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Healthy building expert Andrew Pace uses his 30+ years experience to produce this weekly podcast, dedicated to the discussion and education of home health and human wellness. With over 20,000 satisfied clients all over the world, Andrew has a keen awareness of the issues relating to chemical sensitivity, green building, mold remediation and toxicity reduction. As a healthy home consultant, Andrew continues to be sought after to assist on projects all over the world, but his true passion is to educate as many folks as possible, using this free platform. Andrew's company GDC/Building For Health, continues to be the global leader of healthy home supply and education. Partnering with AFM Safecoat as their Master Distributor for North America, Andrew has opened up the availability for toxin-free paints and coatings through hundreds of retailers. Jay Watts, the VP of AFM Safecoat, is a frequent co-host of the program and brings his years of customer service and trouble shooting skills for all to learn from.


Who's Influencing you?
Ive started recording a show like this several times in the last few months, but could never muster up the courage to publish.  But this week I just couldn't take it anymore.  I pride myself on the decades of experience in the healthy building field and the things I've learned over those years.  Even going on more than a 30 year career, Im still learning every day. But, my inbox has been flooded lately by clients asking why so many Instagram influencers are giving healthy home advice, without having any actual training or experience to back up their opinions. I couldn't help myself...I had to run to the microphone and all you know what I think of this.  Enjoy ;)    Latest podcast shows to catch Andy on: Low Tox Life - Building a Healthy Home with Andrew Pace Part 2: 9/4: Lara Adler Live IG TV Chat on 8/19 @environmentaltoxinsnerd  Let’s Talk Home Repair with Amy and Alicia 8/18: uHoo How to Create a Toxic Free Home 8/9:  Crushing it With Kitchen Remodeling with Mike Goldstein – LIVE! 11 am CT/12 ET 8/9:   HEALTHY INDOORS LIVE HEALTHY VS GREEN WITH ANDY PACE 8/4:
23:44 09/22/2022
And the Questions Keep Coming!
It has been quite a white since Jay and I had a chance to answer some listener questions, so we finally got together and hit the record button.  THANK YOU to everyone who submits these questions.  Most are answered "off the air" via email, but we do like to focus on a few right here so everyone has a chance to learn.  Enjoy the show. 
37:07 07/24/2022
Prescriptions for a Healthy House, with Paula Baker-Laporte, FAIA
Its been a long time a comin' but Jay and I are finally back at it this weekend with a great interview we did with the legendary Paula Baker-Laporte. Her hit book, Prescriptions for a Healthy House is now in its 4th edition, so we talked about the new edition, along with her general philosophies of building and design.     Find her book online at EcoNest Architecture
39:34 07/01/2022
30 Years and Still Going!
It's amazing for me to think about when I started GDC way back in 1992 and what we would have accomplished by now.  Im so lucky to have such wonderful customers, listeners and friends and family who have supported me  and my dream all these years.  For today's show, I spend spme time reflecting on these past 30 years and why I'm so excited about the next 30. 
29:04 05/27/2022
Keeping your Home Healthy
We've spent countless hours on this show talking about building and remodeling, but now that you have a healthier home (hopefully), how do you keep it that way?  Today, Jay and I discuss some tips and tricks to keep your home healthy by eliminating mold sources, maintaining equipment and reducing exposures to EMF's and other ideas.  
38:51 04/29/2022
Crisis Averted!
Jay and I take calls all the time from nervous homeowners as well as interested commercial clients who are desperately trying to fix a problem on a jobsite or a similar situation. When this crisis occurs, we end up being part detective and part counselor.  Find the problem, fix it, then calm the situation so the project can move forward.  Here are a few of our stories...  
37:19 04/08/2022
Current Costs of Healthy Building
Jay and I did a wonderful 2 part show a couple years ago on the true costs of healthy building.  Now that we've been in and pretty much out of a global pandemic, how has the landscape changed?  We dive into that today, and while some of the news is a litle scary, there are also many reasons to be optimistic about the future of healthy building.   Feel free to go back to our October 2019 shows for additinal information.  Cost of Building a Healthy home Pt1 Cost of Building a Healthy home Pt2
39:52 04/02/2022
Dr. Neil Nathan: Complex Medical Problem Solving
Jay took the keys to the NTE recording studio this week to interview Dr Neil Nathan, a Board-Certified Family Physician, and also a Founding Diplomate of the American Board of Holistic Medicine (now called the American Board of Integrative and Holistic Medicine).  Dr Nathan's practice specialzes in Mold Toxicity, Lyme Disease, Multiple Chemical Sensitivities & Other Environmental Illness.  What he coined as " Complex Medical Problem Solving" has turned into several continuing education courses for his colleagues, as well as a half dozen books on these subjects.  About Dr Neil Nathan
43:48 03/11/2022
Finding His Quiet Home
Mike Bender is an author, screenwriter, website founder, husband and father.  He also happens to be very sensitve, as he puts it. Got bitten by a deer tick as a young boy, which blossomed into MCAS, chemical and EMR sensitivities and a limbic system disorder.  With love and support from his family and a team of dedicated building professionals, Mike is now living in what he calls a "quiet" home that is allowing him to heal and get back to his love of writing.  Ironically, his recent article about his journey in Men's Health magazine is  making a lot of noise, but in a very good way. Make sure to check it out. Men's Health March 2022  
38:20 02/25/2022
Post Pandemic Building and Design Trends
Every year around this time, paint companies and interior design firms start to promote what they call their yearly color and design trends.  I've done these myself over the years, but this particular year is special. Call me optimistic, but I truly believe we are able to start looking at life post pamdemic.  So in this episode, I'll give you my top home design trends that really reflect what we've learned the past two years.   I even talk a little about my own healthy home project in the works. 
21:22 02/11/2022
Wow, Season 5 of NTE!!
That right folks, season 5 is starting off this week.  Time really flies when you enjoy what you do.  Jay and I are discussing indoor air quality testing, cabinet finishing and a little bit of this and that.  Welcome back! 
30:37 01/28/2022
Everyone Deserves a Roof...A Hopeful Chat For The Holidays
This holiday season, we are still struggling with the pandemic, shipping issues all over the world and now horrific damage and the loss of lives from the storms across America's heartland.  But for most of us, we'll never have to worry about where we are sleeping tonight. However, there are many Americans who have no home, no shelter.  This is a truly heart-warming episode you need to share with others.  We are so happy that Jay was able to land this interview and have Peter share his vision with us all.   Peter Samuelson from Everyone Deserves A Roof
28:55 12/30/2021
Off-Label Uses
Every once in a while, we'll be on a project where we need to come up with a creative fix.  Using a product in a new which the manufacturer never really intended it to be used. We call these 'off-label uses'.  There are many we developed over the years and Jay and I had a chance to discuss a few of them today.  
25:00 12/10/2021
What are we thankful for in 2021?
Sure, we've got plenty to complain about.  Material shortages, price increases, yada yada.  But as we say every year, we just have so much more to be thankful for.  Jay and I are back in the saddle today to discus that, as well as why 2022 is shaping up to be the best, healthiest year yet!! 
29:41 11/19/2021
Tim Masters, Healthy Mattress Maker
We preach all about healthy building and making the bedrooms the  healthiest rooms in the home.  So its time to talk about mattresses.   Tim Masters, owner of My Green Mattress in Illinois, has been in the mattress making business his entire life.  While they have always used high quality materials, the switch to organic and chemical free was the result of a personal family crises.  I met with Tim at his manufacturing facility recently to discuss his story and how now it benefits all of his customers.  
19:57 10/29/2021
Healthy Home Build...In Their Own Words
Building a home is a massive challenge for most.  Now, adding to this that you want to build it healthy and the challenge just increased by double.  But is it really that difficult?  It certainly doesn't have to be.  On today's show, Andy speaks with one of his past consulting clients to get her take on how the healthy building process went and whether or not she believes that it was worth the commitment. 
19:20 10/17/2021
Health Hero, Tim James
While I normally leave the nutrition-related podcasting to my friends Robyn Openshaw, Ashley James and Katie Wells, this was one episode that Jay and I HAD to do. Tim James has an eye-opening story to tell and beyond that, an incredible gift to share with everyone.  The gift of personal health.  Tim does private and group session health coaching, and has created his own line of personal supplements and detox products that lend themselves perfectly to those of us trying to get rid of the toxins we are exposed to every day.   Plus, he's like Mr Energy.  Just listen!!   Tim's Website  Use code 'NTE' for 5% off Tim's podcast, Health Hero
60:41 09/16/2021
September Q & A's
Oh boy do I love this time of year.  You can feel the cooler weather starting to make its way in.  Leaves are beginning to change. What stays consistent, however, is the amount of calls and emails we get asking us questions about healthy home projects.  Today, we're tackling some of those questions and I'm pretty sure at least one of two of them will be regarding subjects on your mind as well.  Thanks for listening! 
48:54 09/06/2021
Caroline Blazovsky, Healthy Home Expert
Even though I'm a trusted healthy home consultant and materials expert, I could never say that I know it all.  When I'm stumped on a project, Caroline is one of my go-to experts.  We've had the pleasure of working together on projects over the years and it's about time we had the chance to put one of our conversations on record and share it with the world. Today we'll hear about her successful testing and mitigation business, along with some exciting new air purification equipment she is pioneering. Enjoy the show! My Healthy Home website IVP - Integrated Viral Protection 
66:26 08/19/2021
How it all began
A few years back when we started the podcast, Jay and I both did an intro episode to give you all a little background.  In these last years, we've gained thousands of new listeners and I get several emails a week asking about how I ended up in this business.  So, this may be a refresher course to some, but it should be enlightening to all.  The history of healthy home building with Andrew Pace. 
21:36 08/13/2021
Please help, my home is off gassing!
One of the most frequent calls we get.  My walls, my carpet, my cabinetry is off gassing...what do I do??? Today, Jay and I tackle that question and discuss what off gassing really is and how to deal with it.  Plus, I take a little time to talk about why I LOVE doing what I do and helping people with their healthy home dreams.  
32:39 07/30/2021
Healthy home pandemic
Jay and I always appreciate the opportunity to talk with Jen and Rusty Stout from JS2 Partners about their business.  On this episode, we'll find out how the pandemic has affected construction times, as well as helped their clients focus on what's most important.  Lots of exciting news from them, so please enjoy the show!
44:16 07/16/2021
Independence Day 2021
Seems a whole lot different than a year ago, thats for sure!  As the word starts to open up again, Id like to take a few minutes to let you know what's happening with material availability and pricing. Also an exciting new offering in the world of spray foam insulation.  
15:50 07/02/2021
Non-Toxic Closet Systems
Many years ago, our local builders association constructed a model "green" home that achieved LEED Platinum status. I walked in to inspect it and had to walk out minutes later due to the offgassing coming primarily from the closet shelving systems.  Since then, I've been on a quest to find the perfect system. Well, here it is!!  Today I talk with Rob Norden, CEO of Lundia USA, who has developed the healthiest system I've ever seen.     To receive free shipping and a 5% rebate on your purchase 
30:20 06/18/2021
An interview with Michael Frerking, Living Systems Architecture
Stick frame, ICF, rammed earth, net zero..... what does it all amount to when you are building a new home or doing a major remodel.... one that has to be healthy, sustainable and light on the earth?  In today's episode of NTE, Jay Watts interviews architect Michael Frerking of Living Systems Architecture. Michael has perfected the construction technique know as poured earth. If you aren't familiar with earthen construction and its many benefits, this episode will literally "ground" you in the basics. Take it away Jay and
32:38 06/10/2021
Project Updates
Woo boy it has been a while since Jay and I have been behind the NTE microphones.  So glad to be back!  Today we discuss some project updates, material pricing and take a few listener questions.  Thanks for joining us!!
31:58 05/07/2021
Is it time to rethink ICF?
Im a huge fan of ICF (Insulated Concrete Form) construction... have been for years.  It can be the single best way to avoid mold in a new home project, but I've steered away from it because of the cost.  With the rising prices of traditional lumber, is now a good time to rethink ICF for our new projects?  I'll talk about that, along with some early spring project tips and tricks.  
26:37 04/09/2021
March Musings
Its been few weeks since Jay and I sat down together to talk about what's rambling through our minds.  Sure, the high cost of building and material shortages are putting a stranglehold on parts of our industry right now, but there are silver linings and great deals to be had.  We'll talk about this and several more timely topics on today's show. 
34:23 03/20/2021
Healthy Materials and Sustainable Spaces
Jay steps up to the plate this week to knock out a great interview with another sustainability expert and thought leader, Ian Johnson.    Ian talks about the broad picture of sustainable building, but also shares his extensive knowledge and experience with healthy materials research.   Signature Sustainability Reducing Emissions of VOC's... Thrive Collaborative  Linnean Solutions
29:35 03/12/2021
Wood Furniture Re-finishing
One of the hottest topics in our email and phone messages these days is the idea of refinishing furniture.  Let's face it, the cost of buying new seems overwhelming, so why not just freshen up what we already have?  I wish I could say its an easy task, but in order to do it right and make it look good, it requires a lot of patience, skill, the correct tools and high quality products. Do you even know if your table will take a new finish?  Are you sure you still want to try?  Then, here's your episode!
35:39 02/26/2021