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Changing Habits - Changing Lives

Most of us hardly spend any time understanding how humans work. How we work. When we want to make changes in our work, life, relationships, health and more, we take on snippets of information and advice. If the information and advice is sound and we act on it, things start to change. The purpose of this podcast is to expand our understanding of how we work, particularly how our brain works. Making physical changes in our brain will make real changes to life. And the biggest thing we need to understand and work on is our habits. We are a collection of habits and up to 80% of what we do each day can be down to habits we have formed consciously and unconsciously. I take a look at the science of why we do what we do and more importantly how to make changes and create habits, routines and systems which will help improves lives. I also talk to guests who can shed more light on why we do what we do, and other guests who share the challenges they faced and how they made changes. I am a performance and change coach working with people who want to make changes in their life, work, and future. I focus on helping people build habits, routines, and systems because these are the foundations where change happens.


Thinking of Leaving Corporate and Going Solopreneur - Interview with Anna Britnor-Guest 58:28 08/03/2022
Social Anxiety and Introverts with Mark Metry 71:06 07/20/2022
Telling Your Story And Making It Entertaining with Jordan Gross 53:43 07/12/2022
What's going on in the brain when we create new habits 24:56 07/06/2022
Communications Strategies with Michael Mosely 53:55 06/29/2022
The Art of Storytelling with Michael Harvey 67:15 06/22/2022
If You Have New Year Resolutions Then Listen To This 11:12 01/10/2022
The Small Habits Which Helped Recovery From Severe Covid - Interview with Radha Ruparell 59:09 09/15/2021
If You Are Thinking About Suicide Please Listen To This 18:53 09/01/2021
What's The 4-Day Week All About? 54:34 08/11/2021
Are You Burned Out? 16:07 08/09/2021
Fasting, Food, Weight Loss, And Healthy Eating - Interview with Ashley Messias 63:03 08/06/2021
How To Clear Your Mind - A Simple Approach 12:45 08/01/2021
Start Moving Your Body And Change Your Life - Interview with LeAnn Smith 70:29 07/29/2021
Stop Obsessing About The End Goal 10:50 07/27/2021
How Can Leaders Lead In Times Of Uncertainty? 70:28 07/23/2021
Just Give 5 Minutes! 07:55 07/20/2021
Should You Visualise In The First Person Or As An Observer? 07:24 07/18/2021
Dealing With Life Long Anxiety - Interview With Wendy Tamis Robbins 51:54 07/15/2021
How To Use Visualisation In Making Changes In Your Life And Work 15:50 07/13/2021
How Enthusiasm Can Stop You Making Changes 19:43 07/08/2021
Work Out How Much Sleep You Need With Sleep Cycles 12:46 07/04/2021
How To Make The Most of Your Ideas 15:44 07/01/2021
How To Dramatically Improve Your Chances Of Getting Things Done 09:04 06/29/2021
One Thing This Week – Break It Down To The Smallest Action 06:10 06/27/2021
How Do You Live A More Fulfilled And Happier Life? 18:59 06/24/2021
A Short Personal Message on Father's Day 09:21 06/20/2021
Learning To Breathe, Breathwork, And Dealing With Cancer 67:27 06/17/2021
Why Are Bad Habits So Easy To Acquire? 12:07 06/15/2021
What Are Your Values And Do You Live By Them 55:50 06/10/2021