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Welcome to Erotic Awakening, an informative and entertaining exploration of all things erotic. From sacred sexuality to fetishes, Power Exchange and polyamoary, BDSM to erotic spirituality, non standard relationships to alternative love styles, as well as simply fun kink.


EA654 - HypnoKink
This week on the Erotic Awakening Podcast, @dananddawn have a great conversation with Hypnostory and Panda about #Hypnokink! What can you do with it? What can’t you do? Can you really make someone come on command? PLUS we talk about ways to identify swingers and fiery tongues. Links mentioned on the show: - Catch Hypnostory and Panda at NEEHU on March 30 to April 4, 2023 - Check out HypnoKink 101 (Dan has attended and highly recommends) - Hypnokink goodies! - CONsolation for kink education and hypnokink - Find all things Dan & dawn at
44:39 3/30/23
EA653 - Managing your career as a scarlet collar worker
This week on the Erotic Awakening Podcast, @dananddawn talk with Raven and Xeneth from @PrimalLust_CoOp on managing your career as a sex worker in all its forms!  And we give you a teaser about sacred sex!  And we wonder who got a f* machine in the mail?    Links mentioned on the show: Primal Lust Co-op can be found at Find all things Dan & dawn at
30:30 3/23/23
EA652 – Managing multiple power exchange relationships part 2
This week on the Erotic Awakening Podcast, @dananddawn continue the two part episode on managing multiple power exchange relationships. This week, we talk about what its like to be the Leader in these relationships!  Links mentioned on the show: Find all things Dan & dawn at
30:05 3/16/23
EA651 - Military Style Relationships
This week on the Erotic Awakening Podcast, @dananddawn talk to @Trouvere-le-Fou ( and @ChanteuselaBelle ( about military style relationships. It isn't all drill sergeant and 'sir Yes sir', but more nuanced and practical. And hot!  Part 2 of multiple power exchange relationships is coming soon!    PLUS @dansarani survives cinnamon oil and @danielbelum starts a journey into hypnokink!  Links mentioned on the show: Find writing on military style relationships by following @Trouvere-le-Fou ( and @ChanteuselaBelle ( Dan is taking the hypno kink course from Find all things Dan & dawn at
36:48 3/9/23
EA650 - Managing multiple power exchange relationships part 1
This week on the Erotic Awakening Podcast, @dananddawn start a two part episode on managing multiple power exchange relationships. This week, we talk about followers and submissives struggles that they might have. That dawn has had! And how she deals with it now. And we push back on each other! PLUS vetting a needle play party, with assistance from comments from @kisforkinky and Basanos. PLUS is it sex without orgasm? PLUS dawn talks to other submissives on @Kuldrin Krypt! Links mentioned on the show: - K is for Kinky Podcast - Dawn appears on Kuldrins Krypt Find all things Dan & dawn at
27:49 2/25/23
EA649 - Your First BDSM Event
This week on the Erotic Awakening Podcast, @dananddawn talk about attending events - how to dress, how to get ready, how to meet people to play, and how to take care of yourself!  Plus 14 years of podcasting and we attend a swing party Links mentioned on the show: Find all things Dan & dawn at  
30:49 2/16/23
EA648 - Part Time Power Exchange
This week on the Erotic Awakening Podcast, Dan flys solo and talks about part time power exchange - does it really work? Links mentioned on the show: Find all things Dan & dawn at
14:51 2/10/23
EA647 - Best Of - EA089 - Erotic Poetry
From 2010, we are visited in studio by Goddessy as she shares some erotic poetry! Very hot stuff! Plus we introduce the Erotic Awakening Audio Library, 130 kinky people in Kentucky, Akron kink, we introduce a new supporter, Sensual Humiliation AND Sensual BDSM, and we suggest dawn goes off on field research for lesbian film studies!
48:45 2/2/23
EA646 - I am a Doormat
This week, @_Kevin_ and @_katie  join us to talk about Doormat as a power exchange choice!  Plus the one thing you need for a scene and Kevin's sexy announcer voice!
43:44 1/27/23
EA645 - Boundaries in Non Monogamy
This week on the Erotic Awakening Podcast, @dananddawn talk with @NookieNotes about setting and maintaining boundaries in non-monogamy!  Links mentioned on the show: Find all things Dan & dawn at
37:19 1/19/23
EA644 - Submissive Not Doormat
This week on the Erotic Awakening Podcast, @dananddawn discuss how you can be a complete submissive, surrender to your dominant, and still maintain your emotional health and safety; and how you can surrender when you’ve been hurt in the past. Plus the best sex positions for various things AND does fisting damage your vagina? Links mentioned on the show:   Find all things Dan & dawn at
27:19 1/16/23
EA643 - Leveling Up
This week on the Erotic Awakening Podcast, @dananddawn are back from the holiday break and talk about leveling up our skills and pursuing desires into the new year! Links mentioned on the show: Spotify Find all things Dan & dawn at
22:10 1/5/23
EA642 - Finding Yourself in Kink
This week on the Erotic Awakening Podcast, @dananddawn are joined by Girl Lily @lilybeast as we discuss how to find and be your authentic self as you join the kink community.  Find all things Dan & dawn at
31:50 12/15/22
EA641 - Stalkers and Harassment
This week on the Erotic Awakening Podcast, @dananddawn are joined by @T-Rex_Ties as we discuss being the target of harrasment and stalking behavior in the kink community and what to do about it.   Find all things Dan & dawn at
26:37 12/8/22
EA640 - Everybody Knows Submissives Have All the Power
This week on the Erotic Awakening Podcast, @dananddawn discuss the idea that 'submissives have all the power' in power exchange relationships.  PLUS they learn the secret language of TikTok and avoid turkey. Find all things Dan & dawn at
17:09 12/1/22
EA639 - Mindfucking Mindfully with Sir Ezra
This week on the Erotic Awakening Podcast, @dananddawn are joined by Sir Ezra @HouseOfAlgos as we talk about the art of the mind fuck - and how to do it mindfully! Hear great scenes by Sir Ezra…and Dan’s failed mind fuckery. Links mentioned on the show: Sir Ezra Ask Ezra Podcast Find all things Dan & dawn at
29:41 11/24/22
EA638 - Aging in Kink
This week on Erotic Awakening, we are joined by a few of our favorite people to discuss Aging in Kink! Kink isn't just for young people but being of a certain age does have some challenges.  Plus lots more! 
32:48 11/17/22
EA637 – Mono to Non-Mono with Jessica Esfandiary
This week on the Erotic Awakening Podcast, @dananddawn are joined by Jessica Esfandairy of the Open Late Podcast ( as we discuss her journey from a monogamous to a very non-monogamous relationship; triggers, self understanding, and lots more! PLUS get your free copy of the Polyamory Toolkit Audiobook!  -=-=-=-=-=- Find all things Dan & dawn at Links to mentioned on show: Open Late Podcast We are now back on YouTube! 
32:02 11/10/22
EA636 – Dungeons Musically
This week on the Erotic Awakening Podcast, @dananddawn talk with @MasterRetroBella on Dungeon Musicality! Our conversation ranges from ear buds to how to set up a play list to Sheppard's tones to auditory illusions and lots more!  -=-=-=-=-=- Find all things Dan & dawn at Links to mentioned on show: Find Master Retro Bella on Fetlife 
37:04 11/3/22
EA635 - Types of s types
This week, Dan & dawn talk about the different types of followers and submissive and rank them! we rank them?    # EA635 - Types of S types **Dan:** [00:00:00] This week on Erotic Awakening versions of followers, master school and unknown tentacle.  **dawn:** Welcome to Erotic Awakening, an exploration of all things erotic. If you are offended by adult topics or prohibited by law, we recommend you stop listening right now.  **Dan:** When you support erotic awakening via Patron, you're not only helping support the educational mission for our community, but you'll also receive ad free early access to the podcast, free eBooks, exclusive chats, and other content. **dawn:** Thank you to all of our supporters, including our newest one, Jeff. Yay, Jeff. Hi, Jeff.  **Dan:** Hi, Dawn.  **dawn:** Hi, Dan.  **Dan:** Today on the podcast you have no clue what we're gonna be talking about and I'll explain it to you in just a minute. er of fact, I'm not even gonna wait a minute. I'm gonna tell you right now. Are you now? Yes. Dawn some people use the term property, slave submissive. We're gonna use a generic term called follower to encompass all that. Awesome. You are a follower. Yes, sir. And what kind of follower  are [00:01:00] you? What kind of follower am I? I'm an obedient follower. . Except when I'm not. Except when you're not . Which is not usual, but what kind of follower am I as if. As in, I know, but I'm not.  Are you a, So there's a variety of types of followers, right? Indeed. , I'm gonna name one. You tell me what it is,  **dawn:** what it is.  **Dan:** Okay. Sexual  **dawn:** service. Usually sexual service means that is all you are a slave of is the sexual side of things. How  **Dan:** about. Administrative slave.  **dawn:** Again, that just means you do administrative stuff. Usually there's not sex involved or play or things like that. It's just about being the right hand of the master.  **Dan:** What would you call our friend? I don't know her fat name. Shea's girl.  **dawn:** Oh do they even have a name? I think they use lower level. Okay. Because they [00:02:00] follow that kind of, that that show Victorian style of Yeah, it's Victorian style. Abby Downton. Abby, right? . I don't know that they actually have a name for it though. Okay.  **Dan:** So what about tip slave? You remember tip?  **dawn:** What was Temp Slave service  **Dan:** Temp Slave was, and that's a name, a nice name that we call Half for somebody. , who, She was very much a service orientated person.  **dawn:** Oh yeah. She didn't wanna name, She was it was a, she knew we called her Temp Slave. That's what we called her, was Temp Slave. She knew it was for a temporary thing and it was all about service. It had to, I had come outta surgery. And it was all about doing the things that I couldn't do and taking me to appointments and things like that. But you guys negotiated a back and forth, but it was still service. You taught her something for what she provided. So that was really cool.  **Dan:** So the common thread in all these. Is that there is a give and take that there is a, I'm gonna teach you a thing. , I'm gonna do a thing for you and you're gonna provide a service for me. . In [00:03:00] the case of a sexual slave, it might be I'm gonna drive you to deep slutty lands. In the case of a service submissive you, it might be you're gonna take care of my dog and my car, and I'm gonna teach you leather protocol. Et cetera, et  **dawn:** cetera. And that's why I didn't have a label for me because I'm not really a service slave, which is a title a lot of followers use. Even though I do a lot of service and I like doing service for you, I'm not in particular a service follower like our friend. A  **Dan:** is it okay then to. Is there is an administrative and where you, and people use different terminology, but we're gonna use a terminology that people I think are gonna easily understand what we're talking about. , if you're an administrative slave, your thing is taking care of. Logistics and paperwork, and that's the kind of service that you wanna provide. It's a service slave of a sort, right? Very specific sort. If that's your jam. [00:04:00] And then next to you, there's a service slave who likes, they're gonna polish your boots and make sure you've got a drink in your hand. And then there's a sexual slave standing next to them. And next to them there's somebody who identifies this property. who says, which is more mine? Not in this case, I'm gonna define property as I'm only gonna do, I'm gonna do anything you tell me to do, but I'm only gonna tell, do what you tell me to do otherwise, Oh God. It, I'm gonna be in standby. We've got all them standing there. And then next to them all is standing is you, who is pretty much a jack of all trades, right? , if I need sexual service, you provide sexual service. , if I need administrative or just straight up service, whatever you're gonna provide it. Absolutely. In that situation, which, so rank those slaves, which one is the best kind to be?  **dawn:** Oh, they don't get ranked. No. Everyone's got their own thing. No, I don't think you can rank them. I  **Dan:** completely agree. It was a trick question. Good . Yeah.  **dawn:** [00:05:00] It all, I dunno where you were going with that. I don't know how to, everybody's got their thing that turns them on. It doesn't make you know somebody better than the other just because they have a certain path. I was gonna say goal, but goal's not necessarily the right word But Pat is a different path. It's a great idea. Yeah.  **Dan:** Not only that, not only what kind of service resonates with you. . There's also the aspect of. , you may not even wanna be a full-time any of those things. you may have a very temporary power exchange of saying, You know what, On Tuesday nights I'm gonna come over. I'll be your slu, your sex slave. Or on, every weekend we'll go to an event and I'll be your service slave. But other than that, I'm not even interested in your power exchange aspects.  **dawn:** One of the first books I read was actually training by Mrs. Abernathy. Or something like that. And I think one of her books is outta print right now. But that was one of the books that I used to loan out after I read it because, It talked about what kind of follower are you? And there were like four different things and you took quizzes [00:06:00] to figure out which one you fit in and stuff like that. And there, there was never any word of one was better than the other. , it was more of discovering who you were, what turned you on, and what you had skills in and things like that. So yeah. Yeah.  **Dan:** I totally agree. None of them are better than others. And that, and not that's really all I wanted to get to. If Okay. If you are finding. Y you feel like you are lacking because somebody else does more or does things differently, or all you wanna do is provide a particular type of service? It, there's no lacking, There's different strokes for different folks, and it's completely acceptable to be in whatever. You feel authentic for you.  **dawn:** Exactly. And I actually have a little story on that cuz we are storytellers, right? Remember the MA meeting we went to in Jersey a couple of years ago and we split off at that MAs meeting and the dominant, and they do this sometimes at master enslave meetings. The dominant stayed in the living room and talked about something and the followers went into the bedroom and we sat in a circle and talked about [00:07:00] something. , That was one of the questions. What kind of follower are you? And it was service, I don't know. Service. Service. And then someone said obedient. And that's why I popped up with obedient. , And they said, I'm an obedient follower, as in that's what turns me on. And I'm like, Oh good, because everybody was saying service. Doesn't thrill me. I, that's not my thing. And then it got around to a new person and they were like, You know what? I don't think I fit in here. I'm not that kind of follower. I just wanna obey orders. I don't, I'm not into service and stuff like that. And they thought they were less then. . And that's why I like to bring up, I have nothing against service followers. I mean it, your thing is your thing. But then I always bring up that's not always my thing, and I only bring. because there is that person out there that is only seeing one kind of follower. . I just like to let 'em know that there's all kinds of followers. Yeah. Like we're saying right here.  **Dan:** And the last thing you wanna do is be [00:08:00] on the fe life and have some dom say if you're not willing to turn over everything in your life to me mm-hmm. you're clearly not a real submissive or something like that. Yeah. That's all crappy crap. . So we talked about the diff, kindness, different types of followers. , what do these cities have in Conman Cities? Yes. Okay. Phoenix, Detroit, Dayton, Toronto, and Montana.  **dawn:** They sound familiar. They give. Oh, they sound familiar. Yes. For  **Dan:** a reason, because Montana is not a city, it's a state. Aha. . Also, you and I will be presenting in these places in the coming months. We will, but how would I know when and where? Oh, okay. I just told you where, But why would I know where?  **dawn:** Or what we're doing right? So keep up with all of our events, book news and discount and more via the Erotic Awakening Newsletter. **Dan:** And get your ea shout out like EBA from Kenya.  **dawn:** Ooh, nice and sunny from Germany. We're going all  **Dan:** international again. We are Head over to erotic [00:09:00] and subscribe today. Awesome. Dawn, so earlier we were talking about follow. . Now I have a different question for you. If Okay. If there was, and we all, there is no right. Let me take a breath. . There is no school like this. Don't pretend there is one in the great houses of Europe. Okay? If there was though a school where Masters and leaders and Dom Doms all went, what would the final test be  **dawn:** if you could master yourself?  **Dan:** Ooh. Nice .  **dawn:** Okay. That's my thought. Anyway. I like how quickly that popped outta your mouth. Yeah, it's, that's of hard to judge though, right? So what does that mean? Can you master yourself? , can you dress yourself? Can you do your own clothes? Can you balance your bank account? And, but then it pops into my head. . Sometimes leaders and followers are teams. , the leader doesn't necessarily have to be able to balance the bank account if the follower has that [00:10:00] skill. How abouts,  **Dan:** instead of being skill-based. , can you master yourself emotionally?  **dawn:** You mean mature reactions to things?  **Dan:** That's what I mean, .  **dawn:** That could be one way.  **Dan:** Dawn, it's gonna be a quick show tonight. You guys can write it in and tell us what would be on your leader final  **dawn:** test. Oh, actually I do want to, I'll put that out there on our social media as well. Very good. And see if people do have answers. This is a really quick one. We wanted to make sure to get a show done tonight because we have done a lot of traveling over the last three weeks. Can we throw that out there real fast because we did, we parked our r. In Colorado Springs, the dog and the rv. Stayed there for three weeks. We went to Edmonton, which I'm hoping we talked about on a podcast somewhere. We did. So we went to Edmonton and then we came home. We rodee a cog, train up Pikes Peak. We did the laundry and then we flew [00:11:00] to Chicago Kinky College where we saw, met up with so many of our friends. I love Kinky  **Dan:** College. Yes. And. Oh yeah. Do have some notes about that. So next year we can talk about Kinky College, cuz I've got fabulous a variety of little notes written around.  **dawn:** Okay. So we came back from Kinky College and we said goodbye to our friend that came out to watch Ginger Theup. . And then guess what we did? You slept well, we did that too. And then I did laundry again, . We found out snow was coming, so we decided to leave Colorado and brought the cold weather with us to New  **Dan:** Mexico. So here we are in the Albuquerque, New Mexico. If you are in the area as always, please reach out to us. We would love to have coffee with you and heck, I'll be reaching out to you soon. Awesome.  **dawn:** Yeah, so Heay reached out and said that they were in this area. Can I run through some tentacle pictures really  **Dan:** fast? It is Halloween, so you seem to be of a little bit of a  **dawn:** backlog Holy cow. Look at this backlog. All right Oh, I've actually got 'em up this time. So Enigma keeps sending wonderful stuff and [00:12:00] so we got, so on our discord, we have a channel called Pictures Not Safe for Work for our patrons, and they. All kinds of stuff. So Enigma is great with that. Let's see. Enigma men at Taurus. Joyful Wish. Banos. Another picture. It's not tentacles. Another enigma. We've got, Oh, wait, damn. I think this one's for you. Oh. That one's for you. Oh, yay. So that's from trave, so thank you. Trave on boobs. And we've got mins again. Oh, Julian. Thank you, Julian. More min. Taurus, more banos. Lots of tentacles, fucking people. Ooh. And that one's a, That one's a real person. That doesn't involve tentacles that's just sexy. Cool. Let me see.  **Dan:** Isn't that sexy?  **dawn:** That's fantastic. That is fantastic. Wow. Oh look, more for you. Food on boobs. You got ice cream and strawberries and chocolate chips. Awesome. [00:13:00] So that's book more Trave show. And then Mark. Oh, this is new. Hey, this is from Tumblr . So Mark said, went wandering around Tumblr and found this, and it's an octopus graphic. This is the third time I have heard Tumblr in the last two days. I know, because we also just taught for the annex library. So the in Colorado Springs, and they were talking about Tumblr there. So much stuff. I love this. And it's all Halloween here and . This is fabulous.  **Dan:** In dio. Take a moment to support the podcast head of Raiders on Apple podcast. Google Place. Ditch your Spotify of fire or wherever you listen. Or  **dawn:** just tell your friends you didn't sing. I did  **Dan:** not. Feel free to reach out to us. We love interacting with you.  **dawn:** Contact us with questions, podcast comments, or just to say  **Dan:** hi. You can find us as Dan and Dawn at Twitter and FetLife. We  **dawn:** are erotic awakening on Instagram. You use  **Dan:** the [00:14:00] links on the erotic awakening. To for the Facebook and the Discord,  **dawn:** or just email us at Dan and dawn erotic by Dawn, by Dan.  
14:13 10/27/22
EA634 - Collaring Ceremonies
This week on the Erotic Awakening Podcast, @dananddawn talk about collaring ceremonies! Big ones, little ones, and how to create your own.  PLUS so many events we can't seem to remember them all!  -=-=-=-=-=- Find all things Dan & dawn at Links to mentioned on show: Wicked in the west Voodoo leather works
26:09 10/14/22
EA633 - Safe Words When 24 7 Power Exchange
This week on the Erotic Awakening Podcast, @dananddawn discuss the difference having safe words in your day to day life as a 24 7 power exchange couple.  Plus, poachers from TikTok, lube in the street, and aliens out your butt. -=-=-=-=-=- Find all things Dan & dawn at
14:45 9/29/22
EA631 – Blood Play with Kuldrin
This week on the Erotic Awakening Podcast, @dananddawn talk to Kuldrin about blood play!  Plus they talk about the right way to approach a boot black and they talk about how to keep up with your friends when you are all apart. -=-=-=-=-=- Find all things Dan & dawn at Links to mentioned on show: Kuldrins Krypt 
37:13 9/16/22
EA630 - Vetting with Unique!
This week on the Erotic Awakening Podcast, @dananddawn talk to Unique about vetting - both for people and for events! And we talk about why it is making a comeback. Plus, we share our new long term play partner scene trick! And avoid talking about TikTok -=-=-=-=-=- Find all things Dan & dawn at
36:32 9/8/22
EA629 - Envy vs Jealousy
This week on the Erotic Awakening Podcast, @dananddawn discuss the difference between envy and jealousy…and what to do about both! Plus, we share alternatives to kneeling for power exchange followers. And cute octopuses -=-=-=-=-=- Find all things Dan & dawn at Links to mentioned on show: Mentioned kneeling bench example TES Online Classes
31:51 9/2/22
EA628 - Long Term Power Exchange and Kink
This week on the Erotic Awakening Podcast, @dananddawn talk about long term power exchange and kink - and if kink and play can be part of your long term relationship? How to keep it going?  Plus we tall some tales of the recently retired Barak and @Brat_Sheba of @AIS_Org fame.  -=-=-=-=-=- Find all things Dan & dawn at
28:50 8/25/22
EA627 - Yoga for Kink
This week on the Erotic Awakening Podcast, @dananddawn talk with Elisha Thompson about Yoga For Kink! Plus strap ons and stygiophilia! -=-=-=-=-=- Find all things Dan & dawn at Links to mentioned on show: Yoga for Kink TES Online Classes
25:40 8/18/22
EA626 - Creative Kinky Scenes
This week on the Erotic Awakening Podcast, @dananddawn talk with Freya about some really amazing and creative scenes - and how to get the scene you want!  Plus you can now get the Polyamory Toolkit Audiobook, a freebie for all of our patrons!  PLUS dawn really loves spanking! Hear the passion. And a dungeon of picnic tables! AND siderodromophilia and slime! -=-=-=-=-=- Find all things Dan & dawn at
41:50 8/11/22
EA625 - Power Exchange Relationship Shorthand
This week on the Erotic Awakening Podcast, @dananddawn talk about power exchange relationship shorthand, a communication tool we have found valuable in our power exchange relationship!  Plus revving! -=-=-=-=-=- Find all things Dan & dawn at Links to mentioned on show: GWNN Bash 2022 Mmm hashtags: #powerexchange #bdsm #fetish
28:00 8/5/22
EA624 - Best Of - Your Sex In The Mail
Dan & dawn are on the road, presenting at @Gwnn_bash! So we present a show from the archives, from 9 years ago, July 2013, when we visited with Trouvere and discuss all kinds of stuff, like sexing via the postal service, why vampire fantasies don’t work, vanilla and beyond, and more! Plus! Our question of the day addresses how to take care of your toys, and what Orange Hankies really mean! PLUS! dawn wants to go to cane school; bottoms make better tops; the UK answer; KoBo?; sexy voices; octopus gags; and Bungie is bigger than Ben Hur!
55:18 7/30/22