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Healthy building expert Andrew Pace uses his 30+ years experience to produce this weekly podcast, dedicated to the discussion and education of home health and human wellness. With over 30,000 satisfied clients all over the world, Andrew has a keen awareness of the issues relating to chemical sensitivity, green building, mold remediation and toxicity reduction. As a healthy home consultant, Andrew continues to be sought after to assist on projects all over the world, but his true passion is to educate as many folks as possible, using this free platform. Andrew's company GDC/Building For Health, continues to be the global leader of healthy home supply and education.


Professional Inspections for a Healthier Home; Amanda Klecker
The first rule in real estate is that you should NEVER waive your right to an inspection before closing the deal. The second rule is, make sure your inspector understands building biology, as well as the typical home systems and materials.  Your inspector needs to understand moisture, mold, chemical emissions and electro magnetic fields, in addition to structural concerns, windows, HVAC, etc.  Amanda Klecker joins us today to discuss what's all entailed in doing a substantial and truly informative home inspection and how we can avoid costly and unhealthy mistakes. Amanda is a Certified Building Biology Practitioner through the International Institute for Building Biology where she has learned the holistic approach to keeping a home healthy, free of moisture intrusion and free of toxins. Amanda has trained with the International Association of Certified Home Inspectors and received their national certification.  Amanda is also trained with the Water Quality Standards Academy, learning the important components of healthy drinking water.     Amanda's website Healthy House on the Block
50:11 4/13/24
My Healthy Home Summit, Caroline Blazovsky
Starting on April 22, I will be speaking at a wonderful online summit called My Healthy Home.  Hosted by Caroline Blazovsky, there will be over 40 experts in the multi-faceted "healthy home" space, to discuss all aspects of this incredibly important topic.  Caroline is my guest on this episode of NTE live to tell us more about the summit and to discuss why this is so important to her and should be to all of us. Caroline Blazovsky has over 20 years experience with specialized training in residential homes. She has CMR certification (Certified Microbial Remediatior) and CIE (Certified Indoor Environmentalist) training through the American Council for Accredited Certification (ACAC). Ms. Blazovsky has completed a Sustainable Design education from Boston Architectural College. Ms. Blazovsky's work has been featured by Martha Stewart, Jenny McCarthy, Ronald Hoffman M.D., SiriusXM, Shape and Reader's Digest, as well as hundreds of podcasts, radio, and print interviews. She is also certified as a Healthy Home Specialist through the National Environmental Health Association. In her spare time, Caroline studies public health at the University of Southern California.   My Healthy Home Summit Sign up here for FREE
57:59 4/5/24
New Healthy Home Building Standards, Rachel Hodgdon, IWBI
As the President and CEO of the International WELL Building Institute (IWBI), Rachel is leading a movement to advance human health through healthier buildings, more vibrant communities and stronger, more equitable organizations. Her motto is “Always be winning for good,” and she’s put that to work at IWBI, developing research-backed tools to help organizations create places where people can thrive. Today, these people-first places extend across 5 billion square feet of space in 130 countries and growing. Prior to joining IWBI, Rachel spent nearly a decade at the intersection of sustainability and human health, helping the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC) make LEED the world’s most widely used green building rating system. At USGBC, she founded the Center for Green Schools, which mobilized $275B+ investments in LEED-certified educational facilities and deployed over 750,000 volunteers to transform schools on every continent. Rachel serves on numerous boards and advisories for organizations including Second Nature and the Real Estate Pride Council. A graduate of Tufts University, she is a sought-after media voice, inspirational speaker and frequent guest lecturer and instructor at the Harvard School of Public Health’s Center for Health and the Global Environment, Harvard University Kennedy School of Government, the University of Connecticut School of Business and Tufts.    Works With WELL Standard        
51:05 3/30/24
Change The Air co-founder Kendra Seymour
Kendra Seymour is a Co-Founder and Executive Director of Change the Air Foundation and a passionate advocate for improving health by improving indoor air quality. She oversees foundation initiatives, with a special focus on raising awareness, outreach, and fundraising.   As a mother of two, Kendra discovered hidden mold and water damage in her home were harming her family’s health. After years of research into mold and indoor toxins, and a lot of hard lessons-learned, she became dedicated to helping others by building awareness in online communities and collaborating with fellow advocates to educate the public around the importance of indoor air quality.   Donate to CTA   Change The Air Foundation, Watch Aria's story     
52:21 3/23/24
Cork, The New Wood Flooring
I am confident in saying that most of us have been exposed to cork flooring and wall coverings many times throughout our lives. Cork board panels used behind a desk for notes and photos have been a fixture of corporate America for decades.  Flooring materials that sort of look like wood but softer with exotic patterns have been used in our libraries, schools, churches and homes since the 1900’s.  So why do I think this is the future of flooring when it's clear it's already well established?  The recent release of Amorim's Wood Bionatural XL is 100% natural and fossil plastic free.  The core is made from cork, sugar cane waste and other natural materials, and is completely recyclable. The wood and stone surface treatments are actually made from a cutting-edge digital printing and 3D embossing technology, which is again, plastic free.  This is an INDUSTRY DISRUPTING technology.  Kelly Downes, the US General Manager for Amorim is joining us to discuss this and other exciting developments in the world of cork.  With a foundation in Interior Design, Kelly transitioned into the flooring industry as a sales representative for a sustainable commercial flooring manufacturer out of LA.  Switching to the retail side, as the Vice President of a locally owned Baltimore, MD flooring company, she stood up a Kitchen and Bath Division while running six showrooms.    Three years ago,  Kelly returned to manufacturing and now run the US division of Amorim Cork Flooring.   Amorim is the largest manufacturer of cork in the world and is committed to not only preservation, but sustainability in all divisions of the company.   WiseWood Cork flooring 
48:32 3/15/24
Flooring Selections for the Chemically Sensitive, with Corinne Segura
Healthy flooring has become one of the most asked about topics with my clients.  Corinne, founder of My Chemical Free House, has written several articles on this subject and will share her findings with us and educate us on how she does her own personal research.  Corinne Segura is a Building Biologist Practitioner and founder of My Chemical-Free House where she tests and writes about green building materials. She is also a guest contributor at Green Building Advisor and course creator for the Building Biology Institute. She has 8 years of experience as a Green Materials Specifier, for new builds and renovations, often working with highly chemically sensitive clients.     
57:31 3/9/24
Creating a Healthier Life Balance with Modern Technologies
R Blank is an entrepreneur, technologist & author. He is the CEO of Shield Your Body, where it is our mission to make technology safer for you to use and enjoy. R also hosts "The Healthier Tech Podcast" covering issues to help people have a healthier, more balanced relationship with technology, and, along with his father, Dr. Martin Blank, he co-authored "Overpowered" (from Seven Stories Press) about the health effects of EMF radiation. This follows a 20-year career in software development for bluechip firms including Apple, NBC, Disney, Microsoft, the NFL, IKEA and Mattel. R also co-founded Wildform where he co-created the first video encoder for Flash (sold to Google). He has served on the affiliate faculty at the University of California, Santa Cruz in the Digital Arts and New Media (DANM) program, and previously on the faculty of the University of Southern California Viterbi School of Engineering. Additionally, R has authored numerous articles, videos, courses and books in technology and software development. R has an MBA in Entrepreneurship from UCLA Anderson School of Management and an undergraduate degree from Columbia University.   SYB Website:     
52:30 2/21/24
Living in a Wellness Community - Steve Nygren, CEO of Serenbe
Have you ever dreamed of living in community that focuses on OUR health and well being above all else?   Serenbe is an award winning biophilic community that connects people to nature and each other. Each of Serenbe’s hamlets have complementary commercial centers focused on the elements of a well-lived life: arts for inspiration, agriculture for nourishment, health for wellbeing, play for a joy-filled life, and education for awareness. Fresh food is another of Serenbe’s natural assets, with a 25-acre organic farm, seasonal Saturday Farmer’s Market, thriving CSA program and edible landscaping, including blueberry bushes along paths and sidewalks. Year-round cultural events include outdoor performances from Terminus Modern Ballet, regional theatre, film series, culinary workshops and festivals, music events, and lectures, boutique shopping, art galleries, wellness services and trail riding, plus visiting artists in residence with classes, dinners and talks. In 2004, Steve & Marie Nygren’s began the development of Serenbe, interlacing agriculture with a range of housing choices mixed with shops, galleries, restaurants and a full-service Inn. The result is reminiscent of century-old communities where many of your needs are within a walkable distance and neighbors know each other. Today, Steve serves as the CEO of Serenbe and lives in the community full-time.     
48:11 2/20/24
NTE Live w/Nikki Krueger - Santa Fe Dehumidifiers
Today's episode is all about moisture mitigation in our homes. We all know that excess moisture can lead to mold, but its also responsible for increased chemical offgassing.  This show for everyone, even if you think you live in a dry climate and dont have anything to worry about.   Nikki Krueger is the Director of Marketing & Business Development Manager for Santa Fe freestanding and whole house ventilating dehumidifiers. She has been involved in the indoor air quality industry for over 20 years. She is a RESNET certified home energy rater, a member of the ACCA Manual Low Load Homes (LLH) Advisory Committee, sits on the building envelope committee for the Spray Polyurethane Foam Association, has completed the ACCA Residential Design for Quality Installation Certification, and is serving on the 2024 National Green Building Standard update committee. She educates homeowner, builders, HVAC contractors, architects, engineers, crawl space contractors, and other professionals in the industry on the building science of ventilation and moisture control in buildings.    
54:08 1/27/24
NTE Live with Dr G
Dr. Gautam Gulati (commonly referred to as Dr.G) is a health artist, physician entrepreneur, award-winning producer, and world-renowned keynote speaker who uses unconventional and contrarian methods to drive innovation in health. He’s currently on a mission to make chronic disease optional by applying the science of healthy design to our homes. By being a "sponge to the world", Dr.G has an uncanny ability to identify problems, spot trends, ical leaders looking to transform organizations into innovative powerhouses call on Dr. G to help think differently, escape the trap of mediocrity, and unleash creativity. Currently, Dr. G is the Founder of The Well Home, where he designs luxury interiors focused on health, longevity, and well-being; and also the founder of Well Played, a storytelling studio prescribing stories as a form of medicine. He has over 20 years of hands-on experience as an award-winning innovation executive for a number of globally recognized brands and products. He’s a serial entrepreneur, advises numerous companies, and teaches the art of innovation at Johns Hopkins, Duke, and Singularity Universities. He has been invited to deliver hundreds of keynotes to help change the way leaders think at Marriott, SxSW, American Express, Roche, Merck, LG, TEDx and many more globally recognized brands. Dr.G received his MD and MPH from The George Washington University, an MBA from Johns Hopkins University, and is a certified Interior Designer from the New York Institute of Art and Design. To learn more about his new venture called The Well Home, visit: and uncover patterns that most others often miss. As a sought-after expert, rad To learn more about Dr.G's work or to book him as a motivational speaker, visit: To listen to his award-winning storytelling audio docuseries on human resiliency, visit: Connect with Dr.G on LinkedIn at, and follow him on X @drgautamgulati
55:01 1/5/24
NTE Live w/Jeff Burg, JFK Design-Build
Jeff and I have a similar history. Besides the fact that we've personally known each other for probably 30 years, we both grew up in businesses that were involved in the contruction industry.  That always gave us a lot to talk about when we saw each other at family functions.  When I started healthy home consulting several years ago, he and I began talking about the possibility of working together on some projects. Jeff is a custom home builder and finish carpenter, so his attention to detail is superb.  He's also very confident in the materials and systems he normally uses, so when the opportunity came recently to collaborate on a healthy home build, we both were excited to see the end results.   On today's show, of course we'll talk a little bit about that project and how it has already positively impacted how Jeff is building all of his homes.  But what we really get into detail on is the general process for planning, designing and constructing a custom home.  Whether you need to go deep into material selection and IAQ details because of health concerns, or you just want to do the best you can, this discussion will be extremely informative.  Please visit Jeff's website: 
59:14 12/22/23
NTE Live w/Jenny Johnson I CIRS Healing Collective
Jenny Johnson joins today to discuss chemical and mold sensitivities, therapies and treatments,  and her extensive work within the CIRS community.   CIRS - Chronic Inflammatory Response Syndrome.  CIRS is a multi-symptom, multi-system illness resulting from a faulty immune response to environmental toxins and  inflammagens (most commonly, those in water-damaged buildings).   It occurs primarily in genetically-susceptible individuals, which includes roughly 24% of the population. Please follow this link to join her group:  The CIRS Healing Collective is an encouraging and educational community for people navigating Chronic Inflammatory Response Syndrome (CIRS) who are looking to share their journey to whole-person wellness in solidarity and hope, with others who understand. 
65:00 11/27/23
NTE Live with Roy Suttles, KEIM USA
Imagine painting the exterior of your home and not having to think about it for at least the next 20 years.  No fading, no peeling.  Maybe think about painting the inside of your new home with no worries of trapped moisture or the smells of unhealthy latex paints. This is what mineral paints can do for you.  What is a mineral paint? Why do we want to use them? How do we make the switch from latex to mineral?  All these issues will be discussed in this episode with Roy Suttles, the manging director of Keim USA.  Keim is the world's leading manufacturer of mineral paints and I think you're going to love what you hear about them.
62:17 11/17/23
NTE Live with Brian Libby, Architectural Design Writer and Critic
Brian Libby is a Portland based architectural and design writer and critic who is a contributing writer to prestigious media outlets such as Dwell, Metropolis, Elemental Green, Architectural Digest, Architect, The Atlantic, The Wall Street Journal  and The New York Times. Brian is also the architecture critic for the Portland Tribune newspaper.  Brian joins us today to discuss the trends he is seeing in healthy and sustainable home design as Portland is known for being a hub and innovator of healthy and green living. As a contributing writer to the popular magazine Dwell, Brian has his finger on the pulse of the most creative spaces that including nature and other healthy home amenities. He shares some of his favorite articles, architects and healthy architecture ideas with us today. Elemental Green – Sustainable and Inexpensive Homes Portland Tribune – award winning architects and new designs for award-winning restaurants, historical building and more….. Dwell: affordable and creative healthy homes - ADU's - work sheds - incorporating nature into healthy home builds
52:46 11/9/23
DIY Home Health Test Kits with Enthalpy Analytical
Whenever Im working with a new client who is trying to figure out an IAQ issue in their home, I'll suggest the use of a Home Air Check test kit. Able to measure VOC's, formaldehyde and active mold, these kits are an invaluable asset, giving us quick and accurate numbers at a very affordable price.  We have been working with Sarah Mack and her team for many years and Im excited to discuss their process, how they developed these kits and whats on the testing horizon for Enthalpy.     Order your test kit here: HOME AIR TEST KITS Join our FREE online community NON TOXIC ENVIRONMENTS      
42:48 6/13/23
Allison Evans, Founder of Branch Basics
Allison Evans will be joining us to tell us all about the wonderful products her companies produces as how it all got started.  Spoiler alert: Allison's Aunt, Marilee Nelson, is not only one of the founders of the company, but she and I go way back and used to have many of the same clients.  Its really exciting to see how well this company is doing.  We'll also chat about the mold remediaion and remodeling done in her own home that I was a part of.  Healthy flooring and finishes for sure!     Sign up for Allison's "Toss the Toxins" course here       
55:52 5/26/23
Surviving Toxic Mold, NTE Live with Ash & Sam Brockington
My friends, this is going to be an extremely emotional, hard-hitting conversation that I know you dont want to miss.   Ash and Sam Brockington have a story to tell about how their dream house turned into a nightmare. But through the grace of God, some helpful people and their own hard work, they are managing their way.  I've had countless clients over the years find out the hard way that the home they bought was toxic from mold and chemical offgassing.  But Ash and Sam's project is unique due to the extensive nature of the damage, both in the home and the occupants.  So much to be learned from this about how we remodel and test.  Please join us.           
66:41 5/20/23
NTE Live w/ Michelle Ifverson
Michelle Ifversen is the founder and Environmental Wellness Design Director of Design Well Studios in Portland, OR. Michelle specializes in biophilic design, building biology and project management. DWS offers education, creative design solutions, products and services to help remedy homes and workplaces so people can thrive and be well.  She joins us on the show today to discuss her background, career and what motivates her to keep her on her quest of improving the lives of others.    Design Well Studios  Join the Non Toxic Environments Circle Community for FREE!!!
57:28 4/30/23
NTE Live w/ Sophia Ruan Gushee
I had Sophia on my podcast earlier this year and we had such a great conversation.  She really is one of the kindest, most thoughtful and intelligent guests Ive ever had on the show. Really looking forward to having her back on.  Bring your healthy living questions and ideas!   Inspired by her family, Sophia published A to Z of D-Toxing: The Ultimate Guide to Reducing Our Toxic Exposures in October 2015. Essential for those who want to create a healthy Home, the bestselling A to Z of D-Toxing has been critically-acclaimed by some of the world's leading physicians, researchers, and professors as well as conscious consumers.      
43:51 4/21/23
NTE Live! With Heidi Kuimjian, Holistic Health and Nutrition Expert
Heidi joins me on the show this week to talk about her story of recovery from toxic poisoning and how she's using that experience to help others through her consulting, marketing and educational classes. Shes a wonderful guest that I could talk with for hours, so I'm sure she'll be back on sometime soon. We spend a good deal of the show talking abotu one of her most passionate subjects, healthy clothing.  PLEASE make sure to purchase her clothing E-book to learn so much more.  Link below.   Heidi's Non-Toxic Clothing E-book Join the Non Toxic Environments Circle Community for FREE!!!        
54:06 4/7/23
NTE Live! w/ Amanda Klecker, Building Biologist
Amanda is a Certified Building Biology Practitioner through the International Institute for Building Biology where she learned the holistic approach to keeping a home healthy, free of moisture intrusion and free of toxins. She trained with the International Association of Certified Home Inspectors and received their national certification.  Amanda has also trained with the Water Quality Standards Academy, learning the important components of healthy drinking water.   Over the past few years, Amanda has become a green living expert in terms of keeping a healthy house.     Join our Circle Community for free!   Amanda's Healthy House on the Block      
58:34 3/30/23
NTE Live! w/Sheila Alston - Healthy Home Media
What is WELLNESS REAL ESTATE? What is a wellness lifestyle community?  Sheila and I will  share what developers have been building like agrihoods, naturehoods etc.  And since everyone deserves to live in a healthy home, Sheila will share how real estate agents across the country are trying to help their clients with more than just the sales transaction.  They are networking and connecting with healthy home professionals so they can provide more value to their clients.   Healthy Home Media   Join our Circle Community!       
40:45 3/21/23
NTE Live! w/ Michael Rubino - The Mold Medic
Michael joins me on NTE Live! this week to share his insights into the mold epidemic that is happening around the world.  As a healthy home consultant myself, I can tell you that well over 50% of the consulting calls I get these days will relate to either mold remediation, mold exposure or designing a home to avoid mold.  Michael has a deep passion for helping an healing and you can hear it in his voice.  I feel honored to have been on his show before and its absolutly my pleasure to host him here on NTE Live!   Michael Rubino - HomeCleanse    
61:36 3/9/23
Jay Watts, VP of AFM Safecoat
This is an exciting episode for me today. After 4+ years and 150 episodes of the podcast, Im now producing a weekly live stream video show in the NTE Circle Community. Link below.  This first episode of the live show features my old podcasting co-host, Jay Watts.  I finally get a chance to ask Jay all about the history of AFM and how the compnay has been so successful with helping folks around the world with their healthy home projects.    Join our Circle Community for free!
66:26 3/2/23
URGENT announcement about Non Toxic Environments. We're going LIVE!
After a 5+ year run and 150 episodes of the podcast, its time to make a change.  But dont worry...its a change in the right direction.  Starting on Feb 22nd, my new video show called NTE Live! will be available to you.  Each week, I will have a guest on to discuss some aspect of healthy building or healthy living, then allow for some time for Q&A from the audience. But here's the catch... you must join my new online comminity to have access to the show right away and to interact.  This community is absoluetly free to join. All it requires is a name and email address. Once you're in, you'll be invited to share as much or as little as you want to the rest of the community so that other will be able to learn from your personal journey.  Sure, we could get more eyeballs on the show if it were on YouTube, but to me, its much more important to get YOUR eyeballs on it.  The NTE listener...the GDC customer...those who really want to learn more about making our homes a healthier space. Please join us!!   Click here to join for free:  Non Toxic Environments Circle Community
29:20 2/16/23
Talking Home Detox with Sophia Ruan Gushee
What a great way to start the new year! Sophia is an absolute pleasure to speak with and I am quite sure you'll appreciate the conversation as much as I did.  Sophia's work can be found here: 
52:30 1/1/23
What's new in '22
The pandemic has made raw material supply very very challenging this year.  So many of the new product offereings that we would normally launch in the beginning of the year have been pushed back. Today, Im focusing attention on a few new offerings at The Green Design Center and how these can make your home healthier.  Thanks for listening!
19:35 10/29/22
Who's Influencing you?
Ive started recording a show like this several times in the last few months, but could never muster up the courage to publish.  But this week I just couldn't take it anymore.  I pride myself on the decades of experience in the healthy building field and the things I've learned over those years.  Even going on more than a 30 year career, Im still learning every day. But, my inbox has been flooded lately by clients asking why so many Instagram influencers are giving healthy home advice, without having any actual training or experience to back up their opinions. I couldn't help myself...I had to run to the microphone and all you know what I think of this.  Enjoy ;)    Latest podcast shows to catch Andy on: Low Tox Life - Building a Healthy Home with Andrew Pace Part 2: 9/4: Lara Adler Live IG TV Chat on 8/19 @environmentaltoxinsnerd  Let’s Talk Home Repair with Amy and Alicia 8/18: uHoo How to Create a Toxic Free Home 8/9:  Crushing it With Kitchen Remodeling with Mike Goldstein – LIVE! 11 am CT/12 ET 8/9:   HEALTHY INDOORS LIVE HEALTHY VS GREEN WITH ANDY PACE 8/4:
23:44 9/22/22
And the Questions Keep Coming!
It has been quite a white since Jay and I had a chance to answer some listener questions, so we finally got together and hit the record button.  THANK YOU to everyone who submits these questions.  Most are answered "off the air" via email, but we do like to focus on a few right here so everyone has a chance to learn.  Enjoy the show. 
37:07 7/24/22
Prescriptions for a Healthy House, with Paula Baker-Laporte, FAIA
Its been a long time a comin' but Jay and I are finally back at it this weekend with a great interview we did with the legendary Paula Baker-Laporte. Her hit book, Prescriptions for a Healthy House is now in its 4th edition, so we talked about the new edition, along with her general philosophies of building and design.     Find her book online at EcoNest Architecture
39:34 7/1/22