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Fastline Fast Track features agriculture industry newsmakers discussing hot-button issues and the latest in farming equipment and trends that affect farmers from coast to coast, as reported by our Fastline, Big Ag and Pink Tractor publications.The podcast also features "The Legends Stage," a segment presented by the Ernest Tubb Record Shop, featuring up-and-coming and legendary country music artists.


Ep. 105: World Ag Expo update; the music of John PayCheck
On this episode, Jennifer Fawkes, marketing manager for the International Agri-Center and the World Ag Expo, provides an update on the 2021 virtual World Ag Expo. Jesse Allen recaps the week in the markets in his Market Talk update and Ray Bohacz talks tires in “Bushels and Cents.” The Episode also features the music of singer/songwriter John PayCheck. Time stamps Jennifer Fawkes, World Ag Expo: 1:12 World Ag Expo advertisement: 8:09 Jesse Allen, Market Talk: 8:38 Chandler Equipment advertisement: 14:44 Ray Bohacz, “Bushels and Cents”: 15:14 John PayCheck: 16:33 
78:02 05/07/2021
Ep. 104: Opioid crisis on the farm, dairy labeling, rural broadband push, the music of Alison Elena
Ray Atkinson of the American Farm Bureau Federation and Illinois Farmer Connie Gyorr discuss the opioid crisis on the farm. Chris Galen of the National Milk Producers Federation talks about the new DAIRY PRIDE Act, and Farm Bureau’s Emily Buckman discusses the American Connection Project for rural broadband. Emily Solis with the Animal Agriculture Alliance provides details about the Animal Agriculture Alliance Summit. The episode also features the music of former American Idol contestant, Alison Elena. Time stamps Ray Atkinson (American Farm Bureau Federation) and Connie Gyorr (Marissa’s Purpose): 1:28 Chandler Equipment advertisement: 18:33 Chris Galen, National Milk Producers Federation: 19:03 Emily Buckman, American Farm Bureau Federation: 22:06 Emily Solis, Animal Agriculture Alliance: 23:52 World Ag Expo advertisement: 24:57 Jesse Allen, Market Talk: 25:26 Ray Bohacz, “Bushels and Cents”: 31:59 Alison Elena: 33:24
85:52 04/30/2021
Ep. 103: Talking fuel efficiency with CLAAS, pork rebound, sunflower strength, the music of Dave Wilbert, Dawn Anita tribute
On this episode, we hear about a rebound in the pork market after a tumultuous 2020. We also hear why now might be a good time to consider planting sunflowers. Potato growers raise concerns about Mexico’s USMCA obligations, EPA head says no imminent changes coming to waterway rules and the USDA’s National Agricultural Classification survey is coming. Daryl Theis from CLAAS talks about the fuel efficiency of the manufacturer’s equipment and a sweepstakes that aims to put money back into the pocket of one lucky producer. Jesse Allen discusses a bullish week in the grain markets and Ray Bohacz talks battery acid in this week’s “Bushels and Cents.” The episode also features the music of traditional country music singer/songwriter Dave Wilbert, as well as a tribute to traditional country star Dawn Anita. Time stamps Dawn Anita dedication: 1:28 Pork outlook with Dr. Scott Brown, University of Missouri: 2:48 USMCA troubles with Mark Szymanski, National Potato Council: 4:48 Sunflower market potential with Karl Esping, National Sunflower Association: 5:57 Waterway rules and USDA survey: 8:30 Chandler Equipment advertisement: 10:16 Daryl Theis, CLAAS: 10:47 World Ag Expo advertisement: 16:16 Jesse Allen, Market Talk: 16:45 Ray Bohacz, “Bushels and Cents”: 22:59 Dave Wilbert: 24:19 Dawn Anita tribute/outro: 1:13:43
77:39 04/23/2021
Ep. 102: John Deere tractor-planter and sprayer innovations, weed control, new USDA pandemic aid, cash basis talk, the music of Emily Miller
On this episode, John Deere representatives Ryan Jardon, Kevin Juhl and Joel Basinger discuss a new integrated tractor and planter solution, new Hagie sprayers and John Deere See and Spray Select technology. We talk weed control and a new palmer amaranth study. Also, the USDA has retooled some of its COVID-19 aid programs. Jesse Allen discusses cash basis in this week’s Market Talk update and Ray Bohacz talks slow-starting engines in “Bushels and Cents.” The episode also features the music of rising country music star Emily Miller. Time stamps Ryan Jardon and Kevin Juhl, John Deere: 1:17 Joel Basinger, John Deere: 13:30 Chandler Equipment advertisement: 28:33 Weed control with Dean Grossnickle (Syngenta) and Dr. Bill Johnson (Purdue University): 29:03 Palmer amaranth study with Anthony Brusa, University of Minnesota: 32:08 USDA news: 35:34 World Ag Expo advertisement: 37:37 Jesse Allen, Market Talk: 38:05 Ray Bohacz, “Bushels and Cents”: 43:10 Emily Miller: 44:37
96:28 04/16/2021
Ep. 101: Trouble on the border, mental health on the farm, the music of Victoria Rose
On this episode, Texas farmer Scott Frazier testifies before the House Judiciary Committee on problems facing farmers and ranchers along the border; the United Soybean board reveals results of a consumer confidence survey and the World Dairy Expo will stay in Madison, Wisconsin. The episode also features a panel discussion on mental health on the farm, as well as the music of rising country star Victoria Rose. Time stamps Scott Frazier: 1:23 Mace Thornton, United Soybean Board: 3:08 Katie Schmitt, World Dairy Expo: 5:11 Chandler Equipment advertisement: 7:00 Mental health on the farm with Pam Jahnke, Jeff Ditzenberger and John Shutske: 7:30 Jesse Allen, Market Talk: 43:20 Ray Bohacz, “Bushels and Cents”: 49:32 Victoria Rose: 50:54
98:42 04/09/2021
Ep. 100: Examining fertilizer prices; neighbor problems; the music of Adam Warner
On this episode, we discuss fertilizer price trends with David Widmar of Agricultural Economic Insights. We also discuss what to do when your neighbor’s negligence leads to damage on your property with Washburn University Law Professor Roger McEowen. Jesse Allen breaks down a wild week in the markets following key USDA reports and Ray Bohacz presents “Bushels and Cents.” The episode also features the music of Adam Warner.
83:08 04/01/2021
Ep. 99: Conversation with Tom Vilsack, talking soybeans in Market Talk, the music of Dennis Ledbetter
On this episode, U.S. Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack talks coronavirus aid, carbon sequestration, trade and other important ag issues during a virtual meeting with the National Association of Farm Broadcasters. Jesse Allen talks the potential for a soybean shortage in this week’s Market Talk report and Ray Bohacz talks compaction in this week’s “Bushels and Cents.” The episode also features the music of Dennis Ledbetter. Time stamps Tom Vilsack, USDA: 1:18 Chandler Equipment advertisement: 12:19 Tom Vilsack Part 2: 12:49 World Ag Expo ad: 31:58 Jesse Allen, Market Talk: 32:27 Ray Bohacz, “Bushels and Cents”: 39:37 Dennis Ledbetter: 40:59
94:37 03/25/2021
Ep. 98: Agronomists talk spring planting, Tai confirmed, China buys more corn, the music of Cameron DuBois
On this episode, DEKALB and Asgrow agronomists Andrew Penney and Harmon Wilts offer up spring planting and growing tips for corn and soybeans. Also, Katherine Tai is confirmed as U.S. Trade Representative and China buys more U.S. corn. Jesse Allen has a Market Talk update and Ray Bohacz talks repair manuals in “Bushels and Cents.” The episode also features the music of singer/songwriter Cameron DuBois. Time stamps Andrew Penney, DEKALB/Asgrow: 1:23 Harmon Wilts, DEKALB/Asgrow: 13:14 Chandler Equipment advertisement: 34:15 News update: 34:45 Jesse Allen, Market Talk: 38:32 Ray Bohacz, “Bushels and Cents”: 44:59 Cameron Dubois: 46:22
104:42 03/19/2021
Ep. 97: Agricultural Safety Summit, Corn Warriors crowning, Plant 2021 with Asgrow, the music of Ken Wilber
On this Episode, Jess McCluer, chairman of the Agricultural Safety and Health Council of America discusses the upcoming virtual Agricultural Safety Summit and Clint Chaffer, Brand Manager with Asgrow shares how the company is preparing soybean growers for Plant 2021. We provide coverage of the “Corn Warriors” Season 4 crowning ceremony and preview the new TV series “The Podfather.” Jesse Allen has a Market Talk Update and Ray Bohacz has another installment of “Bushels and Cents.” The episode also features singer/songwriter Ken Wilber.
100:20 03/12/2021
Ep. 96: Case IH lubricants, weed control, UPL innovation, watching the dairy market, the music of Dawn Anita
On this episode, pork producer delegates convene for the National Pork Industry Forum, watching dairy production for signs of trouble and weed control with North Dakota State’s Dr. Joe Ikley. Learn about new lubricants from Case IH and hear about ag innovation from UPL’s Craig Brekkas and in-furrow protection from Lynn Justesen. Jesse Allen has a Market Talk Update and Ray Bohacz has another installment of “Bushels and Cents.” The episode also features the music of traditional country music star Dawn Anita, the aunt of the late country music superstar, Joe Diffie. Time stamps Bryan Humphreys, National Pork Board: 1:28 Bryan Doherty, Total Farm Marketing (dairy outlook): 3:36 Dr. Joe Ikley, North Dakota State University: 5:57 Chandler Equipment advertisement: 9:11 Joe Vonk, Case IH: 9:41 World Ag Expo advertisement: 15:11 Craig Brekkas, UPL: 15:40 Lynn Justesen, UPL: 28:25 Jesse Allen, Market Talk: 36:00 Ray Bohacz, Bushels and Cents: 42:18 Dawn Anita: 43:38
89:25 03/05/2021
Ep. 95: Vilsack sworn in, ethanol gets boost, long-term ag economy prospects, the music of Kirstie Kraus
On this episode, Tom Vilsack is sworn in to reprise his role as U.S. ag secretary, Sen. Chuck Grassley says much work remains for ethanol after EPA sides with 10th Circuit and former USTR Chief Ag Negotiator Gregg Doud talks about the future of U.S. ag exports. CME Group’s Erik Norland and Blu Putnam discuss the biggest market influencers of 2021 and Troy Hadrick of the Certified Agriculture Dealerships provides an update on the Ag Pack program. Jesse Allen has a Market Talk update and Ray Bohacz has another installment of “Bushels and Cents.” The episode also features the music of Kirstie Kraus. Time stamps Tom Vilsack news: 1:28 Sen. Chuck Grassley: 245 Gregg Doud: 4:32 Erik Norland and Blu Putnam, CME: 6:26 Chandler Equipment advertisement: 9:43 Troy Hadrick, Certified Agriculture Dealership Program: 10:13 World Ag Expo advertisement: 17:37 Jesse Allen, Market Talk: 18:05 Ray Bohacz, Bushels and Cents: 24:56 Kirstie Kraus, 26:20
71:29 02/25/2021
Ep. 94: NCBA’s Don Schiefelbein, FFA Week, Vilsack vote, Chrissy Wosniak, the music of Richard Lynch
On this episode, Don Schiefelbein discusses some of the key issues facing cattle producers in 2021, we hear about FFA Week from Kristy Meyer of the National FFA Organization, we provide details about Tom Vilsack’s upcoming U.S. Ag Secretary confirmation vote and ag consultant and North American Ag Spotlight host Chrissy Wozniak discusses how ag manufacturers can market their business through the pandemic to come out stronger on the other side. Jesse Allen has a Market Talk update and Ray Bohacz has another installment of “Bushels and Cents.” The episode also features the music of Richard Lynch. Time stamps Don Schiefelbein, National Cattlemen’s Beef Association: 1:29 Chandler Equipment advertisement: 22:04 Kristy Meyer, National FFA Organization: 22:34 Tom Vilsack hearing news: 25:22 World Ag Expo advertisement: 26:20 Chrissy Wozniak, North American Ag Spotlight: 26:49 Jesse Allen, Market Talk: 1:01 Ray Bohacz, “Bushels and Cents”: 1:06 Richard Lynch: 1:08
115:38 02/19/2021
Ep. 93: Hay equipment with John Deere, planter prep tips, Vilsack’s priorities, the music of Steve Markwardt
On this episode, Chris Borgman with John Deere talks about the manufacturer’s new hay equipment; Terry Burkart with All States Ag Parts has planter preparation tips and U.S. Ag Secretary nominee Tom Vilsack talks about his key priorities for the USDA. Jesse Allen has a Market Talk update and Ray Bohacz presents “Bushels and Cents.” The episode also features the music of Fort Worth traditional country and Western swing star Steve Markwardt. Time stamps Chris Borgman, John Deere: 1:28 Chandler Equipment advertisement: 4:54 Terry Burkart, All States Ag Parts: 5:25 Tom Vilsack, USDA: 12:30 Jesse Allen, Market Talk: 17:15 Ray Bohacz, “Bushels and Cents”: 23:05 Steve Markwardt: 24:29
68:16 02/12/2021
Ep. 92: World Ag Expo preview, Vilsack nomination hearing, talking soil health with Nutrien, the music of Kevin Jaggers
On This episode, the nomination hearing for U.S. Ag Secretary nominee Tom Vilsack begins. Also, we preview the virtual World Ag Expo with Jennifer Fawkes. We talk soil health with Doug Sibbitt and Cristie Preston of Nutrien Ag Solutions. Jesse Allen has a Market Talk update and Ray Bohacz presents another installment of “Bushels and Cents.” The episode also features the music of rising Nashville star Kevin Jaggers. Time stamps Tom Vilsack, USDA nominee: 1:17 Chandler Equipment advertisement: 3:28 Jennifer Fawkes, World Ag Expo: 3:58 Doug Sibbitt, Nutrien Ag Solutions: 17:47 Cristie Preston, Nutrien Ag Solutions: 21:53 Jesse Allen, Market Talk: 26:38 Ray Bohacz, “Bushels and Cents”: 32:16 Kevin Jaggers: 33:49
74:11 02/05/2021
Ep. 91: USDA suspends some loan repayments, foreclosures, Hemp final ruling, expanding the global pork market, soil health, grain bin safety, country music review Part 2
On this episode, hear how the USDA is temporarily suspending some loan repayments and foreclosures in response to the pandemic. The department also made a final ruling on some hemp regulations this week. Hear how pork is being marketed abroad and learn how to add more life back into nutrient-starved fields. We talk grain bin safety, have a Market Talk update with Jesse Allen, and Ray Bohacz presents another installment of "Bushels and Cents." The episode also features the second part of a two-part series featuring the best performances by our musical guests in 2020.   
86:32 01/29/2021
Ep. 90: John Deere updates Operations Center, Livestock market outlook, Land O’ Lakes’ Beth Ford, 2020 country music review
On this episode, Jenni Badding with John Deere talks about key updates to the manufacturer’s Operations Center platform. We continue coverage of the American Farm Bureau Federation virtual convention, as Oklahoma State University Ag Economist Derrell Peel gives his outlook for the livestock markets in 2021 and Land O’ Lakes President and CEO Beth Ford talks about hot-button industry issues. Jesse Allen has a Market Talk Update and Ray Bohacz talks Mass Air Flow sensors in this week’s “Bushels and Cents.” The episode also features the first in a two-part series highlighting the best musical performances on the show in 2020. Time stamps Jenni Badding, John Deere: 1:21 Chandler Equipment advertisement: 10:00 Derrell Peel, Oklahoma State University: 10:30 Beth Ford, Land O’ Lakes: 25:20 Jesse Allen, Market Talk: 47:24 Ray Bohacz, “Bushels and Cents”: 53:15 Various artists intro: 54:49 Cagney Frizzell: 55:09 Dillon Carmichael: 59:18 Darin & Brooke Aldridge: 1:07 Teea Goans: 1:11 Thomas Gabriel: 1:15 Will Banister: 1:19 Allie Colleen: 1:22 Craig Campbell: 1:26
92:22 01/22/2021
Ep. 89: Farm Bureau Convention kickoff, Stabenow’s ag committee return, pasture management, the music of Noah Garner
On this episode, American Farm Bureau Federation President Zippy Duvall addresses Farm Bureau members at the group’s virtual annual convention; Farm Bureau names Harvust the winner of the Ag Innovation Challenge; Michigan Sen. Debbie Stabenow prepares to reprise her role as chair of the Senate Ag Committee; Corteva’s Jeff Clark shares pasture management tips; Jesse Allen presents the weekly Market Talk update and Ray Bohacz has another installment of “Bushels and Cents.” The episode also features the music of Noah Garner.
81:00 01/15/2021
Ep. 88: Sonny Perdue reflects on USDA tenure, Market Talk With Jesse Allen, the music of Sean Harrison
On this episode, outgoing U.S. Department of Agriculture Secretary Sonny Perdue reflects on his time at the helm of the agency. We introduce a weekly Market Talk recap with veteran farm broadcaster Jesse Allen and Ray Bohacz presents another installment of “Bushels and Cents.” The episode also features the music of Americana singer/songwriter Sean Harrison.   Time stamps Sonny Perdue, USDA: 1:17 Chandler Equipment advertisement: 25:39 Market Talk with Jesse Allen: 26:09 Ray Bohacz, “Bushels and Cents”: 31:52 Sean Harrison: 33:27
85:31 01/08/2021
Ep. 87: AFBF President Zippy Duvall, ag economist David Widmar, Farmers Edge CEO Wade Barnes, the music of Whey Jennings
On this Second Anniversary episode, American Farm Bureau Federation President Zippy Duvall talks about the organization’s focus for 2021 and the upcoming national convention. David Widmar of Agricultural Economic Insights discusses his outlook for the ag economy in the new year and Farmers Edge CEO Wade Barnes makes his predictions for the agriculture industry in 2021. Ray Bohacz presents another installment of Bushels and Cents, and the episode features the music of singer/songwriter Whey Jennings, the grandson of country music icon, Waylon Jennings. Time stamps Zippy Duvall, American Farm Bureau Federation: 1:28 Chandler Equipment advertisement: 23:15 David Widmar, Agricultural Economic Insights: 23:45 Wade Barnes, Farmers Edge:  41:49 Ray Bohacz, “Bushels and Cents”: 52:21 Whey Jennings: 53:54
104:09 01/01/2021
Ep. 86: Christmas With Fastline Fast Track
This episode features music artists American Blonde, Rich Price, Dani-Elle Kleha, Johnny & The Mongrels, Paige King Johnson, Taylon Hope, Scott Southworth, Annemarie Picerno, J.D. Shelburne, JP Pennington and Exile and John Berry share favorite Christmas memories and their original music.   Time stamps Chandler Equipment advertisement: 0:00 American Blonde: 1:34 Rich Price: 9:26 Dani-Elle Kleha: 15:45 Johnny & The Mongrels: 25:55 Paige King Johnson: 40:59 Taylon Hope: 51:26 Scott Southworth: 1:01.34 Annemarie Picerno: 1:23.27 J.D. Shelburne: 1:34.33 JP Pennington/Exile: 1:44.11 John Berry: 1:57.15
131:35 12/24/2020
Ep. 85: National Farm Machinery Show details, NCGA outlook, the music of Annemarie Picerno
On this episode, hear from Kentucky Venues President and National Farm Machinery Show President David Beck about the show’s new 2021 dates; National Corn Growers Association First Vice President Chris Edgington talks about some of the organization’s key priorities for 2021 and Ray Bohacz presents another installment of “Bushels and Cents.” The episode also features the music of Annemarie Picerno.   Time stamps David Beck, Kentucky Venues/National Farm Machinery Show: 1:10 Chandler Equipment advertisement: 19:05 Chris Edgington, National Corn Growers Association: 19:35 Ray Bohacz, “Bushels and Cents”: 28:37 Annemarie Picerno: 30:08
58:23 12/18/2020
Ep. 84: Closing wheels and bin monitors with Farm Shop Mfg., soil microbiomes with Heliae, talking taxes with All States Ag Parts, the music of Margie Singleton
On this episode, Iowa farmer and Farm Shop Mfg. founder Tony Wendler talks about the closing wheels and grain bin monitors he has developed, Julia Engler with Heliae Agriculture tells us how a soil microbiome program started by Arizona State University has become a commercial success, Terry Burkart with All States Ag Parts talks sales tax and Ray Bohacz presents another installment of “Bushels and Cents.” The episode also features the music of country music legend Margie Singleton.
78:58 12/11/2020
Ep. 83: Farm Rescue, The Farm Must Go On Preview Part 2, Keeping kids safe on the farm, the music of Rye Davis
On this episode, Dan Erdmann, project manager with Farm Rescue and North Dakota farmer Larry Leier discuss the mission of the nonprofit organization and we preview the Dec. 9 benefit concert, presented by John Deere, featuring Dustin Lynch, Maddie and Tae, Mickey Guyton, Tyler Farr and Travis Denning. Scott Heiberger with the National Farm Medicine Center talks about keeping kids safe on the farm during a period of virtual learning and Ray Bohacz presents another installment of “Bushels and Cents.” The episode also features the music of Rye Davis.   Time stamps Dan Erdmann and Larry Leier, Farm Rescue: 1:21 Chandler Equipment advertisement: 25:16 Scott Heiberger, National Farm Medicine Center: 25:46 Ray Bohacz, Bushels and Cents: 36:44 Rye Davis: 37:54
89:14 12/04/2020
Ep. 82: How the election might affect ag, combine cleanup, irrigation talk, Kolt Barber, the music of American Blonde
On this episode, Jay Truitt with Policy Solutions and Michael Torrey, a consultant with Edge Dairy Farmer Cooperative, discuss how the recent election outcomes might affect agriculture. Terry Burkart with All States Ag Parts shares combine cleanup tips and Albert Maurin with Lindsay Corporation talks about the latest developments in irrigation. Ray Bohacz presents “Bushels and Cents,” singer/songwriter and ag consultant Kolt Barber drops by to talk about his latest projects and we feature the music of American Blonde. Time Stamps Jay Truitt, Michael Torrey, Ken Root: 1:15 Chandler Equipment advertisement: 20:37 Terry Burkart, All States Ag Parts: 21:07 Albert Maurin, Lindsay Corp.: 27:50 Ray Bohacz, “Bushels and Cents”: 33:20 Kolt Barber: 34:34 American Blonde: 1:00:00
98:04 11/27/2020
Ep. 81: Ag innovation with Case IH and John Deere dealer AHW, talking turkey, the music of Jon Mullins
On this episode, presented by D&S Tires Inc., Kurt Coffey, Head of Global Marketing Communications for Case IH and Justin Blanchette, Precision Ag Business Manager for John Deere dealership AHW LLC talk about how innovation and technology are driving agriculture. We talk turkey with the American Farm Bureau Federation and the USDA and hear a special message from Hall of Fame farm broadcaster Orion Samuelson. Ray Bohacz has another installment of “Bushels and Cents,” and we feature the music of Blake Shelton’s “The Voice” protégé Jon Mullins. Time stamps D&S Tire advertisement: 0:00 Kurt Coffey, Case IH: 1:53 D&S Tire advertisement: 26:00 Justin Blanchette, AHW LLC: 26:33 Chandler Equipment advertisement: 37:58 Orion Samuelson, WGN-AM/This Week in AgriBusiness: 38:28 Talking Turkey with American Farm Bureau Federation and USDA: 38:59 Ray Bohacz, “Bushels and Cents”: 43:06 Jon Mullins: 44:31
93:44 11/20/2020
Ep. 80: Salute To Veterans: Farmer Veteran Coalition, J.T. Cooper, Jenny Leigh Miller
On this episode, Farmer Veteran Coalition Founder and Chief Agricultural Officer Michael O’Gorman discusses the work of the nation’s largest nonprofit that connects veterans and active-duty military members to careers in agriculture. Nashville singer/songwriter and Warrior Rounds founder J.T. Cooper discusses that organization’s work and his involvement in the Blackhawk Down incident. Also, country music recording artist Jenny Leigh Miller talks about her time as an Army intelligence officer, as well as her career and her new single, “God + Country.” Time stamps: Michael O’Gorman, Farmer Veteran Coalition: 1:20 Chandler Equipment advertisement: 43:32 J.T. Cooper: 44:02 Jenny Leigh Miller: 1:34:36
122:04 11/13/2020
Ep. 79: The election and ag, H-2A changes, John Deere and Farm Rescue team up, the Hot Rod Farmer, the music of Ashlie Amber
On this episode we discuss some of the changes to Congressional ag committees as a result of the election. Also, the U.S. Department of Labor has changed how farm labor rate increases are determined. John Deere’s Nate Clark and Farm Rescue Founder Bill Gross stop by to talk about their partnership and a benefit concert slated for Dec. 9, featuring Dustin Lynch, Maddie and Tae, Mickey Guyton, Tyler Farr and Travis Denning. We profile content sharing partner, “The Hot Rod Farmer,” Ray Bohacz and we bring you the music of Ashlie Amber. Time stamps Election update: 1:10 H-2A changes: 6:28 Chandler Equipment advertisement: 8:04 Nate Clark, John Deere and Bill Gross, Farm Rescue: 8:35 Ray Bohacz: 26:34 Ashlie Amber: 43:22
88:43 11/06/2020
Ep. 78: Ag renaissance at Illinois Valley CC, U.S. harvest update, China buying more, United We Ag profile, country artists Bobby Marquez and Brecken Miles
On this episode, Willard Mott and Kathryn Seebruck of Illinois Valley Community College talk about the momentum of the revived ag program, which just opened a new facility. USDA meteorologist Brad Rippey provides a weather outlook and harvest report for corn, soybeans, cotton and peanuts, as well a winter wheat planting update. American Farm Bureau Federation Chief Economist John Newton talks about China’s recent U.S. commodity purchases, which include the first-ever U.S. rice buy. Ray Bohacz presents another installment of “Bushels and Cents,” Honky-tonk star Bobby Marquez talks about his virtual campfire songwriter series and we feature the music of emerging country singer/songwriter Brecken Miles. Time stamps: Willard Mott and Kathryn Seebruck, Illinois Valley Community College: 1:21 Chandler Equipment advertisement: 13:43 Brad Rippey, USDA meteorologist: 14:13 John Newton, American Farm Bureau Federation: 19:06 Derek Brazda, United We Ag Podcast: 21:25 Ray Bohacz, “Bushels and Cents”: 43:33 Bobby Marquez: 44:53 Brecken Miles: 56:05
83:32 10/30/2020
Ep. 77: Tractor winterization tips, CLAAS expands hay and forage tools, bovine facial recognition, building dairies in Minecraft, stand for the flag with Dustin Collins, the music of Mira Goto
All States Ag Parts' Terry Burkart talks tractor winterization and CLAAS' John Schofield discusses the new ORBIS headers and DISCO mowers. Dairy Management Inc. uses video games, including Minecraft, to reach Gen-Zers and Kansas State University researchers develop a smartphone app for bovine facial recognition to store herd information in the cloud. Ray Bohacz has another installment of “Bushels and Cents” and Dustin Collins releases “Stand For The Flag.” The episode also features the music of Mira Goto.
80:46 10/23/2020
Ep. 76: AgMonitor, Clint Boyer, FFA and DeKalb team up, Colorado Farm Show scholarships, WASDE reaction, the music of Paige King Johnson
On this episode, Olivier Jerphagnon, founder and CEO of AgMonitor (Formerly PowWow), talks about new funding and the business of helping California growers manage their water usage. Keith Maxey with the Colorado Farm Show talks about the show’s scholarship program, which will continue despite the cancelation of the 2021 show. We hear about NASCAR star Clint Boyer teaming up with DeKalb and FFA for a scholarship contest. Shelby Myers with the American Farm Bureau Federation provides reaction to the latest WASDE report, Ray Bohacz has another installment of Bushels and Cents and we feature the music of Paige King Johnson.
71:24 10/16/2020