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Overcoming Distractions-Thriving with ADHD, ADD

Overcoming Distractions-Thriving with Adult ADHD takes a street-smart approach to managing ADHD. The podcast is an excellent resource for any adult, especially individuals looking for strategies and tactics to create better circumstances in their professional lives. That even includes entrepreneurs with ADHD. Every week host David Greenwood author of the book by the same name, has experts in the field of adult ADHD as well as other entrepreneurs with ADHD. Every episode is packed with solutions and methodical approaches to having a better life with ADHD. These episodes are not a Q&A. These are discussions about living as an adult with ADHD. And we have a ton of fun and laughs along the way. There is no complaining here. Just a street-smart way of thriving with adult ADHD. There are also many episodes with just Dave, who shares his thoughts as a busy entrepreneur with ADHD.


3 areas to gain more clarity when you have adult ADHD
Dave talks about why clarity and ADHD need to go hand in hand on this episode of Overcoming Distractions. Being clear on what we need to do in our personal and professional lives helps us reduce procrastination, lower our stress levels and helps us get “stuff” done. Dave talks about why seeking daily clarity in tasks projects and priorities is mission critical to thriving with ADHD in the workplace. He talks about how to dig deeper and get clarity on our individual tasks that may require additional tasks or info and data from other people in the workplace. And Dave talks about why seeking clarity in our personal and professional lives and the direction we are taking is also important. Clarity is king when it comes to adult ADHD! If you need a support system and you are a busy professional, entrepreneur, solopreneur or looking to make changes in your career, set up a time to chat with Dave at  
20:29 6/3/23
4 simple ways I organize my ADHD life
Adults with ADHD who are also busy professionals need simple habits, systems and consistency to get through the week with less stress and chaos. Without even simple systems, life can get hectic very quickly. Dave discusses four simple ways that he makes life and running a business easier. There are certainly more but these are the four core areas that make weeks much less hectic. If you've lost your car keys or can't find your wallet or you ran out of coffee in the house, this episode is for you! And if you've hit the drive thru several times this week because you had no food in the house, have a listen. Do you want to work with Dave in a coaching or mentorship relationship? Go to to book an introductory Zoom chat.
21:14 5/27/23
Get more focused at work with your adult ADHD this week
This week Dave talks about how adults with ADHD who have lost focus at work can regain that and get back on track. Many times we may have it all together but we have those days or even other stretches of time where everything just hits the fan and our week turns into a train wreck. We have all been there. Dave discusses three essential things you need to do now if you have completely lost focus in the workplace or even at home. Of course, there's more work to do but these are three critical factors to implement now if you're having one of those days or weeks and just can't seem to get out of your own way. Do you want to work with Dave one-on-one to get unstuck? Go to and book a call with Dave.
17:18 5/20/23
5 ways to lower your stress at work when you have ADHD
Are you an adult with ADHD that is also stressed out at work? Much of our stress when we have ADHD does revolve around our work, job, and career. But there are ways to lower your stress level in the workplace. On this episode, Dave discusses five areas for you to begin to focus on that can help the process of lowering your stress at work. Dave gives some quick advice on guarding your time, ways to seek clarity in the workplace, and the importance of double-checking your work before submitting it to others, including your boss and clients. Dave also discusses how information overload can stress out those of us with adult ADHD and some simple strategies to reduce information overload. Do you want to work with Dave one-on-one to lower your stress in the workplace? Book an introductory Zoom chat with Dave at
23:45 5/17/23
This calendar product can be a game changer for adults with ADHD and the family
Many adults with ADHD struggle to find a calendar system that works for work and home life. And when you're running a household with children, sometimes your calendar system can get more complex. You not only have appointments, meetings and other commitments but every household has chores and other to-do lists. Having them in one place where everyone can see it and use it, is a must-have. Dave introduces listeners to the Skylight Calendar. On the podcast today is Anubhav Sarkar, product manager for Skylight Calendar. He walks us through all the Skylight Calendar's features and how this can be a game changer for individuals with ADHD. Anubhav discusses how Skylight realized this could be tremendously helpful for people with ADHD. Including the ability to have the skylight calendar in a visible location, how we can manage multiple schedules and to-do lists and help the entire family build good habits and routines. He also discusses the following features that are ADHD-friendly. The Skylight Calendar is similar to a digital photo frame but can be placed on a counter or mounted to the wall. He discusses the basic features, including color coding as well as syncing schedules. One powerful feature is the chore chart which can be used by kids, families as well as adults with ADHD managing work to-do lists. And Anubhav goes through how the mobile app helps everyone have their schedules and to-do lists with them at all times. If you want to learn more about the Skylight Calendar, you can find out more on their website: Use the code DISTRACTIONS for a special offer for Overcoming Distractions podcast listeners.
33:04 5/13/23
Burnout and ADHD-Part 2
If you have adult ADHD and you're feeling burned out, you want to listen to Part 2 about how to navigate burnout when you have ADHD. You can find Dave's book Overcoming Burnout here. Dave discusses five more areas of your life and career that you'll need to work on if you're feeling burned out. He talks about finding meaning and purpose in work, managing your stress, of course, looking for other ways to develop a new passion for your job or career. And Dave discusses a few other areas that need addressing if you're an adult with ADHD and burned out. If you're new to overcoming distractions, please go back one episode and listen to part one about ADHD in burnout. Find out more about working with Dave for coaching and mentorship at
17:09 5/6/23
ADHD and burnout-5 areas for recovery and prevention
Dave talks about the continuing epidemic of burnout on this episode. And he discusses why burnout can affect adults with ADHD faster and even harder than others. And to a greater extent, adults with ADHD have more difficulty sometimes navigating our way out of burnout. Dave talks about some of the reasons including our challenges with executive functions and some of the habits we have built over time contributing to burnout. Dave starts with five must haves for recovering from burnout or preventing it in your life. This is a two-part episode. Dave will discuss another 5 parts to recovering from burnout in the next episode. Do you want to work with Dave? Learn more at
19:13 4/29/23
5 Things I learned about thriving with adult ADHD from my guests
After recording over 200 episodes of this podcast, writing two books and mentoring individuals with adult ADHD, Dave discusses some of the core ways everyone can thrive with adult ADHD. While ADHD can be complicated, there are some must-haves when it comes to managing adult ADHD in both life and the workplace. Managing adult ADHD requires you to focus on several areas of your life; sometimes, there can be roadblocks and complex issues. But Dave feels if you stick to these five simple things in your life, things can only get better. Want to work with Dave? Go to
19:11 4/15/23
A Reintroduction to Overcoming Distractions Thriving with Adult ADHD
Welcome to Overcoming Distractions Thriving with Adult ADHD. This podcast is a reintroduction to Overcoming Distractions, the mission and what types of issues we discuss each week. We have had many new listeners in recent months so we decided to introduce new listeners and seasoned veterans about the content published each week here. Dave talks about why this podcast is dedicated to adults with ADHD and discusses briefly why only street smart and real world tactics are discussed on Overcoming Distractions. Dave also discusses the three must haves when trying to thrive with adult ADHD. Of course there are many more, but these are the three core themes all adults with ADHD should try to focus on each day. Get to know Dave and Overcoming Distractions a little better in this reintroduction. Find out more about Dave, ADHD coaching and online programs at
21:59 4/8/23
Why checklists are not enough for adults with ADHD
If you are an adult with ADHD you're going to have to find some type of checklist system or To Do List that works for you and your own personal circumstances. Dave gives you a quick primer on some of the criteria you should keep in mind when developing checklists for work and home. We all know we need checklists of some form and Dave discusses briefly a very simple article in a prominent psychology journal that fell short of helping adults with ADHD. The article only suggested to use to do lists which most people with ADHD already know. But if you're like many adults with ADHD, you need to find the right system that allows you to be more productive and less stressed. Find out why the psychology article geared towards adult with ADHD was inadequate and hear Dave's thoughts on developing a checklist system that will actually work for you. Want to work with Dave? Go to
17:53 3/29/23
Easy ways adults with ADHD can practice mindfulness
Mindfulness does not mean that you need to sit in a quiet room for two hours and not speak or move. Mindfulness as this week's guest Chris Berlow states is keeping the main thing…. the main thing. That's what we are talking about this week on overcoming distractions is how adults with ADHD, or anyone for that matter can implement some form of mindfulness in their daily habits. Chris Berlow is the founder of Empowered Mastery and the author of the book Mindful Meditation for Busy Lives. Chris and Dave discuss the number of ways that we can make mindfulness easier. Chris talks about how we only have a certain amount of mental energy as well as clarity and that energy gets depleted throughout the day. The more stressful and busy the day is, the more energy is depleted. That's why it is important especially for adults with ADHD to be mindful. Something as simple as getting outside and taking a walk can be a great form of mindfulness. Other people choose gardening, cooking and outdoor sports. All these can be a form of mindfulness. Chris talks about easy ways to even implement forms of meditation. By slowing our busy brains down, we have the ability to choose our own thoughts and gained clarity over what's going on in our lives. Chris and Dave discuss even a simple form such as finding guided meditations on platforms such as Spotify and other streaming services that help you reduce anxiety and other benefits. Want to learn more about Chris Berlow and Empowered Mastery as well as his book on mindful meditation? Find him at:
39:37 3/25/23
Why energizing activities help us thrive with adult ADHD
Are you an adult with ADHD that needs more clarity on the types of activities that energize you as well as the activities in your life that drain your energy? In this shorter version of Overcoming Distractions Dave talks about the importance of making two critical lists to help you thrive with your adult ADHD. Adults with ADHD need to recognize the types of activities that give us energy, provide us with good dopamine and excite us about getting up in the morning. When we understand what gives us energy, We can thrive with our adult ADHD However, we also need to understand the activities in our life that drain our energy. And we need to try hard to eliminate energy-sucking activities. Dave talks about how to go about making these two important lists that will help you in your career, and your personal life. Want to work with Dave? Go to
15:17 3/22/23
How to remember and achieve goals with adult ADHD
Did you set goals at the beginning of the year or did you create any New Year's resolutions? Have you gotten off track on your New Year's goals or completely forgotten what you set out to do this year? Many people set goals at the beginning of a new year but oftentimes, we struggle to stay on track. Back on Overcoming Distractions is Sarah Reiff-Hekking, Ph.D. founder of True Focus Coaching. Sarah and Dave first discuss whether the new year is the best time to set goals. Hint, maybe not. Sarah suggests reframing goals and calling them either a target or a vision and even the label ghost targets and visions to better resonate with yourself. Sarah says it's important to find what works when it comes to reminding yourself of your goals. That can include vision boards, all types of visual reminders and regular reminders to keep you on track. Sarah also reinforces something she has talked about before on the podcast which is making sure your personal goals come before your career goals. Sarah advises on ways you can continue to keep steering toward your targets and goals. She also says it is important to create authentic goals and those that are intrinsic. Goals should be about you not what other people think you should be doing. You should also make sure if this is a meaningful goal or something you are just chasing. And Sarah suggests making sure you go through goal setting and ways to stay on track in a non judgmental way. You can learn more about Sarah and the workshops that true focus coaching puts on by going to Sarah’s website.
35:40 3/18/23
5 tips for managing large projects when you have adult ADHD
One of the many challenges adults with ADHD face is managing large and ongoing projects. Most times, these projects revolve around work or our career. And because there are so many aspects of managing and working on large projects for our job, many adults with ADHD find it a struggle. Does this sound familiar to you? Dave talks about what it takes for those of us with ADHD to stay on track with large and ongoing projects. As an entrepreneur, Dave has been involved in many ongoing initiatives with his clients over the years that require planning, meeting deadlines and milestones as well as the ability to work with others for a common goal. If your job requires you to work on projects, or you feel like doing a home remodeling project around the house, spend the next 20 minutes with Dave and grab a pen and notepad. Want to work with Dave? Go to
17:31 3/11/23
A quick burnout checkup for adults with ADHD
This is a quick checkup if you're feeling a little cooked lately. Grab a notebook and a pen! Some people feel refreshed at the new year, but it can also give us more pressure and stress about goals and other achievements. Dave talks about why this added pressure can actually contribute to feeling burned out. Many people with ADHD can experience burnout quicker than others due to our challenges that we already face. Those include our struggles with productivity, time management, and the emotional aspect of having ADHD. Dave talks about the common ways we feel burned out and other feelings you may not have considered. He also talks about how the combination of these things can be clear indicators of burnout or heading towards burnout. Dave gives you a checklist of ways to begin navigating your way out of burnout. You can find a link to Dave's recent book Overcoming Burnout at
27:26 3/8/23
Are you following conventional wisdom with your adult ADHD?
Conventional wisdom would have adults with ADHD believing that we need to follow a specific path to manage and thrive with adult ADHD. But as you may have uncovered by now, following conventional wisdom and accepted and unquestioned principles, is often not the best path to thriving with adult ADHD. Jeff Copper from DIG Coaching is back to discuss the concept of conventional wisdom and ADHD and how we can challenge certain thinking. Jeff talks about the book “Breaking the Rules” which can describe the theme of this discussion on the podcast. Oftentimes adults with ADHD need to break the rules and one great example is understanding that we cannot always fix our weaknesses. Accepting this concept can provide an opportunity for growth in our ADHD journey. Jeff and Dave discussed the importance of placing ourselves in roles that are a great fit. one example is choosing a career or a job that allows us to utilize our strengths. Jeff also indicates that the more clarity we have in our lives and and our daily habits, the more motivation we can experience. Managing our ADHD can be challenging at certain times in our lives but Jeff and Dave cautioned everyone not to fall into what Jeff calls a sea of strategies. We must stop drowning in the latest greatest strategy or technique to manage our adult ADHD. Do you want to learn more about challenging conventional wisdom and ADHD? This is a great discussion with Jeff and Dave. Find Jeff and Attention Talk Radio on his website. If you want to work with Dave for coaching and mentorship, go to
38:28 3/4/23
How to get more comfortable engaging with your calendar when you have adult ADHD
Adults with ADHD seem to have a love/hate relationship regarding scheduling and using calendars. Are you one of these people? Sure, it sounds like a simple concept but for many of us with adult ADHD, we tend to struggle to engage more effectively with schedules and calendars. Back on Overcoming Distractions is Eric Tivers of ADHD reWired. Eric and Dave discussed the following and a lot more. ·         Why a schedule and using a calendar can be challenging for adults with ADHD. ·         Understanding that without a workable schedule, getting through the week and getting “stuff” done can also be challenging. ·         Eric discusses how scheduling, distractions, prioritization and time management are all connected and the calendar can help us. ·         Eric also takes time to discuss time tracking which he feels is one of the most important ways to understand how long tasks and projects take us. ·         Dave and Eric discuss time blocking but making sure that we are using that concept effectively. And Eric gives tips for getting started and getting more comfortable using a calendar to manage our work and personal lives. Those include understanding this is going to be a process, you'll need to try different methods, making sure you relax and be patient, the importance of engaging with your calendar and understanding in many cases, there is a setup and a cleanup which you'll hear his thoughts on the podcast. Find ADHD reWired here and all Eric's offerings including group sessions and the popular podcast. Do you want to work with Dave one-on-one? Go to 
42:40 2/18/23
Overcoming shame as an adult with ADHD
As individuals with ADHD, by the time we are adults, we have experienced and internalized hundreds of thousands of negative inputs about who we are and how we are.  This can create defensiveness, people-pleasing, perfectionism, social anxiety, oppositional behavior, and other defense mechanisms. But one thing we need to recognize and talk about openly is shame.  Our guest Diann Wingert, therapist turned coach, says it is the elephant in the room for adults with ADHD. Diann gives us a general definition of shame and explains the difference between guilt and shame. She also gives people a few basic examples of shame then you may be able to relate to. Diann also explains why she has called shame and ADHD, the elephant in the room. She discusses why for people with ADHD, making mistakes can equal shame and the habits we can build to get ourselves out of this pattern. And Diann gives us a road map for tackling shame in our lives, including understanding self-awareness, forgiveness, understanding that shame is a spectrum, and understanding how to take an honest look at situations in our lives that we can avoid. Diann Wingert is a Business Strategist, Coach & Mentor and Host of The Driven Woman Podcast. Connect with Diann on her website:
42:16 2/11/23
Are you an adult with ADHD entering a leadership position?
If you are an adult with ADHD and find yourself in a leadership position, you'll want to pay attention to what our guest Brendan Mahan says this week. Brendan from ADHD essentials is back on overcoming distractions and we talk about the essential elements of being a leader, while being an adult with ADHD. Maybe you find yourself as a shift supervisor in the hospitality industry, leading a major project at your company or wanting to learn more about how to parent through leadership, Brendan has some awesome advice. Brendan and Dave discussed the following. The difference between being a leader and being a boss. What the general role of someone in leadership should be? What would we, as adults with ADHD expect from our leaders? The challenges of being an adult with ADHD and assuming a leadership position. Tips for navigating a leadership role while having adult ADHD. Those include delegating diplomatically, understanding that you are supporting character as a leader, and taking time to own your ADHD and manage it properly. Find Brandan Mahan and his offerings on his website; Want to work with Dave?
37:52 2/4/23
ADHD and Feeling Too Busy
Every adult with ADHD experiences the feeling of being too busy sometimes. Dave tackles how we can minimize this feeling that many of us go through in our professional lives and at home. Oftentimes adults with ADHD feel like there are a million things to do, and everything needs to be done now, but we often can't decide what to get started on or what to prioritize. Dave discusses how we can sort things out, prepare appropriately so we're not always feeling too busy, prioritize tasks and projects, be in charge of others in the workplace that can affect your deadlines, understand capacity and boundaries, and when we need to say no to commitments. And much more. If you are feeling too busy all the time, hit the pause button and listen to this podcast episode. Want to work with Dave?
21:01 2/1/23
How this creative digital nomad manages ADHD
How does a creative digital nomad manage her ADHD on the road? On Overcoming Distractions this time is Nikki May, owner of Nikki D May Art and Design. Nikki sold her house, purchased a bus and now runs her art and design business on the road. In her business she does everything from drawing, designing accessories and apparel as well as web design. As a newly diagnosed adult with ADHD, she has had to build the skills necessary to run a business on the road including carving time out for work, meeting deadlines and getting it all done. Nikki admits that her brain doesn't always switch into working mode so it's important for her to have implemented several ways to be productive. Those include: Time blocking Planning Hiring and delegating Having a business manager Using contractors. She hired somebody to set up systems for her And one big thing, not saying yes to everything. Find Nikki D. May Art and Design here: Want to work with Dave for coaching and mentoring?
29:31 1/28/23
Imposter syndrome, ADHD and how to move forward with intention
Many adults with ADHD can also experience imposter syndrome. Some even say it is much more common in adults with ADHD than others. That is the focus of this podcast with Matthew Zakreski a licensed clinical psychologist. Dr. Matt as many address him, gives an overview of imposter syndrome and what it might feel like. He says one thing that sticks out is when somebody gives us praise, we either feel relief or we celebrate the success. He discusses why it may affect people with ADHD more. Dr. Matt gives several examples of imposter syndrome and discusses how we can become more self-aware, including reflecting on situations when we feel our best and our worst and how to find context in every situation that doubts us. He discusses how we can move forward with intention. And he gives listeners advice on how to begin limiting imposter syndrome in our lives and possibly overcoming imposter syndrome. He talks about how to build confidence, better habits around doubtful situations, and even some quick tips if you're considering a career change that may doubt you. You can find Matthew Zakreski PsyD here:
37:41 1/14/23
How those with ADHD can make the next day at work much easier
Dave talks about one of the simplest strategies to thrive with ADHD in the workplace. How and why making a list the night before each workday is a powerful tool for adults with ADHD. Many people tell us just to make a list; for others, that sounds very simple. But for those of us with adult ADHD, sometimes that is a difficult task in itself. Dave talks briefly about how to set the tone and create the habit. He also talks about how simple but powerful setting yourself up the night before can be. Yes, it is super simple, but Dave breaks it down in this short podcast. Find out more about Overcoming Distractions Community here. Join for free!
19:15 1/11/23
How you can thrive with the right ADHD community
Dave is back for a new year and talks about the power of having the right community as an adult with ADHD. He's talking about how being involved in a community that can support you, encourages you, and celebrates your successes is one of the best ways to thrive with adult ADHD. Some of the ways being in the right supporting community can benefit adults with ADHD are motivation, inspiration, building new habits, hanging out with people who understand you and one of our basic needs, and putting ourselves in a great mood. Learn more at
19:37 1/7/23
Understanding complex ADHD and treatment options
In this first podcast episode of 2023 we are discussing complex ADHD. Dave's guest on this important episode is Jess Levy MD, Who is a board-certified psychiatrist. Dr. Levy also diagnosed with ADHD personally understands the challenges that come as an adult with ADHD. His practice is A+ Psychiatry, a one-of-a-kind Direct Specialty Care Practice and represents a fundamentally different approach to psychiatric care. Dr. Levy First gives us an overview of complex ADHD, which is when an individual has ADHD in one or more other mental health concerns. Often, we call this Co-occurring and it comes in the form of anxiety, depression, learning disorders and other forms. He also discusses why it matters and why it is important to seek adequate treatment for complex ADHD. In short, if not addressed the symptoms and challenges of an adult with ADHD can only get worse and make life more challenging. Dr. Levy Runs through many of the symptoms and signs of complex ADHD and gives examples. And he discusses treatment options for complex ADHD including how to proceed with medication, psychotherapy and other forms of support. He discusses your expectations of treatment including the trial and error of certain medications and other support systems. IMPORTANT DISCLAIMER: For the listeners of this podcast, when discussing diagnostic and treatment considerations it is CRITICAL to note that this is for information purposes only. It is not meant to replace medical advice from your medical professional.  If you have any questions about this topic as it pertains to your physical or mental health, you should discuss these concerns directly with your providers. You can find Dr. Jess Levy at his Website:
33:19 1/4/23
Understanding emotional and cognitive processing with Adult ADHD
In this new episode, we explore emotional and cognitive processing and how to communicate effectively at home and in the workplace. Brendan Mahan of ADHD Essentials comes back on the podcast to discuss processing and communicating during challenging situations. Situations that could involve conflict present themselves not only at home but in the workplace and it's important for us to build the skills to manage Interactions with others effectively. Brendan starts the podcast by giving three quick tips for thriving with adult ADHD in 2023. Brendan takes time to break down emotional and cognitive processing, runs through many examples, and discusses when these intersect. He gives great advice on processing emotions in difficult situations. Brendan also talks about how we need to validate our emotions. Other discussion points include being honest with ourselves. Asking for criticism to allow for personal growth. Noticing our emotions Allowing those emotions to take place. Find Brendan at:
40:40 12/17/22
3 lists for your ADHD brain in the New Year
Dave talks about three lists you should make when preparing for a new year. Because most of us with adult ADHD are not big on New Year's resolutions and because they are rarely effective, Dave talks about how you can slowly make the changes necessary in the coming year. Dave talks about the power of setting personal goals that drive your professional life, spending some time understanding what is currently not working in your life, and celebrating the activities that are working in your favor. Go to to work with Dave, or grab one of his affordable video programs on adult ADHD.
20:09 12/14/22
How an entrepreneur with ADHD built a passion project
Many adults with ADHD either want a passion project or need to do something that allows them to feel a sense of purpose. When we embark on these types of projects, we feel energized, excited and fulfilled in life. This episode features Morgan Hancock, founder of Bourbon with Heart, based in Kentucky. Bourbon with Heart is a nonprofit that helps fund the arts and other nonprofit organizations. Morgan is a commercial real estate professional with ADHD, a U.S. Army veteran, and a successful entrepreneur, and she shares her tips for navigating a busy life and creating a passion project. Morgan discusses how many with ADHD need to embrace some type of chaos in life. She talks about how a basic To Do List saved her life. She discusses time blocking, including how she handles her commercial real estate duties and nonprofit responsibilities. Morgan also discusses how in some cases, impulsivity is a good thing when it comes to passion projects. Allowing many to take on risks that others would not. She also discusses how she learned the value of teamwork in the military and how to work with others. Morgan discusses how we cannot be scared to fail if we're going to be successful in business and life. Find Bourbon with Heart here and explore all the great things they're doing. Find Dave’s video programs on adult ADHD here: 
34:43 12/10/22
ADHD and the power of grouping tasks and projects
Dave provides some quick advice and talks about how powerful it is to group tasks and projects. Assigning the right amount of time for regular tasks and larger projects is one of the best ways to not only get things done but reduce your stress. Many of us have heard about time blocking but Dave breaks down why this is important and gives specific advice in a number of areas where you can maximize your energy and time. Dave talks about creating theme days, dedicating time during the week for shorter regular tasks, actually putting certain tasks off to maximize productivity, and a few other tips. Check out Dave’s new program, ADHD in the Workplace at:
19:41 12/7/22
Overlooked elements entrepreneurs with ADHD need to know
Many adults with ADHD decide to open their own business or become entrepreneurs. There are many reasons for this. But before we take on such an important journey, those with ADHD must be aware of what's ahead to succeed. Whether you are looking at entrepreneurship or just looking to find your next career move, you'll find great value in this discussion with Aron Croft of Hidden ADHD. Aron discusses some of the pros and cons of people with ADHD entering self-employment or entrepreneurship. He talks about why many with ADHD want and need freedom, the desire for scalability in their business, and being in charge because many with ADHD do not like being told what to do. Aron also talks about why he decided to become an entrepreneur but is honest about his journey along the way, which was not always smooth. While Aron had a great job, he found himself looking for a higher calling and began the process of building his entrepreneurial journey on the side. Aron also talks about the different types of fit you need to be aware of if you are venturing out on your own, including the market, whether the product fits you and your values, pricing, and the process. Do these fit into the way you can operate? He also discusses several productivity tips, activation psychology, and building the right habits to take your next steps. Find Aron Croft here: Website: Free resource:  
31:09 12/3/22