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Concealed Taco Dudes Podcast

A bunch of guys talking about guns, bullet casting, reloading, shooting, news, prepping, the outdoors, and maybe occasionally... tacos!


Episode 144 - Interview with "Officer John"
Today we sit down and talk with "Officer John" and talk about some of his experiences as a law enforcement officer in a major city.
97:36 09/21/2022
Episode 143 - 2 News, Catching Up, & A Shot Between the Eyes
Today we catch up as a group with Stan & Ricky
61:12 09/13/2022
Episode 142 - A Suitcase Full of Silencers & Why You Should Get One!
Today, as promised, we sit down with SOT Jim Cannon and talk about his suitcase full of silencers and Taco's bag-o-suppressors and why you should buy one.
80:14 08/23/2022
Episode 141 - A Plethora of Guns
Taco goes shooting for an entire day, and we talk about it
54:20 08/10/2022
Episode 140 - Beware the dirty creepy Hippies!
Today Jason Talks Fishing & Taco Warns of Dirty Creepy Hippies!
51:45 08/02/2022
Episode 139 - The "Kevin C. Episode"
Today we chat about a flood, 8.6 blackout, & eliminating evil squirrel cannibals
64:31 07/18/2022
Episode 138 - A Revolver, A Truck, And A Skunk
Today Jason and Taco sit down and give us an update on some outdoor adventures
52:51 07/03/2022
Episode 137 - Post Fathers Day, A Cursed Gun, and Self Defense
Today we sit down and chat about post fathers day, a cursed gun, self defense & new shooters
52:10 06/20/2022
Episode 136 - Gifts for the "GunDad" in your life
Today we sit down and chat about gifts for "GunDads"
50:49 06/16/2022
Episode 135 - Taco goes on a ground squirrel hunt
Today we sit down and talk about Taco's recent ground squirrel hunt
69:36 06/08/2022
Episode 134 - Jason's Ramblings
Today Jason flies solo and rambles
40:06 06/01/2022
Episode 133 - Let's Shoot Quietly!
Today we sit down and chat about silencers/suppressors
72:46 05/22/2022
Episode 132 - Storytime with Jason (Audie Murphy)
Jason talks about Audie Murphy
53:14 05/04/2022
Episode 131 - Quickie & The Element of Surprise
today we record a short lunchtime episode and chat briefly about the element of surprise.
22:25 04/27/2022
Episode 130 - Range Day Followup (ZINC Bullet First Shots!)
Today we sit down and chat about our findings from the range day
74:44 04/19/2022
Episode 129 - Reminder to Check & Test Your Gear
just a shorter microcast with a few reminders to check and test your gear!
44:21 04/04/2022
Episode 128 - Banter & Barter Part 2
Today we talk a little more about the skill of bartering
57:32 03/29/2022
Episode 127 - "Man Day" & Top Gun... Smith
Today Stan, Taco, and Gene go and do some shopping together at the local gunshop and a discount store and talk about their purchases.
67:14 03/20/2022
Episode 126 - Today's Events and Mindsets Changing
Today we sit down, (Stan, Jason, & Taco) to talk about some cool guns and today's events and mindsets changing
86:54 03/15/2022
Episode 125 - Airgun Hunting in Utah
On site at Utah Air Guns to talk with Justin and Cam about Airguns and hunting!
63:41 03/08/2022
Episode 124 - Ukraine & Gun Goals of 2022
Today, Taco, Stan, and Gene sit down to talk briefly about Ukraine and their gun goals for the year 2022
84:50 02/28/2022
Episode 123 - Zinc & Blind Tissues
Today we sit down with Gene, Taco, Jason, & Stan to catch up with listener feedback, and talk a little about Zinc, and what we did with guns.
82:33 02/21/2022
Episode 122 - Jim Heffelfinger (Author & Wildlife Expert)
Today we convince Jim Hefffffffelfinger to slum with the Taco Dudes and talk about deer, hunting, and............... squirrels?
75:47 02/14/2022
Episode 121 - Carl almost died, you know?
Today we meet up at Carl's house and chat about guns, comas, and Carl almost dying
80:56 01/31/2022
Episode 120 - Uberti's to Hi-Points
The guys ramble about everything from Uberti's to Hi-Point's
63:29 01/27/2022
Episode 119 - Old Year New Year Old Stuff New Stuff
Today we sit down and talk year end/new year with Mark, Jason, & Taco
84:45 01/16/2022
Episode 118 - Storytime "The Guns of John Moses Browning"
Storytime covering the book The Guns of John Moses Browning by Nathan Gorenstein
71:54 01/05/2022
Episode 117 - Christmas Ideas for Pew Pew People
Christmas Ideas for Pew Pew People
41:57 12/26/2021
Episode 116 - Guard Chickens and Range Bags
Today we chat about range bag essentials and guard chickens?
67:04 12/21/2021
CTD Ep#115 - Get Trained
Today Jason and Ricky talk about training
68:16 12/15/2021