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Welcome to the Garage Gym Athlete podcast, where we explore the world of functional fitness and performance training in the home gym. Join us as we talk to coaches, athletes, and experts about their experiences in building strength, endurance, and athleticism outside the traditional gym setting. In addition to sharing practical tips and strategies, we'll also delve into the latest scientific research on topics like exercise physiology, nutrition, and recovery to help you optimize your training and achieve your best results. Whether you're a seasoned garage gym veteran or just getting started on your fitness journey, this podcast is for you. So if you're ready to unleash your inner athlete and take control of your training, tune in to the Garage Gym Athlete podcast.


232: Recast: How To CRUSH Murph
We have a TON of content on murph. Jerred has done murph every week for an entire year TWICE and we have a community of atheltes who have also done a year of murph so we know a bit about murph. If you want more Murph content check out other episodes on our podcast and our Youtube channel. 
20:29 5/20/24
Are You Properly Fueling For Your Workout?
What do you eat or take before working out? What do you actually NEED before a workout?
11:06 5/17/24
Baseless Claims and Pseudoscience in Health and Wellness
Theres a lot of information going around espeically with social media. How do you sift through it all?
11:07 5/10/24
231: Interval Weight Training- What To Know
A follow up episode on IWT and answering some questions from our community. There was a full breakdown episode of IWT we did a few week ago and this is going more in-depth to some specifics.
24:03 5/6/24
How ibuprofen will WRECK your Gains
Are you a chronic taker of NSAIDS? You may be hurting your gym progress. 
10:17 5/3/24
230: How To Break World Records at 92 Years Old
This weeks study is more of an analysis on just one man. Usually a sample size of one doesnt mean much but this is about 4 time indoor rowing world champion, 92 years old Richard Morgan. The reason why this stuck out to us is not because of how impressive that first line sounds but because of how he did it, with concurrent training. 
37:06 4/29/24
Why Sleep Can Save Your Life & How To Get It
We have always talked highly of sleep so here we are again, still talking about it. Thats how important it is. 
11:18 4/26/24
229: The Ultra- Recap, Reflect, and Lessons Learned
Last episode where we talk about the Ultra we promise. Jerred and Joe talk about the ultra and things Jerred took away from it and possibly what to apply to future endurance events.
37:50 4/22/24
Why Strength AND Conditioning Help You Live Longer
There have been a lot of studies supporting doing both strength and conditioning training for overall health, but how about making you live longer?
12:16 4/19/24
228: The ULTRA - Death by 5K
This week is a special episode. Jerred has been training for his Ultra for months now updating everybody on his progress. Well the time has finally come and he recorded his experience during his race so this episode is sort of a recorded live experience from his 50K with Mark Bishop. 
22:17 4/15/24
What Are The Key Factors (Nutritionally) For Weight Loss?
What should you really be focusing on when trying to lost weight?
11:11 4/12/24
227: Ultra Prep and Wearing a CGM (continuous glucose monitor)
Jerred has his ultra race coming up very soon so we talk about that. Then we really get into Jerreds new Continuous Glucose Monitor and all for the feedback, ins and outs of that and more. 
62:17 4/8/24
What To Do For A Warm Up To Better Perform
How intentional are you with your warm up? What is the best way to warm up?
11:24 4/5/24
226: New Cycle!! Hard to Kill Track Details
Check out the sample programming here: Today, I cover all the details on the HARD TO KILL TRACK for our second cycle of 2024! 
19:25 4/1/24
Maintaining Explosive Power After HIIT
How can you remain explosive after HIIT and being fatigued?
10:31 3/29/24
225: Our Garage Gym Equipment Wish List
This week Jerred and Joe are together talking about their top pieces of equipement they plan on adding next to their gym. 
28:26 3/25/24
Does Beta Alanine Actually Work?!
Were talking about supplements again this week, beta alanine. 
11:11 3/22/24
224:Counting Macros; Struggles, Tips, Lessons learned
Joe has a guest on this weeks podcast talking about counting macros. We have recently started counting our macros so we go over some of our struggles, lessons learned, tips and more. 
34:59 3/18/24
Get Stronger & More Explosive JUST with Glute Practice
Have you been neglecting your glutes? 
10:13 3/15/24
223: Interval Weight Training
We have been doing IWT (Interval Weight Training) in our programs for several years now. But Jerred shares his recent programming in using IWT and how we will be using it in the future to increase performance. 
23:50 3/11/24
How Much Volume Should You Lift While Cutting?
When you are trying to trim body fat does the amount you lift matter or just the stimulus?
10:44 3/8/24
222: Training Updates; Traveling, Running, Recovering
Joe is back with Jerred and giving an update on what hes been up to the last couple of months and what his training is looking like and where exactly is he now. Jerred also gives his training and progress updates on his 50K. 
25:49 3/4/24
How to STICK to a Program
Do you program hop a lot? How can you make sure to stick to a program you start?
10:54 3/1/24
221: Our 6 (Fitness) Hills To Die On
Everyone has their opinions, preferences and hot takes. But what are somethings you are convinced you wont bend on, you feel so strongly about you will die on that hill? Well we give six of our fitness hills to die on in this episode.
25:10 2/26/24
TRUTH About Intermittent Fasting & What To Know
Have you tried intermittent fasting? What do you really need to consider when doing IF?
11:20 2/23/24
220: How Much Protein You Should Eat Per Meal
Garage Gym Athlete Podcast: The Ultimate Guide to Protein Intake In this episode of the Garage Gym Athlete podcast, we dive deep into the world of protein consumption, particularly focusing on the optimal amount you need in each meal to maximize muscle recovery and growth. We'll debunk the myths with a blend of science and real-world stories, starting with the eye-opening journey of a professional athlete's encounter with lactic acid and how staying informed can save you from falling for outdated "bro science." Our main discussion revolves around the groundbreaking BASICS study conducted in 2023, involving 36 young, active men. This research challenges the long-held belief about the upper limit of protein synthesis post-exercise, revealing that our bodies can utilize much more protein than previously thought. With a detailed comparison between ingesting 25g and 100g of protein after working out, the study utilized a sophisticated quadruple isotope tracer method to track muscle and whole-body protein synthesis over 12 hours. Understanding the critical roles of Muscle Protein Synthesis (MPS) and Muscle Protein Breakdown (MPB) sets the stage for our discussion. These processes are essential for muscle maintenance, growth, and recovery, with MPS needing to outpace MPB to achieve muscle gains. The episode breaks down how a higher intake of protein—up to 100g—can significantly boost MPS rates, ensuring muscle growth and maintenance. We'll provide a practical takeaway for athletes and gym enthusiasts: aim for 1g of protein per pound of lean body mass daily. For instance, if you weigh 200lb with 15% body fat, your target is 170g of protein, spread out in meals as you prefer. Tune in to this episode for an insightful and practical guide on protein intake, backed by the latest science, to help you make the most of your recovery and muscle growth efforts as a garage gym athlete.
23:26 2/19/24
How Long To Rest Between Sets?
Do you time rest between each of your sets? Or do you go by feel?
10:11 2/16/24
219: Recast - Pre Exercise Music Can Increase Power And Velocity
Today, we are re-publishing what is now the MOST popular podcast here at Garage Gym Athlete!! Give it a listen or a re-listen and let us know what you think. 
66:35 2/12/24
Avoid Strength Plateaus & Mix It Up!
How do you avoid strenght plateaus? What do you do to change things up?
10:06 2/9/24
218: Failing My Way Through Ultra Training (more lessons learned)
Today, Jerred goes over what he's learned in Ultra training and how he adjusting to get in the training volume he need to tackle the race. He also covers some of the big picutre lessons for athletes who want to be above average but have limited time to train. 
25:48 2/5/24

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