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Episode 519: Liza F-ckin' Minnelli!!
December!! And Month Songs- Disgraceland: INXS -  The Award for Colossal Douche of the Year - There I Ruined It (Holiday Edition) - New Zealanders Are Sheep Fuckers? - Phrases to Retire Forever
57:00 12/8/23
Episode 518: I've Got Something For You…
Taking the Elderly to the Arcade - Rob Halford - Emily, The Fugitive, Flushed Her Visitor's Pass - Toys Inducted Into the National Toy Hall of Fame - Horse Gets Loose - Super Hero Character for Emily - When Winnie The Pooh Goes Bad
54:28 11/30/23
Episode 517: The Science is Bangin’!!!
Stew Almost Got in a Fistfight - Pink Gives Away Banned Books - Two Brides for the Price of One - "Yeah, but still..." - Thanksgiving and Black Friday
60:45 11/16/23
Episode 516: Cat Pervert???
Cat Pervert - There I ruined it: Pearl Jam - Bad When a Person is Attacked by a Dog? - Pole Dancing Skeletons - Silly Football Names/Key and Peele - Stripper Names
62:06 11/9/23
Episode 515: Honky Chateau
Catching Up - What We Did on Vacation - Best New Band: Sexual Infection!!!/Songs of Infection and Self-Gratification/Sex Math - Mathew Perry Died - AIDS Memorial Sculpture Sparks Debate in Palm Springs
58:53 11/2/23
Episode 514: Boo!
Halloween, costumes and candy and music and movies and fun. Thriller Challenge still beaten so far!!
66:45 10/26/23
Episode 513: The One With the Secret Track
Catching Up - Amazon Drivers - Might be Fake News - Target Closing Stores Due to Theft - Welcome to the Jungle, Hands up
45:15 10/19/23
Episode 512: Who Gets The Rainbow?
Disconnecting Dogs - Covid Party!!? - Baby on Board - Gays Versus Leprechauns...Fight! - Circumcision - Flash Shelton Vigilante Landlord
63:00 10/12/23
Episode 511: Fozzy Mahomes
Dave the Squirrel!! - The Egg Lottery - Lawsuit by Wedgie – Funny Insults - Say the Song Wrong - Questionable Life Hacks That Are Actually Kind of Genius
65:02 10/5/23
Episode 510:Taylor Swift For President!!
Today's Show Unsponsored by Walmart -  Name That Meathead  – Grandpa Can't Still be President – Taylor Swift for President
48:16 9/28/23
Episode 509: Boeberts for Everyone!!
This Week's Show Non-sponsored by - Stew vs an 11 Year Old - How About a Boebert? - Want Some Asscram? - Mike Pillow Sued Again - Time to Get Your Kids Mining - The Misheard Words Game
56:12 9/21/23
Episode 508: Reesies, Swifties and Shuhmommalay
Catching Up -  Reese's!!! - The Mispronunciation Game - More Trouble in the Sky - Turns Out Stew Sh*t Himself - Metallica Was in Town Recently and So Was Storm - People Looking at Robots Are Dumb - "Beauty"
71:11 9/14/23
Episode 507: Big Fruit
Adventures in Massage - DTS Update - Total Babble in the Curse of the Haunted Picture - Skittles Placement and How California Continues to Suck
58:10 9/7/23
Episode 506: Mindcraft
Emily, to Mars? - Pulp Fiction, The Musical - Realtor Caught Drinking Milk and Fired - Youtube Out of Context - Questionable Life Hacks That Are Actually Kind of Genius ---I was going to call it 'Ghost Sex Fingers'---  
72:08 8/31/23
Episode 505: Watch Your Nextdoor for the Hentai
DTS - The Portly and the Titanic -  Big Power Outage in New Jersey - Do the Claw - Questionable Life Hacks That Are Actually Kind of Genius
64:06 8/24/23
Episode 504: The Hawk Snake Parabole
Podcast Gymnastics – Stew, Potential Fugitive - Sea Lions on the Rampage -  Subway, What's in a Name? - Hawk and Snake
63:03 8/17/23
Episode 503: AI and Handstands
Big Show News (sort of) - Pizza Hut Has Filed Bankruptcy - Trump's LEAST Favorite Song - UFOs Are Real? - Lizzo - Taylor Swift Caused an Earthquake
62:59 8/10/23
Episode 502: Good Hate
Catching Up - The Bobbi Movie - I Am This Many Days Dumb - Claudia Stavola, Comedy and Some Van Halen Talk. Get her book "100 Things to Hate Before You die." Buy it, leave her reviews:
67:55 8/3/23
Episode 501: Vacation Dance Party
Half-Assed Vacation Show - When Radio Goes Bad, Alan Jones - ____rolled - Cover Songs - Music Frenzy Dance Attack - Speak to the Thing!
63:17 7/27/23
Episode 500: Barbie Fever!
Last Show... - When News and Casey Kasem Go Bad - 20 Times Someone Misheard A Word And Made The Moment Hilarious from - There I Ruined it on Youtube
56:01 7/20/23
Episode 499: Party City ISN'T! Costco is not Friendly-co!!!
Last Show... - Lauren Compton - When News Goes Bad - Party City and Costco TERRIBLE Customer Service - Maybe Too Much Bluetooth - Weird Facts on Facebook
64:36 7/13/23
Episode 498: Voting With Douche Tokens
4th of July Stuff, and You Know, TONS of Small Talk - Steve Rob The War on Canada (Quick) - Eddie Murphy's The Cookout - Janitor Destroys Decades of Research at Testing Facility - Kid Attends College. That Commute!! - Musk and Zuckerberg Hold Cage Fight But Don't 
57:49 7/6/23
Episode 497: Face Plainting… Place Faint… Clown… Awe, F it!
Kid Jobs, Neighbors and Drones - New Foo Fighters record - Bruce, Caitlyn and Bathrooms - 3.1 Second Rubik's Cube - Youtube Out of Context - Total Babble Behind The Scenes (at the End)
78:41 6/29/23
Episode 496: The A.S.S. is Standing By
When you Mis-text...- Kids Try to Light Dynamite in Grocery Store - Assholes, Born or Created? - Youtube Out of Context
63:41 6/22/23
Episode 495: Werewolfing Hardcore!
Lots of BSing Coffee Talk - Bill Murray and Kelis?? - Getting Free Food and Being Pissed About It - Pat Robertson and the Pope
73:12 6/15/23
Episode 494: Ever Just Park in the Curbside Delivery Spaces?
Curbside Parking - The Whales Are Out to Get Us - Youtube Out of Context
72:18 6/8/23
Episode 493: World on Fire
When Plumbing Goes Bad - Kandiss Taylor - AI - Dolly Parton's World on Fire
65:55 6/1/23
Episode 492: What About the Nutbush?
Crazies With Pickaxes- Tina Turner Stories - National Mental Health Awareness Month Mascot - Andrew Schulz - These Tipping Assholes - The World's Oldest Dog -
67:50 5/25/23
Episode 491: Let the Raccoon Finish!
Catching Up - The "My Dick, Bitch" Game – Grilled Cheesus Sandwich Press -  Bo Jackson Smelling Porcupine - Airline Internet Controversy - Weird Facts on Facebook
57:28 5/18/23
Episode 490: Wholesome!!!
Quick Stuff and Catching Up - Kate Bush and Dolly Parton - Great Uber Ride - Secret NOT Achieved!
64:09 5/11/23