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A bunch of guys talking about guns, bullet casting, reloading, shooting, news, prepping, the outdoors, and maybe occasionally... tacos!


Episode 177 - Do you have one in the chamber?
We talk about "one in the chamber" and preparedness
50:22 4/9/24
Episode 176 - Return from sickness!
Jason & Taco chat about news and what they did with guns and knives
54:41 3/28/24
Episode 175 - The World's Deadliest Combatants Throughout the Ages
Jason shares stories from Paul Kirchner's book, "The Deadliest Men: The World's Deadliest Combatants Throughout the Ages"
85:29 2/29/24
Episode 174 - Taking a Group of Youth to the Range
Jason & Taco chat about a recent range trip with some youth
76:26 2/19/24
Episode 173 - Great Gun Deal Stories!
Jason & Taco chat about great gun deals and share stories supplied by listeners
67:09 2/2/24
Episode 172 - Murder in Taco's Neighborhood!
Taco buys "a few" guns and shares a VERY local news story
57:17 1/24/24
Episode 171 - Happy New Year!
Jason & Taco chat after the New Year
66:03 1/8/24
Episode 170 - Christmas at Utah Airguns (with Travis)
Today we head in to Utah Airguns and talk airgun hunting & Christmas with Travis from UAG
69:01 12/26/23
Episode 169 - Christmas Ideas For Firearm Enthusiasts
Today we chat with Al Nelson (from NOE bullet molds) and talk Christmas Gift Ideas
71:39 12/14/23
Episode 168 - Wanna Take a Group of New Shooters to the Range?
Today we talk about things to consider when taking groups out to the range!
60:45 11/23/23
Episode 167 - News & Range Reports
Today we go over a few news stories as well as give range reports on a few guns
59:46 10/31/23
Episode 166 - Taste Testing With Carl and Stan
Today we do some more taste testing with Carl and Stan
64:08 10/17/23
Episode 165 - We're Back! Again...
today we try some "unique" snacks on air
60:33 10/5/23
Episode 164 - We're Back! Finally!
Today we share some news stories and catch up
73:52 8/28/23
Episode 163 - Lawful but Awful
Today we do a little armchair quarterbacking...
58:16 6/30/23
Episode 162 - 724 Reasons Why Taco Was Glad He Went On The Ground Squirrel Hunt
Taco talks about the 3-day ground squirrel hunt
39:16 6/7/23
Episode 161 - All of South America is Jacist?
Taco builds a few more AR's & Jason picks up an old .22 levergun
63:55 5/22/23
Episode 160 - Taco Goes on Another Vermin Killing Spree
Today we catch up again after a few busy weeks--Taco kills A LOT of Vermin and takes a synchronized shot with his Bro & Jason has a new belt
55:32 5/10/23
Episode 159 - Jason Makes New Stuff & Taco Experiments w/ Zinc And Finally Goes Shooting!
Today we catch up on what Jason has been making and what Taco has been experimenting with
55:49 4/13/23
Episode 158 - 2 Budget Airguns Worth A Look
Today Jason and Taco sit down for a lunchtime episode to discuss a couple budget airguns
45:03 3/19/23
Episode 157 - Reloading shortages...
Today we sit down for a quick lunchtime chat and talk about news and reloading shortages
61:02 3/2/23
Episode 156 - Cool new gun stuff for 2023
Today Jason and Taco sit down and chat about some cool new gun stuff for 2023
71:50 2/9/23
Episode 155 - A Tribute to Mark Houskeeper - Uncut
Today we sit down and pay tribute to our beloved friend, Mark Houskeeper, who recently passed away.
76:37 1/24/23
Episode 154 - Gun Regrets (Wish I'd Bought It & Wish I Didn't Sell It)
Today Jason and Taco sit down with Gene and talk about gun regrets
86:16 1/12/23
Episode 153 - Christmas gift ideas for the gun guys and gals
Today we sit down and talk Christmas gift ideas for the gun guys & gals
83:03 12/24/22
Episode 152 - Jason pulls a 'Jason' & Taco praises CMC Triggers and MTM Case-Gard
News, Good Customer Service, & Jason actually does something with guns
62:54 12/15/22
Episode 151 - News & People Fighting Back
Today Jason and Taco sit down & share a few news articles of people fighting back and Mark joins in at the very end
63:40 12/1/22
Episode 150 - Officer John Comes Back
Today we sit down with Officer John again and chat guns and allow him to clarify stuff
66:53 11/21/22
Episode 149 - "Manventureday" & Range Report
Today we talk about "manventureday" & give a range report
64:56 11/14/22
Episode 148 - A Girl And A Gun & The DC Project
Today we sit down with Cindy & Raelle and talk about the DC Project & A Girl And A Gun organizations
59:58 11/6/22

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