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Joseph Clough, a British Celebrity Hypnotist and Bestselling Hay House Author. He lives in San Diego, California. He struggled with "Imposter Syndrome", worry and doubts for 18 years and overcame it with what you are about to experience. With over 12,000,000+ downloads and listened to in 157 countries around the world, now is your time to achieve success...because you deserve it. Disclaimer: By using Joseph Clough's free or paid work you expressly agree that your use of this App is at your sole risk. The information, techniques and exercises provided within these free and paid products are for educational purposes only. Do not use the techniques or exercises contained within some of these products whilst driving or operating machinery, or if you suffer from epilepsy, clinical depression or any other nervous or psychiatric conditions. The information provided is not a substitute for proper medical advice. If in doubt, please consult your doctor or licensed medical practitioner. Any decision you make having received any of our products are your own and you remain wholly responsible for any decisions and actions you take and you accept full responsibility for any and all effects arising from the hypnosis and coaching sessions.


#826 Q&A with Joseph
Enjoy this Q&A with Joseph  Please review the app at
49:48 6/2/23
#825 Lucky Mind Hypnosis Session
“Lucky Syndrome” is the belief that implementing a positive mindset and consistent, affirmative mantras can turn the odds of the day in your favor.  This hypnosis meditation is designed for all sexes and helps stop worry, anxiety and self-doubt and to become lucky. Almost a reverse anxiety process, where you are looking for good and great things to create and receive into your life. This positive affirmations reprograms the unconscious subconscious mind to success and happiness.   Apply to be personally coached by Joseph at
22:35 5/31/23
#824 Lucky Mind Mindset
Can you get the Lucky Mind mindset? Where life happens for you, without the expectation of the worst, without fear worry doubt and scarcity? Really, becoming lucky and getting what you want is anxiety in reverse! So let's make that happen!  Apply to be personally coached by Joseph at 
20:16 5/29/23
#823 Information Overload
In this episode we go into why many of us do not get the results we want despite learning so much. The truth is, the chances are we are over consumers of information (podcasts/therapies/books) and that actually causes us to feel more like a failure or not good enough. However, let me break it down and show you what to do instead. Apply to be personally coached by Joseph at 
18:27 5/26/23
#822 Self-Esteem Hypnosis Session
This Hypnosis/Hypnotherapy session is designed to raise your Self-Worth, Esteem and Confidence and to let go of worry, anxiety, fears and the imposter syndrome. I will guide you into a deep relaxed learning state in the meditation and they use positive suggestions and learnings to raise your self-value and happiness. Apply to be personally coached by Joseph at 
30:48 5/24/23
#821 Esteem From Zero
How do we start to get a high self esteem, self worth and confidence when we feel like we have zero and nothing but worry, anxiety, doubt, depression and the imposter syndrome? It might feel like an uphill struggle, but it is possible by doing exactly as I suggest in this episode. Apply to be personally coached by Joseph at 
29:28 5/22/23
#820 These Mindsets
We see life through a lens based on the wide range (positive or negative) experiences with had that causes issues and problems with yourself or those you interact with. But use these convenient yet powerful mindset shifts to change you and your world. Apply to be personally coached by Joseph at 
28:41 5/19/23
#819 Hypnosis for Inner Confidence
This is a guided hypnosis for confidence and hypnotherapy session, designed to help improve your natural ability to relax and to improve your confidence, your general positive outlook on a life, and belief in your own value and worth. This hypnotherapy meditation session will also help in releasing worry, anxiety, low self-esteem and the imposter syndrome. Enjoy his free hypnosis session.   Apply to be personally coached by Joseph at 
28:37 5/17/23
#818 Starting again
If I had to start again to take on my worry, anxiety, low confidence esteem and imposter syndrome - what would I do to short cut the process? I've spend tens of thousands and tens of thousands of hours trying to figure this out, so let me break down the 5 things you must to do become confidence, happy, strong and successful in the quickest time possible. Apply to be personally coached by Joseph at 
35:51 5/15/23
#817 Stoic Qs for Anxiety
Practicing stoicism can greatly reduce your anxiety. In fact anxiety was one of the main emotions Stoicism was built to handle. This simple philosophy can calm your inner thoughts and perception when dealing with worry, doubt, fear, low confidence and the imposter syndrome. Some of these questions were taken from the great Ryan Holiday of DailyStoic - great resource to dive deeper, check out his YouTube channel and website.  Apply to be personally coached by Joseph at
38:38 5/12/23
#816 Rewire Anxiety Hypnosis Session
If you are feeling anxious or stressed, this unique deep relaxation hypnosis hypnotherapy session will instantly calm your mind, body, and emotions. Review the app at  It will also begin the process of automatically creating calm, peace and confidence in any situation. Since this hypnotic meditation session that’s comfortably different from meditation, traditional hypnosis, and other relaxation techniques. Please make sure you only listen to this in a place you can safely close your eyes and drift off and use more than once for deeper results. Apply to be personally coached by Joseph at
26:46 5/10/23
#815 Rewire Anxiety Brain
You can rewire your anxious anxiety brain to be less anxious through a simple and easy, process (it can take a little time). But you must understand the anxiety process and how avoidance causes anxiety to spiral out of control and reprogram and rewire to reduce anxiety and rewire those neural pathways to feel safe, secure and even confident.  Apply to be personally coached by Joseph at 
23:02 5/8/23
#814 Overcome Victim Mentality
Some people who previously or presently may want you to always be a victim. To stay lost and unhappy. To constantly be upset by things, to play small and remain the victim. To feel like your life will never change. But I want you to have a different mindset, I want to you to rise up and do what has to be done! To be a victor not a victim! Apply to be personally coached by Joseph at 
26:51 5/5/23
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Android Users, please update the App. Fixed major bug causing hypnosis feed loading issues, providing uninterrupted access to a wide range of hypnosis content within the app. Added forward and backward navigation for hypnosis audios, enabling easy 15-second skipping and rewinding for better control and personalized experiences. Any problems email us at I do apologize for the bug. It taken a lot of time and investment in trying to fix this. My intention is to help people and not cause stress from not being able to play audios.  If you wrote a review mentioning this, if you could update it, so others can feel good about downloading, I would so appreciate that. Apolgogizes again!  Joseph 
02:29 5/3/23
#813 Restoration Hypnosis Session
This guided hypnosis session for self healing, restoration and rejuvenation while positively improving your mind, body and health in all ways with relaxing positive suggestions for a self healing and well being. By tapping into your own powerful, unconscious mind you will be able to focus your own inner resources to help increase your natural health and well being. This hypnosis hypnotherapy session may be repeated as often as you wish to reinforce your positive health and healing. Review the app 
23:17 5/3/23
#812 Use Your Emotional Wounds
When you have nothing but emotional pain... USE it. Got hurt or betrayed by someone use it.. Just got bankruptcy.. use it.. All our emotional is a pain to pay attention. We usually repress negative emotions, we bury them. Do not. USE them. Work with them, utilize them, work through them to get to where you want to be. Apply to be personally coached by Joseph at 
31:01 4/28/23
#811 Unshakable Confidence Hypnosis Session
Enjoy this hypnosis session for Deep Unshakable Unbreakable Confidence Imposter Syndrome, Depression, Anxiety, Self Esteem. Find the feelings and resources that will allow you to go into any situation with self-certainty, competence and confidence. Enjoy! Apply to be personally coached by Joseph at 
25:36 4/26/23
#810 Stress Anxiety Hypnosis Session
If you’ve been feeling anxiety or stress, this hypnosis session will allow you to reach a deep relaxation experience will instantly calm your mind, body, and emotions by tapping into the unconscious/subconscious mind. It will also begin the process of automatically spreading greater calm and peace throughout mind, body and life. Repeat this track for powerful results.  Apply to be personally coached by Joseph at 
24:49 4/19/23
#809 Change ONE Word Now
Did you know changing ONE word can change EVERYTHING? I promise you, when you hear and apply what I am about to say, life will never be the same again. From constriction to liberation in your thoughts and feelings. Promise.  Apply to be personally coached by Joseph at 
17:49 4/17/23
#808 Q&A
I hope you enjoy this free Q&A - remember people will have questions you never know you had, so listen to them all and also I branch out to make it applicable for most people. 
58:23 4/14/23
#807 Resiliant Hypnosis Session
Are you ready to feel deeply resilient, safe and powerful? This hypnosis session can help you if you’ve been feeling anxious or stressed, this guided deep relaxation hypnotic experience will instantly calm your mind, body, and emotions...and feel resilient in all situations It will also begin the process of automatically spreading greater calm throughout your life. This session uses state-of-the-art 3D-audio technology to make sure you’ll be immersed in comfort, please listen to this with stereo headphones. Apply to be personally coached by Joseph at 
26:36 4/12/23
#806 Investing in Happiness?
I want an open and honest conversation. No rah rah motivation, but instead awakenings. That of the conscious and that of the unconscious. Your ability to "wake up" from our own self generated and maintained illusions can liberate us from our pain. And it all starts with observation.   Apply to be personally coached by Joseph at 
21:30 4/10/23
#805 Feeling Lost
These are some of my thoughts on feeling a little confused/lost in life. I feel like we don't treat these things as if they are normal, or at least know that is not something to be ashamed or need to build a wall. In a way, I hope this can help dispel the idea that people out there have everything figured out. They do not. Learn from my personally and those I have worked with. Apply to be personally coached by Joseph at 
30:23 4/7/23
#804 Negative Energy Release Hypnosis Session
Are you ready to clear all negative energy in this guided hypnosis meditation? Allow yourself for deep relaxation and release of negative emotions, thoughts and feeling. It is designed to allow you to wash away your own subconscious negativity and negative blocks. So you can clear out all of your unconscious negative thoughts, unwanted habits, and emotional energy that weighs us down with your own positive mind control.  Apply to be personally coached by Joseph at 
25:15 4/5/23
#803 Hypnotize Yourself to Success
Re-programming, Hypnotizing, and Brainwashing yourself to success to stop negative thinking is possible. You just need the right strategy to implement, that once you do will cause you to let go of all anxiety, worry, self-doubt, imposter syndrome and get the deep self-certainty, confidence and success. Apply to be personally coached by Joseph at
31:45 4/3/23
#802 Cost Of Your Belief Session
Are you ready to look into the mirror of the truth? I want you to have the best wake up call, the best transformation and therefore we need to take a closer look (grab a pen and paper if you can) to the true cost of your limiting unconscious subconscious beliefs. The consequential impact and cost to your money, health, relationships, family (especially children if you have them). Do not shy away from this.  You cannot run away from the true cost and it is time to break free.  Apply to be personally coached by Joseph at 
29:08 3/31/23
#801 Positive Affirmation Hypnosis Session
Enjoy this guided hypnosis mediation with affirmations for a powerful, positive mind. This hypnotherapy session will allow to experience a deep, relaxing trance whilst your subconscious/unconscious mind absorbs a powerful set of positive affirmations for your mind, body and spirit health, harmony, success and happiness. The Magic Mind team created a super offer for me to share with you guys. You get up to 56% off your first subscription in the next 10 days and 20% off your one time purchase with HYPNOSIS20 . You can get it at  , and redeem the discount code HYPNOSIS20.
26:08 3/29/23
#800 We did it - Let's talk about dreams
We're celebrating 800 podcast episodes and with that I go into what you need to achieve your goals. Do you need more information? Nope. You need instead what I speak about within this video. I really hope you have enjoyed my work to date. I endeavor to do more, help more and support you more. Joseph Will you leave a review for me? 
21:59 3/27/23
#799 How Long To Reprogram Your Mind
How Long To Reprogram Your Mind?? A question I get a lot, and it is has many potential answers but let me break it down as to how the conscious and unconscious/subconscious mind places a role in making the change and why sometimes no matter what we try we stay the same and feel broken. Let's break it down. Apply to be personally coached by Joseph at 
23:57 3/24/23
#798 Instant Calm Hypnosis Session
Feeling anxious or stressed? In this hypnosis session you will go into a deep relaxation experience that will instantly calm your mind, body, and emotions... Allow this meditation to soften all worries and doubts and become resourceful for any situation. Review the App here 
23:22 3/22/23