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Tales from the Glass-Guarded World

We're an actual-play D&D podcast, based on a homebrew campaign setting. Join us to follow the adventures of Tara, Finn, Paxton, Aethelflaed, and Aster Fortuna in a strange world sealed inside glass. You can find more details at,,, or at


Episode 0 - Backgroundy Stuff, or, Setting the Stage
In which we introduce our actual-play Dungeons and Dragons podcast, and explain the campaign setting. This is our second recording of Episode 0; we decided to re-record it now that we have all our players, and everyone is more comfortable with the campaign setting. If you want to go straight to the story, skip to Episode 1. 
21:33 1/6/18
Episode 1 - A Sackful of Grick
In which we meet our stalwart adventurers, and they meet a nasty creature, as well as a mysterious jerk in a grey cloak. 
59:24 1/7/18
Episode 2 - Hay, blob
In which our stalwart adventurers encounter a strange creature, read someone else's mail, and develop paranoia about a guy following them. 
68:51 1/13/18
Episode 3 - Greasy Grimy Goblin Grotto
In which our heroes confront some goblins, and create a slippery situation. They're a bit embarrassed about it; I won't tell anyone what happened if you won't. This will just be between us. 
44:26 1/20/18
Episode 4 - Glass Swords and Sassy Words
In which our heroes exit the goblin cave and deal with the consequences of Paxton's obsession with a glassteel sword. 
51:40 1/27/18
Episode 5 - Dwarf Glowers and New Towers
In which our heroes resolve the fight over the glassteel sword, travel to Newtower, and take a hike to a lake. 
34:24 2/3/18
Episode 6 - Rock Climbing, Joel--Rock Climbing
In which our heroes climb an island of rock, meet a new friend, and encounter a frustrating door. 
48:03 2/10/18
Episode 7 - Blob Mob and Door Chore
In which our heroes decide to investigate a ruined temple, and just can't give up on that frustrating door. 
83:07 2/17/18
Episode 8 - The Only Thing Scarier Than Undead Shadows is Grumpy Tara
In which our heroes encounter another difficult door, then investigate a long-abandoned hidden complex under the monastery. 
68:24 2/24/18
Episode 9 - Paxton's Past and Shopping with Sigbert
In which our heroes wrap up their adventures on Pilgrim's Island, and then go shopping for magic items. Legal Notice: Sigbert's Sorcerous Sundries is not affiliated with any other shop (particularly from Baldur's Gate) by the name of Sorcerous Sundries. No trademark infringement is intended or implied. Trademark rules from Faerun do not apply in the Glass-Guarded World. 
44:43 3/3/18
The Adventures of Aethelflaed - Part 1
In which our new friend Aethelflaed undertakes an exciting night mission of her own! Can she infiltrate the wizard tower? Can she get alive? Find out in Part 1 of...The Adventures of Aethelflaed!
79:20 3/11/18
Episode 10 - Beautiful Men and an Ugly Fair
In which our heroes encounter someone from Tara's past, and visit a strange carnival straddling the road to Zauberfeld. There's no combat this time, either, but at least we get close!
50:16 3/17/18
Episode 11 - Carnival Combat and Zombies in Zauberfeld
In which our heroes fight off some aggressive carnies, resume traveling to Zauberfled, encounter some strangely amicable zombies, and...maybe...just maybe...get rid of that wheat?
70:12 3/24/18
Episode 12 - Duke Gerolf Has Problems
In which our heroes consider a hireling, talk to the Duke, pick up another side quest, and set out for Mun's tower. 
39:23 3/31/18
TFTGGW at Freecon 2018
Live from Freecon 2018...It's Tales from the Glass-Guarded World! This is a recording of a one-shot game we played at Freecon 2018 at Florida State University in Tallahassee, Florida. Danielle couldn't make it, so the PCs are not the ones you are accustomed to hearing. Instead, we're going to follow some thieves through an exciting evening of burglary.  You'll meet these thieves again, in an adventure that takes place 30 years in the past, in a few more episodes. 
52:40 4/14/18
Episode 13 - Chimera Chaos Chronicle
In which our heroes fight a chimera and make their way to the tower of Mun the Immortal. Also, Danielle's voice is gone. 
54:28 4/21/18
The Tower of Mun the Mighty - Part 1
We travel back in time 30 years, as Bandybrad Gurrow and Linley Bever try to break into the tower of Mun the Mighty. This was our test recording, in which we tested the recording equipment and tried to figure out how to create a podcast episode. It was recorded before the main podcast story began, but you will still encounter some familiar characters. 
45:55 4/28/18
The Tower of Mun the Mighty - Part 2
Find out what happens to Bandybrad Gurrow and Linley Bever, as they rise through the floors of Mun's tower, and encounter some unexpected problems. Will they make it out with valuable treasure? More importantly, will they make it out alive?   This is the second part of our test recording, from way back before we started the main podcast story. We'll go back to Tara, Finn, Paxton, and Aethelflaed next time. 
53:45 5/5/18
Episode 14 - Mun the Immortal's Monumental Magical Mission
Will Mun turn the adventurers into frogs? Will he challenge them to a magical duel? Or will he send them on yet another long mission that will take weeks and send them to some remote location?  Probably frogs. 
61:08 5/12/18
Episode 15 - Cows Love Soup
Our heroes begin their journey to the Western Research Facility, but quickly encounter some goblins who want to feed soup to cows. Again.
62:51 5/20/18
Episode 16 - How Barely? Owl Bearly!
In today's episode, the adventurers encounter some wild and unnatural animals as they make their way through the Westlichstenwald. You'll never guess what sort of animal they are. 
56:49 5/26/18
Episode 17 - Tell Me Something I Didn't Gnome
Our heroes continue their journey through the westernmost forest, encountering a strange wizard (is there any other kind?), and eventually reaching their destination, where several surprises await. 
37:57 6/2/18
Episode 18 - Better Off Detlev
Those wacky adventurers have stumbled into a murder scene! What crazy hijinks will ensue as they begin investigating? Find out in Episode 18!
52:40 6/9/18
Episode 19 - In Case of Emergency, Do Not Break Glass
In which our heroes continue their murder investigation, interview a bunch of wizards, and generally make a nuisance of themselves. 
47:03 6/16/18
Episode 20 - Fireball to the Face
In which our heroes pursue the escaping murder suspect, and things don't go well. 
78:24 6/23/18
Episode 21 - Two Heads Are Better Than One
In which our heroes attempt to apprehend the villain who just killed their friend Fin, and discover just what he (i.e., the villain) was up to. 
41:06 6/30/18
Episode 22 - Goodbye Fin, Hello Plot Twist
In which our heroes speak to their lost friend one more time, then head back to Mun, only to receive some shocking news. 
35:58 7/7/18
Episode 23 - Mun Puns Would Be Fun, But I Have None, Hun
In which our heroes discuss observers with Mun, and then do business with Sigbert, who has updated his list of wacky magical items yet again. 
34:17 7/14/18
Episode 24 - Sigbert Takes Them to a Giant Number Two
In which our heroes begin to take action to deal with the coming crisis, traveling to the other side of the world. Also, poop jokes. 
34:06 7/21/18
Recap 1, Episodes 1 through 24
We're taking a break from usual actual-play material to recap events so far. Also, you'll hear a little bit from our new player, Chris. 
26:47 7/28/18