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The Thinking BIG Podcast is a podcast where we discuss how we can be successful and think bigger about our leadership, our personal development, our finances, our relationships, and our health. I believe by equipping you with the tools, strategies, and philosophies required to be successful in all aspects of your life, you can achieve anything you believe in. Empowering our own growth makes a deeply positive and lasting impact on our lives, community, and our world.


The Mind Part 4 - Imagination, The Programming Language of YOU 16:36 09/13/2021
The Mind Part 3 - You:OS, The Most Advanced Operating System in The World! 19:21 08/31/2021
The secret to getting a yes is to, go for no! with Andrea Waltz 42:09 08/23/2021
The Mind Part 2 - Programming the Subconscious 22:18 08/09/2021
Exchange Your Comfort for Your Calling with Dr. Justin Moseley 38:04 07/26/2021
Kids, Technology, and Online Safety with Chandler "Bing" 27:49 07/17/2021
The Mind - Part 1 Our Two Thinking Systems 31:23 07/14/2021
S2 E55 - Finding Your Genius with David Waldy 57:02 06/29/2021
You Are The Brand with Mike Kim 50:30 06/01/2021
3 pillars of the copy that drives ACTION with Margo White 45:20 05/24/2021
BYOB - Be Your Own Bank with Chris Naugle 54:18 05/17/2021
Techspeak for entrepreneurs with Nelly Yusupova 44:37 04/26/2021
Staying persistent with your dreams with guest Jesse Paul Smith 43:05 04/19/2021
What it means to be Authentic with Guest Christopher Decker 39:36 04/03/2021
Why Influence is so important - With Stacey Hanke 44:21 03/26/2021
The biggest mistakes people make on social media with Lauren Davis 55:11 03/15/2021
Using your voice to better communicate your ideas to the world with Brenden Kumarasamy 35:49 03/06/2021
How to Build Your Bucket List Blueprint With Trav Bell 58:21 02/22/2021
How Dana Malstaff organically grew her Facebook community into a movement 59:33 01/31/2021
Self-Awareness. How we create our reality and why this is important for business and life 44:35 01/23/2021
What are the best digital marketing strategies? With Bob Gentle 45:37 12/21/2020
Revenue Spark, proven formula for landing high paying clients? With Megan Grant 55:14 12/14/2020
Generation Impact with Sandra Haseley 47:18 12/07/2020
How taking a present retreat equals business performance with Jess Dewell 43:18 12/04/2020
Is it time to outsource? with Gayla Scrivener 60:50 10/21/2020
Day 9 The Subconscious Mind Challenge - Think and Grow Rich 14 day challenge 14:25 10/14/2020
Day 8 The Decision Challenge - Think and Grow Rich 14 day challenge 13:11 09/30/2020
ACTiTUDE: Act your way into a positive life 39:52 09/26/2020
Day 7 The Mastermind Challenge - Think and Grow Rich 14 day challenge 15:55 09/25/2020
Day 6 The Imagination Challenge - Think and Grow Rich 14 day challenge 18:21 09/22/2020