or doing God’s work? Questions? 888-712-7434
57:00 4/25/24
Bridge Bible Talk 4 - 24 - 24
Pastor Robert Baltodano and Pastor Lloyd Pulley Question Timestamps: Brett, UT (2:59) - What is the right way of spending time with God? Is it wrong to read at different times of day and not first thing in the morning? Jenny, NY (6:08) - Is it right for a pastor to only allow certain people to come up for prayer? How do you know when you need to move on to a different church? Joseph, MD (11:22) - Based on John 16:11, could an unbeliever have been judged if the ruler of the world hadn’t been judged? Lisa, SC (16:56) - Was Jesus ever considered a Nazirite? Did he take a Nazirite vow? Pat, VA (21:36) - I recently discovered that my friend of ten years is an atheist, is it right for me to cut ties with this person? Gail, NJ (27:37) - Why do some say “I’m not a Christian, I’m Catholic?” Samell, GA (33:39) - Is infant baptism okay? What does the Bible say about infant baptism? Is baptism done by full immersion in the water or just a sprinkling? Tate, TX (37:45) - I struggle with lust, can you pray for me and provide some Biblical advice or verses? Matthew, Facebook (45:52) - Is Zechariah 12 about the end times or the crucifixion? Yvonne, Facebook (49:46) - What does the Bible say about life after death experiences? Rayann, Facebook (52:46) - Was Samson a Nazirite? Stacey, Facebook (53:36) - Can you explain the difference between the rapture and the second coming? Questions? 888-712-7434
57:01 4/24/24
Bridge Bible Talk 4 - 23 - 24
Pastor Robert Baltodano and Pastor Lloyd Pulley Question Timestamps: Nicole, NJ (1:28) - Is “deja vu” a spiritual gift? Bart, PA (3:12) - Can I add water to my holy water so that the newly added water will be blessed? Can adding holy water to the ocean bless the whole ocean? Howard, NJ (5:44) - What should I be getting out of the Old Testament outside of the prophecies about Jesus? Julie, email (9:44) - When an unbeliever dies, do they immediately go to hell? TJ, FL (13:12) - In the Old Testament, a person lived to be 800 to 900 years old, did animals live that long as well? Is it possible that some memories are passed on through DNA? Stevens, MA (19:00) - Why hasn’t anyone put the apocryphal books back into the Bible? Is it okay to read the apocrypha? Gail, NJ (26:37) - What does the Bible say about choosing cremation? Mary, TN (33:44) - Is there anything I can fast from without abstaining from food? Corey, NY (36:03) - Can you tell me how many years were between Adam and Eve and Mary and Joseph? Orlando, NY (38:47) - Can you explain the importance of baptism? Is baptism required to go to heaven? Christine, YouTube (44:07) - Who put the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil in the Garden of Eden? Ann, HI (46:03) - Can you explain Luke 11:25? If the house is clean, why would more demons come? Rocio, Facebook (48:14) - How do you know when you are genuinely speaking in tongues? Pam, NJ (52:04) - Does God allow demons or Satan to give you demonic dreams? Mindy, SC (55:03) - Should women be younger than men when they get married Biblically? Questions? 888-712-7434
57:01 4/23/24
Bridge Bible Talk 4 - 22 - 24
Host Rico Basso and Pastor Lloyd Pulley Question Timestamps: Justin, NC (5:57) - I have been struggling with lustful thoughts. How can I keep my mind on the right things according to scripture? John, NJ (10:26) - Why did God place the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil in the Garden of Eden along with the serpent? Did Adam and Eve stand a chance at not failing? Pekin, YouTube (13:41) - Is it wrong for a believer to attend functions organized by unsaved family members? Richard, email (16:01) - Is the Antichrist now in the world, or is he yet to appear? Why does the Bible say he is a “man of lawlessness?” Renette, HI (18:24) - Why was Jesus in the Earth for three days and three nights, but when we are absent from the body we will be present with the Lord? Theresa, email (20:58) - Can you explain Hebrews 9:22? Rich, NJ (23:21) - Who decided what to include in the Bible? And who actually put the Bible together? Deshaya, NJ (33:38) - Why are there so many religions? Tim, NJ (38:27) - How did sin get into Lucifer? John, KY (42:04) - Can you explain Hebrews 6:4-7? Do we know who wrote the book of Hebrews? Natalie, ID (48:43) - What is the third heaven mentioned in 2 Corinthians 12:2? Trisha, PA (50:18) - How did Noah know which animals were clean if they didn’t have the Law of Moses yet? Why did Noah curse his grandson? Jason, NJ (54:13) - Why do you have to be born again to go to heaven? And what does it mean to be “born again?” Questions? 888-712-7434
57:00 4/22/24
Bridge Bible Talk 4 - 18 - 24
Host Rico Basso and Pastor Lloyd Pulley Question Timestamps: Lisa, NY (5:51) - I met a woman who is part of the World Mission Society church. Are they correct about the Passover and other things? Diane, ID (11:30) - Are there any Christian based credit cards that you would recommend? Brayden, TX (16:50) - Are my girlfriend and I living in sin by living together but not sleeping together? Robert, PA (22:30) - Is it true that Martin Luther added the word “alone” to the phrase “by faith alone?” Does that come into conflict with the verses that forbid adding to the Bible? Robert, NJ (28:37) - Where did the Israelites get their first weapons of war upon leaving Egypt? Jessinka, MA (33:55) - Is it a good idea to invest in AI? Casey, GA (38:10) - Is a checking account a good analogy for the trinity? Harold, NY (42:10) - In John 9, the Pharisees say that Jesus wasn’t guarding the Sabbath, why did they say that? Mindy, SC (47:10) - Rehab lied to the men of Jericho about the spies, was it wrong for her to lie? Richard, MA (51:06) - Is there a Sabbath Day now? Is there a special time now like in the Old Testament? Terry, NJ (53:46) - What are your thoughts on yoga classes or hot yoga? What are your thoughts on Christian men taking yoga classes or hot yoga? Questions? 888-712-7434
56:59 4/18/24
Bridge Bible Talk 4 - 17 - 24
Pastor Robert Baltodano and Pastor Lloyd Pulley Question Timestamps: Calvary Chapel Old Bridge Member (1:37) - What is meant by the “supremacy of love?” Thomas, NJ (3:12) - Is baptism as a baby the same thing as baptism as an adult as a born again Christian? What authority do the priests and pope have? What Bible verses speak about that? Molly, MA (8:34) - Can you explain what happened to people in the Old Testament that couldn’t accept Jesus because he didn’t exist yet? Josh, TX (14:45) - When does a Christian receive the Holy Spirit? Robert, NY (19:11) - What is the difference between the cherubim and seraphim? Was Satan higher than an archangel? Rita, NY (23:28) - How is it that Mary bore the son of God when she had original sin? Joshua, FL (25:37, continued after break at 33:27) - Was there an interpreter in the upper room in Acts? Asher, KY (33:45) - What verses would you show to a transgender friend to give them guidance and help them on their way? Lloyd, NJ (41:57) - Do people in the last judgment have a last opportunity to accept Christ? Pascal, NY (44:13) - Was Jesus born without original sin? Email (45:46) - My friend lives with a woman that is not his wife, they both became believers and now he feels he needs to move out but the woman doesn’t, what verses can I use to help him in this situation? Stella, NY (48:35) - In heaven, will Jesus still have the physical signs of the crucifixion? Will we have the scars from our lives in eternity? Questions? 888-712-7434
57:01 4/17/24
Bridge Bible Talk 4 - 16 - 24
Pastor Robert Baltodano and Pastor Lloyd Pulley Question Timestamps: Email (1:41) - Why doesn’t Calvary Chapel have more church plants in New York City? Email (3:50) - Why is some prayer not heard or considered? Calvary Chapel Old Bridge Member (6:40) - Is it still a command to tithe ten percent? Is it okay to consider my giving to a specific ministry as my tithe? Jacklyn, NJ (9:29) - Was Melchizedek the Christ? YouTube (12:19) - What does the Bible say about predestination and the sovereignty of God? Avery, NJ (16:27) - Why is God going to judge the Earth with fire? Email (18:49) - Does someone who is a good person their whole life, but isn’t religious, go to hell when they die? Email (21:27) - Does God choose where and when you are born, or is it random? John, NJ (23:19) - Is voting for either the Democratic or Republican parties consistent with a Biblical worldview? Lolbit, YouTube (33:38) - When we are born again, do we stop sinning? Carmen, FL (36:51) - Is my sister’s infant son that died still and infant in heaven? John, NJ (40:06) - Why are some disobedient angels in captivity, while Satan and his crew roam free? Thomas, YouTube (42:11) - You mentioned it takes 30 days to start a habit, will the 30 days restart if we fail in the middle? Alyssa, NJ (44:50) - What are some ways you can remain consistent in your faith while you are in a season of waiting? Roxanne, email (46:02) - My friend believes the Bible is full of allegories and not true stories, what can I say to her? Email (50:25) - How easily does God forgive you? Anna, Facebook (52:36) - Can you please explain John 20:23? Massiel, FL (55:06) - If God is love, why is he against homosexual love? Questions? 888-712-7434
57:01 4/16/24
Bridge Bible Talk 4 - 15 - 24
Pastor Robert Baltodano and Pastor Lloyd Pulley Question Timestamps: Chrisanthy, YouTube (4:26) - Would a couple, one Catholic and one Protestant, be considered unequally yoked? Edison, NJ (6:36) - What is a real manifestation of the Holy Spirit in our lives? Carlos, NJ (11:09) - Is it true that we are all children of God, when 1 John 3:9 says that you aren’t a child of God if you sin? Miguel, email (18:24) - Why did God bury Moses in an unknown place? Winston, NJ (22:13) - What if Pontius Pilate didn’t crucify Jesus, what would have been the outcome for mankind? Jim, NY (24:43) - Can you explain Hebrews 10:26? Email (28:06) - When I talk to God, why don’t I hear him talk back to me? David, YouTube (33:47) - Can you explain Philippians 2:12? Billy, HI (37:30) - What do you think about healing today? Christine, NY (40:04) - Will there be a partial rapture, where only some believers go and some stay? Mark, CA (44:46) - Where do you get that people will die during the thousand year reign? Stacy, NY (47:10) - Can you explain Genesis 6? Walter, YouTube (52:24) - What’s the difference between believing and faith? Where did the people in the land of Nod come from? Questions? 888-712-7434
57:02 4/15/24
Bridge Bible Talk 4 - 11 - 24
Pastor Robert Baltodano and Pastor Lloyd Pulley Question Timestamps: Tom, NJ (1:41) - Does a judge have the power to end the marriage covenant with God? Dale, TX (8:54) - Can you be forgiven for committing suicide? Chris, NY (15:05) - Is Matthew 24 aimed at the believers in general or more specifically to the Jewish people? Paul, DE (17:14) - Does Satan have to get permission from God every time he tests us? Evelyn, NY (20:50) - Could you explain 1 Timothy 6:16? William, MA (24:47, continued after break at 33:27) - Why did God create the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil, when he knew the outcome? Nev, FL (36:20) - My faith has been shaken by recent events in the news, why do such awful things happen? Peggy, GA (40:55) - Jesus was supposed to be in the tomb for three days and three nights, but if he was in the tomb from Friday to Sunday that isn’t three days and three nights, can you explain this? John, NJ (45:19) - How can people in heaven be happy if some of their family doesn’t get to heaven with them? Leonard, GA (47:40) - What do you think about the apocrypha? Why doesn’t the church talk about the apocrypha? Briana, NJ (53:11) - How do you keep a right heart when you have to deal with an abuser daily? Questions? 888-712-7434
57:01 4/11/24
Bridge Bible Talk 4 - 10 - 24
Pastor Robert Baltodano and Pastor Lloyd Pulley Question Timestamps: Debbie, NY (2:15) - What should I do this voting season? EJ, NJ (8:03) - How do I forgive myself and my husband after he committed adultery?  Anna, Facebook (13:58) - Can you explain John 20:30? Malachi, MA (15:55) - How do I handle depression? What is a Biblical response to depression? Silvana, FL (22:29) - Why did Satan fight for Moses’s bones? Does this have anything to do with the two witnesses in Revelation? Valerie, NY (25:13) - Is there a spiritual meaning to the number 111? Wendy, email (27:43) - What happened to the demons that Jesus cast into the herd of pigs? Dave, OH (33:37) - Why don’t the Jewish people have sacrifices anymore? What do they do about sin? When they build the new temple will they still have the Levitical priesthood? Arnold, MA (37:06) - I’m a Messianic Jew, will I see my parents in heaven? Carlos, NJ (41:02) - Is there any relation between Satan’s title as the “prince of the air” and Jesus coming back to meet us in the air? Will there be a battle in the air when Jesus returns? Christian, Facebook (45:34) - What are your thoughts on someone losing their salvation? Ruben, YouTube (47:42) - What are the dynamics of fighting sin? How much of it is will power, and how much is from the Holy Spirit? Anthony, NJ (50:35) - Did the Israelites that died in the wilderness before entering the Promised Land go to heaven? Daniel, Facebook (55:19) - How does one examine themselves to see they are in the faith? Questions? 888-712-7434
57:01 4/10/24
Bridge Bible Talk 4 - 9 - 24
Pastor Robert Baltodano and Pastor Lloyd Pulley Question Timestamps: Edison, NJ (2:31) - Based on Exodus 8, should we keep the Sabbath holy? Mary Jo, NJ (6:35) - Does God only forgive us if we repent? Why should we forgive others that don’t repent? Rocio, Facebook (15:40) - Can you explain why this eclipse is not a prophetic sign? Anne, NJ (18:18) - I was told that Jesus was stripped naked at the cross, is this true? Mark, IL (19:46) - Some pastors say that immediately after the rapture there will be the biggest revival in history, is that true? Beverly, NY (24:13) - Should we be carrying out the Old Testament feasts and sacrifices? Susan, UT (27:43) - Was Elijah John the Baptist based on Matthew 17? Veronica, HI (33:36) - Why do we pray to Jesus when the Father is greater than he, as stated in John 14:28? What is the Battle of Armageddon and when is it supposed to happen? John, NJ (40:34) - Is loyalty to God more important than how good you are? Anonymous, caller (43:07) - Can a Christian sue a non-Christian in certain situations? Stacy, Greece (45:33) - Who were the earliest church fathers that believed in a pre-millennial, pre-tribulation rapture? Email (49:03) - When Jesus died and the world turned dark, was that an eclipse? Was the date April 8th? Rocio, Facebook (52:01) - What do you say to the people who say the Battle of Armageddon is not a literal battle? John, NY (54:02) - Why do people blame the death of Jesus on the people involved when Jesus came to Earth to do just that? Questions? 888-712-7434
57:01 4/9/24
Bridge Bible Talk 4 - 8 - 24
Pastor Robert Baltodano and Pastor Lloyd Pulley Question Timestamps: Carrie, YouTube (3:21) - Why is wisdom personified as a woman in the Bible? Lee, YouTube (4:56) - Can you provide your perspective on the Jesus Calling devotional? Thomas, NJ (6:51) - What is the difference between the King James Version of the Bible and other versions? Why was Thomas called “The Twin?” Mildred, NJ (10:21) - Is there anything wrong with dancing in church? David, Facebook (13:33) - What is the correct way to interpret Psalm 91 and other passages that seem to promise complete protection for believers? Tina, PA (16:58) - Was Mary Magdalene a prostitute or was she a woman Jesus saved from demons? Dave, HI (18:14) - What is the significance of Jesus meeting with Moses and Elijah on the mountain top? Why those two? Mark, NY (19:48) - How did Elijah and Enoch enter heaven without the shedding of Christ blood? How is Jesus the “first born of the dead,” is it possible that Jesus died twice? Etienne, YouTube (22:28) - Did Jesus do the creating or the Father? Was the Holy Spirit the eye witness of it all? Henry, GA (23:54) - Does Galatians 1:6-9 apply to modern holidays that have pagan names? Cameo, FL (33:49) - How do you know if God is telling you to do something, or that you’re moving on your own independent will? Greg, GA (40:13) - What would stop God from forgiving people after they die? Amanda, email (45:34) - Is going to therapy to resolve past trauma okay? Nina, NJ (48:27) - When a believer passes away right now, are they asleep or do they go to heaven right away? TJ, FL (52:07) - When we get taken up to be with the Lord will we remember anything? Mary Jo, NJ (54:46) - We are supposed to forgive no matter what, even if the offender doesn’t ask for forgiveness, but God asks us to repent before he forgives us, does this mean he’s asking us to do something that he doesn’t do himself? Questions? 888-712-7434
57:01 4/8/24
Bridge Bible Talk 4 - 4 - 24
Pastor Robert Baltodano and Pastor Lloyd Pulley Question Timestamps: Daniel, social media (2:42) - How does the Song of Solomon relate to intimacy in our marriage? Thomas, NJ (4:31) - Would Judas have been saved if he had confessed his sin and repented? Donna, MA (7:24) - Are we supposed to give? Are we supposed to give joyfully? Is it supposed to hurt when you give? J. C., YouTube (13:36) - Does Luke 21:36 imply that some will not be raptured? Maureen, MA (16:50) - Can you explain Mark 9:38-40? Mark, email (20:48) - How do I do the opposite of “lust?” Lamar, TX (26:24, continued at 33:40) - What does the Bible say about those you love and support who are in the LGBTQ community? Lisa, NJ (36:42) - I feel like a car accident I had recently was punishment from God, it is the other driver’s fault, should I pay for the damages though? Patty, NJ (40:36) - When does the enemy put the lie in the heads of those who believe they are born gay? Michael, TX (46:59) - Do you believe we are living in the end times? Is the eclipse coming a sign from God? Andrew, MA (51:21) - Is same-sex attraction a sin? Questions? 888-712-7434
57:02 4/4/24
Bridge Bible Talk 4 - 3 - 24
Pastor Robert Baltodano and Pastor Lloyd Pulley Question Timestamps: Nicholas, NY (3:13) - How do you balance your Christian liberties without stumbling another brother? Amber, Facebook (6:44) - What about Damascus in terms of prophecy? Wilson, NJ (10:39) - Can you explain what Jesus was teaching in Mark 8? Email (15:54) - Does God expect us to seek life extending treatment when we receive a terminal diagnosis? Or is it okay to not seek treatment and let the sickness take its course? Naomi, GA (19:50) - What scriptures support the belief in the rapture? Paula, NJ (24:01) - Why does John say “I did not know him” when speaking about Christ, weren’t they cousins? KrisJael, email (26:30) - Were angels created with their own will with the right to choose? John, NY (33:56) - What is the “concordance” in a Bible? Sue, NJ (37:03) - What was the ephod? Was it good or bad? Kelly, MA (39:55) - Why was Jesus born as a baby, and not put here on Earth fully grown like Adam and Eve? Doris, SC (42:40) - When believers go before the throne of judgment, are we just going to tell all of the good stuff that we did? Sarah, NY (46:21) - What do the Gospels mean when they say “God is a God of the living and not the dead?” Don’t the dead go to God’s bosom after dying? Jack, NJ (49:10) - Do you have any practical tips or suggestions for hearing from God? Robert, NY (54:06) - How big in the city in Ezekiel 48? Questions? 888-712-7434
57:00 4/3/24
Bridge Bible Talk 4 - 2 - 24
Pastor Robert Baltodano and Pastor Lloyd Pulley Question Timestamps: Tom, NJ (3:13) - Is cremation an acceptable form of burial? Erica, NY (5:58) - Did David have a little sister? Jayce, NY (7:50) - Why doesn’t God just kill the devil? Carlos, NJ (12:37) - What can we learn from Balaam? How can you repent without living with Christ? Kevin, NJ (19:05) - Could you explain what the two different versions of the Lutheran church are? Do you think that Nicodemus is in heaven now? Rita, NY (24:41) - Do you know of any historians that recorded Mary and Joseph’s other children? Malinda, NY (33:29) - Is it okay to judge? Doesn’t Matthew 7 say that you shouldn’t judge? Rob, SC (38:00) - Will the temple need to be rebuilt for Daniel 9:27 to come about? Is that in scripture somewhere? John, NJ (41:55) - Do the souls of humans that have died have to wait for Christ to return before going to heaven, or do they join Christ and the angels in heaven immediately? Amy, AL (44:17) - If a believer turns away from God and commits adultery, is it okay for their former spouse to remarry? Adrian, TX (47:05) - Which temple is described at the end of the book of Ezekiel? Andrew, Facebook (49:16) - Is it okay to read different translations of the Bible? Thomas, NJ (51:22) - Is the name Yahweh for God a mixture of feminine and masculine parts? Is The Shack blasphemous? Questions? 888-712-7434
57:01 4/2/24
Bridge Bible Talk 3 - 28 - 24
Pastor Robert Baltodano and Pastor Lloyd Pulley Question Timestamps: Timmy, NJ (3:28) - Do you all still believe in pastors casting out demons? Tim, NY (6:36) - Can you explain the difference between Leviticus 19:18 and John 13:34? Dave, HI (10:26) - Are the terms semitic and Jewish synonymous? Anonymous, caller (12:03) - Is it sinful to eat meat or work on Good Friday? Beverly, NY (14:58) - Is it necessary to pronounce the names of the men in the Biblical genealogies? Michael, SC (21:33) - Why do we celebrate Easter separate from Passover? Stacy, NY (24:59) - Did the people that cursed and beat Jesus during the crucifixion realize afterward that he was the Messiah? Robert, NY (33:43) - Did Jesus get crucified on Thursday or Friday? Reggie, AL (38:15) - How long was Jesus actually in the tomb? Was the number of days Jesus was in the tomb related to Jewish teaching that the spirit left after three days? Debbie, NJ (42:31) - Can you address Jesus being called the “Last Adam?” Pam, NJ (46:05) - Is it a promise that God’s kindness leads to repentance? Thomas, NJ (51:26) - How does the Pope and same-sex marriage fit into the Bible? When and where did those come from? Questions? 888-712-7434
57:01 3/28/24
Bridge Bible Talk 3 - 27 - 24
Pastor Robert Baltodano and Pastor Lloyd Pulley Question Timestamps: Stefan, Australia (2:40) - What are your thoughts on jujitsu? Raymond, YouTube (6:40) - Will the possibility of sinning still exist in the new heaven? Wendy, Facebook (8:34) - Since Jesus kept all the Jewish feasts, should believers as well? Joseph, MA (10:53) - What Bible verse says that a woman can’t preach? Thomas, NJ (19:57) - Are all bad things that happen to us due to sin? Kat, email (26:10) - If no one had “lifted his cross” before Jesus did, how would anyone have understood what he was talking about? Rob, SC (33:26) - In Matthew 11:28 Jesus “says yolk is easy and his burden is light,” but he also says to “pick up your cross and follow me” which isn’t easy, how do you explain the contrast between these two statements? Mildred, NY (36:53) - Is dancing in church forbidden? Anthony, NY (39:33) - How do I find a way to help my family members understand that there is nothing wrong with speaking about the Bible and Jesus with other family members? Kristen, NY (42:06) - Can you explain the main things the Catholic faith does that gravitates away from the Bible? Bob, NJ (45:56) - Is there a basis for a story Chuck Smith told about the “cornerstone that was quarried?” VM34, YouTube (51:48) - How do we know the difference between dogma and opinion? How do we know who is right if two people cite the Bible in its context and still disagree on matters of salvation? Margie, email (54:09) - Can you hear God speak to you when you listen to an audible Bible? Or does he only speak through the original Bible only? Questions? 888-712-7434
57:01 3/27/24